Intrigue may refer to:

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  1. rissa


  2. Excession

    Seeking Players: Magitech, Cybernetics, Intrigue

    RULES OF NATURE In the bad old days, Magi ruled the world; cruel and capricious sorcerer-kings who set themselves above ordinary humankind, wielding arcane might by raw effort of will. Then Samantha Klein invented invented the revolver and things got a little more equal. Two-hundred and...
  3. kaleidoscopique

    1920s Gangsters - read me!

    Hi all! I’m new to this site, though certainly not to RPing. You can call me Kay. Please bear with me as I learn to navigate iwaku. The setting: The war has ended. Birmingham’s working class have returned to the drudgery of factory jobs, but men still wake sweating and screaming and wondering...
  4. Snowflake

    Search for Aggressive partners

    Let's just get right down to it then. What I seek: As the title might suggest I would prefer a partner that can pick/make up a story and run with it, I am often in need of encouragement to move things along. Competence, literacy and understanding of the English language, no worse than me...
  5. -QT-

    The Walking Dead: Culling - S1

    IN CHARACTER THREAD (IC) Welcome to The Walking Dead: Culling - Season 1 This roleplay will take place in an alternative Walking Dead universe, where Created Characters will battle it out for survival. This roleplay is meant to be very dramatic and full of realism - some of the key factors...