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emma morgan

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mostly every day except monday and wednesday mornings from 8 am to 12 pm, when i’m out and about, reading a book, or watching TV.
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slice of life, soap opera, romance
hi, there! i’m going to introduce myself in character as i will not allow any ooc talk when it comes to interacting with me. my name is emma. i’m 52. i’m new to roleplaying and to this site so i have no clue what the hell i’m doing. i’ve always had a passion for writing stories and have dreams of becoming a bestselling author, but sadly, life got in the way for me.

currently, i work a part-time job two or three days out of the week depending if i am needed or not. in my spare time, i love reading books, watching tv, listening to music, and writing stories.

as for my character details, my face claim is actress jennifer aniston. i’m familiar with the young and the restless, the bold and the beautiful, and days of our lives. however, i am open to crossovers. i will occasionally write sexual content, but not 24/7. i mainly enjoy writing slice of life, angst, drama, romance, etc. i’m single and not looking. however, i’d love to see a david schwimmer face claim as my love interest. if not, i’m open to other face claims.

i’m a very sweet and friendly person. i can’t wait to start writing and getting to know some of you. happy writing! :)

love, emma
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Welcome aboard, emma morgan!
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Hi. Welcome to the site. :D
If your new to roleplaying might I suggest checking out Roleplay Help & Writing Guides. It doesn't sound like you need help with your writing, but there is also a lot of threads in that board about roleplaying mechanics.
Heya Emma, awesome of you to join us, and to see how dedicated you are to stay in character! A quick reminder, insofar you hadn't caught it in the rules yet, but the Iwaku account needs to be tied to the person registering (so the person OOC). This is for both security as well as legal reason (which also are explained in the rules and in this resource). Through your settings you can hide all of your personal information and then fill out the 'About' section with your character details!

Rissa already pointed you into the right direction should you ever need help, but don't be afraid to scroll all the way down the site to 'Useful Links' if you ever need to seek out the Contact Forms!
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