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So to start off, I didnt really have a fully detailed and fleshed-out world yet, I wanted to see if anyone would be interested in this first. Basically it would be a group RP probably, with the world being set in a crisis called the great fog, which (very similar to stephen king's "the mist") harbors horrors known to no man before it appeared.
The fog has spread out to encompass a large forested area, home to multiple different native cultures (inspired by Gothic and early Germanic cultures).
On either side of the fog are two large empires (both about the size of the byzantine empire), one has a mix of western European inspiration and the other has a mix between eastern Slavic and southern Slavic inspirations.
Both empires hate each other and have been at war with the other since before the great fog appeared, and even with the great fog over the only land route to the other, they both still send mercenaries, militias, and standing armies through the fog to hopefully make it to the other side to cause some damage.
we can decide where the rp would be taking place and what we'd be doing as a profession, just keep in mind I AM A WEE LAD (not 18+) SO I AM UNABLE TO DO CERTAIN RPs, I am also still a beginner at rping outside of dungeons and dragons and have never done it on a forum before.
let me know what you guys think!
I hope to hear from you if you have an interest! :)
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I'm a bit interested, but don't take this as a commitment.