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I'm Cam.
Been roleplaying since the AOL chatroom days.
I have fond memories of staying up late with close online friends and getting lost in our worlds together.
Would love to find that connection again, and I have come close a few times, but sometimes the cookie crumbles just so.
  • I'm looking for something longterm, with a friendly and communicative partner who loves to discuss and plan OOC.
  • I'm super chill and frequently lame.
  • Available pretty regularly, with a fair warning in advance that sometimes depression and writing blocks keep me away even if I don't want to be. My posts are usually about 3-5 paragraphs, but can be shorter or longer depending on what a scene might call for. I am not a super incredible author or anything; more interested in playing pretend than I am in writing a novel.
  • Believable characterization is more important to me than the length of your paragraphs.
  • I'm a fair bit over 18, so open to "redstar" RP, but I'm not super experienced with it.
  • Way into angst, drama, conflict, unhealthy power dynamics, taboo, hopeless romance, fluff, slice of life moments with a real "lived in" feeling, globe-trotting or time-spanning epics, tumultuous character growth, mismatched pairings from different cliques or walks of life, etc.
  • Related to the above, I really enjoy RPs where the setting informs character growth, motivation, themes, and plotting.
  • Don't have a lot of limits, but I do massively prefer primarily human or demi-human main characters.
  • Please don't ghost me - I put a lot of myself and my emotions into writing, and if I'm excited about something we're building together, I wanna nurture it and see it flourish and be fun for us both. But I'm a grownup and can handle things like a grownup if something isn't working for you or you've changed your mind. Talk to me/provide feedback.
  • ★ indicates a particularly intense craving. Yum!
  • My preferred role is underlined in each pairing.
  • Plots aren't set in stone and can be further brainstormed between us to make something extra special. Always open to your input!
  • If you're interested in any of the pairings currently without plots, please provide potentially pleasing plot possibilities.
Pairings With Plots
Detective + Apprentice
London, during the mid-late 1800s. In the wake of the Industrial Revolution, old horrors and ancient superstitions still persist in the crowded alleyways, polluted shipyards, and misty graveyards of a city struggling beneath the weight of its newfound progress. A small, one-woman private detective agency offers to make sense of these lingering fears, its advertisements promising to uncover the truth behind all things that go bump in the night. Your character finds a listing in the paper to work as an apprentice for this agency, and she is eventually hired on by the beautiful and eccentric detective. But she soon finds out that skepticism doesn't last very long in this line of work, and that there is a terrifying reality to be discovered in many of these paranormal cases. But if the world of spirits wasn't enough trouble each night, the oppressive societal expectations for two independently thinking women continues to assert itself each day.
Teacher + Student
Why the 60s? It's been on my mind a lot lately. I like the confused limbo it occupies between the conservative idealized image of the 50s and the revolutionizing freelove image of the 70s. I like how a lot of music from the era hid a tone of bittersweet restlessness beneath a veneer of poppy earworm jingles. I like how cities were dirty and cars were loud and fashion was bold and everything was imperfect, like an entire decade was forcing a smile. And let's also not forget how The Graduate popularized the scandalous younger + older pairing in modern fiction with the 1963 novel and 1967 movie.

I'd love for the aesthetic and tumult of the era to play into our story. My character, being older and more traditional, could struggle with how women felt pressure to be successful homemakers at the cost of their own wants. Your character, being younger, could be inspired by counterculture developing in California, and grow increasingly frustrated with midwest living. Their differences in how they address their struggles could be both the thing that unites them and the thing that emphasizes the disparity in their life experiences.

Aside from that, I'd also love to see our characters deal with guilt, shame, jealously, confusion, and everything else that could go along with trying to justify an arguably unhealthy and imbalanced relationship.
Nun + Mother Superior
After the death of the previous mother superior, your character is fast-tracked to be the head of a small convent in the countryside. There, she struggles with her own questions of faith while also being expected to instruct and supervise the nuns in her care. One such girl is particularly devout and eager to please, but a quickly developing forbidden attraction threatens to unravel everything they believe in. We could keep this as purely slice of life if you want, or we could also go full-on pulpy nunsploitation fun and add supernatural or demonic elements for the girls to contend with. Totally up to you. This is one of the few plots in which my character would take a more submissive and/or switch role in the pairing.
Suki + OC
Always thought it was a shame how underutilized Suki was as a character, both in the film and the series as a whole. Would love to pair her with your original character and pick up not long after the second film ends. I don't have a specific plot in mind, but I feel like there's tons of potential here. Your character could come from within the scene or from the outside, and we could all have a wild time in the early 2000s, sticking with the street racing thing for a while before expanding into other drama. Also wouldn't mind something set in the present day, or a mix of both.
Near the end of King Conan's reign as king, a gloom and steady unease lingers in the air, and in the unknowing hearts of all. The tentative peace between civilizations historically at odds with each other now seems to be strained by uncertainty. But recent memory of endless war keeps resent and restlessness simmering just beneath the surface, for now. But in the eastern land of Khitai, sages and prophets begin to scry clouded visions of a cataclysm more terrible than the one that swallowed Atlantis some 1500 years ago.

Suyin, a Khitan scholar and swordswoman, is made privy to this revelation and becomes determined to relinquish the fabled Atlantean Sword from Conan himself - either by theft or by battle - before the fall of western Hyboria causes it to be entirely lost to time. With the entire world between her and her prize, she sets across these new lands, armed only with her blade, and the knowledge of many years spent in study.

This is where your character comes in, with the two meeting somewhere along the course of this journey and becoming inseparably tangled in each other's lives. There's tons of opportunity for just about any character origin, archetype, motivation, style, and story arc. Suyin herself is pretty stoic and moody on the outside, but used to be a healer and still has a soft heart to be discovered by someone she trusts. Open to all kinds of suggestions and character dynamics here. Would be open to fluffy romance, or something darker like a D/S sort of deal. Hit me up with your character concepts and I'll probably love any of them.

Even if you're not really familiar with the source material, I welcome anyone even slightly interested in a neat, mythical, dark fantasy setting. I am more than happy to help guide you along the way, as well as refer you to the many great guides and wikis about Hyboria and its people. Please don't be shy about reaching out.

Also, you can read a bit more about Suyin and her travels in my Showcase thread:

Popular Girl + Goth Girl
Witch + Princess
Witch + Knight
Knight + Princess or Queen
Doctor + Nurse
Nurse + Nurse
Priestess + Knight
Priestess + Queen
Priestess + Witch

Fandom: Hocus Pocus ★
Sarah Sanderson + OC
Sarah Sanderson + adult Dani Dennison

Fandom: Resident Evil
Claire Redfield + Moira Burton
Sheva Alomar + Canon or OC

Fandom: Final Fantasy
Rikku + Lulu

Fandom: Disney Princesses
Aurora + Any
Jasmine + Any
Rapunzel + Any

Fandom: Elder Scrolls

Urban Fantasy
Dark Fantasy
Historical eras
Sci-fi (I especially adore a Cowboy Bebop aesthetic)
Boarding school / Military school
Street racing / Enthusiast scene
Knightly order

Fandom: Suspiria (1977)
Suzy Bannion + OC + OC

A prestigious dance studio in Freiberg, Germany. A luxurious apartment building in New York City. A regal palazzo in Rome, Italy. All three written of in "The Three Mothers", a mysterious and rare tome by Italian architect E. Varelli, describing the specific physical spaces designed to amplify the evil magicks of a trio of witches bent on ushering in the apocalypse.

Of course this is entirely unknown to Suzy Bannion, the hopeful and fresh-faced American student enrolling at the all girl's Freiberg dance academy in hopes of becoming a celebrated ballet performer. Nor is it known to your character, who quickly forms a strong bond with Suzy as strange sounds in the gloom make for increasingly restless nights. And what about the mysterious student with the stunning gaze that entrances them both into a tangled trio of whirling emotion? Worst of all, what could ever prepare them for the ghastly murders to follow, and the revelation of even more terrible implications spanning the globe? Will their bond be enough to lend them the strength needed to seek out and kill the Three Mothers before the end of days?

This would be a sort of "inspired by" reimagining of The Three Mothers trilogy of films by Dario Argento - Suspiria, Inferno, and The Mother of Tears. Released in 1977, 1980, and 2007 respectively, these Italian horror masterpieces are well-regarded for their striking aesthetics, mesmerizing synth soundtracks, heightened reality of ultraviolence, and their non-linear dream logic in lieu of traditional plot structure. Our story will focus on a romantic bond between 3 girls, who discover early in their journey that they each possess the capacity to wield white magic, and how they will struggle with not only the feelings involved in their wildly unconventional relationship, but also how best to deal with the responsibility thrust upon them - i.e., defeating a trio of powerful evil witches.

Not familiar with the films? No biggie! While certain characters, plot points, themes, and style cues will draw from the source material, there will be plenty of room for our own creations and flavor. All I need from you is a little penchant for the scary and the sexy. If you end up hunkering down for the long haul on this one, you'll become by favorite person of all time!

Forbidden Love in a Supernatural Fantasy Wild West
Older Sister + Younger Sister

An alternate-history Wild West where magic, ghosts, and superstition are real and rapidly emerging in a lawless, ever-changing frontier. Your character, through a series of miscommunications and disrupted railway service, has ended up captured in an outlaw town. My character, learning of this, arms herself and sets out to take revenge. The story opens not long before you are rescued. Now, both sisters are in over their heads, hunted by outlaws as they attempt to escape the violent town together. Along the way, the two finally begin to come to terms with the illicit relationship they shared in the past and how it has nearly destroyed their family name. With the future uncertain, they must decide how to reconcile their desires and how best to proceed forward... if they manage to escape with their lives.
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