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Basic Premise
Hello! I'm looking for a partner for a specific theme, one that I use as the title. I will be mainly RPing as girl, but I can go male if needed. Romance is rather mandatory, while smut is optional. I can do BlueStar or RedStar, preferrably RedStar, but it's much more flexible than the romance part. Preferring gay relationship, yuri preferably, but open to the other possibility. I'm generally fine with most fetish that doesn't involve bodily fluid other than sweat and spit, death, bestiality, or NTR, or at least those are from the top of my head anyway. I require at least elementary level of writing; at least 1 paragraph per post, and also follows along with the worldbuilding and story development. I myself will be posting around once every three days to once everyday, and i expect my partner to be replying within similar time frame, up until once a week is preferable.

My F-List, or basically a more in-depth list of the squick/fave list.

Regarding the settings

Below are the list of settings that I am interested in. By no means this is definitive, so if you'd like to throw some ideas my way, please do so
Time Period
Laws of the Universe
Victorian Era/19th Century​
Realistic/Purely Technology Based​
Prohibition Era/Early 20th Century​
Game Physics/Allows for (slightly) Make Believe Tech (Deus Ex Augmentation, MWIII Exosuits)​
World War I / II​
Anime Physics/Allows for physics defying actions​
Present Days​
Alternate Timeline version of an area​
Anime Physics/Technology based 'Magic'/Magic based 'Technology' (Think RWBY, DMC, and the like)
Cyberpunk Future​
Fantasy Area​
Game Physics/Made-up Fantasy Technology (Sci-Fi, something like Hyperdimension Neptunia, etc.)​
Steampunk Period​
Original/Created Area​
Alternate Timeline (Advanced enough to have develop some sort of firearms)​
Existing area within a certain series​
Series based​

Do note that this is more of a list, rather than a strict combination of a straight line, so you can pick and choose which one you prefer from each row

Some notes regarding the table:
  • I am highly interested in technology and writing about how it works, which is why whichever the time period, location, or physics chosen, I would prefer that there's at least a degree of machinery involved, not just purely magic and basic weapons
  • I prefer real-life location, as it would be easier to develop, knowing the existing landmark and such, but I'm fine with developing a new areas together, either a modification of real-life location, or completely new one, given that you'd also be developing it together
  • I will not be playing non-OC or with non-OC, so when I said series based, only the laws of physics and the settings is taken from that series. As to which series I would be willing to RP, refer to the first point as for the general themes.
  • "Allows for (slightly) Make Believe Tech" refers to technologies that are based on known technologies, but developed to a degree that resembles sci-fi. Made-up Fantasy tech refers to technologies that is currently impossible to exist with the constraint of physics, like complete teleportation, giant mecha that's as agile as human body, sci-fi tech, or Guilty Gear kind of tech (generating elements and such).
  • I require at least a modicum of realism and restraint when going into fantasy settings. I prefer realistic/tech-based settings, but I can do fantasy to a degree. If we're doing magics, I want magic to not be a commonplace, or even a rarity, so not every situation can be resolved by magic. By no means this implies that your character cannot be that prodigy magic user, just simply that YC wouldn't be able to flaunt their magic as the be all and all for fear of being labelled witch, swamped with request, or similar stuff.
Below are specific themes that I'd like to explore:

I am open to new ideas and changes, but the baseline is that my character either went in too deep in an op and got captured, or stumbled onto the opposite side during one op. Due to the connection and her standings, she managed to escape the judgement, but during the time that she got captured/stumbled onto the opposite side, your character either feel attracted to my character, or to spice things up, felt the need to recapture my character, and so the interaction would be about them playing cat and mouse. In later progression, either my character saves yours, or yours saves mine from grave danger, either because of said attraction, or the cliche 'I can't bring you to justice if you're dead'/'who's going to chase me as passionate as you' kind of way, or the even more cliche 'i just feel like it' way.

Either way, the attraction is more based on the obsession to bring down the opposition, but gradually turning into a love hate relationship after several times that either character sees that the opposing side is not as bad as they thought.

Regarding the place and location, I am actually open to how this is done. I wrote my character as Japanese, but it doesn't mean that it has to be yakuza-centric, and in fact, i would prefer it if the place is outside of Japan, since it adds that extra dimension of prejudice, racism, and culture shock to the story. Regardless of the location and time period however, it has to make sense for firearms to be wielded. I'm thinking somewhere along the Noir Britain, 20th century western syndicate/mafia, or the London Gang War like in AC: Syndicate. The Hong Kong Triads/Chinese Mafia/Russian Mafia is fine, but i am not too familiar with the settings, so i'm not into it. Again, Japanese yakuza is fine as well, if you're into that one.

The specific context and settings is not set in stone, but the timeline will most likely either modern time or post-apocalyptic situation, or even alternate timeline, as long as guns is already invented and has spread to the public. The location can be western based, or east Asian, or alternate universe, perhaps space/sci-fi is also possible. I do require realistic physics, so no magic and less fantasy. The requirement of the location however is that there's a despot, dictator, ruler, or government that have controls over a large area of a nation, and that they heavily favor one city over the others, leading to the degradation of the condition of the other cities, where the RP will be taking place in. In this city, corruption and money reigns supreme, every man for themselves, and the law is just another thing that the law enforcer will beat your head with. My character is one of the citizen that's just trying to survive, before she saw how corrupt the city is after she was captured to be sold. She snapped, managed to break free of her master, and decided to take things into her own hand, and started beating her own justice to the city.

Think The Punisher but not on steroid, since neither of our character should be that strong that they can single-handedly take down an entire crime family. The plot would sometimes include sabotage, building takeover, supply snatching, and of course assassination, interrogation, and the likes, but most of the time would not be facing against a large group of soldiers, more of grunts and armed civilians, or sometimes a two to four group of assassins. The story will be rather grim and depressing, but that's where your character comes in, to bring that lighter side to the story.

The rest of the details would be decided once we got the RP going, along with my character as well, but that's the basic premise.

Again, context and settings is not permanent yet, but this time the timeline will be the 18th or 19th century, or fantasy timeline. MC will be a deranged serial killers who kills for sports. Nobody could see the patterns of her murder, and that's because she doesn't choose who to kill, she just kills. One thread that can be traced towards her was her 'signature', a twisted form of art that she made using the bodies of her victims, whether made by the bodies, or on the bodies. The general public doesn't quite know how to feel about MC either, because while her signature is stomach churning, MC never goes after the innocent. All of her victims, one way or another, were always revealed to be criminals, from a petty purse snatcher, to other murderers. Of course, the keyword was 'so far', which is why the general public is still unsure about her. The law enforcer could never pin down MC either, because MC literally has no ties that can be traced back to her. No family, no home, no sightings, and the only string that the law can trace, is the signature MC left.

YC, whichever role you choose to pick, got too close to the fire, and got singed. MC wears a mask, and generally has no superpower other than abnormal amount of patience and meticulous attention to details, enabling her to create the perfect scenario for a crime with details planned to the very second. The one thing that MC did not account for however, the first time she made this mistake, it to consider YC like any other person. When faced with the threat of death in the form of MC and her wide array of bladed weapons, not only that YC did not run away, YC moved in and fought MC, something that she's unprepared for, for she's not the most physically gifted person. The fight still ends to MC favor, thanks to the extensive knowledge of the location, but YC managed to snag the mask away from MC, revealing her face for the first time ever. While YC couldn't get the details down, due to the darkness and all, MC thought that YC got the full details, and thus dedicated her next few attempts on YC.

The rest of the story can be discussed further, but generally I would prefer that either YC is not the one that developed feelings for MC first. MC either got attracted to you thanks to all the stalking and observing, or to ensure her identity didn't get leaked, captured you and locked YC in her hideout, where the constant back and forth between the two, and interaction that MC rarely, if ever, had in the past, caused MC to at least cherish YC's company.

Think of V for Vendetta but with Jack the Ripper instead. MC is not really set right now, but can be discussed and changed depending on your preferences.

MC would be the rogue pilot, or the mechanic. The rogue pilot was never a part of any organization controlling/keeping the status quo of the world, but they were a scavenger, and quite handy with the tools. Living in a small slum near a junkyard, they spent most of their day scavenging in the junk pile for parts they can use to upgrade their own, which they actually built from scratch from the junk frames. The rogue would then use that junk mecha to do mercenary jobs to get by, taking jobs none of the bigger organization wanted to take or one too dangerous. The reward from these jobs were then used to upgrade the mech with proper parts, with the final goal of getting bigger jobs and more money to support their slum, and hopefully turning it into a proper city.

The mechanic could either be the rogue's childhood friend who helped them with the junk mecha building and repairing, with similar goals in mind, or could also be one of the organization's mechanic who were either treated badly/dishonorably discharged/betrayed/thrown under the bus/simply bored of the org, and decided to follow the rogue, OR could be one of the bigger city's mechanic where the rogue often visits to upgrade their mech, and became interested in the rogue. The mechanic will be the one dealing with job finding, navigating, and negotiation, making the rogue rather reliant on them over time.

The two could potentially wander the land together on top of the mecha when a certain situation pushes either of them outside of the area/city, making the other follow in suit.

The rival is a part of a highly regarded organization, and is considered their Ace, piloting a highly souped up mecha, yet despite the technology and experience, the rogue was able to get close to the rival's skill level, which hurt their pride huge time because at this time, the rogue's mech is literally a piece of junk cobbled together. The rival would keep on looking for reason to go out to the field to look for the rogue and duel against them, but knowing that their junk mech wouldn't be able to fight toe to toe, the rogue would always decline, and run away. The rival would be able to catch up of course, but they always got outsmarted in the end.

Each of the character's story can be changed to your liking of course, depending on with role you'll take, but this is the gist of the interaction between the characters that I had in mind. Settings wise, I'm leaning towards Daemon X Machina, Gundam Iron Blooded Orphan, or Armored Core.

Other pairings that comes to mind, but doesn't have a specific plot yet:
Post apocalyptic survivor x survivor
Delinquent x Student Council Member
Assassin x Target
Organized Crime Member x Traitor
Undercover Detective/Org Crime Member x Real one
Outcast x Noble

Other details
As i said before, i prefer paragraph based roleplaying where both sides contributes to the worldbuilding and story development, and i prefer it to be done on the forum. Preferably one-on-one as well, but i am open to the idea of a group roleplay, as long as every member is fine with the once a day - once every three day posting speed of mine. You can contact me through posting on this thread, or just PM me, whichever is more comfortable with you.

Thank you for reading!
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