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I'm getting back into forum roleplaying from a long absence (I got married and had a baby, so i'm a little rusty!)

I'd like to bounce ideas back and forth and come up with a fun, easygoing intro back into forum RP. I love romance plot lines, but that doesn't mean it has to be the main driving factor ( I'm perfectly fine doing a platonic story too!). I'm fine with sexual topics/scenes- but it needs to be plot driven, please (18+).

I've got a few ideas, but prefer to create plots with my partners based on shared interests, so if you're interested in brainstorming with me, let me know! I'm completely open to suggestions. ^w^

About me:

  • I might be irregular at posting for a little while until I get into a rhythm, I am currently on maternity leave; so my availability revolves around my baby & eventually my working schedule.
  • Despite my schedule issues, I promise to post at least once a week, and always let you know if it will take me extra time to post- or if I need to take a break. I really don't want to suddenly disappear on you!
  • Genres I like: I like Fantasy (medieval or modern), Sci Fi (I'm not super privy on this, but I still enjoy it!), Action/Adventure, Real World Fiction, Romance, Apoc/Post Apoc, Superhero/ Mutant..ext.
  • Since i'm just getting back into it, my posts won't be incredibly lengthy, but I will be able to do a standard 2+ paragraph minimum.

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