The Mirrored Realms



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I want to put together a a futuristic sci/fi with a dystopian setting, the main idea behind this being humanity has ruined its home and with no definite solution has decided to go to extremes to keep itself alive. Currently humans are much different than they are now, they are twisted monstrosities more machine than man. However this is not enough and will not prevent their extinction so they have decided to try and punch a hole through reality to a different universe to invade and make their own. However the world they invaded in much different than their own, while the planet is still very much healthy the inhabitants are not normal, they are able to call upon innate psychic powers to protect themselves and do not view the these cyborg like entities as humans but monsters that need to be slain. Looking for anyone who might be interested and if you have an idea you'd like to add in or feel there's something missing please let me know.