Naruto Adventure Cravings

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I have been watching Naruto for the first time and have made it through the first part. Naruto Shippuden Shonen Jump! It has inspired me with various plots to write about!

Before I share my plots and ideas, I would like to go over my roleplay partner expectations and what you can expect from me.

1. Please be active.
2. Be courteous.
3. Please use proper grammar, spelling and punctuation.
4. I would prefer to write over Forum Threads, to keep my Inbox from getting full.
5. I enjoy a mix of Original and Canon characters involved and am AU friendly.
6. Romantic content MUST be kept on a PG level.
7. Like the anime, I have no problem with including dark and violent and bloody subjects.
8. I ask that third person is used during roleplay; first is uncomfortable for me.
9. For character images / face claims, I ask that they be anime images, for this is an anime after all.
10. Please don't randomly follow me; it's weird...
11. Being new to the Naruto-verse, I am not looking to double up right now.
12. Please do not reply to my thread. Send me a PM if interested.


1. Princess of the Hyūga Clan:
Hating the politics of the Hyūga clan, the Princess refuses to act like a Princess. Instead, she is much more focused on training and becoming the most powerful Hyūga clan member.

2. Sasuke's Fraternal Twin Sister:
After the brutal slaughtering murders of their clan, Sasuke seeks revenge on Itachi. But unlike Sasuke, his fraternal twin sister doesn't want to use her powers for evil and personal gain. She wants to become stronger and help her village and resents her brother for going rogue.

3. Cold as Ice:
A boy conceived in the Hidden Snow Village with a great power lying inside of him. Orochimaru on the search for extraordinary powers and gets wind of this power of ice. He wants to become powerful as he can be to keep himself alive.

4. Think Pink:
Unlike her older sister Sakura, her younger sister isn't afraid to get into a brawl. She also has supreme chakra control. Also unlike her sister, she sees right through Sasuke and will do anything to keep Sasuke from hurting Sakura.

5. The Raven Girl:
Her name is Raven. She is Shikamaru's little sister. Her use of shadows is very powerful. But besides the shadows, she can create darkness. She can also hide in shadows and darkness, and the darkness protects her like Gaara's sand. She has many abilities, and can transform into a giant raven or multiple ravens. The darkness is a living thing inside of her and has a tendency to be gloomy and dark and "raving" mad.

6. Cats VS Dogs:
Like Kiba and Akamaru, there is a rival clan that fights with cats. The Neko clan. Only thing is...romance of any kind is strictly forbidden, and Kiba and a girl his age from the Neko clan have feelings for each other...What will happen?


These are all my plots for now!

I am looking forward to roleplaying!