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Hello, all you weary storytellers and welcome to my thread. Stop and stay awhile, or keep on traveling. Whatever your fancy, but those who are here to linger I have an offer for you.

I am seeking someone to Role play with which is the prominent part of why this thread is being created. What I offer in turn for your time, your kinship, and your storytelling - I offer myself.
A passionate soul who will become obsessed with our characters, and the story we create as roleplaying is my escape from reality most days. My replies will almost always be novels and I do not expect you to write the same amount, just please no one-liners. You will always find me playing multiple characters, fully fleshed out with life and color. I am not a ghosting-friendly party as I require communication but it is also not hard to communicate. Discord, email, Thread, or Private message are all welcome. I will most likely play with my type fonts, and colors. Gifs will be included, and real face claims will be used. Pinterest boards, Spotify playlists, and character sheets are a bonus that I love making. During the week you will ALWAYS get a reply nightly (with a few exceptions), but weekends can be spotty with a chance of daydreaming (and me being busy). I'm flexible, and I love OOC banter so it's not purely just roleplaying.

Our story - I am in it for the long haul. Start to finish whether it takes us just a few months or a few years.

Recently I just finished my one story with a friend who no longer wishes to continue roleplaying which I can respect, but it leaves me searching for a new partner, and that is where you come in.

If I still have your attention I have one specific plot in mind already, but I'm not giving away spoilers as I'd like to reserve the right to a few Curveballs since I've got it fleshed out in my head.

Finally now, my roleplay/plot ideas. Can be made tame if need be.

Plot 1: (desperate for)
MxM, MxF, and FxF. Flexible gender-wise, but multiple characters are required with one main pairing and a few friends.
Fantasy, Norse inspiration, Modern fantasy, angsty, gory scenes (cause villains do murder people), character building, a slice of lifeish, college, fluff, possible mpreg (but that's obvious when Loki is involved)

The world has come to an end before, forced to start again.
Is the world too far gone? Will history repeat itself?

It always does…

The old myths are true, all of them. Eight-legged horses, frost giants, and Jotuneer. It is all real, spare for one detail. Ragnarok has already happened. The end of the world has truly happened once already, and in this age of pandemics, with political turmoil around every corner, it’s about to happen again. Some of the seidr realms don’t care because they know they’ll survive, the Norns have foretold their fate, but for the rest of the world, it may be curtains all over again.
The lather, rinse, repeat, and hope to the gods that the second time is the charm.
One such individual is hell-bent on setting that doomsday clock off sooner rather than later.
WITH all of that being said, even though the world has already come to an end once, bits of the old world still survive. Mixed throughout the nine realms, are descendants of the original Jotuneer. Huginn and Muninn, Geri and Freki, and even the giant Surtr have descendants living among those on Midgard. Simply living. Not wanting their world to turn upside down again.

-- My main character and his best friend move into a house together with a roommate or two that the college they are going to has assigned them. They've been going to school for a few years now and are about to finish up, but old truths that have been buried are starting to come alive as this entity is trying to trigger Ragnarok again early. The Norns have said it won't happen again for a few hundred or so years. Though that won't stop the villain (which I've got his character made already). The new housemate (your character) is also triggering things in my character's magical heritage that his friends and sister have been hiding from him to start waking up. He's got no idea about his past, his friends know, and so does the villain.
It becomes a kind of slice-of-life romance story at first, as I start putting bits and pieces of escalating problems that lead to more action and whatnot. You can throw any twisted angsty shenanigans at me for your character, but ultimately our characters together find some way through this problem. WHICH means brainstorming, and world-building, and plotting and all the fun bits ^^

Plot 2:
MxM, MxF. Not as doubling heavy but encouraged.
Fantasy, Norse inspiration, drug use, murder, possible romance, and fluff.

-- Not as intense of plot idea as #1, but my character is a fallen Aesir demigod. Doomed to wander the earth with clipped wings (mom was a Valkyrie) until Odin deems him worthy. He is a drug addict/alcoholic who takes and drinks to numb just how strong he is. Life is all parties and fun times till he walks up in the middle of a crime scene. The police don't know what to make of it. He's a suspect, but he's also possibly a victim as the actual murderer attempts to murder him again and again. Your character can be literally anything you'd like as long as they try to help my character. Originally this plot was a Victim x Detective who takes the victim in but falls in love instead.

IF either of these plots are something you would be interested in shoot me a private message or drop a comment below.

I look forward to writing with you, thank you for taking the time to read this, and ver heill ok sæll,

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