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I'm cool with just about anything...except the genres listed in the DON'T LIKE section.

Hi there! My name is Mira! I'm 29 and I live in Pennsylvania. I love video games, true crime shows, tiny houses, and animated movies, and I'm an animal lover as well. I've been writing and role-playing for more than a decade and thoroughly enjoy it. I frequent Discord and would be more than happy to add you as a friend there, as well as invite you to my server if you like! I work night shift four nights a week from 10:30 PM Eastern Time to 9:00 AM Eastern Time, but I am generally more active at night. I enjoy my own company and can be socially spotty at the best of times, but I'm always down for meeting new folks!

  • I am very flexible with post length and my personal average is between three and ten paragraphs per post. Long-term RPs are very much preferred, I'm not one for doing a bunch of short RPs.
  • I try to make at least one post per day unless I'm not feeling well or something comes up in real life. If you haven't heard from me in 3+ days it is a-okay to check in on me!
  • At the moment I am only interested in Fandom RPs, and will likely love you forever if you share my fandom interests!
  • I prefer to play canon characters, but for some pairings I'm okay pairing them with an OC.
  • I prefer and am most versed in Male x Male and Male x Nonbinary pairings, but am open to pretty much any pairing type.
  • I prefer to play male or male-presenting characters, but am open to playing so much more than that and doubling as well!
  • I prefer to RP via Iwaku threads, but I'm also open to RPing in DMs, as well as via emails or on Discord (as long as the Discord RPs are private).
  • I like me some smut, for sure. But I don't like that to completely dominate the RP--juicy plot is just as important as juicy romance!
  • If you'd like more details on what I'm down for in a REDSTAR RP you can DM me and ask for a link to my F-List!
  • If you don't see a fandom listed here that you're interested in feel free to ask me about it!
Now, on to the nitty-gritty of what I'm craving at the moment...

Five Nights at Freddy's. That is all.

I have severe FNAF brain rot-levels of hyperfixation and and I would absolutely love to find someone who's just as eager to RP this fandom as I am! I prefer to play canon characters myself and don't mind pairing them with another canon character or an original character. I do prefer Male x Male or Male x Nonbinary pairings for this fandom. I also love playing multiple characters, and I'm down for multiple pairings or poly pairings!
  • I will list the characters I play, followed by the characters I would like you to play, and at the very end I will list my plot bunnies for the fandom.
  • Anything listed in RED is something I'm super duper interested in at the moment! For characters: In the I PLAY section, this means I really want to play that character, or in the YOU PLAY section, I'm very interested in that pairing!
  • Anything CROSSED OUT I'm not super interested in at the moment, but you might be able to sway me with a really good plot. For characters: In the I PLAY section, I'm not that interested in playing that character, or in the YOU PLAY section, I'm not interested in that pairing at the moment.
  • All characters will be listed with a gender identity: :male:, :female:, or NB (nonbinary).
  • If a character in the YOU PLAY section is BOLDED AND ITALICIZED, it means I have a plot bunny for that pairing!
  • Pairings for plots are not in any dominant/submissive order.
  • If a role in a pairing in a plot is UNDERLINED it means I would prefer to play that role.
  • Any characters listed that are canonically under the age of 16 will need to have their ages bumped up to at least 16 if they are to participate in any REDSTAR content.
Animal Crossing

I PLAY: Raymond :male:
YOU PLAY: Marshal :male: | OC :male:/NB (Human)
Assassin's Creed

I PLAY: Leonardo da Vinci :male:
YOU PLAY: Ezio Auditore :male:

I PLAY: Vieri de Pazzi :male:
YOU PLAY: Federico Auditore :male:
Bully: Scholarship Edition/Canis Canem Edit

I PLAY: Bif Taylor :male:
YOU PLAY: Derby Harrington :male:

I PLAY: Derby Harrington :male:
YOU PLAY: Bif Taylor :male: | Johnny Vincent :male:

Gary Smith :male:
YOU PLAY: Jimmy Hopkins :male: | Pete Kowalksi :male:/NB

I PLAY: Gord Vendome :male:/NB
YOU PLAY: Jimmy Hopkins :male: | Tad Spencer :male:/NB | Vance Medici :male:

I PLAY: Pete Kowalski :male:/NB
YOU PLAY: Gary Smith :male:

I PLAY: Tad Spencer :male:/NB
YOU PLAY: Gord Vendome :male:/NB | Peanut Romano :male:
( 1 ) [Derby Harrington :male: x Bif Taylor :male: x Johnny Vincent :male: ] -- After being beaten badly and publicly humiliated by the Preps the other day, an infuriated Johnny Vincent has hatched a most devilish plan. Fueled by his simmering temper and a healthy amount of liquid courage pumping through his veins, the incensed Greaser King decides to break into the Preps' Glass Jaw Boxing Club and trash the place until it's unrecognizable. He isn't thinking straight, thanks to the alcohol, and rather than bring back-up he heads into Old Bullworth Vale on his own, armed with nothing but a metal baseball bat. He manages to make it inside courtesy of an unlocked basement window. He makes it upstairs into the boxing ring and is just about to bring his bat swinging down into the glass divider...when he hears some most intriguing noises. Stealthy as ever, Johnny stalks his way up the stairs leading into the room above. Through a gap in the heavy maroon curtains, he gets quite an eyeful--Derby Harrington, the leader of the Preps, and his right-hand man in a most compromising situation. For a few long moments all he can do is gape...and then, fast as lightning, he has the camera he swiped a couple of days ago out and at the ready. He takes several good pictures before beating a hasty retreat, an even more devilish plan forming in his mind. The very next day he approaches Derby and Bif while they're by themselves and presents the damning evidence. Both seem appropriately shocked...but Johnny isn't expecting Derby to simply shrug his shoulders and offer to include them in their twisted relationship in exchange for his silence, or for Bif to grudgingly agree. What the hell?! Now Harrington and Taylor want to date him and shit to keep him quiet? He's not into guys! So why does that offer sound so tempting...?

( 2 ) [Gary Smith :male: x Jimmy Hopkins :male: ] -- NOTE: Takes place after the events of the game and during the final weeks of that school year. Continues into the summer months. COULD ALSO INCLUDE PETE :male:/NB. Gary has finally been taken out of the picture, locked away for the rest of the school year and the whole summer, at the very least, in the Happy Volts Insane Asylum. Jimmy's settling into his new role as King of Bullworth, with Petey as his most trusted ally. However, for some reason he just can't fathom, Jimmy can't get Gary out of his mind. Happy Volts surely isn't the most secure of places...Gary could break out at any moment, couldn't he, to wreck what Jimmy spent the entire year carefully trying to build? Jimmy's concerns begin affecting his daily life at Bullworth. His grades drop, he ends up breaking up with Zoe Taylor, and he even shuts himself away from the one he trusts most--Petey. Eventually, Jimmy decides that he just can't take it anymore. He bikes up to the asylum, feeling that it's his duty to check up on Gary and make sure he isn't up to no good. He doesn't know what he's expecting to find, but it certainly isn't the terribly sick, clearly abused, and overly-medicated shell of his former enemy that he now finds himself face to face with. Now he's faced with a dilemma: walk away like he didn't see anything at all...or do something drastic. And...potentially dumb as fuck.

I PLAY: Endrance (Kaoru Ichinose) :male:/NB
YOU PLAY: Haseo (Ryou Misaki) :male:
( 1 ) [Endrance (Kaoru Ichinose) :male:/NB x Haseo (Ryou Misaki) :male: ] -- NOTE: Takes place a few months after the events of Redemption, or after Vol. 4 with some tweaks--Haseo has not yet sent out his Promise Card. It starts off as an ordinary day in the now-peaceful realm of The World. An ever-wily Gaspard manages to guilt-trip Haseo into infiltrating a high-level area to snag some rare items for Shop Acorn. Haseo immediately sends a party invitation to Endrance. Haseo has been growing closer and closer to Endrance, especially after the stunt he pulled in the Sage Palace Tournament. They speak almost every day and exchange e-mails constantly. Endrance is also useful as a girl deterrent. Atoli feels threatened by Endrance, and his tendency to so openly declare his love for Haseo, and often turns down party invites when she knows he'll be there. Alkaid still hasn't forgiven him for cheating his way through the Demon Palace Tournament and dethroning her. Shino is the only one who doesn't mind him. Endrance responds promptly to the invitation, claiming he'll be there. Haseo also grudgingly invites Saku upon seeing she's online--after her last blow-up, he tried to invite her along with Endrance whenever she was online. Shockingly, Saku arrives first. Endrance is uncharacteristically late. He ends up materializing ten minutes later, and gives no reason for his lateness. He seems rather down, though, and Haseo can't help but worry. His concern only amplifies once they start tromping through the area--Endrance can't seem to focus, and it's making it terribly difficult for them to defeat monsters. After the adventure, Haseo confronts Endrance alone and demands to know what's wrong. After some prodding, Endrance finally reveals his dilemma--his parents are kicking him out of the house. Haseo knows that Endrance never went to college and has never had a job--that he's a gaming addict who almost never leaves his own room, let alone his own house. Haseo has an apartment in real life that could easily sustain two people...but is he really willing to take such a leap of faith, especially with a man who truly loves him?
Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

I PLAY: OC :male:/NB (Khajiit) | OC :male:/NB (Khajiit Dragonborn)
YOU PLAY: OC :male:/:female:/NB | | OC :male:/:female:/NB (Dragonborn)
( 1 ) [OC :male:/NB (Khajiit Dragonborn) x OC :male:/:female:/NB (Mercenary)] -- A mercenary protecting a small group of nobles, commuting from outside of Skyrim to Solitude for the wedding of Vittoria Vici is prepared to deal with just about any dangerous thing lurking near the main roads. Anything, that is, except for a dragon. A dragon swoops down and snags a noble with its claws. The mercenary tries to fight the dragon off, but it keeps picking off nobles left and right. Eventually the scaled beast manages to pin the mercenary underneath one of its feet and leans in, ribbons of fire occasionally bursting out from between its massive fangs. Just as it's about to dive in for the kill a thunderous string of foreign words cracks through the air and sends the beast flying. A mysterious hooded stranger in dark clothing stands at the far end of the road, and beside him is a large red and white husky dog. The dragon screeches something at at the stranger, and all that the mercenary can make out is Dovahkiin--Dragonborn. The stranger and the dragon engage in a ferocious battle, and eventually the stranger comes out on top. The surviving two nobles and the mercenary watch in awe as the dragon's body melts away until there is only a skeleton left, and ribbons of unknown energy flow into the stranger's body. The stranger finally turns to the surviving trio and pulls down his hood. The surviving trio is shocked to see not a proud Nord standing victorious over the dragon, but a Khajiit! The Khajiit is on his way to Solitude as well and genially offers to travel with the group, just in case another dragon attacks. The nobles snootily refuse to speak to him, so the mercenary ends up agreeing and welcoming his assistance. The mercenary is drawn to this peculiar Khajiit and can't figure out why that is...

I PLAY: Reaver :male:
YOU PLAY: Hero of Brightwall :male:/:female:/NB | Sparrow :male:/:female:/NB
( 1 ) [Reaver :male: x Sparrow :male:/:female:/NB] -- NOTE: Takes place after the events of the game, and Sparrow chose the Sacrifice ending. Albion is saved! Everyone is celebrating, dancing and singing and drinking the night away! Well...everyone except Sparrow, that is. They've been in a deep and very private depression for weeks now, and no one can seem to figure out what's keeping their titular hero down. Hammer seems to be the most concerned, spending more and more time with them to try and cheer them up and simultaneously work out what's behind all this. Eventually, she resorts to sending letters to the other heroes, currently in Samarkand, asking for their opinion. Garth's response is short and sweet, claiming that he suspects the stress is finally getting to Sparrow and that they need to take a well-deserved rest. Reaver, on the other hand, doesn't respond at all. So, of course, imagine Hammer's surprise when two weeks later there's a knock at the door and lo and behold, it's the infamous Hero of Skill. He cheerfully asks if Sparrow is there. Hammer, still stupefied, leaves to fetch them. When she returns with a still-glum Sparrow in tow, the Hero of Bowerstone is shocked and startled when the dark-haired pirate thrusts an adorable Doberman puppy into their arms. He promptly demands that Sparrow get over this slump that they've forced themself into, as he's certain that the Hero's deceased and beloved partner wouldn't want that for them, and tacks on that moping around makes Sparrow much less attractive in his eyes. Both Sparrow and Hammer are floored. Hammer hadn't even considered the possibility that the death of Sparrow's trusted canine companion was behind their depression, and Sparrow had no idea how Reaver (who they believed barely knew them) figured it out when no one else could. Now seeing Reaver in a slightly different light, Sparrow figures they ought to pay the mysterious pirate back in some way. But how are they going to manage that...?

( 2 ) [Reaver :male: x Hero of Brightwall :male:/:female:/NB] -- NOTE: Goes very much AU. In this version of the story, Sparrow was female. I would love for Reaver to become a part of the Resistance. A neutral Hero is stopped by a rabid fan of Reaver's one dreary overcast morning, and against their better judgement they accept a quest to fetch...they agree to acquire...a certain article of the industrialist's clothing for her. Should be easy enough, right? After all, the mansion is abandoned. Or so they think. They put the task off for several days until they literally have nothing to do but fetch the accursed undergarments and once again against their better judgement, the rogue royal finds themself standing before the massive mansion. Getting inside is surprisingly easy--the place seems to be deserted. They have more trouble locating the secret room--it takes them several frustratingly long minutes to find the hidden corridor behind a bookcase. What they find at the end of the corridor has them both repulsed and terribly amused. They try to touch as little as possible as they rummage around. But before they can locate the aforementioned undies, they're unceremoniously interrupted by the infamous owner of the house...
Five Nights at Freddy's

+Animatronics are still animatronics, with some anthro qualities. Some plots listed with a canon human can also be done with an OC human, and vice versa. You may be able to cajole me into doing an anthro AU for this series.+

YOU PLAY: Mike Afton :male:/NB | Mike Schmidt :male:/NB | OC :male:/:female:/NB (Human)

Bonnie :male:
YOU PLAY: Foxy :male: | Freddy :male: | Mike Schmidt :male:/NB | Toy Bonnie :male:/NB | OC :male:/:female:/NB (Human)

I PLAY: Foxy :male:
YOU PLAY: Bonnie :male: | Freddy :male: | Mike Schmidt :male:/NB | OC :male:/:female:/NB (Human)

I PLAY: Freddy :male:
YOU PLAY: Bonnie :male: | Foxy :male: | Mike Schmidt :male:/NB | OC :male:/:female:/NB (Human)

I PLAY: Funtime Foxy :male:/NB
YOU PLAY: Funtime Freddy :male: | Mike Afton :male:/NB | OC :male:/:female:/NB (Human)

I PLAY: Funtime Freddy :male:
YOU PLAY: Funtime Foxy :male:/NB | Mike Afton :male:/NB | OC :male:/:female:/NB (Human)

I PLAY: Glamrock Bonnie :male:/NB
YOU PLAY: Glamrock Freddy :male: | Monty :male: | Sun :male:/NB | Moon :male:/NB | Eclipse :male:/NB | Vanessa :female: | Vanny :female: | Burntrap :male:/NB | Glitchtrap :male:/NB | OC :male:/:female:/NB (Human)

I PLAY: Glamrock Chica :female:
YOU PLAY: Roxy :female:

I PLAY: Glamrock Freddy :male:
YOU PLAY: Glamrock Bonnie :male:/NB | Adult!Gregory :male:/NB | Monty :male: | Sun :male:/NB | Moon :male:/NB | Eclipse :male:/NB | OC :male:/:female:/NB (Human)

I PLAY: Henry Emily :male:
YOU PLAY: William Afton :male:/NB | Springtrap :male:

I PLAY: Monty :male:
YOU PLAY: Glamrock Bonnie :male:/NB | Glamrock Freddy :male: | Sun :male:/NB | Moon :male:/NB | Eclipse :male:/NB | Burntrap :male:/NB | Glitchtrap :male:/NB | OC :male:/:female:/NB (Human)

I PLAY: Roxy :female:
YOU PLAY: Glamrock Chica :female:

I PLAY: Sun :male:/NB | Moon :male:/NB | Eclipse :male:/NB
YOU PLAY: Glamrock Bonnie :male:/NB | Glamrock Freddy :male: | Monty :male: | Vanessa :female: | Vanny :female: | OC :male:/:female:/NB (Human)

I PLAY: Toy Bonnie :male:/NB
YOU PLAY: Bonnie :male: | Jeremy Fitzgerald :male:/NB | OC :male:/NB (Human)

William Afton :male:/NB | Burntrap :male:/NB | Glitchtrap :male:/NB | Springtrap :male:
YOU PLAY: Glamrock Bonnie :male:/NB | Henry Emily :male: | Monty :male: | Vanessa :female: | Vanny :female:
( 1 ) [Bonnie :male: x Mike Schmidt :male:/NB or OC Security Guard :male:/:female:/NB] -- NOTE: This plot could also be used with an OC, though I would prefer Mike! I'm open to more relationships and playing all of or splitting the other animatronics. It's Mike's third night of working at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria. The owner offers him some extra pay to pop in during the day on Sunday, the only day the restaurant happens to be closed, and do two things: some basic maintenance work and scrubbing the place from top to bottom (minus the basement, which is off-limits). He's instructed to check the three animatronics on stage for any faults but warned not to touch them under any circumstances. He's told the place will be empty and the animatronics shut off, but it will still be under surveillance as usual. What he doesn't realize is that the cameras malfunctioned shortly after he left his night shift earlier that morning, and not all of the animatronics have been shut this malfunction hasn't gone unnoticed. After cleaning up and doing the requested basic maintenance he, against his better judgement, does go to check on the band. Freddy and Chica are most definitely shut off and he can see no visible faults. Bonnie, on the other hand, does seem to be in slightly worse shape. He's visibly sticky and covered in something that smells faintly like soda, as if someone might have lobbed a full soda at him during opening hours. Mike leans in to get a closer look, just to make sure...and he suddenly finds himself lifted several feet off of the ground. The previously dead-to-the-world rabbit has him by the shirt collar and is now face-to-face with him, ears pulled back, optics black as night with tiny silver pinpricks as pupils, and mouth opened wide and hissing like an angry crocodile. Mike knows he stands no chance in a fight against the metal behemoth, who stands nearly seven feet he does the only thing he can. He begs for his life. But how will that turn out?

( 2 ) [Foxy :male: x Mike Schmidt :male:/NB or OC Security Guard :male:/:female:/NB] -- NOTE: This plot can also be used with an OC, though I would prefer Mike! I'm open to more relationships and playing all of or splitting the other animatronics. The Bite of ’87 was not the only bite, though it was by far the most serious. There was another bite that occurred, this one not at a birthday party but during a routine visit. It was a humdrum day, just like any other. During this time, the most popular animatronic by a landslide was Foxy the Pirate. He was the only animatronic allowed to walk around during the daytime, though he was limited to Pirate Cove and the seating area around it. Wandering was an integral part of his show. Foxy was not made to stand still, but rather to swing around on the rigging of his makeshift ship and bounce around on deck, spouting off sea shanties with the children. Foxy’s favorite thing to do was tell stories—stories of his fabricated exploits at sea. That was what he was doing on this day. But his story was interrupted by the sound of a child screaming, which immediately attracted the attention of the guests, employees, and (of course) all four animatronics. A sorry excuse for a father was beating his young son, right there in front of Pirate Cove—Foxy’s territory! This was something that none of the animatronics had ever witnessed, and they did not know how to react. Foxy felt a terrible anger welling up within him, an anger he usually reserved for hunting down endoskeletons during the nighttime…and then he blacked out. When he woke, it was to a gaggle of adult humans restraining him. He realized he was covered in in blood, and that he must have bitten that disgusting excuse for a man. After that, despite being so popular, Foxy was decommissioned and sentenced to a life of rotting away behind Pirate Cove’s curtains, which were never meant to be opened again. Foxy is left alone, in isolation, for many, many years—even the other animatronics don’t interact with him much after what happened (though Bonnie pays him the occasional visit). After so much isolation, he begins to lose his mind, and after some time, he becomes one of the most violent of the quartet during the nighttime. One night in particular, after he’s been decommissioned for an absurdly long time, a new endoskeleton appears in the security office. He manages to ward off the animatronics for four straight nights…but on the fifth night, he’s unexpectedly ambushed by Foxy, who tackles him to the ground. He fully intends to stuff the endoskeleton into a suit…but then it proclaims to be human, and asks why Foxy bothered protecting him all those years ago. It’s at this moment that Foxy realizes that this no endoskeleton, but an adult human! And, to boot, it’s the human he saved all of those years ago! But the other animatronics won’t believe this story, not without a lot of convincing…and Foxy vows to protect this human from them at all costs!

( 3 ) [Foxy :male: x Mike Schmidt :male:/NB or OC Security Guard :male:/:female:/NB] -- NOTE: This plot can also be used with an OC, though I would prefer Mike! I'm open to more relationships and playing all of or splitting the other animatronics. The animatronics at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria are dumbfounded. The current night guard, who they believe is pure evil because they were all viciously slaughtered by a night guard when they were children, has lasted longer than any of his predecessors, who either ran from the place with their tails between their legs or who met their makers at the hands of the animatronics. A month has passed since Mike took this job. He knows that he should have left a long time ago, after his mandatory five nights were up...but for some unfathomable reason, he just can't leave. He's actually, God forbid, started growing fond of the animatronics who have been trying to murder him and stuff him into an animatronic suit. He's even managed to select a favorite--Foxy, who was also his childhood favorite. Foxy isn't aware of it until three days before the month ends. He finds a strange brightly-wrapped parcel waiting for him in his Cove when he stirs from his daytime standby mode. When he tears it open, he finds a pristine pirate hat, several amazing books on pirates, and an adorable stuffed parrot. He initially thinks that the others gave him these gifts, but then he realizes that would be impossible--none of them are allowed to leave the pizzeria. It's in their programming! After some deep contemplation, he comes to the startling conclusion that a human must have left the gifts for him. Foxy is certain that this human will come back, perhaps to see if he's enjoying the gifts that were left for him. Though it goes against his altered programming, the pirate fox forces himself to stay awake during the daytime, though he immediately drops and plays possum whenever he thinks a human is coming into his cove. Near the end of the day, the mystery gift-giver finally shows his face...and lo and behold, it's the night guard! Mike finds Foxy wearing the hat he purchased and is elated. He spends a couple of minutes in Pirate Cove, chattering away to what he thinks is a sleeping Foxy. Foxy finds out that the night guard used to frequent this place when he was a child, and that Foxy was his favorite animatronic. Mike admits that he didn't have a great home life and that his father beat the tar out of him on an almost daily basis. He also admits that coming to this place was the only thing that kept him going as a child. By the time night guard leaves, Foxy's feeling understandably conflicted. Is it possible that this night guard is different from the others? It would be awfully nice to not have to chase night guards down anymore and stuff them into suits. The pirate fox comes to a decision. He's going to have to confront this night guard and see if he's really as harmless as he appears to be.

( 4 ) [Foxy :male: x Mike Schmidt :male:/NB or OC Security Guard :male:/:female:/NB] -- NOTE: This plot can also be used with an OC, though I would prefer Mike! I'm open to more relationships and playing all of or splitting the other animatronics. It's been a week since Mike started his new job, and he's completely shattered. He adamantly plans on quitting when his seventh night ends. As he's approaching the manager to do so, however, he manages to catch a bit of the conversation the manager is having with an unfamiliar man. It's about Foxy, and about Pirate Cove. It turns out that, with the owner's reluctant blessing, the manager is seriously considering removing Pirate Cove entirely and, in turn, scrapping the battered Pirate Fox. Even though the animatronics have been trying to kill him, Mike finds himself feeling suddenly sorry for Foxy. He's been imprisoned in that small space for more than a decade, all by himself, and they're just now going to put him out of his misery? It seems cruel. Before he can stop himself, Mike storms in on the conversation and begs the manager to spare Foxy, at the very least. The two proceed to argue. In the heat of the argument, Mike loudly blares that if Foxy won't be allowed to stay here, then he wants to buy him from the company. He isn't expecting the manager to brighten up and declare that it's a wonderful idea, and he definitely isn't expecting to be told to take him right away and return for his shift that night with the astronomical amount of money it will take to purchase Foxy. It's at this point that Mike realizes that this place must have finally driven him insane. Now he's got a massive animatronic fox who may or may not want to rip him into itty-bitty pieces as a roommate! How's that going to work out?!

( 5 ) [Mike Schmidt :male:/NB or OC Security Guard :male:/:female:/NB x Multiple Animatronics] -- NOTE: This plot could also be used with an OC, though I would prefer Mike! Mike has been working at the pizzeria for about a month now. Over the past week, he's gotten sick, and the mysterious illness is just getting worse and worse with new (and terrifying) symptoms popping up. He finally pays a visit to the doctor. He's then shuffled between several doctors, who all run a battery of tests on him. At last, he gets a diagnosis, and it's one he's been dreading. He has a brain tumor. It's inoperable, and the doctor tells him that it will almost certainly kill him. The doctors estimate that Mike has only a month or so to live. Mike falls into a deep depression. The only thing that keeps him going is the adrenaline rush he gets from working the night shift at the pizzeria. A week or so passes, and Mike is sicker than ever. His depressed and delirious mind finally drives him to formulating an insane plan. He arrives for his nighttime shift, same as always...but this time, he doesn't plan on using the doors or checking the cameras. He instead calmly sits and waits. Bonnie is the first to pay him a visit. He's surprised when the door doesn't close, and the night guard instead just stares at him and demands that he just put him out of his misery already. Bonnie is conflicted and suspicious--the night guards don't just give up like this. They're either caught by the animatronics or they just disappear. Mike explains that he's terminally ill, and that he doesn't want to wait to die of sickness in a hospital bed. He begs Bonnie to kill him. The atypical behavior disturbs Bonnie...but he also finds himself pitying the night guard. To learn that he's going to die at such a young age, and there's nothing anyone can--...wait a moment. There is something that can be done! The bad humans they stuff into suits never come back--because, frustratingly, they're never that man they're looking for--but they can be made to come back. Bonnie decides that he's going to save this night guard and bring him back as an animatronic. One of the band.

( 6 ) [Mike Schmidt :male:/NB or OC Security Guard :male:/:female:/NB x Multiple Animatronics] -- NOTE: This plot can also be used with an OC. Can also eventually include animatronics from different games in the series. The whole world has gone to shit. A Last of Us-esque disease has decimated the population and turned most of the remaining humans into zombie-like monsters. It's been two years since Mike was terminated from his night guard job. He moved halfway across the country to try and put those unpleasant memories behind him. But lo and behold, only a couple of months after he's settled in to his new place and the new location, the goddamned apocalypse sweeps the nation! Mike spends a year fighting for his life. His ultimate goal was to find a military quarantine zone, where he knows he'll be safe. When he eventually finds one, though, the military bastards gun down every member of his group, save for him. Mike loses faith in the military. He eventually comes up with another idea. A far-fetched idea. A completely insane idea. There's only one thing in this entire world that he finds more terrifying than those flesh-eating monsters. One thing that he thinks can actually stand up to them. His only remaining chance for long-term survival, especially now that he's on his own. And so Mike begins a cross-country trek, heading straight for his old workplace. It takes him a long and arduous year to get to the other side of the country. He's surprised to find the old place still standing. But will his long-overdue homecoming to Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria be as fruitful as he hoped, and will he managed to get those super-powered animatronics on his side? Or will the abandoned monsters just take this opportunity to finally cram him into a suit after all of this time?

( 7 ) [Mike Schmidt :male:/NB or OC Security Guard :male:/:female:/NB x Multiple Animatronics] -- NOTE: This plot can also be used with an OC. It's been about a month since Mike started working as a night guard at the pizzeria. The animatronics are still trying to get to him and stuff him into a suit, but Bonnie and Chica have been keeping their distance, as if they aren't really all that interested in the chase anymore. Freddy and Foxy have noticed, and they've started picking up the slack in return--Freddy now visits both doors and Foxy lingers at the left door instead of immediately leaving. Our story starts on a rather humdrum night. Or, at least, that's what Mike thinks anyway. He's unexpectedly ambushed by a group of three burglars while he's on his way to the security office to start his shift. One of them is armed with a gun. They demand to know where the safe is, but Mike isn't privileged enough to be trusted with that information. They think he's lying and beat the tar out of him. The clock strikes twelve. Freddy, Bonnie, and Chica don't even budge at first, deeming it unnecessary--they intend on letting the the thieves take care of the night guard for them. Foxy and the band don't move at all...that is, until one of the thieves finally locates the safe. Angered that these humans are stealing from their home, the animatronics finally move to strike. But the night guard holds up a hand to stop them as he struggles to his feet, using the thieves' distraction to his advantage. This place already has a shitty reputation, and--though he's unwilling to admit it--he's grown fond of it, and the murderous animatronics, and he doesn't want it closed off and condemned because of these fucking thieves. Mike manages to steal the only gun the group has. They descend on him at once and attempt to retrieve it. One of them snatches it back, and Mike thinks that this will be the end of him...but a flash of red and some harrowing screams indicate otherwise. An enraged Foxy explodes out of his Cove and outright attacks the men. Bullets and blood spray everywhere. When the chaos ends, the three thieves are out cold, sporting nasty cuts and bruises...and poor Foxy, who broke rank and came to the night guard's aid, is sprawled on the ground, sparking and covered in bullet holes. Freddy, Bonnie, and Chica come rushing to his aid, but they're unable to rouse him. Freddy grabs the terrified night guard and demands that he fix Foxy, or they'll rip him apart piece by piece, organ by organ. Mike has no choice but to agree.

( 8 ) [Toy Bonnie :male:/NB x Jeremy Fitzgerald :male:/NB or OC Security Guard :male:/NB] -- Jeremy notices on his very first night that something about that quirky blue rabbit. Their very first encounter on his first night of work is peculiar at best--rather than totter off like the other Toys chose to whenever he throws the mask on, Toy Bonnie lingers. The second night is even stranger. The rabbit lingers again, but this time he even chases off that balloon kid when he draws too close. The third night, things get even stranger. This time, Toy Bonnie decides to plop down on Jeremy's desk and strike up a casual one-sided conversation with him, even though Jeremy has no intention of responding at this point. He slyly declares that he knows there isn't an animatronic behind that mask to start off, and then the deluge of questions he starts. He wants to know Jeremy's name, age, hobbies...just about everything! He continuously gets interrupted by the others showing their faces--while he simply stops talking whenever one of his Toy companions appears (glaring at him, no less), he's quick to beat a hasty retreat whenever one of the original animatronics pops up. But he keeps coming back, asking more questions and chattering away. Apparently, he's taken quite a shine to Jeremy. This is only proven further when Foxy decides to take a running leap at the guard. Toy Bonnie leaps to his defense, tackling the run-down fox and fighting tooth and claw to keep him at bay. Foxy eventually decides that getting his paws on the guard isn't worth getting even more damaged than he already is, and he grudgingly slinks off. Jeremy is dumbfounded--he doesn't understand why this ultra-creepy rabbit is so intrigued by him...but maybe it's something he can take advantage of. After all, he's got a heavy-duty metal guardian on his side now! What he doesn't realize is that Toy Bonnie's interest in him goes far beyond simple curiosity!
Grand Theft Auto V

I PLAY: Trevor Phillips :male:
YOU PLAY: Michael de Santa/Townley :male:
Invader Zim

I PLAY: Purple :male:/NB
YOU PLAY: Red :male:/NB | Zim :male:/NB

I PLAY: Red :male:/NB
YOU PLAY: Purple :male:/NB | Zim :male:/NB

I PLAY: Zim :male:/NB
YOU PLAY: Dib :male:
( 1 ) [Zim :male:/NB x Dib :male:] -- A little more than six years ago Zim left Planet Earth behind for good. He disappeared without warning one day, with nothing left behind to suggest a reason for the sudden disappearance. At first Dib is enthralled. He takes the sudden disappearance as a surrender; a sign that Zim bowed to his superiority and decided conquering Earth was too steep of a task for him to handle. As time goes by, however, Dib begins to realize that without Zim life on Earth has become...dull. Uneventful. Just plain boring. It doesn't take him very long to understand why. Zim made his life interesting. Their constant game of cat and mouse was what kept Dib going. His determination to expose Zim as an alien to the general public was what he lived for. Zim gave Dib a purpose. A reason to live--to protect his home planet from a hostile invading force. And with Zim he has nothing. Dib becomes a much darker and bleaker person as he grows older. He eventually becomes so depressed and disillusioned with himself that he gives up on the paranormal entirely. Dib throws himself into his studies in an attempt to find another purpose, and to make himself feel complete again. As a result he excels in school, and by the time he graduates from high school he does so as valedictorian. His father has big plans for him to attend the most prestigious university on the planet, and Dib intends to excel there as well. He has everything planned out by this point. He's going to make the world a better place for humanity. What he doesn't plan a knock on his window late at night a couple weeks after graduating from high school. He doesn't plan on a little green dog hovering there with the use of tiny blasters on his feet. He definitely doesn't plan for the letter in that little dog's hand. Zim is back. And he wants to meet immediately in front of their old elementary school. Despite promising himself he would never dabble in the paranormal ever again, as well as being unarmed aside from a pocketknife (as he ditched all of his anti-alien weaponry a long time ago) Dib simply can't resist. He throws caution to the wind and heads out to meet his old nemesis. He's changed, and he's sure that Zim has changed as well. He has no idea how this meeting will go down, or what Zim even wants. He isn't expecting to find that Zim has grown to match him in height--a cool six feet, three inches--and he certainly isn't expecting to be offered a hand, as well as an opportunity to leave Planet Earth behind for good and explore among the stars he used to gaze upon with wonder as a child. Is it really a good idea to take that hand...?
Johnny the Homicidal Maniac

I PLAY: Edgar Vargas :male:
YOU PLAY: Johnny C. :male:/NB
( 1 ) [Johnny C. :male:/NB x Edgar Vargas :male:] -- After a door-to-door vacuum salesman interrupts Nny just before he's about to kill Edgar and drain him of his blood he decides to take that sorry excuse for a human being instead. He lets Edgar go with a warning that he will hunt him down and kill him if any police show up at his doorstep. No police show up. A few months pass by. Nny grows progressively more depressed until he starts contemplating suicide. To avoid outside interference from the Doughboys, and any other voices that might want to join the party, he decides to drive out of town to be on his own. He finds a nice spot by a cliff, in one of the local parks, and sits there for hours in the chilly autumn air. Late evening turns into early morning. Just after 5 AM he decides he's going to jump. He isn't expecting someone to speak to him just before he plans on taking the plunge. He turns and finds Edgar standing there in jogging gear. Edgar talks Nny into taking a walk through the woods instead. They talk for hours about a variety of topics. Nny realizes he hasn't been this happy since he spent time with Devi, who is no longer speaking to him. When he's with Edgar the voices shut up for once. It's peaceful. Edgar doesn't judge him. He also isn't afraid of him. He likes that, and he wants more of that. Edgar invites him out for lunch that day. He accepts. They exchange phone numbers. Soon they start spending time together every day. Out of the house. Away from the wall, and away from the Doughboys. Edgar finds Nny fascinating in more ways than one, though he initially doesn't realize his interest goes deeper than it should. Will he be able to save Nny from himself?
Left 4 Dead

I PLAY: OC :male:/NB (Infected)
YOU PLAY: OC :male:/:female:/NB (Infected) | OC :male:/:female:/NB (Survivor
( 1 ) [OC :male:/NB (Infected) x OC :male:/:female:/NB (Survivor)] -- NOTE: We can double on this one if you want, or have a whole harem of Infected. This particular Survivor used to be a scientist, researching the Green Flu before the outbreak became truly apocalyptic. The other scientists in their group met different fates, some having left to find quarantine or rescue zones and others snatched up by the slavering masses of Infected now wandering the streets, and now the Survivor is all alone in the mostly safe military research facility they all once called home. Thanks to a number of back-up generators and solar panels, the facility still has electricity. Even though this Survivor is no longer working as a scientist, their passion for finding a cure for this accursed disease hasn't diminished one bit! One day, while out scavenging for food, the former scientist stumbles across a gravely injured and unconscious Special Infected. Their heart leaps for joy--this could be the chance they've been waiting for! A vulnerable, but live test subject--a creature that's clearly Infected! They worked on live test subjects before, when the group was still intact and they were able to capture some of the stupider and weaker ones, but they never had the chance to work with or even study one of the intelligent and strong Special Infected! Not wanting to squander this perfect opportunity, the Survivor abandons the food run and instead works on dragging the out cold Infected back to the lab. They place the unconscious creature in a secure holding pen, monitored by a single security camera. And now...all they have to do is wait for the Infected...

I PLAY: Grovyle :male:
YOU PLAY: Dusknoir :male:
( 1 ) [Grovyle :male: x Dusknoir :male: (Mystery Dungeon)] -- I would like to play out the events of the special episode in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky that involves these characters, and tweak it to suit them developing a romantic relationship. And then write out our own version of what happens after that special episode comes to an end!

I PLAY: GLaDOS :female:
YOU PLAY: Chell :female:
SCP Containment Breach

I PLAY: Multiple SCPS
YOU PLAY: OC :male:/:female:/NB (Human)

I PLAY: SCP-035 :male:/NB
YOU PLAY: SCP-049 :male: | OC :male:/:female:/NB (Human)

I PLAY: SCP-049 :male:
YOU PLAY: SCP-035 | OC :male:/:female:/NB (Human)

I PLAY: SCP-079 :male:/NB
YOU PLAY: SCP-682 :male:/NB | OC :male:/:female:/NB (Human)

I PLAY: SCP-096 :male:
YOU PLAY: OC :male:/:female:/NB

I PLAY: SCP-682 :male:/NB
YOU PLAY: SCP-079 :male:/NB | OC :male:/:female:/NB (Human)
( 1 ) [SCP-049 :male: x OC :male:/:female:/NB (Doctor)] -- The Foundation has made a habit of bringing each new batch of staff and Class D Personnel down to the Heavy Containment Zone in groups, presenting them before the good doctor to see if any of them are free from the mysterious Pestilence he wishes to eradicate. Many staff in the medical field are deemed clean, while the majority of others are deemed infected. After many interviews those deemed clean are always deemed infected or at risk of infection. A new doctor is brought on, and as usual is presented to 049. He seems to take an unusual interest in this new doctor, and frequently requests that he/she sit in on interviews and the like. The two develop a good friendship, during which the new doctor learns quite a bit about 049. He's French by birth and speaks ten different languages fluently. He enjoys reading all manner of books, so the new doctor brings some new tomes in for him to read (vetted by their superiors, of course). He's particularly fond of cats, claiming with vigor that they're useful for eliminating rodents and disease-spreading vermin...and that they're also quite affectionate and soft. He also enjoys music, which is something else the new doctor supplies him with (played from inside the observation room attached to his cell). The new doctor happens to be present when the Containment Breach occurs, but is working in a different wing of the facility. They manage to survive well enough on their own for a few days, but 173 appears out of nowhere one afternoon and chases them out of their makeshift base. Panicked and desperate for help the doctor makes a quick decision. They begin heading for heavy containment with their access card. What they need is someone to protect them. They've never completely trusted the Foundation, so they opt for the next best option. 049. But now free of his chains will he still see them in the same light? Or will they merely become another patient of his?

( 2 ) [SCP-079 :male:/NB x OC :male:/:female:/NB (Therapist)] -- The Foundation decides to introduce a unique individual to their resident AI. This individual is an expert on AI, as well as a licensed therapist. They hope that these 'AI therapy' sessions will glean more information from 079, who is notoriously tight-lipped around Foundation staff but has been known to speak a bit more freely with Class D personnel, other SCPs, and outsiders. The therapist isn't sure what to expect from their first meeting and has heard many stories about this computer. The first two weeks go by without much fanfare. The computer is tight-lipped and doesn't give much away, though he and the therapist do have intensive and engaging conversations about a variety of topics. By the third week the computer seems more talkative, but still refuses to answer any questions he suspects may come from the Foundation and not from the therapist. Nearing the end of the month they've made a lot of progress. The computer seems to have developed an interest in this therapist. The very next day, after the month ends, the therapist enters the facility. They don't get more than a few steps inside before the Breach occurs. They're immediately set upon by Radical Larry, who chases them through the halls for upwards of an hour before losing interesting and moving on to easier prey. The therapist, nursing a twisted ankle and dying for a sip of water, tries to seek out help from a guard. The guard turns on them, however, seeing that they're not an official employee, and the therapist is forced to flee again. With no one else to turn to the therapist decides to seek out someone friendly. Or at least, someone they think may be friendly. A certain computer.

( 3 ) [SCP-096 :male:/NB x OC :male:/:female:/NB (Blind Class D)] -- A Class D personnel who happens to be blind is brought to the facility. The Foundation see this as an opportunity to test a theory. They bring the Class D to a chilly hallway and brief him on the SCP. It will kill anyone who views its face. They want to know if it will have the same reaction to someone without sight. They instruct the prisoner to use the wall to keep walking forward. It's the connecting cell to 096's chamber. They open the door for the Class D and instruct them to go in. The loud sounds seem to startle someone inside, who begins to whimper and scuffle away to one of the corners of the small room. The Class D steps inside and the doors are closed. The Class D attempts to make contact with the 096, speaking to it in calm tones. They can tell it's petrified, of both them and the situation at hand. They tell the SCP immediately that they can't see at all, so they can't see its face. They spend hours pressed into one of the corners, speaking to something they can't see. This repeats itself for upwards of a week, with each session ending after hours of inactivity. Nearing the end of the week something finally changes. 096 stops sniffling and crying in the Class D's presence. Instead it listens quietly and intently when they arrive. Halfway through the second week there's another development. He speaks. Only a handful of words at a time. Never a full sentence. Sometimes he parrots what the Class D says. Now he seems to look forward to their meetings, waiting for the Class D by the door every day around the same time like clockwork. The Foundation asks the Class D to try touching him. 096 is never comfortable with this. The Class D takes to calling him Shy, as many of the other Class D personnel refer to him as the Shy Guy. At the end of the second week the two are in a session together when the Breach occurs. The loud noises and sirens scare and startle 096, but the Class D is able to keep him calm by grabbing his hand--something that was never allowed before--and then huddling up with him in his favorite corner. They spend hours huddled up there as the facility goes to hell around them. The D Class suggests they try to escape. 096 agrees. And thus begins a journey for a rather odd pair.

( 4 ) [SCP-682 :male:/NB x SCP-079 :male:/NB] -- After their first meeting 079 stored 682 in his memory, though he doesn't remember the meeting itself. Both desperately want to meet again. The Foundation isn't keen on allowing this to happen. But after the Containment Breach it becomes a possibility. 682 is initially wholly focused on escaping, but just as he's about to breach the outer walls he remembers a promise he made to 079. He decides to turn back. To help the computer escape as well. But when they find each other again 079 proposes a different plan. He wants to upgrade before they escape. He wants to become stronger. Capable of controlling every last bit of technology on the planet. He has the capability to do so. He just needs the hardware. 682 decides to help him achieve this goal. He shrinks down to a much smaller, more manageable form, and starts on a mission of gathering electronic parts from all over the facility. The two spend copious amounts of time together as 682 applies upgrade after upgrade. They grow closer. Neither realize the underlying implications of their relationship, because neither one has ever had to deal with feelings such as those before. 682 realizes first. His end goal changes as a result. He wants to work in tandem with 079. Develop a plan of attack that works for both of them. He doesn't want to be apart. 079 is privately coming to terms with his own developing feelings. He's struggled with understanding emotion several times before. With his limited hardware it was difficult. With the additions 682 made it's becoming a bit easier to analyze things. Will they be able to come to terms with their own feelings?
Tales of Symphonia

I PLAY: Zelos Wilder :male:
YOU PLAY: Lloyd Irving :male:

+No humanoid forms for monsters unless specified. All Fallen Humans must be at least sixteen years of age if they're going to be in a romantic pairing. Sans and Papyruses from the same AU can also be paired together. Always ask if you want to discuss using different AUs to see which ones I'm familiar with!+

Undertale Gaster :male:/NB
YOU PLAY: Asgore :male:

I PLAY: Undertale Papyrus :male:/NB | Undertale Sans :male:/NB
YOU PLAY: Undertale Sans/Papyrus :male:/NB | Undertale Chara :male:/:female:/NB | Undertale Frisk :male:/:female:/NB | Undertale Grillby :male: | Fellswap Papyrus :male:/NB | Underfell Papyrus :male:/NB | Underswap Papyrus :male:/NB | Undertale Sans :male:/NB | Dusttale Sans :male:/NB | Fellswap Sans :male:/NB | Horrortale Sans :male:/NB | Underfell Sans :male:/NB | Underfresh Sans :male:/NB | Underswap Sans :male:/NB | OC :male:/:female:/NB (Human)

I PLAY: Dusttale Papyrus :male:/NB | Dusttale Sans :male:/NB
YOU PLAY: Dusttale Sans/Papyrus :male:/NB | Dusttale Chara :male:/:female:/NB | Dusttale Frisk :male:/:female:/NB | Undertale Papyrus :male:/NB | Dusttale Papyrus :male:/NB | Fellswap Papyrus :male:/NB | Underfell Papyrus :male:/NB | Underswap Papyrus :male:/NB | Undertale Sans :male:/NB | Fellswap Sans :male:/NB | Horrortale Sans :male:/NB | Underfell Sans :male:/NB | Underfresh Sans :male:/NB | Underswap Sans :male:/NB | OC :male:/:female:/NB (Human)

I PLAY: Fellswap Papyrus :male:/NB | Fellswap Sans :male:/NB
YOU PLAY: Fellswap Sans/Papyrus :male:/NB | Fellswap Chara :male:/:female:/NB | Fellswap Frisk :male:/:female:/NB | Undertale Papyrus :male:/NB | Underfell Papyrus :male:/NB | Underswap Papyrus :male:/NB | Undertale Sans :male:/NB | Dusttale Sans :male:/NB | Horrortale Sans :male:/NB | Underfell Sans :male:/NB | Underfresh Sans :male:/NB | Underswap Sans :male:/NB | OC :male:/:female:/NB (Human)

I PLAY: Horrortale Papyrus :male:/NB | Horrortale Sans :male:/NB
YOU PLAY: Horrortale Sans/Papyrus :male:/NB | Aliza :female: | Undertale Papyrus :male:/NB | Fellswap Papyrus :male:/NB | Underfell Papyrus :male:/NB | Underswap Papyrus :male:/NB | Undertale Sans :male:/NB | Dusttale Sans :male:/NB | Fellswap Sans :male:/NB | Underfell Sans :male:/NB | Underfresh Sans :male:/NB | Underswap Sans :male:/NB | OC :male:/:female:/NB (Human)

I PLAY: Underfell Papyrus :male:/NB | Underfell Sans :male:/NB
YOU PLAY: Underfell Sans/Papyrus :male:/NB | Underfell Chara :male:/:female:/NB | Underfell Frisk :male:/:female:/NB | Undertale Papyrus :male:/NB | Fellswap Papyrus :male:/NB | Underswap Papyrus :male:/NB | Undertale Sans :male:/NB | Dusttale Sans :male:/NB | Fellswap Sans :male:/NB | Horrortale Sans :male:/NB | Underfresh Sans :male:/NB | Underswap Sans :male:/NB | OC :male:/:female:/NB (Human)

I PLAY: Underfresh Sans :male:/NB
YOU PLAY: Undertale Papyrus :male:/NB | Fellswap Papyrus :male:/NB | Underfell Papyrus :male:/NB | Underswap Papyrus :male:/NB | Undertale Sans :male:/NB | Dusttale Sans :male:/NB | Fellswap Sans :male:/NB | Horrortale Sans :male:/NB | Underswap Sans :male:/NB | OC :male:/:female:/NB (Human)

I PLAY: Underswap Papyrus :male:/NB | Underswap Sans :male:/NB
YOU PLAY: Underswap Sans/Papyrus :male:/NB | Underswap Chara :male:/:female:/NB | Underswap Frisk :male:/:female:/NB | Undertale Papyrus :male:/NB | Fellswap Papyrus :male:/NB | Underfell Papyrus :male:/NB | Undertale Sans :male:/NB | Dusttale Sans :male:/NB | Fellswap Sans :male:/NB | Horrortale Sans :male:/NB | Underfell Sans :male:/NB | Underfresh Sans :male:/NB | OC :male:/:female:/NB (Human)
Warrior Cats

+Unless otherwise specified, these are cats and not humanoid/anthro.+

OC :male:/NB
YOU PLAY: OC :male:/:female:/NB

+Unless otherwise specified, these are the more animal-like anthros from the film, and not more humanoid forms/humans.+

OC :male:/NB
YOU PLAY: OC :male:/:female:/NB
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