male partners only

Indicating that the author prefers or is seeking roleplay only with partners who are male in real life.
  1. C

    Horror/Gore-Related Roleplays (1x1)

    Hello there, lovelies... Lately I've been craving some creepy roleplays, so I decided to make this thread! I'll put down some common rules for myself (if you've seen any of my other threads they're nothing new): -No one-liners. Please. -Let me know if you have any triggers before we start! I...
  2. Casuna

    Still looking for a male Partner re-thread

    Hey everyone I'm coming out of retirement I have been roleplaying for a little over 7 years now and I took about a 6 month break and I'm ready to get back in it, I play female characters since I am a female and usual only play female characters but sometimes I can try playing a male character...
  3. Poetic♥Night

    Extremely Bored & Need a Roleplay

    Hi! I'm Shade! I've been on this site for a while. Anyway, I'm really bored and want to roleplay. Message me for all the details. I ONLY play female unless it is male side characters that are only in a few posts. Here are a few of my pairings: Arranged Marriage Daddy x daughter Brother x...