ouran host club

Based on or borrowing elements from the Ouran High School Host Club anime/manga.
  1. pvllingteeth

    looking for long-term fandom partners!

    here are some of the fandoms i'm in & am willing to try RPing. doubling up is encouraged!! i tend to prefer canon/oc pairings, but sometimes i don't mind doing oc/oc. whether or not i'll do canon/canon relies heavily on the fandom, so look below for more info. FANDOMS I WILL NOT DO...
  2. D

    You Know You Wanna Click Me! (Ignore Post Count)

    Hello! So, I’m new to Iwaku, but definitely not new to roleplaying. I’ve been roaming around here for a bit to see what’s available for roleplaying and thought I’d post my own searching thread to find partners that would keep me entertained and help satisfy my itch to get back into...
  3. Casuna

    Male search 1X1

    Hi everyone I have been roleplaying for 7 years now and have finally decided to get back into rping, a little bit about me I am a college student so I may only be able to post once or twice a day but my content is lengthy due to the fact that I enjoy going inside of the minds of each of my...
  4. Jealous

    A Gathering of Plot Ideas and Fandoms

    Little details: - Right now I'm really wanting to focus on a few roleplays. Specifically I am looking to double up - you play a male and female lead and I do the same. This is so that I can roleplay comfortably with my preferred gender (female) but also practice at getting better at roleplaying...
  5. D

    Always Searching (Come and Take a look)

    Greetings and welcome to my one x one search, . I'm a twenty-year-old college student from California and am studying both music and writing, in my spare time I like going on computer, singing, drawing, roleplaying (of course) and talking to my friends. I am known for my quiet and angelic...
  6. Casuna

    Still looking for a male Partner re-thread

    Hey everyone I'm coming out of retirement I have been roleplaying for a little over 7 years now and I took about a 6 month break and I'm ready to get back in it, I play female characters since I am a female and usual only play female characters but sometimes I can try playing a male character...
  7. Poetic♥Night

    The New Girl (Ouran High School Host Club, Open)

    Hi! My name is Shade! I've actually been role playing for about seven years. Through those seven years, I've really been wanting to do an anime role play. More specifically to that role play, Our an High School Host Club. I know it's girly and dumb, but I just actually love the plot of the...
  8. M

    More Than Just A Host Club (Rei&Nightscape)

    Also a WIP. @Wizardess of Nightscape
  9. F

    Ouran High School Host Club Vs. Saiyano Academy Host Club

    Saiyano Academy. A lovely school for upper class children. Located in Kyoto, Japan; Saiyano is attended by many of the up and coming youth. For one Ryoku Oushou, he started a 'Host Club' not long after seeing a film where hosting was a main theme. Coincidentally, a Host Club was also starting at...
  10. F

    Ouran High School Host Club

    So this is an idea I've had for a long while. And if, only if, a large amount of people want to, I'd be willing to make this into a group roleplay. Caution: More than likely to contain MxM relations, however MxF pairings are welcome. I also premade several original charaters, they will be at...
  11. L

    Ouran High School Host Club!!

    At first I made this a one on one RP (I'm not to great keeping up with group RP's, everyone posts differently) BUT THEN I thought "But... this has so much group RP potential!!!" SO HERE IT IS!! THE IWAKU OURAN HIGH SCHOOL HOST CLUB!!! (I'm so excited!) I will post the characters needed...