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  1. Hello there, lovelies...

    Lately I've been craving some creepy roleplays, so I decided to make this thread! I'll put down some common rules for myself (if you've seen any of my other threads they're nothing new):

    -No one-liners. Please.
    -Let me know if you have any triggers before we start! I enjoy a bit of violence in my roleplays, but if it'll make you uncomfortable I'm happy to let it go.
    -Be open to romance (~♥˘◡˘♥)~ (Pyschotic lovers, anyone? ^^ Just because it's scary doesn't mean there can't be love!)
    -Cussing is definitely okay, and I ask that you also be open to a few swears from me (I won't cuss too much if it really bothers you)
    -I'm not too good with sci-fi/futuristic roleplays, but if you have an idea in that genre that really interests me I'm willing to try.
    -I absolutely love horror mixed with romance. It's a tidge odd, I know, but if you'd enjoy that too please let me know!! ^.^
    -I'm a fantasy/supernatural nerd. I'm open to nearly anything in this field.
    -At least 5 sentences a post. I understand people get writer's block sometimes, but either take some more time to write or ask me to add more to my previous post. Sometimes it just takes a little more information on the surroundings and other character's actions to get you going (I may do this to you too, depending on the posts)
    -I don't play male characters, and I can do FxF as well as MxF (looking more for MxF for now, but I'm open to either proposal!)
    -Please don't be an asshat out-of-roleplay (characters that occasionally get pissy are fine) if you don't like something I do. Be mature.
    -Just because something happens in a roleplay between our characters doesn't mean it's gonna happen to us! Say our characters fight. That doesn't mean I hate you! It moves the plot along and creates drama. Same with relationships; it's just in the roleplay.
    -Chatting out-of-rp is fine; I love hearing how my roleplay partner is doing! Just please don't take super-duper long breaks from the actual roleplay.
    -You should post at least once a week. I'm only online Fridays thru Sundays (because of school- getting out soon!), but during that time I can usually reply fairly quickly.

    Now for plots and pairings...
    (suggestions are accepted and appreciated!)

    -KillerxInnocent(ish) person
    -MonsterxMonster (this would be on the fantasy side)
    -Creepypasta OCxCreepypasta OC (slightly lame but who gives a shit?)

    Plot 1. [Character A] inherits a large Victorian house far from society after their uncle passes. [Character A] had always been a bit reclusive and odd, but no one knew exactly how far it went. [Character A] is actually quite pyschotic and holds many secrets. Since the home is so large, [Character A] hires [Character B] to help take care of it. What [Character A] doesn't know and will soon find out is that [Character B] has many secrets themselves, and has much in common with [Character A]. *Pyschotic/Gore/Murder/Violence/Fantasy-ish*

    *I'm lame so that's all I have for right now! Thanks for reading, dears, have a creep-tastic day!*
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  2. I'll do Psycho x Psycho or Creepypasta OC x Creepypasta OC
    I would prefer to do it by threads, I kinda wanna get my post count up.
  3. Alrighty, @Pikachu ^.^ Either one is okay with me, although I am doing a few Psycho x Psycho's already. (I wouldn't mind doing another one if you felt like it though :3)
  4. I quite like the whole monster x monster roleplay. Would you happen to be looking for FxF roleplay at the moment? I've got a really interesting plot if you are.
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  5. Oh, that'd be lovely, dear! Feel free to PM me with that plot ^.^ @Winter Wolf
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