Extremely Bored & Need a Roleplay

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  1. Hi! I'm Shade! I've been on this site for a while. Anyway, I'm really bored and want to roleplay. Message me for all the details. I ONLY play female unless it is male side characters that are only in a few posts. Here are a few of my pairings:

    Arranged Marriage
    Daddy x daughter
    Brother x sister
    Tentacles x slutty whore
    Shemale x shemale
    Teacher x student
    Master x slave
    Drugdealer x drug addict
    Guitarist x drummer
    Incubus/Succubus(or human) x Succubus (or human
    Angel x demon
    Werewolf (or human) x vampire
    BDSM relationship (Daddy x little girl, Master x slave, ect ect)
    Boy/girlfriend(or pornstar) x pornstar(or girlfriend)
    Fandoms (Ask me in a pm and I will elaborate )

    The ones I want are on the right.
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  2. No one?? :( Awe
  3. Hey would you mind if I roleplay with you? I would be interested in doing an Arranged Marriage plot, maybe goth girl x popular guy? Let me know and I will PM you.
  4. Come on guys. I know there are people out there. I'm not asking for much
  5. Hey I'm interested in the werewolf x vampire rp. If you don't have anyone doing that with you let me know and I'll pm you.
  6. Yeah that would be great. Message me and we can discuss it :)
  7. Nobody else wants to rp? But I'm so bored. :(
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.