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  1. Rules
    Alright, let's get the obvious ones out of the way.

    All Iwaku rules apply.

    No god modding, unless it's for extremely mundane things like surprise tickling out of battle.

    No Mary-Sues or Gary-Stus for the love of god.

    Players aren't allowed to post in the IC chat until they have been approved, PM one of the Gamemasters for approval.

    Only post completed characters, WIP CS can be stored in your own documents.

    Players can have 1 main character. This is the character that your Arcs are based around.(Optional CS) Maximum of 5 side characters are introduced for an Arc and are referenced sparingly by the main characters, normally the main's relatives. (No CS) NPCs can be controlled and created by anyone so long as they aren't teachers or the headmistress.

    Romance is fine so long as it's not out of nowhere and isn't cheesy.

    One-liners are fine sparingly; they should not be your every other post.

    If you won't be able to post for a time please tell one of the Gamemasters or the entire chat, no-one wants to talk to a human wall for days.

    If you plan to drop out please inform a Gamemaster, we would also like an explanation for why you're dropping out. It's fine if it's not personable, just a vague textbook reason is fine.

    Hybrids of more than 2 races are not allowed. Humans, Gods, or Godlings are also not allowed.

    Please only use drawings as your characters, if you are unable to find a decent personalization of your character InKouah is willing to provide subpar sketches of your characters. (Look at her profile picture for an example.)

    Daily stat gains will be handled by a GM to avoid cheating, all members will be tagged to due to its importance.

    If Vivi De La Moon starts something that you think is remotely un-lorefriendly please try your hardest to resist joining her madness. You won't be punished or anything but please don't join the dark side.

    Notable Members
    Gamemasters: InKouah [Miki, formerly Renya], Random [Ren], and Zyxis Ouroboros ReArchtype [Kheire]

    Veteran Members (People who transferred with us to this site): Vivi De La Moon

    New Members (Character names will be listed): Valentina D'Maris, Yui Cadis Raizel, Adelaide Peony, Geoffrey Winslow, Persephone Ariatta, Draco Enkidu, Tirien Water Lily, and Viviane

    Retired Members (In case references are made, their character names will be listed): Karagi, Diamond, Artix, Qrow, Armeria, Darrenfin, Emori, Aishani, Zentin Tullis, Quin Johnson, Clio D'Maris, Haruhi Takanashi, Azzura, Akio, Luna, Skfwytch, and Evangeline

    The multiverse of Panikai is made up of countless dimensions called Regions. Each Region is the size of earth and represents its own mythology from earth. For example, the Region, Graecus, is the land of Greek mythology, Avalon is for medieval sort of mythology such as western dragons and Knights and witches and vampires and such. Basically nearly everything from Elder Scrolls. So on, so forth, and every region has the climates of earth like having a North Pole-like area and its own lands made after the lands spoken of in the mythology itself, and its own sub-dimensions, like Elysium and Tartarus for Graecus. Each Region is separated by a border of Exinessence created by a powerful, manipulative Divine who wanted each Region to grow independently in their own ways. Travel is accepted, but the Region Keepers all make sure of one thing: they will accept your presence, but take responsibilities for your actions and you are not from their place or a part of it unless you were born there.
    Level is a measure of how powerful or skilled a person is. (Obviously) Experience is gained through anything that takes skill and/or effort. The more difficult something is the more experience it gives. What that means, is that for every ten levels above you an enemy is, you gain a bonus level for defeating it. You also get one level for surviving a fight and another extra one if you win. You will automatically gain a level upon your birthday. Every level gives 10 stat points. Stat points can also be gained through training, a particularly creative experience, or PVP.
    There are many, many races in the huge multiverse of Panikai. Every race has its own abilities and stat multipliers. Each race is rated from 1-5 stars, but with enough effort, even a 1 star can surpass a 5 star. There are trillions of combinations of races. If you can think of a monster or race or anything of the sort from mythology or fantasy or sci-fi, you can most likely use it, but we would appreciate it if you consulted us first to avoid problems. Races can be taken from any mythology and are assigned stat multipliers by the Gamemasters, which is determined by their real life mythology. Hybrids or two races is allowed, but the multipliers are reduced to fit the muddied bloodline, hybrids or three races cause their multipliers to cancel out due to the bloodline being too indistinct. Most racial abilities are restricted until higher ranks, with the exception of multipliers, which progress along further ranks as well.{du}Racial multipliers are to be calculated AFTER you add earned points.{/du}
    Titles and Blessings
    Upon achieving great feats a character may gain a title. These titles will often come with boons, usually in the form of percentage boosts to certain parameters. Titles give buffs, such as giving the character heightened attack and defense against undead after defeating a huge amount of them. Titles are available after reaching Champion Rank.

    Blessings and Curses are gifts or revenge by a high ranked deity upon you. They can be anything from a buff that makes you run faster to a curse that makes it so the blade of every sword you wield breaks in half. Blessings are received from either a quest given by a deity or from having the Acolyte Archetype.

    Your Faith stat determines how effective Blessings are on you and how well your patron deity can protect you from the effects of a curse. You do not start with a title, achievement, or blessing.
    Rank determines a person's universal power and place in the food chain. It goes like this, from weakest to strongest:

    Common (Typical NPCs)

    Uncommon (Standard as of starting in the Academy)

    Rare (Reach level 100)

    Epic (Get a personalized style for each job)

    Champion (Achieve a certain kill count[there is a point system behind it])

    Legend (Reach level 1,000)

    Elder (Complete your Race's trial)

    Chaos (Synchronize with your alignment; Become your alignment)

    Ultimate (Reach Level 10,000)

    Supreme (Reach your race’s natural limit)

    Eternal/Demigod (This information has been lost to the times)

    God (This information has been lost to the times)

    S God (This information has been lost to the times)

    SS God (This information has been lost to the times)

    Ultra-God (This information has been lost to the times)

    Myth (This information has been lost to the times)

    Ancient (This information has never been disclosed)

    Mystic (This information has never been disclosed)

    Phantasm (This information has never been disclosed)

    Divine (This information has never been disclosed)

    Outer (This information has never been disclosed)

    Infinite (This information has never been learned)
    Jobs and Classes
    Jobs are professions that everyone has and are gained based on what skills and actions the character uses often. Doing things that pertain to their jobs is how people level them up and get bonuses. People who possess a Job are called Specialists for that Archetype, which is what the different basic Job/Class categories are collectively called. Those who possess only the Class version are called Students.

    Bonuses can be anything from passive buffs to active skills. For a medic, they may be able to dress a wound with minimal materials faster than they normally would be able to and make less mistakes.

    For a warrior it would be that their armor feels lighter on them or swing faster or some such battle related thing. Upon reaching a certain level threshold their job can advance.

    For a mage that could mean anything from becoming a master of a certain Alignment or becoming a necromancer. Each job must have around thirty abilities and be acquired through some way in the game's story, whether that be studying under a master or from a book. While you can only have 3 jobs, you can take up to 7 classes. Going to classes take up real life time and add points to certain stats. The added points rely on how you fight and use your skills, advancing in Jobs are also reliant on this. Each class can give a maximum of nine points a day. Only one class may be attended a day. Only three points in any one stat can be gained per class.





    Starter Jobs and PERMANENT Classes:

    Mage- higher spell mod cap for Specialists, ability to cast spells without a core for Students

    Warrior- has access to Techniques, which are special melee abilities. Specialists get two per rank, Students get one.

    Martial Artist- depends on what kind. Benders are those who cannot use Soul Tools, allowing them to imbue their attacks with aligned Exin. Soul Tools are a manifestation of the user's soul and gain abilities from one halo each rank, the number of abilities gained from a halo increases by one per rank. Students have access to one of their Alignment for their abilities, Specialists have access to all of theirs. Individual abilities can only have one Alignment

    Tamer- higher pet cap. +2 for Students, +4 for Specialists.

    Healer- can add exin regen to health regen for Specialists, both Students and Specialists can use medkits, which are items that can heal status effects and restore health by using a stat check. (Only ones who can heal others without racial abilities/proficiencies involved)

    Musician- music can reach allies across any distance for Specialists. Specialists also get a 50% boost to the success chance of inflicting crowd control effects. Students get a 25% boost. both Students and Specialists can attempt to disrupt mental status effects with their music as well.

    Marksman- can mark their targets to track them for Specialists, x2 Ranged Crit Chance for both Specialists and Students

    Craftsman- Anyone with the Archetype can craft items, but the two highest item grades are reserved for Specialists, since all their items get a +2 to their grade when rolled.

    Puppeteer- higher puppet cap of 6 for Specialists. Students get 3.

    Rogue- Invisibility power for Specialists, x2 Stealth chance for both Students and Specialists.

    Druid- third starting alignment for Specialists, Gaia Fragment (item manifested from contracted plant) for both Students and Specialists. Students can only have their Gaia Fragment use abilities of one of their Alignments, Specialists can use all of theirs. Individual abilities can only have one Alignment.

    Chemist- maxed potion effects and ability to create concoctions mid-battle with materials on hand for Specialists. Students can create potions.

    Acolyte- start with a blessing for Specialists, Students and Specialists both have halved cost for their Blessings.

    Scholar- eighth class for Specialists, Specialists and Students both get access to spellbooks. Each spellbook has access to a single spell with a number of charges determined by the item's quality. Students use the spellbooks at half effectiveness.

    Artist- can conjure illusions with prepared art. Specialists get a x2 effectiveness mod.

    Esper- Specialists can use telekinesis (replace Strength for Wisdom), mind reading (requires a stat check), telepathy, and minor clairvoyance (see trough walls and over long distances without a stat check). Students get telepathy, telekinesis (halved Wis), minor clairvoyance (requires stat check).

    Soothsayer- Students and Specialists can reroll Charisma checks, Specialists have an aura that gives surrounding allies Bravery at halved strength. A stat check can be made to inflict Bravery on surrounding allies at full effectiveness for D6 turns.

    Shaman- Use of Spirits. Specialists get 6, Students get 3.
    Everyone starts with a minimum of five points in each stat (or -5 for Karma if you're a villainous type) and 65 700 points to invest however you like as long as you don't raise any one stat above two hundred right in the beginning.

    Strength determines how much the character can lift or how much force they can put into their blows. It affects melee damage.

    Intelligence is a measure of the knowledge of a character, as well as how much Exinessence they have access to.

    Wisdom determines how quick thinking the character is, how good they are at problem solving and decision making, as well as how fast their Exinessence regenerates.

    Vitality is a measure of how healthy a person is, going down with status effects. It is also Stamina.

    Endurance is a measure of how sturdy a character is and determines their physical health.

    Constitution is a measure of a character's mental stability and determines defenses against various forms of Exinessence.

    Charisma is a measure of how likable and persuasive a person is, determining both attractiveness and how good they are with words.

    Dexterity determines how good a character is with their hands and feet, how accurate they can be with said limbs and how good they are at wielding things with them.

    Agility determines a character's speed and flexibility. This would influence how well they can dodge.

    Perception is how well a character can use their senses and how aware they are of their surroundings.

    Luck is a measure of how large of an impact things dependent on chance will have on the character, giving them larger amounts of both good and bad luck with more in one or the other depending on their karma.

    Karma is a measure of a person's good and bad deeds, and for everyone in the eyes of themselves and those that rule over them, it will give them a negative or positive point. This determines whether a person's luck is more good or bad as well as being an indicator for their morality.

    Faith is a measure of how devout a person is in their religion, how truly they believe and whether they do a good job of acting on it and showing it. Mostly used for Acolytes when they get minor blessings from their patron deities.
    Inherent Abilities and Alignments
    Abilities that are unique to your character. Each main character has 3 inherent abilities that are randomly chosen via Superpower Wiki's randomize button. If the abilities are too overpowered we will find a way to nerf it. Gamemaster, InKouah, recommends building your classes and stats off of abilities (Gamemaster Zyxis recommends taking your racial abilities into account as well, especially multipliers).

    Alignments are based on your race's native home's climate, usually, but have more to do with your race, and most to do with the person themselves. Alignments can change due to IC circumstances. They determine what types of Exinessence they have a natural affinity with, and what form it manifests as.


    etc. (Consult a GM)
    Exinessence (Exin, for short) is basically the power used to pull off various feats, different classes can use different Exinessences with different effects. Whereas Exinessence is the power of within and without, Faith is the power of the soul and the divine. Stamina is the energy of the body, going down one by one for standard physical attacks and being depleted heavily for Techniques

    Player versus Player
    You can challenge other students to a battle in the Academy Coliseum IC. If they accept you both can have a few posts for preparation and you can arm yourselves. Any items you equip or put in your inventory during this period can be used in the fight. The battle will be overseen by Gamemaster, Zyxis Ouroboros ReArchtype, and is based on stats, abilities, and creativity. There is also a minor influence by race, but explaining that will give you all an unfair advantage.
    Is this related to Omnibus Academy?

    No, this RP is ported from another website and the thread format has been changed to match with Iwaku's general criteria.

    If all the Jobs evolve uniquely, why are they even there?

    If you are not one for PVP or fighting in dungeons it gives us a basic idea on how you will advance, what is in your inventory, and what magical skills you will be proficient in.

    Can we change Classes or Jobs after starting the RP?

    You cannot change your Jobs, but your Classes can be changed before you get your advanced Jobs.

    Can I be the last of my race?

    No. This is frankly inconsiderate of the people who want to be the said race if you reserve it for yourself.

    Is casual conversation allowed in the OOC chat?

    Yes! If all we do is stay serious in the OOC chat and RP chat, most of our veteran (I like the sound of that) RPers would have went insane and flew out into the sun.
    Et Cetera
    Any info InKouah forgot to mention is added here by Zyxis Ouroboros ReArchtype, AKA Zy.

    Spells can be modified and new ones can be synthesized using certain aspects of Exinessence manipulation, such as changing the shape, effect, visuals, etc. For example, by changing a simple bolt of Exinessence into an arrow shape, it would travel faster and pierce the enemy better. Certain modifiers are given as a reward for achieving a certain rank. Modifiers are often guarded jealously, as they can be what changes the rise of battle, but can be traded for. Spells are recognizable, what modifiers might do to them are not.

    Dungeons started appearing after the Upper Deities went quiet after their petty fighting that destroyed some civilizations and many people in them. People began to build cities around them, as they were good sources of resources. Recently though, the monsters inside have been trying to escape and cause chaos. People are scared, but the adventurers who delve into the dungeons are more suspicious, thinking something must have caused this...

    Gates, on the other hand, have begun popping up even more recently, leading to alternate realities, some of them providing challenges and a reward before sending the adventurer home. They are reminiscent of how certain members of the Monster Races go to the Spirit World...

    Core bones

    By integrating the energies of a core into a bone, a bone can be crystallized into something similar to a core. It can even change an alignment if done to the entire skeleton. It would take time, as unless a high grade core is found, it would take many cores of the same alignment. If done to whole sections of bones, new abilities can be gained. Some sacrifice the opportunity to permanently change an alignment for the opportunity to gain up to six abilities of different alignments.. They are most commonly used by martial artists, as other jobs don't tend to need to improve their body or want to put in the effort.

    Monster remains are split into four categories.

    Cores: Crystallized point of focus in a monster's body which they channel Exinessence through to use abilities. Used to make/mod various items and other purposes such as allowing those who are not mages to use a single spell-like ability. Some monsters may have more than one, though not often.

    Corpse: The natural remains, a dead body that can be used to make gear, such as weapons and armor.

    Spirit: The consciousness of a monster, it's soul. This only manifests after 24 hours, from the Halophage. It is the spectral manifestation of the monster.

    Halophage: The spiritual remains of a monster's Exinessence and what it used to use it for. Every monster, even undead, have one. They use this to pull in Exinessence, generate it. As the monster grows stronger, more concentric and layered rings appear. No one knows what one looks like when completed, but there are rumors...

    Bloodbound Weapons: Weapons that grow with you, becoming more powerful with each rank, sometimes even changing in appearance. Most are restricted to Race or Variants of Races.

    Preferably, everything must be done with at least one other person to promote character relations and development.

    Character Sheet


    Level: 70


    Age: 17

    Title: (None at creation)

    Blessings: (None at creation)

    Rank: Uncommon

    Primary Job:

    Secondary Job:

    Tertiary Job:

    Classes: (Min.3 Max.7)

    Alignments:(Max. 2)

    Strength: 5

    Intelligence: 5

    Vitality: 5

    Constitution: 5

    Wisdom: 5

    Endurance: 5

    Dexterity: 5

    Agility: 5

    Luck: 5

    Charisma: 5

    Perception: 5

    Faith: 5

    Karma: 5

    Inherent Abilities: (Provided by Gamemasters)

    Details: (Completely Optional)


    Pets: (Starter, or obtained in the future. Any magical, or regular beast is fine, so long as they aren't OP)





    Think of your Character Sheet as if it were a journal. Basically, keep it updated and do not lose it.

    OPEN SIGNUPS - Beyond Your Expectations
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  2. [​IMG]Character Template:
    Name: Kheire Hecatox
    Level: 310
    Race: Oni/Faerie
    Age: 17
    Rank: Rare
    Primary Job: Scholar
    Secondary Job: Craftsman
    Tertiary Job: Shaman
    Martial Artist
    Alignments: Flora and Metal

    Strength: 678 (X2.25) [1,525.5]
    Intelligence: 859 (X2) [1,718]
    Vitality: 494 (X2.25) [1,111.5]
    Constitution: 631 (X2.25) [1,419.5]
    Wisdom: 803 (X2) [1,606]
    Endurance: 487 (X2.25) [1,095.75]
    Dexterity: 586 (X2.25) [1,318.5]
    Agility: 633 (X2.25) [1,424.25]
    Luck: 676 (X2) [1,352]
    Charisma: 337 (X1.5) [505.5]
    Perception: 620 (X2.25) [1,395]
    Faith: 583 (X2) [1,166]
    Karma: 300 (X1.5) [450]
    Inherent Abilities:
    Scanning Vision- The ability to analyze targets upon sight and gain insight into the target.
    Taming- The ability to domesticate and train animals and monsters, increasing the speed at which they grow more powerful. This is done through either a battle of wills or communication, depending on the target.
    Matter Surfing- User can manipulate/shape matter/energy in a way that increases their ability to move and/or maneuver by granting them abilities they otherwise lack or allowing them to ignore normally needed equipment.
    Details: A pariah in his home village with the Fae, he was the child of a rape that ended in making in his mother too weak to live through his birth. His "father" was caught and put to death. He spends most of his time in the forest but tries to maintain his mother's old treehouse. (Faerie live in trees that were formed into houses using magic.)
    Weaponry- Infuses magic into his body through ethereal sigil tattoos, which have different functions activated by trigger words. They are covered by bandages in varying shades of blue and purple, usually lilac and teal, which trail behind him when he is matter surfing. They are inscribed with their own alchemical circles for... different... purposes than his sigil tattoos. He learned to do this using his mother's journal, which is all he has left of her, and uses them both as a conduit for his magic and in conjunction with his matter surfing to pull off his own form of martial arts. Also has gloves with wires of different types and a shield that can split into four copies of itself.
    1. Sasuke [Kirin] (Electricity and Fire)
    2. Legion [Nosoi] (Darkness and Corrosion)
    3. Ananta [Salamander] (Ice and Venom)
    4. Tankh [Behemoth] (Metal and Earth)
    5. Everless [Ziz] (Air and Neon)
    6. Gemma [Leviathan] (Water and Bubbles)
    1. Misteloph (Tarot deck medium, spirit of fate, takes the form of a representation of the card drawn)
    2-6.Octavia, Heimdoll, Scyte, Devereux, and Decales (Arachnid, Aegis, Wyvern, Rodent, & Insect, respectively.)
    Misteloph- 1st: Pentacle Suit
    Octavia- 1st: Stealth Mode
    Heimdoll- 1st: Ward Armor
    Scyte- 1st: Scale Manifestation
    Decales- 1st: Exoskeleton Manifestation
    Devereux- 1st: Multi Bounce
    Soul tool: Formless Flower (Plant type soul tool, the first halophage gave it the amorphous abilities of a mimic slime. Devours other plants ravenously and lives on Kheire's essence in a gap between his shoulder blades. )
    Likes: Creating things to help people; whether through cooking, blacksmithing, enchanting, etc. He loves his team and all those in the dorms, as he is the dorm advisor. He mothers everyone. He also enjoys training, which he does during every waking moment when not crafting or with others. He loves shiny, valuable things.
    Dislikes: Racism, Rape, Violence against children, and unnecessary conflict between those he cares about. He hates being deceived, whether by his surroundings or by people.
    Height: 5'4"
    Weight: 97 lbs.
    Class Stat Gains:
    Mage: 2 intelligence, 2 wisdom, 2 constitution, 1 luck, 1 perception
    Scholar: 3 intelligence, 3 wisdom, 1 constitution, 1 perception, 1 luck
    Puppeteer: 2 dexterity, 1 strength, 2 constitution, 2 endurance, 2 luck
    Druid: 2 agility, 1 perception, 1 intelligence, 1 wisdom, 2 vitality, 1 constitution, 1 charisma
    Shaman: 2 wisdom, 1 constitution, 3 faith, 1 intelligence, 2 strength
    Marksman: 3 perception, 1 strength, 3 dexterity, 2 agility
    Craftsman: 2 strength, 2 perception, 2 dexterity, 1 wisdom, 1 constitution, 1 endurance
    Martial artist: 1 endurance, 2 vitality, 2 strength, 2 agility, 2 faith
    (Hybrid) Racial Perks: x.2 Intelligence During State of Inebriation, Regeneration (0.375%, .75% in fertile area), Anger Empowerment (x1.25 for one person, x1.5 for both. Two is cap. Applies to all stats)
    (Oni) Racial Perks: x.2 Mental Stats During State of Inebriation, Infinite Digestive System, Regeneration (0.75% to each depleted stat bar per turn), Environmental Adaptation, Night Vision, Multi-hit, Anger Empowerment (x1.5 for one person, x1.75 for both. Two is cap. Applies to all stats), Invisibility, Flight, Survive a killing blow with 1 health, Spirit Walk (Enter the Spirit Realm), Enhanced Bite
    (Faerie) Racial Perks: Regeneration (1%) in fertile area,
    (Core Bones) Benefits: increase multiplier to FTH, WIS, INT, and LUK each by .5, give a passive 20% Damage Resistance post-armor and a 30% resistance to mental status effects
    1700 Job Ability Points and 10 Style Ability points

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  3. Note that this character has died.

    Character Template:
    Name: Renya R. Squalo
    Level: 15
    Race: Selkie
    Age: 13
    Rank: Uncommon
    Primary Job: Artist
    Secondary Job: Druid
    Tertiary Job: Brainiac

    Artist: 2 Perception, 1 Charisma, 1 Vitality, 1 Wisdom, 1 Dexterity
    Druid: -1 Karma, 1 Agility, 1 Dexterity, 1 Intelligence, 1 Vitality, 1 Faith
    Brainiac: 2 Intelligence, 2 Wisdom, 2 Constitution
    Soothsayer: 3 Charisma, 1 Perception, 1 Luck
    Scholar: 2 Intelligence, 2 Wisdom, 2 Constitution, 1 Perception
    Chemist: 2 Perception, 1 Intelligence, 2 Dexterity, 1 Wisdom
    Warrior: 2 Dexterity, 2 Agility, 1 Perception, 1 Strength, 1 Endurance, 1 Vitality

    Strength: 5 {+8} [13]
    Intelligence: 10 {+13} [23]
    Vitality: 11 {+14} [25]
    Constitution: 9 {+6} [15]
    Wisdom: 10 {+8} (x2) [36]
    Endurance: 5 {+8} (x2) [26]
    Dexterity: 8 {+9} (x2) [34]
    Agility: 5 {+15} (x2) [40]
    Luck: 15
    Charisma: 17 {+6} (x2) [46]
    Perception: 17 {+11} (x2) [58]
    Faith: 9 {+1} [10]
    Karma: 5 {-2} [3]

    Alignments: Ice
    Inherent Abilities: Shadow cloning, Contract nullification, Heat vision

    Details: “Wannabe heroes are adorable…like a small wounded puppy trying to be intimidating. That doesn’t stop me from kicking them though.” “The war we’re fighting isn’t rotting. Only the soldiers are.”
    Height: 6’4
    Weapon: Primarily uses magical golems, lined with bone fragments, but can use a bow or a metal rapier in the shape of a swordfish skull.
    Pets: a winged Capricorn named Enki
    Learned Skills: Fire breathing origami, wet/dry clay golems, paperclip shurikens, plant growth acceleration, aquatic herbology, basic chemistry
    Likes: Organic products, Fortune telling, Studying
    Dislikes: Chocolate, Bipolar people, Nobles
    Hobbies: Painting, Sculpting, Calligraphy, Studying
    Inventory: paint, paper, dry clay, wet clay, various seeds, charcoal, chalk, ink, various maps, Enki's Core
    Racial Perks: Enlarged lungs, Enhanced Hearing, Cold Resist, Heat Resist, Supernatural Beauty
    SA 0001.jpg

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  4. The others should be posted by tomorrow, but only you know when Evangeline's CS will pop up Zyx.
  5. Name: Vivi De La Moon
    Level: 182
    Race: Nekomata
    Age: 17
    Blessings: Bloodlust
    Rank: Uncommon
    Primary Job: Rogue
    Secondary Job: Mage
    Tertiary Job: Healer

    Marksman: 3 perception, 3 dexterity, 1 agility, 3 wisdom
    Rogue: 2 agility, 2 dexterity, 3 vitality, 1 wisdom, 3 constitution, 1 intelligence, 2 perception
    Healer: 1 intelligence, 2 wisdom, 3 dexterity, 1 agility, 2 perception
    Mage: 2 intelligence, 2 wisdom, 3 constitution, 3 agility, 2 dexterity
    Druid: 2 vitality, 3 agility, 1 dexterity, 2 wisdom, 1 perception
    Acolyte: 3 faith, 3 karma, 3 perception
    Strength: 533 (x2)[1,066]
    Intelligence: 359 (x2)[718]
    Vitality: 511 (x2)[1,022]
    Constitution: 460
    Wisdom: 594 (x2) [1,188]
    Endurance: 622
    Dexterity: 732 (x2) [1,464]
    Agility: 839 (x3) [2,517]
    Luck: 323
    Charisma: 351
    Perception: 888 (x2) [1,776]
    Faith: 328
    Karma: 228


    Strength: 533 (x4)[2,132]
    Intelligence: 359 (x2)[718]
    Vitality: 511 (x2)[1,022]
    Constitution: 460 (÷2)[230]
    Wisdom: 594 (x2) [1,188]
    Endurance: 622
    Dexterity: 732 (x2) [1,464]
    Agility: 839 (x6) [5,034]
    Luck: 323
    Charisma: 351
    Perception: 888 (x2)(÷2) [888]
    Faith: 328
    Karma: 228

    Alignments: Fire and Darkness
    Inherent Abilities: gylph magic, Multiple brains, Fire blast

    Details: “I am disappointed in the amount of killing that is happening. Rectify this.” “I realize this is indeed a daunting quest tasked to you. However I believe that with your might you can surpass the challenges ahead, and fucking hit me.”
    Height: 5'7
    Weapon: Halberd (BloodBound Weapon)
    Pets: A hellcat named Honey and a normal cat named Bunny
    Learned Skills: Trapping magic, Minor Healing Spell, basic medicine, acrobatics, scythe expertise
    Hair: (past the hips, blonde, silky, wavy)
    Eyes: (huge, round, emerald color)
    Interests: Fire, Exploding Things, Genocide, and Adventure
    Dislikes: Spiders, Try Hards, Aristocrats, and Emotionless people
    Emotions: mostly hyper and happy, but will get serious when feeling like it. Indifferent and inconsiderate to strangers.
    Hobbies: cooking, taking care of kids, Healer, Stealing, Assassinating, and blowing things up.
    Racial Perks: Night-vision, Enhanced Hearing, Enhanced Flexibility, Beast Form, Enhanced Strength, Necromancy, and Fox Fires.​
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  6. Schism Academy opened its doors to gifted monsters after multiple world shattering battles between Deities. Now many generations later the headmistress, Glinda Phantoia, opens the academy doors once again to welcome the new generation. The next generation has shown much promise since their arrival. Kheire has already proved himself as the best Craftsman of his generation with his innovative ideas and astounding skills he is sure to revolutionize the industry in the future. Renya has found her niche in deception and has completed one mission involving the assassination of the corrupt noble, Farvette, whom she was previously betrothed to and is awaiting the discovery of his corpse to obtain his inheritance. Vivi has proven to be a wildcard and even if very few things can keep her attention she is always willing to provide aid when the others need it most. The others have yet to find a place but they are steadily growing stronger. Quin, who was orphaned due to his monster origins, has finally obtained revenge for his family’s untimely deaths and overcame his regret. But with this growth comes another group. A group of equally talented individuals handpicked at the top of their class from different dimensions and different schools to join the cream of the crop at Schism Academy.
  7. Character Template:
    Name: Emori Foster
    Level: 13
    Race: vampire mermaid
    Age: 13
    Rank: Uncommon
    Primary Job: Healer
    Secondary Job: Musician
    Tertiary Job: Artist
    Strength: 18
    Intelligence: 16
    Perception: 15
    Vitality: 10
    Constitution: 16
    Wisdom: 5
    Endurance: 9
    Dexterity: 9
    Agility: 12
    Luck: 15
    Charisma: 17
    Faith: 5
    Karma: 10
    Alignment: Blood and Water
    Inherent Abilities: Fear Empowerment and Strength Concentration
    Details: (appearance in picture)
    Prefers sweatshirts and skinny jeans.
    Healer: 2 vitality, 2 intelligence, 1 constitution, 1 karma
    Musician: 2 dexterity, 1 intelligence, 2 charisma, 1 perception
    Artist: 2 dexterity, 1 wisdom, 1 charisma, 1 agility
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  8. Name: Ren Vedas
    Level: 422
    Race: Atmaic Construct (★★☆☆☆)
    Age: N/A

    Title: N/A
    Blessings: N/A
    Rank: R


    Primary Job: Mage
    Secondary Job: Healer → Astronomicon
    Tertiary Job: Martial Artist → Bladedancer
    Classes: Mage, Healer, Craftsman, Chemist, Soothsayer, Rogue, Martial Artist
    Alignments: Light, Fire, Star

    Inherent Abilities
    Multi Strike - Each physical attack is worth two of the exact same strike.
    Food Empathy - Ability to transfer thoughts, emotions, and memories through food.
    Camouflage - He can increase the transparency of his form to near invisibility.

    Weapon: Magic, Miki Hao Kuin
    Pets: N/A
    Likes: Learning, meeting people, naps, new experiences, libraries
    Dislikes: Being confined to one space for too long, public transport, damaged books, hard work
    Hobbies: Travelling, compiling notes, trying new things
    Skills: Notetaking, analysis, making friends and overcharging their souls with absurd amounts of power, cooking, kalaripayattu (body, wood, limited blade, limited hand-to-hand)
    Racial Perks: Affinity Adaptivity ({1.5}×4, {2}×2; expires 24 hours after being set), Empathy Drive (buff allies in proportion to emotional closeness, up to {1.5}×4, {2}×2, {4}×1)

    incomplete entity
    Resonance: 1%
    contracted - Master (Miki Hao Kuin)

    STR: 1104
    INT: 1357
    VIT: 798
    CON: 955
    WIS: 1644
    END: 945
    DEX: 1194
    AGL: 1487
    LCK: 0

    CHR: 1068
    PER: 1142
    FTH: 5

    KRM: 0

    Spells (open)

    Light Beam
    Uses until next point: 8



    Healing Light
    Uses until next point: 11




    Sword of Damocles
    Uses until next point: 19

    Flame Punch
    Uses until next point: 18




    Uses until next point: 19




    Job Abilities (open)

    Points: 8631
    St. Pts: 16

    Gain the alignment: Star.
    Res Novae
    Boost STR, DEX, WIS, PER, AGL by 100%. The boosted character gains one Nova Counter.
    Crystal Night
    Burn X Nova Counters where X is a number of your choosing. Next turn, all Star-aligned abilities have their assigned mods doubled for each Nova Counter burned.

    Agility gets a +20% modifier when dodging. (1/8 levels)
    Dexterity gets a +20% modifier when attacking. (1/8 levels)
    Flash Step
    Burn 20 INT. Characters targeting you this turn have a -20% hit chance and you have double hit chance on your next turn. Not available while immobilised. Can be used and stacked multiple times per turn.

    Inventory (open)

    Storage Amulet
    Amulet (Unranked)
    Quality: N/A
    Alignment: Neutral
    [Amulet that stores items. Creates an inventory.]

    Unnamed Muramasa Demon Blade 1
    Demonic Sword (X)
    Quality: S+
    Alignment: Blood/Oil
    [Demon-possessed sword once forged by the smith Muramasa. The demon inside is perky and catlike in temperament. Every turn wielding, the user must make a saving throw against being inflicted with Berserk (own WIS vs own STR), and will attack self if there are no valid targets. Furthermore, once drawn, the blade cannot be sheathed without drawing blood. If dual-wielded alongside Unnamed Muramasa Demon Blade A, effects activate: ×2 hits per turn, wounds inflicted with this weapon are unhealable for 3 turns, 50% damage pierces magic, self-revival nullified for those killed with this weapon.]

    Unnamed Muramasa Demon Blade A
    Demonic Sword (X)
    Quality: S+
    Alignment: Metal/Dust
    [Demon-possessed sword once forged by the smith Muramasa. The demon inside is deadpan and sleepy in temperament. Every turn wielding, the user must make a saving throw against being inflicted with Berserk (own WIS vs own STR), and will attack self if there are no valid targets. Furthermore, once drawn, the blade cannot be sheathed without drawing blood. If dual-wielded alongside Unnamed Muramasa Demon Blade 1, effects activate: ×2 hits per turn, wounds inflicted with this weapon are unhealable for 3 turns, 50% damage pierces magic, self-revival nullified for those killed with this weapon.]

    Resonance (open)

    Type: Attack
    Stage 1
    Ranged attack that cannot be dodged. Counts as a physical attack, but with INT/WIS in the place of STR/DEX, and damages the target's CON.

    Type: Support (Self-Defense)
    Stage 1
    Steals LCK of attacker equal to percentage of damage taken.

    Type: Attack (Automatic, Self-Defense)
    Stage 1
    Destroys attacks aimed at Ren if he has an evasion chance of less than 10% and would deal damage greater than the base of the stat that the attack targets.

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  9. The Multiverse will be expanded upon as the story progresses, right now there are regions similar to layered versions of the same world, separated by borders by high ranking deities. Schism Academy is at a point of interconnecting between a few regions. Travel between them isn't too difficult, but most Commoners cannot cross. As such, technological differences should be expected. Each Region is based on different mythologies and such. There are also sub-realms for different regions. I could explain in further detail if needed. ^w^
  10. CONCEPT_ART_-_BYE_-_Valentina.png
    Name: Valentina D’maris

    Level: 357

    Race: Veela Hybrid

    Age: 17

    Title: (N/A)

    Blessings: (N/A)

    Rank: Rare

    Primary Job: Rouge

    Secondary Job: Marksman

    Tertiary Job: Chemist

    Classes: Rouge, Chemist, Marksman, Scholar, Healer, Tamer

    Alignments: Fire/Lightning

    Runic Tattoos: Stat Boosters (End, Con, Vit.), Item Storage, Exin Storage.

    scholar: 3 intelligence, 3 constitution, 3 wisdom
    healer: 3 wisdom, 3 vitality, 3 intelligence
    tamer: 3 charisma, 2 intelligence, 2 wisdom, 1 constitution, 1 dexterity
    rogue: 3 agility, 3 perception, 2 dexterity, 1 charisma
    marksman: 3 dexterity, 3 perception, 3 luck
    chemist: 3 perception, 2 dexterity, 2 endurance, 2 intelligence

    Strength: 272 (x2) 544

    Intelligence: 1010

    ***Vitality: 647

    ***Constitution: 503

    Wisdom: 1118

    ***Endurance: 414

    Dexterity: 736 {x2.5} 1840

    Agility: 1096 {x3.5} 3836

    Luck: 473

    Charisma: 609 {x2.5} 1522.5 {x1.5} 2283.75

    Perception: 791

    Faith: 11

    Karma: 117

    Inherent Abilities: Empathic Link, Hypnotic Fragrance, Concealed Weapon Proficiency

    Details: Not accepted by either Veela race, father (Veela/Balkan Samodiva) died, mother (Slavic Vila) is lost.

    Description: Reflective skin, bright blue eyes, white glowing hair

    Height: 5’11

    Weapon: Grade A throwing knives, poison, dagger. Sniper Rifle (made by Kheire), raiment (given by Lild), staff.

    Pets: Zephy the spotted bat (Poison, Darkness), Sammy the dragon (Poison, Corrosion), Archie the metal fan turtle (Wind, Metal)

    Likes: Soft things, Pockets, Cool Languages

    Dislikes: Disrespect, Prejudice

    Skill/Hobbies: Learning Languages, Researching, Marksmanship

    Racial Abilities/Perks: Monster Form, Fireballs, Flight, Storm Summoning, Shapeshifting, Unnaturally Attractive, Seductive.

    Monster Form:

    Base Power of Fireballs Doubled
    Perception x1.5
    Agility x1.5
    Endurance x.75
    Wisdom x.75
    Constitution x.75

    Alternate Forms:
    Falcon- x3.75 agl. x3.75 per.
    Horse- x2.5 end. x2.5 str. x2.5 agl.
    Wolf- x1.5 everything.
    Swan- x7.5 chr.
    Snake- x3.75 dex, x3.75 wis.

    Concealed Weapon Proficiency- x2 damage on dagger and throwing knives

    Zeph has healing bombs and Sammy can spend Intelligence to increase melee damage at a rate of 10:1

    scarf - chr boost 50% for 10 INT per turn (C)
    glove - strength boost 60% for 10 INT per turn (B)
    staff - double magic damage, has a fire core focus to boost fire magic by an addition 25% (S)

    Fireball (3+ int)
    Firedarts (2+ int)
    Poison Knives

    Poison Mist (Sammy)
    Gunfire (3x int)
    Lightning Punch (1 int)
    Electric Bolts (2+ int)
    Poison Transfer

    *** These stats are x1.5 when the tattoos are activated

    Attached Files:

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  11. Name: Aishani
    Level: 13
    Race: Elf/Apsara
    Age: 13
    Title: (None at creation)
    Blessings: (None at creation)
    Rank: Uncommon
    Primary Job: mage
    Secondary Job: healer
    Tertiary Job: Musician
    Mage: 2 Wisdom, 1 Constitution, 1 intelligence
    Healer: 2 Intelligence, 1 Wisdom, 2 Constitution, 1 Dexterity, 1 Vitality
    Musician: 2 Dexterity, 1 Charisma, 1 Karma
    Chemist: 2 Dexterity, 1 Intelligence, 1 Endurance
    Artist: 2 Dexterity, 1 Intelligence, 1 Faith
    Brainiac: 2 Intelligence, 2 Constitution, 2 Wisdom
    Scholar: 2 Wisdom, 2 Intelligence, 2 Constitution

    Alignments: Water, Wind
    Strength: 9
    Intelligence: 15 (X1.5)
    Vitality: 14
    Constitution: 13
    Wisdom: 13
    Endurance: 8
    Dexterity: 8 (X1.5)
    Agility: 8 (X1.5)
    Luck: 12
    Charisma: 13 (X1.5)
    Perception: 14
    Faith: 7
    Karma: 11

    Inherent Abilities: (Provided by Gamemasters)
    -4th wall awareness
    -retractable claws
    -limited ability to fly using gravity.
    Details: Trained from a young age that you should “Do nothing but please your husband.” Wanting nothing to do with that life she ran away from an arranged marriage at age 9 and lived alone for a few years. Deciding that she wanted more for herself she stumbled upon schism academy. The rest is history.
    Weapon: Disc, Scepters
    Pets: None for now.

    Likes/Hobbies: Reading and learning about the world. Being with people Practicing music and dancing. Learning. Entertaining others with her skills in dancing.

    Dislikes: Physical activity, callous personalities, close-minded personalities.

    Skills: Dancing, playing the flute, reading, seductive intuition (seductiveness)
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  12. The next post will be a mass info dump of all known NPCs. Whether they have been used/mentioned or not, they will be in here. NPC art will never be at the quality of MC characters.
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  13. Name: Merceri Farvette

    Level: 100
    Race: Human
    Age: 47
    Title: Baron of Heartwell
    Rank: Rare
    Primary Job: Mage
    Secondary Job: Soothsayer
    Tertiary Job: Marksman
    Alignments: Light
    Strength: 94
    Intelligence: 172
    Vitality: 42
    Constitution: 133
    Wisdom: 160
    Endurance: 20
    Dexterity: 61
    Agility: 79
    Luck: 42
    Charisma: 81
    Perception: 35
    Faith: 76
    Karma: -5
    Inherent Abilities: Absolute Attack, penetrate through any shield, mental or physical.
    Weapon: Primarily casts spells using an enchanted ring inlaid with blessed jewels
    Etc.: (Note that is also works as a backstory for Renya.
    Merceri Farvette came from a minor noble family and has always been partial to his mother and against his father. Right up until the day his father, a good man, was mugged in his own land while on a walk with his wife. This event led to his father becoming paranoid, he hammered the lessons of caution into his son and as a result Farvette grew incredibly strong. Even so, he hated his father for allowing his mother to die and how he had suffered from that man’s abuse. The noble ladies paid their respects, bringing their daughters as suitors for the widower’s son, him. Their cheeks flushed a warm, practiced, pink on command, their only purpose was to be made up dolls to birthe heirs. Once he had grown bored of the women lying at his feet he killed his sire in cold blood with the magic he had given him. Nobles are secretive people, regardless of race or species, so his corpse was never discovered. Farvette made a living off of his father's accumulated wealth, during a cruise around icy waters he noticed a stowaway on the ship. A girl with long chocolate locks and ethereal pale skin, her iridescent eyes, still full of hope and promises of a future. They were nothing like the nobles or servants who wore carefully crafted masks of indifference, surely no-one would miss this wayward girl if she were to join his collection of porcelain dolls.
    The girl, Renya, as she called herself, was disgustingly inhuman. A sea demon that charmed humans to their demise. But he can’t let go of this chance, demons and monsters were all excessively beautiful, she would be a exquisite trophy if he could break her. A woman who could fight and not end up like his mother, but would still return to him faithfully. Yes, she was perfect for that, she was just a monster after all.
    She fell easily to the drugs he had sneaked in her drinks. The captain didn’t even bat an eye when he departed with an oversized trunk. She came to eventually and reacted as if he was the vile spawn of the devils. That was no good, he beat it into her. How beautiful her chocolate locks were as they turned a off crimson and how she was chosen because she was perfect. How unsightly the beast half of her was; only a savage in human skin.
    She had a mask now, the Renya beast. Her eyes glazed over and her face came slack, anything he brought unto her was met with the same damn face of every one of his servants. She was imperfect and he told her that, anything less than perfect was given punishment. He would take her identity and strip her of her home. He couldn’t destroy it, that would end her, his greatest achievement. Her eyes darkened to fear and disgust at him. Him, the human. The human who had spent valuable time on her, but it didn’t matter. She should be completely loyal to him and him alone. She was perfect, after all.

    Name: Shyeild Osho

    Level: 184
    Race: Kappa
    Age: 37
    Title: Sea God Priest
    Blessings: Devotee of the Sea
    Rank: Epic
    Primary Job: Acolyte
    Secondary Job: Tamer
    Tertiary Job: Scholar
    Alignments: Water and Earth
    Strength: 150
    Intelligence: 116
    Vitality: 65
    Constitution: 386
    Wisdom: 179
    Endurance: 52
    Dexterity: 64
    Agility: 71
    Luck: 161
    Charisma: 241
    Perception: 52
    Faith: 268
    Karma: -57
    Inherent Abilities: Divine protection, Enhanced roar, Worthiness Enchantment, Mesmerizing presence,
    Details: She’s soft-spoken but has a motherly aura that is able to convince most people to follow her ideals, this charisma paired with her less than pure intentions make her the equivalent of a cult leader with a large following to boot.
    Weapon: An umbrella boy or a Karakase Obake
    Etc.: Her last name is a high ranked Buddhist monk title.

    Name: Argent Squalo

    Level: 20
    Race: Goldfish Mermaid
    Age: 20
    Rank: Uncommon
    Primary Job: Musician
    Secondary Job: Acolyte
    Tertiary Job: Warrior
    Alignments: Bubbles and Holy
    Strength: 40
    Intelligence: 35
    Vitality: 5
    Constitution: 12
    Wisdom: 6
    Endurance: 20
    Dexterity: 7
    Agility: 8
    Luck: 30
    Charisma: 10
    Perception: 39
    Faith: 33
    Karma: 19
    Inherent Abilities:
    Foreign Chemical Immunity: Argent cannot be, poisoned, drunk, vaccinated, or treated through medicinal means. He also cannot drink milk due to missing a bacterium necessary for this because of said ability.

    Personality: Even though he is intelligent he is very forgetful and often has a dazed look on his face. In truth he is actively watching for changes in people’s mental state and usually gives off a reassuring vibe even as he finds sexual humor in nearly everything. Losing Renya has caused a bit of over-protectiveness and he has become more diligent in his analyses.

    Weapon: A guarded Falchion decorated by twine and a type of coral. Drumsticks can be used to bash in skulls due to his strength.

    Likes: Jokes, People, Classical music, Traditional music, Sour foods

    Dislikes: Children, Board games, Sports

    Hobbies: Eavesdropping, People watching, Weight lifting

    Etc.: Before Renya was taken he was still biologically male, after which the largest member of his harem and he became a female, as with real life goldfish. The only living biological child of their parents, his mother was rendered barren due to his difficult birth, which is why they adopted Yulius and Renya, prior to his outgrowth of his mother (and Renya’s subsequent kidnapping) the three frequently played on human ships.

    Name: Yulius Squalo
    Level: 17
    Race: Scylla
    Age: 17
    Rank: Uncommon
    Primary Job: Craftsman
    Secondary Job: Soothsayer
    Tertiary Job: Puppeteer
    Alignments: Poison
    Strength: 8
    Intelligence: 34
    Vitality: 9
    Constitution: 20
    Wisdom: 36
    Endurance: 5
    Dexterity: 20
    Agility: 17
    Luck: 16
    Charisma: 55
    Perception: 17
    Faith: 5
    Karma: -3
    Inherent Abilities:
    Wish Fulfillment: Grants any wish desired at a price that is far from equal exchange. I.e. completely healing someone of a flu, in exchange for their soul.

    Details: “I’ll acknowledge any Immortal or God you worship. I don’t really give a shit about ‘em unless they touch my family. Touch my family and the Gods will look like a pregnant bitch in heat.”
    Personality: Heavily family orientated, he will do anything to protect them, and unlike Renya he is willing to take advantage of sentient beings, using his Inherent Ability to its fullest. He is mildly depressed and is usually melancholic and likes to preserve memories through photos.
    Weapon: He is proficient in marksmanship and uses parasitic fish toxins on darts
    Pets: His puppets are regarded as heavily mistreated pets, as they are still sentient even if they have no will of their own
    Likes: Pictures, Toys, Sweets, Coffee
    Dislikes: Spices, Dramatic people, Baked goods
    Hobbies: Photography, Poesy, Styling hair, Metalwork
    Etc.: His name is due to him being born during the Yuletide and he babies his elder brother.

    Name: Mneme aiⓢⓣie
    Level: 18
    Race: Infested Human
    Age: 18
    Rank: Uncommon
    Primary Job: Chemist
    Secondary Job: Healer
    Tertiary Job: Shaman
    Alignments: Flora and Unholy
    Strength: 27 (x3 when starved) (x2)
    Intelligence: 16 (x.5 when starved)
    Vitality: 18 (x.1 +.1 per level)
    Constitution: 12 (x2)
    Wisdom: 13 (x2)
    Endurance: 10 (x.1 +.1 per level)
    Dexterity: 10 (x3 -.3 per level)
    Agility: 15 (x3 -.5 per level)
    Luck: 23 (x.5)
    Charisma: 18
    Perception: 6
    Faith: 5
    Karma: -17
    Inherent Abilities: Multiple hearts (2)
    Details: “The one thing I remember is the warmth of a stranger’s hand. Even if I tried a hundred more times I wouldn’t remember a name.”

    Personality: Originally bright and cheerful, she has descended to apathy and blunt honesty due to her increasing dehumanization.
    Weapon: Her branches and roots work as a shield for her body
    Etc.: Due to being an NPC (thus not leveling) she has these types of stat multipliers. After being contracted by a tree nymph she gained enhanced abilities that allowed her to keep up with her crush, Argent, then began dating shortly before the tree nymph began converting her to a tree.

    Name: Aliine
    Level: 347
    Race: Tree Nymph
    Age: 93
    Title: Natural Leech
    Rank: Chaos
    Primary Job: Soothsayer
    Secondary Job: Mage
    Tertiary Job: Puppeteer
    Alignments: Flora and Death
    Strength: ???
    Intelligence: ???
    Vitality: ???
    Constitution: ???
    Wisdom: ???
    Endurance: ???
    Dexterity: ???
    Agility: ???
    Luck: ???
    Charisma: ???
    Perception: ???
    Faith: ???
    Karma: ???
    Inherent Abilities: Possession and Gaseous form
    Details: She rarely stays in a solid form, and is often seen as a misty haze.
    Personality: ???
    Weapon: ???
    Etc.: ???

    Name: Susan De La Moon
    Level: 88
    Race: human/ghost
    Age: 24 (actually 88)
    Rank: Uncommon
    Primary Job: rogue
    Secondary Job: puppeteer
    Tertiary Job: warrior
    Alignments: Light and Snow
    Strength: 75
    Intelligence: 90
    Vitality: 80
    Constitution: 95
    Wisdom: 80
    Endurance: 65
    Dexterity: 63
    Agility: 85
    Luck: 100
    Charisma: 65
    Perception: 59
    Faith: 5
    Karma: 28

    Name: Aaron De La Moon
    Level: 24
    Race: Kitsune
    Age: 24
    Rank: Uncommon
    Primary Job: warrior
    Secondary Job: tamer
    Tertiary Job: martial artist
    Strength: 30
    Intelligence: 20
    Vitality: 19
    Constitution: 17
    Wisdom: 20
    Endurance: 17
    Dexterity: 17
    Agility: 25
    Luck: 15
    Charisma: 20
    Perception: 20
    Faith: 10
    Karma: 10
    Inherent abilities: self-liquefaction and hot air manipulation
    Hair: (short, black, soft and fluffy; straight but very messy, like the soul's from soul eater but with less fluff and more detail)
    Eyes: (anime eyes, lime green)
    Job: (knight that is the head of the royal guard for the De La Moon mansion)
    Interests: romantic Comedies, movies, fighting, books, and humans (does not like to admit it)
    Other: (big white fluffy fox ears with one white tail)
    Back story: Working hard to become part of the most elite army in Panikai, Aaron was shunned for most of his rough and loud personality, making him angrier and demanding for people to listen to him. Meeting Vivi after being kicked around my elite guards, she took him in with the obvious consult of Vixie who just wanted to see Vivi have an actual guardian. From there, he works in Vivi's personal guarding unite and is her personal knight.
    Clothing: He mostly wears armor that will be shown in a picture, but not the same exact designs.

    Name: Vixie Corvance
    Level: 99
    Race: fallen angel
    Age: 1430
    Rank: Uncommon
    Primary Job: mage
    Secondary Job: puppeteer
    Tertiary Job: rogue
    Strength: 90
    Intelligence: 80
    Vitality: 78
    Constitution: 76
    Wisdom: 100
    Endurance: 85
    Dexterity: 94
    Agility: 87
    Luck: 95
    Charisma: 97.5
    Perception: 97.5
    Faith: 5
    Karma: 5
    Inherent abilities: water platform creation and produce balls of energy
    Hair: (long, black, soft and limp; straight but very messy, and has hot pink natural highlights)
    Eyes: (anime psycho eyes, golden with one eye as a golden roman numeral clock)
    Job: (demon that is the enemy of Zellium, now with holding Vivi as her slave. Previously sealed in Vivi's mind but now in Susan's)
    Interests: death, blood, corpses, gore, and suffering
    Other: (has a pair of black mangled angel wings that are bound to her by bandages under her clothes, the wings having missing feather patches and some blood on it) Uses Sai
    Clothes: will be discribed in picture when asked.
    Back story: As a previous angel, she was not so sweet and kind as she was meant to be. She caused deaths and let people suffer, and was kicked away from the heavens up above. Angered, she became a dark creature who tried to rule over humans and mythical creatures both, but was sealed by Zillium. Which ended up as both of them ending up as mortal enemies. When Vivi was going through a sacred ritual when a baby, as custom, Vixie took her chance and ended up being summoned instead of Zillium, where she took Vivi as a baby and her sister Zeo, hiding Zeo to have a dormant sleep in the center of the universe until Vivi was ready and broken enough. Her plans failed as Vivi grew more powerful and sealed Vixie into her mind with the help of her parents' ghosts.

    Name: Zeo De La Moon

    Level: 13
    Race: nekomata
    Age: 13
    Rank: common
    Primary Job: mage
    Secondary Job: healer
    Tertiary Job: musician
    Strength: 15
    Intelligence: 12
    Vitality: 10
    Constitution: 10
    Wisdom: 8 (x2) [16]
    Endurance: 13
    Dexterity: 10 (x2) [20]
    Agility: 12 (x2) [24]
    Luck: 5
    Charisma: 10
    Perception: 10 (x2) [20]
    Faith: 10
    Karma: 5
    Inherent abilities: umbrakinetic claws and bloodline tracking
    Hair: (past the hips, black, silky; wavy)
    Eyes: (anime eye, blue)
    Job: none
    Interests: trolls, humans, shipping, pissing friends off, carnivals, and clowns
    Other: can vary between a lot of outfits, mostly wearing a white shirt, white baggy pants, and white army boots. Zeo wields a war hammer, but has only held it a few times and barely knows how to use it, but she has the idea.
    Back story: when born next to Vivi as her twin, she was a very ill and always close to death. Confined always to her bed, Vivi stayed next to her as much as she could. When Vivi left to the academy on a special mission, she got more depressed and continuously used her powers to make sure her sister was okay, but with a price. Her powers drained her energy greatly and sleeping was what she mostly did now. She waits patiently by the window, hoping she would see her beloved older sister again.

    Name: Dave (David) De La Moon

    Level: 6
    Race: pixie
    Age: 6
    Rank: Common
    Primary Job: Mage
    Secondary Job: Brainiac
    Tertiary Job: Scholar
    Strength: 3
    Intelligence: 10
    Vitality: 3
    Constitution: 4
    Wisdom: 9
    Endurance: 4
    Dexterity: 3
    Agility: 4
    Luck: 4
    Charisma: 3
    Perception: 3
    Faith: 5
    Karma: 5

    Name: Brenda De La Moon

    Level: 23
    Race: Merrow
    Age: 23
    Primary Job: warrior
    Secondary Job: tamer
    Tertiary Job: martial artist

    Strength: 27
    Intelligence: 20
    Vitality: 16
    Constitution: 19
    Wisdom: 19
    Endurance: 16
    Dexterity: 19
    Agility: 27
    Luck: 16
    Charisma: 16
    Perception: 16
    Faith: 9
    Karma: 10
    Inherent abilities:

    Hair: (long, dark brown, rough like, poofy, and straight)
    Eyes: (almond, brown)
    Interests: humans (to a limit), fragrances, fighting, and street dancing
    Other: wears a dark brown fur crop top with a sea leopard beanie/hat, and ripped black skinny jeans with black platform below the knee combat boots. Her tail is a sea green and her skin is dark.
    Back story: Always one to refuse her role as a merrow, she was outcasted at the age of 12 and lived alone in the tundra's far up north where she learned to survive and hunt. One day, when she was 16, she was found by Vivi and Aaron, who were on a secret mission to conceal an artifact, crucial to Vixie. She was brought back for her serious combat skills that was next to Aaron's, and was put on the same squad as him. They both always wrestled each other and everything is a contest between them, trying to fight over everything they can.
    Height: 6'1

    Name: Explosivo De La Moon

    Level: 43
    Race: Yeksh
    Age: 43
    Primary Job: craftsman
    Secondary Job: scholar
    Tertiary Job: mage

    Strength: 36
    Intelligence: 42
    Vitality: 30
    Constitution: 35
    Wisdom: 38
    Endurance: 34
    Dexterity: 30
    Agility: 36
    Luck: 29
    Charisma: 32
    Perception: 34
    Faith: 37
    Karma: 27
    Inherent abilities: vector arrow speed up plate and electric wall
    Alignments: ashes, and electricity

    Hair: (shoulder length, black, silky, soft, and wavy
    Eyes: (wide, insane, light purple eyes)
    Job: bomb maker/scientist
    Interests: bombs, explosions, death, science, and experimenting
    Other: he prefers to wear a long white lab coat that has stitch marks on it, with beige work pants and a long grey and black t-shirt. His teeth and nails are sharpened to points, and his feet are always bare. He likes to give a lopsided grin to people just to scare them and loves wearing his aviator frame glasses
    Back story: He wasn’t much different from his species, always loved causing trouble and what not. But when he grew to the age of 20, he left to go research on bomb making after seeing fireworks go off. He decided to look through every bomb recipe, and made his own designs to it. He created the first smoke bomb, but had thrown it away as an idea that 'wasn’t exciting enough'. When he met Vivi when he was 37, he became their scientist and was given all the material and space he needed. He loves teaching Vivi about his bomb making because she shares the same love of explosives, and even sent her to the academy with a few hidden recipes that hadn’t been tested yet.
    Height: 6'10

    Name: Jess De La Moon
    Level: 34
    Race: freshwater nymph
    Age: 34
    Rank: Uncommon
    Primary Job: healer
    Secondary Job: mage
    Tertiary Job: scholar

    Strength: 32
    Intelligence: 29
    Vitality: 26
    Constitution: 23
    Wisdom: 29
    Endurance: 26
    Dexterity: 23
    Agility: 26
    Luck: 20
    Charisma: 30
    Perception: 30
    Faith: 26
    Karma: 20
    Inherent abilities: cryoportation
    Alignments: ice, and ashes
    Hair: (long, dark blue, soft and silky; wavy)
    Eyes: (almond eyes, electric silver)
    Job: (keeper of the hidden library in De La Moon mansion)
    Interests: romantic Comedies, movies, fighting, books, and humans (does not like to admit it)
    Other: (has a long, universal color tail that has specks of white scales to symbolize stars, along with pointed ears and seaweed in her hair. Her clothes mostly consist of various colors of blue long Victorian dresses)
    Back story: Jess was too curious as a child, always wondering out of their pond and going to watch and observe the hunters. One day, she got caught at the age of 11, and was put on auction. Susan, who was just beginning her ghost years at the time, had learned to solidify herself to blend in with humans. She won the auction and set the nymph down in the lake near her ship, and when the time came, came back to gather jess for a proper family and good protection with Vivi when Vivi was just 6. Finding out after her tail disappeared that her vision was quite terrible, they gave her a pair of blue pointed glasses (described in picture). She keeps the hidden library in check and protects it carefully, always reading away and trying out new projects in there, only coming out to eat and socialize once in a while.
    Height: 5'9

    Name: Xeonix De La Moon
    Level: 16
    Race: troll/faerie pixie
    Age: 16
    Primary Job: tamer
    Secondary Job: martial artist
    Tertiary Job: mage

    Strength: 16
    Intelligence: 12
    Vitality: 12
    Constitution: 14
    Wisdom: 12
    Endurance: 15
    Dexterity: 12
    Agility: 15
    Luck: 6
    Charisma: 14
    Perception: 16
    Faith: 10
    Karma: 6
    Inherent abilities: wood magic
    Alignments: blood, and shadow

    Hair: (shoulder length, black, silky, soft, straight, pixie cut)
    Eyes: (dead fish like, opaque amethyst)
    Universe: zyxis's world
    Job: resident huntsman
    Interests: hunting, animals, wolves in general, humans, games, and socializing
    Other: wears nothing, he is basically a fur ball as it is.
    Back story: from the moment he got out of the birthing caves, he was picked by a huge eel like creature whom had no intention of taking care of Xeonix. The eel like caretaker took him to his cave and intended on eating him, only to scratch up his eyes with his teeth and tear into his small form before Xeonix had escaped and landed on a bloody shore with now blind eyes. He was then found by a huge wolf beast that took care of him like a land dweller flower pixie instead of a sea dweller. From there, Xeonix was taught the ways of the wolf, learning to locate anything and 'see' with his nose and ears. He lived in the woods near Vivi's home under merrowland, and was told to be their resident hunter and food supplier. He agreed with excitement.
    Height: 5'9

    Name: Monora De La Moon

    Level: 18
    Race: peri
    Age: 18
    Primary Job: druid
    Secondary Job: acolyte
    Tertiary Job: shaman

    Strength: 22
    Intelligence: 16
    Vitality: 13
    Constitution: 10
    Wisdom: 16
    Endurance: 10
    Dexterity: 13
    Agility: 10
    Luck: 13
    Charisma: 13
    Perception: 13
    Faith: 18
    Karma: 13
    Inherent abilities: magnetic projectile and pure moon manipulation
    Alignments: life and light
    Hair: (past the knees, brown, soft, and curly)
    Eyes: (almond, brown)
    Job: witch crafter/seer of occult
    Interests: preaching, magic development, seeing futures (she can’t do much other than see a few minutes to one hour), and reading the tale of Zellium
    Other: wears her white robes with golden swirls on it, along with her white witch’s hat that she has to deem she is "a white witch". Other than her robes, she wears white Mary janes with light blue knee high socks.
    Back story: She was born in the religious family who worshiped Zillium. As a young girl, she felt the need to be the greatest witch to be under Zillium, and hopefully become his grand witch. When 11, she had a big crush on Zillium. When 13, she became a local witch/seer for Vivi.
    Height: 6'2

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  14. And because Vivi didn't mention it (I can't for the life of me figure out why) her character has multiple spacial storage tools in the shape of pens.
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  15. Name: Arial Tomogukiri
    Level: 13
    Race: Cat Beastkin
    Age: 13
    Titles: None
    Blessings: None
    Rank: Uncommon
    Primary Job: Rogue
    Secondary Job: Musician
    Tertiary Job: Puppeteer
    Classes: Assassin, Puppeteer, Tank
    Alignments: Wind and Darkness
    Strength: 13
    Intelligence: 15
    Vitality: 8
    Constitution: 5
    Wisdom: 8
    Endurance: 17
    Dexterity: 18 (x2) {36}
    Agility: 19 (x2) {38}
    Perception: 13 (x2) {26}
    Charisma: 5
    Karma: 5 (x2) {10}
    Luck:5 (x2) {10}
    Faith: 5
    Weapons: Bow, Daggers and Great Sword, Puppets, Scythe.
    Appearance: tanned, decently lengthy brown/black hair and ears, scrawny yet strong, calm and collected, Golden seasonal eyes (Red in Winter, Black in Spring, Green in Autumn. Also known to be high contrast color bling in the right eye), constantly wearing either a hoodie with jeans or a very nice casual shirt and khakis. Gender Fluid.
    Likes: Reading, Friends, Spying and Hugs.
    Dislikes: Crowds, Lies, Stillness.
    Current Emotions: Neutral
    Hobbies: Exercise (to the Extreme), Meditation, Music, Art.
    Inherent Abilities: Water Projection, Spark Projections, Stone Heart.

    (P.S: My updated Character. Sorry for the lateness.)
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  16. NPC:

    Level: 50
    Age: 15 (deceased)
    Title: TRUKK BOSZ
    Rank: UC
    Primary Job: Warrior
    Secondary Job: Craftsman
    Tertiary Job: Musician
    Alignments: Metal, Mind

    Inherent Abilities
    Toxikinetic Constructs


    Dislikes: WEN ME

    STR: 150
    INT: 25
    VIT: 120
    CON: 40
    WIS: 20
    END: 150
    DEX: 10
    AGL: 40
    LCK: 5
    CHR: 5
    PER: 15
    FTH: 70
    KRM: -15

    WAAARRGH? (open)

    To explain the unorthodox part, "WAAARRGH" is a term oft used by the members of the "Deff 'Eads" tribe that Bloo is a part of. It was thought to be a dialect-specific roar until recently, but it is now theorised to be an Trollism for the word "war". It is fairly unique to the culture of the Deff 'Eads, and its connotations and meanings are
    a) nigh-impossible to explain to anybody outside them
    b) really, really unimportant.

    WAAARRGH is usually used as a battle cry, which means they invoke it by screaming it as loudly as they can, hence why the Deff 'Eads all have Musician as one of their jobs. Granted, it's not very musical, but it's sound.

    In effect, WAAARRGH is as close to a religion as the Deff 'Eads have, and therefore it functions as a blessing. The boisterous, violent Trolls of the Deff 'Eads tribe place their faith in WAAARRGH, and so invoking it uses the Exinessesence of oneself and all the other Trolls joining in to create an artificial meta-existence similar to a war god, sending them into a blood rage and buffing them immensely, with the effects becoming stronger the more WAAARRGH is produced.
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  17. [​IMG]
    Name: Yui Cadis Raizel

    G: Male

    H: 6'6.6"

    Level: 144

    Race: |Archfiend

    Age: 17

    Title: N/A

    Blessings: N/A

    Rank: |Rare

    Primary Job: |Martial Artist

    Secondary Job: |Healer

    Tertiary Job: |Marksman

    Classes: |Marksman|Healer|Martial Artist|Warrior|Scholar|Craftsman

    Alignments: |Bone|Darkness

    Strength: 546

    Intelligence: 328

    Vitality: 241

    Constitution: 297

    Wisdom: 329

    Endurance: 569

    Dexterity: 493

    Agility: 355

    Luck: 203

    Charisma: 126

    Perception: 287

    Faith: 113

    Karma: 113

    Inherent Abilities: |Redirect Portals|Whirlpool Generation|Visual Linking|

    Abilities: |Ankhora break: Ankhora Break is x3 on all stats and costs nothing but can only be used for a maximum of five turns and once per battle. Halves HP stat of choice after expiration.
    |Dragon's Rage: Cadis gathers Exinessence from around the area, using the wielder's wrath as a catalyst to convert it into force and heat. Once charged, it fires a beam of crimson light at a single target, dealing x6.66 melee damage to END. Takes three turns to charge. (Note: Both abilities require Cadis to be wielded for use.)

    Class Stats:
    Marksman: 3 perception, 1 endurance, 3 dexterity, 1 agility, 1 strength
    Healer: 3 vitality, 3 wisdom, 1 endurance, 1 constitution, 1 intelligence
    Martial Artist: 3 endurance, 3 strength, 3 agility
    Warrior: 3 strength, 3 endurance, 3 dexterity
    Scholar: 3 intelligence, 3 constitution, 3 wisdom
    Craftsman: 3 dexterity, 1 charisma, 1 Agility, 1 strength, 1 endurance, 1 perception, 1 intelligence

    Details: |N/A

    |Bones(Manipulates his bones into weapons)
    |Cadis(Doubles the power of his Ankhora Break and deals double damage, as well as having a ranged attack that needs three uninterrupted turns to charge)

    Blood-bound weapon: |Okin (Kusarigama) Abilities: Life Drain |
    (Life Drain:Normal melee attack that drains 50% of the damage done.)
    Transfusion: Any stat can have points transferred to a health stat at a max of 50% per use. Points are unaffected by buffs, boosts or multipliers.

    Pets: None

    Likes: Playing with egg yolks. Hot baths.

    Dislikes: Egg dishes not done exactly right.

    Hobbies: Cooking.

    Skills: N/A

    (Please note the image above is not my art)
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  18. [BCOLOR=transparent] Clio.png [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Name: Clio D’maris[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Level: 17[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Race: Cyclops/Veela[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Age: 13[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Title: (None at creation)[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Blessings: (None at creation)[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Rank: Uncommon[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Primary Job: Healer[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Secondary Job: Tamer[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Tertiary Job: Musician[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Classes: Healer, Tamer, Musician, Artist, Scholar.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Alignments: Fire/Earth[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Strength: 73 (x1.5) {109.5}[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Intelligence: 45[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Vitality: 63 (x1.5) {94.5}[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Constitution: 51[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Wisdom: 40[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Endurance: 13 (x1.5) {19.5}[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Dexterity: 51 (x1.5) {81.5}[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Agility: 34 (x1.5) {51}[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Luck: 63[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Charisma: 43 (x1.5) {64.5}[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Perception: 23 (x2) {46}[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Faith: 63[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Karma: 13[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Inherent Abilities: Gamma Vision, Predator Instinct, Razor Hands[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Details: Half siblings with Valentina, they share a father.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Weapon: Greatsword, Spears[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Pets: True Owl[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Likes: Females, Food, Books, Plants.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Dislikes: Men[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Skills/Hobbies: Art, Reading, Staring[/BCOLOR]

    Racial Abilities/Perks: Very Strong, Monster Form, Fireballs, High Defense

    Training Schedule:
    Monday- Tamer
    Tuesday- Scholar
    Wednesday- Healer
    Thursday- Artist
    Friday- Musician
    Saturday- Scholar
    Sunday- Tamer
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  19. Azzura (open)

    Character Sheet

    Name: Azzurra

    Level: 19

    Race: Human turned Living stone/gem (Greenstar Adept, Dungeons and Dragons prestige class)

    Age: 13

    Title: ---------

    Blessings: ----------

    Rank: Uncommon

    Primary Job: Rogue

    Secondary Job: Healer

    Tertiary Job: Marksman

    • Craftsman = 3 dexterity, 2 endurance, 1 perception, 1 constitution, 2 strength, 1 agility
    • Artist = 2 perception, 2 charisma, 2 dexterity, 1 luck, 1 vitality, 2 wisdom
    • Tamer = 3 charisma, 3 karma, 3 luck, 1 faith
    • Rogue = 3 dexterity, 3 perception, 3 agility, 1 constitution
    • Healer = 3 vitality, 3 wisdom, 2 intelligence, 2 dexterity
    • Marksman = 3 perception, 2 agility, 2 dexterity, 2 constitution, 1 intelligence
    • Brainiac = 3 constitution, 3 intelligence, 3 wisdom, 1 agility
      Stat gain totals:
      Strength: 2
      Intelligence: 6
      Vitality: 4
      Constitution: 6
      Wisdom: 8
      Endurance: 2
      Dexterity: 12
      Agility: 7
      Luck: 3
      Charisma: 3
      Perception: 12
      Faith: 1
      Karma: 3​
    Alignments: Stone/Water
    Add Points on: TBD
    Strength: 45 (×2) = 90
    Intelligence: 207
    Vitality: 113 (×2) = 226
    Constitution: 162
    Wisdom: 185
    Endurance: 119 (×2) = 238
    Dexterity: 189
    Agility: 229
    Luck: 81
    Charisma: 91
    Perception: 339
    Faith: 37
    Karma: 84
    Inherent Abilities:
    Photokinetic Regeneration: ×1.5 multiplier to vitality in the light and regain one point of some type of damage per turn in a battle.

    Telepathy Negation: can prevent others from using telepathy or having telepathy used on them, essentially cutting off targets ability to psychically interfere with another and rendering another immune to being affected by telepathic intrusions.

    Electrical Exoskeleton: can form armor around their body or a shape it from electricity for protection and physical boost, most commonly including raising their speed to inhuman levels​

    Looking like a normal human doesn’t do Azzurra many favors. At first glance there is nothing that marks her as special. It’s not until one gets closer, that they can see that the bands of blue around her neck, ankles and wrists is not in fact jewelry but her actual skin. Over time the crystalline, metallic color will cover her from head to toe. Internally, her organs are changing, becoming in one respect ‘hard’, and causing several different changes that are not visible. Aside from organs changing, her hearing is becoming super sensitive, forcing her to often wear earplugs or other form of sound block. Her mental awareness is slowly expanding, eventually she will develop telepathy and minor telekinesis abilities. Due to the internal changes, and the composition of the material that is causing those changes, Azzurra is unable to eat regular food and must instead ingest gems or minerals that are blue.
    Standing at a nice 4’10 inches, Azzurra is a slim girl with a body build suited for speed and agility, not strength and heavy lifting. By the time she is fully grown, she will reach a whopping five foot and six inches with a small breasted figure. She does not have an hourglass shape, being slightly wider at the hips and narrower at the shoulders. Her hair, once a pretty shade of auburn now has a tint of cystalline and metallic blue to it, though the original color is still there for now. She likes to wear her hair long, and with its gentle curls it flows nicely to her mid-back. Her favored outfits tend to be comfortable but utilitarian. (Secretly she likes wearing renaissance era clothing)​

    Trained in hand to hand combat, but prefers long-range weaponry. Is profiecent with bows, and has a Glaive for melee fights.
    One sapphire blue, gem feline. Equivalent to living stone (gem, sapphire). Size of a domestic Savannah cat. Is a shapeshifter, but limited to animals only (myth included). Is very intelligent and serves as an adviser to Azzurra. Name: Sappira, Age: unknown, though hinted to be in the thousands.
    Sappira's Stats (open)

    Strength: 23
    Intelligence: 23
    Vitality: 18
    Constitution: 18
    Wisdom: 18
    Endurance: 18
    Dexterity: 27 (x2)= 54
    Agility: 27 (x2)= 54
    Luck: 22 (x2)= 44
    Charisma: 18
    Perception: 22 (x2)= 44
    Faith: 18
    Karma: 18

    Reading, stealing, challenges, Sappira, sapphires, classical music, world music, animals, exploring
    Heat, sound, loud noises, heat…being unable to eat her favorite food (Chicken and rice with cream of mushroom sauce), noise…
    Stealing, reading, practicing her marksmanship, hanging out with her friends, gymnastics/acrobatics
    Stealing, shooting, acrobatics, making things (anything), healing​
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  20. ঝঢMIKI HAO KUINষফ

    Level: 372
    Race: Sword Gheist
    Age: 16
    Rank: Rare
    Job: Warrior
    Secondary Job: Marksman
    Tertiary Job: Shaman
    Alignments: Metal and Crystal
    Contracted - Servant (Ren Vedas)

    Classes (open)
    ・Warrior: 2 agility, 3 endurance, 2 strength, 3 dexterity
    ・Scholar: 3 faith, 3 wisdom, 3 constitution
    ・Chemist: 2 perception, 2 wisdom, 2 endurance, 1 luck, 2 vitality
    ・Mage: 2 wisdom, 2 intelligence, 3 constitution, 1 perception, 1 luck
    ・Marksman: 3 perception, 3 dexterity, 1 wisdom, 3 agility
    ・Shaman: 1 intelligence, 2 wisdom, 1 constitution, 2 endurance, 1 dexterity, 2 charisma, 1 vitality
    ・Soothsayer: 3 charisma, 2 luck, 1 perception, 1 intelligence

    Strength: 498
    Intelligence: 276
    Vitality: 843
    Constitution: 1,044 (x2.5) [2,610]
    Wisdom: 936
    Endurance: 1,044 (x2.5) [2,610]
    Dexterity: 1,222 (x2.5) [3,055]
    Agility: 947 (x2.5) [2,367.5]
    Luck: 512
    Charisma: 461
    Perception: 935
    Faith: 683 (x2.5) [1,707.5]
    Karma: 220

    Spirits (open)
    Renya (Ice & Clay)
    Raiju "Fulmine" (Electric & Light)

    Inventory (open)
    3 crystal cores, 1 flora/dark core, diamonds, crystal spiked boots, hooked gauntlets, UC SS quality light armor, E A quality sword, E A quality spear, 5 R HP potions, rope, storage amulet, completely innocent clothing from Ren

    Skills (open)

    Aerial adaptation: (Inherent ability ・ Passive skill) Unaffected by altitude change.

    Metal detection: (Inherent ability ・ Active skill) Detects nearby metal, effective on metal constructs.

    Crystal spike: (Inherent ability ・ Ranged magic) Deals crystal damage, no catalyst required, 5 per turn.

    Gheist abilities: (Racial perk ・ Passive skill) unlocks a slot for gheist abilities per rankup.

    Self-reforging: (Racial perk ・ Active skill ・ takes 5 turns) Reshapes sword form and future duplications.

    Exin Sense: (Racial perk ・ Active skill) Detects nearby creatures, cannot detect hidden presences.

    Contract: (Racial perk ・ Master requirement) Stat points are shared between partners, minor emotion connection, directional sensitivity, limited telepathy.

    Weapon form: (Racial perk ・ Active transformation) Limited movement, negate 90% of own physical and magical damage, 10% exin sensing boost.

    Runes: (Learned skill ・ Active Skill) Wisdom, Intelligence, Agility, Strength, Storage

    Sword Rain: (Learned skill ・ Ranged magic ・ 1 INT per copy) {+5 Pow, +6 Num} Deals metal magic damage, 5(16) per turn, inflicts bleeding.

    Pierce: (Learned skill ・ Melee ・ 3 Turn cooldown) Attack ignores armor and deals physical damage and metal magic damage, inflicts bleeding.

    Barrage: (Learned skill ・ Melee physical ・ Dual wield only) Attack (DEX/oppAGI) times. Hits have halved hit rate.

    Sting: (Learned skill ・ Melee physical ・ 3 Turn cooldown) Frontal attack that counts as a sneak attack, chance to stun, inflicts bleeding.

    Crystal Skin: (Gheist ability ・ Active transformation ・1 INT per turn) Negate 10% of damage, negate 20% of electricity and light damage, take 20% more magma and fire damage.

    Borrowed Soul: (Gheist ability ・ Active skill ・10% FTH per active spirit) Spirits become ghiests for 1d6 turns. They have the stats of the user and can use all abilities, but have 1 hp.
    Consecutive strike: (Spirit ability ・ Passive skill) For every successful consecutive melee hit gain 1% STR and AGI, chance to stun.

    Electrify Blood: (Spirit ability ・ Active skill) For 4% FTH turns STR, PER, DEX, or AGI are multiplied by 1.5-3. If inflicted with bleeding, melee attacks cause the enemy to take 20% of the damage as electric magic damage.

    Cold Aura: (Spirit ability ・ Active skill・ 1 FTH per turn) Reduce burning damage by 50%

    Clay Soul: (Spirit ability ・ Active skill・ 5 FTH) User summons (1D3 x 10%FTH) weapons that randomly cause Str/20 or Int/20 damage
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