hilariously bad euphemisms

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  1. daemon_reaver

    1x1 plot and pairing mega post

    1. The Valkyries Kinks: Corruption, Mind Break, Rape, non/dub-con, FxF, FxFuta(can be removed), Latex, BDSM, Exhibitionism, Romance, Sensuality, Vanilla, (optional) Wax, liquid(no pee, mostly chems and water) play, possibly(and probably) more. Plot/Set up: Once, Maiden City was known as a Haven...
  2. Midnight Maiden

    The Shattered Kingdom; A Tale of Two Worlds

    "You're gonna regret that, sweetheart." Two years was a long time, in theory. Enough time for the seasons to come and go not once, but twice. Enough time for friendships to be forget and others, forgotten. For children to be born and old souls to die, finding their ways to whatever afterlife...
  3. Zyxis Ouroboros ReArchtype

    OPEN SIGNUPS Beyond Your Expectations (Info, Signups, and OOC chat)

    {slide=Rules}Alright, let's get the obvious ones out of the way. All Iwaku rules apply. No god modding, unless it's for extremely mundane things like surprise tickling out of battle. No Mary-Sues or Gary-Stus for the love of god. Players aren't allowed to post in the IC chat until they...
  4. Zyxis Ouroboros ReArchtype

    OPEN SIGNUPS Beyond Your Expectations

    I'm going to skip my awkward introduction to this story and actually put in some necessary lore which might interest people. I hope. Panikai, a world that has been at the center of so much in the past, is now going to be the place to begin a story of epic proportions that will encompass more...

    Reborn - OOC - !!! 9 SPOTS OPEN!!!