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Containing or focusing on elements of the legends surrounding King Arthur, Merlin, and related characters.
  1. Minerva

    Persona: Sunset Over the Eastern Sea

    “Syonan-to is a port city of about one million people located on Kyushu. It is the third largest port in Japan after Nagoya and Yokohama, and the capital of Maikura prefecture. Syonan-to is a beautiful city full of sights to see and places to be." –Maikura Prefecture Tourism Guide...
  2. Black_Swallow

    Search with Samples

    *Big edit* I am obsessed with this game called Butterfly Soup, So I am looking for a similar roleplay. Basically an FxF highschool themed roleplay with memes. Thank you for your attention. Hello! So, since I suck at doing stuff right, I decided to try this again and in a slightly different...
  3. Nemopedia

    Albion Preparatory

    Sign Up. Drop me a message if you are interested in joining. ABeeZee;Amarante; Maitree The Missing King In the chapel of the church the students gathered, sitting restlessly in their benches as they waited for the ritual to be over. Outside the first years were giddily waiting, excited to be...
  4. Nemopedia

    Albion Preparatory

    A/N: Will prettify later, but you get your Jamie now @FieryCold Want to join? Send a PM and we can discuss something. IC thread ABeeZee;Amarante; Maitree Albion Academy Albion preparatory is a co-ed private boarding school located in the North-west of France within the region of Brittany...
  5. IceChateau777

    Arranged Partnership (Arcana Dystopia)

    I was thinking of an arranged marriage thing. I wanted to base the pairings on Tarot Cards (perhaps assigning them based on someone's power, etc. I also wanted it to have some dragons, old cultures, etc. While there can be dukes or Canon royals, I also want peasants a chance to get married (or...