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Hello there wonderful people!

My name is Veronica , but everyone calls meVee ^.^

I actually consider myself experienced as I have been roleplaying for about six years and I absolutely love it.
I don't usually create threads, but I have a lot of free time now!

First, a couple of things you should know about me:
  • I only roleplay as female characters, and I am looking for male characters for my upcoming role-plays.
    [I do not mind if females are actually behind the characters as long as they are okay with roleplaying as male characters]
  • I am sorry but I do not play Yaoi nor Furry.
  • My posts range between three paragraphs and a small novel. [It depends on my partners and their posts as well]
  • I prefer real pictures when referencing a character's physical features, and even outfits/house...[if you want to go that deep into your description] [I don't mind celebrities, models, tumblr, weheartit, pinterest.. anything that is real]
  • I send very detailed Character Sheets, and I like to create a whole world for MC before indulging in the role-play. [It helps me connect more with MC]
  • I play multiple side/secondary characters when needed.
  • I can post several times a day or at least once a day if I am busy. But I do post everyday. And if I need to disappear for a while, I always notify all of my partners.
  • I love all kind of role-plays and I always mix romance in them as well as obstacles and challenges to keep the roleplaying going.
  • I roleplay through thread or PMs, I don't mind both options.

Second, what I require from my partners:
  • Be engaged in the plot, even if we choose one of my own creations.
  • Be creative and motivated. [I love partners who are as excited for the role-play as I always am, it creates more chemistry between us and, believe it or not, better posts are written]
  • Your posts must at least be three paragraphs long.
  • You should be able to handle a few secondary characters on your own. [YC's friends/family/ex... etc etc]
  • Send me a detailed Character Sheet [Name, age, description with a picture for reference - real picture - background and history, hobbies and even more if you can think of anything else]
    But if you would like to expose YC's background throughout the role-play, that is absolutely fine with me. [But I will still need to know everything else]
  • Don't disappear without any notice please. I understand something might come up, and life happens but please notify me before leaving if you have to disappear for a couple of days.

Third, my pairings:

[Bold and colored are my characters]

> Demi-God [Zeus or Hades' Son] x Demi-God [Poseidon's daughter]
> Freed Inmate x Assigned Psychologist
> Mafia Leader x Dancer
> Secret Agent x
President's daughter
> Powerful CEO x Personal Assistant
> Powerful CEO x Successful Producer
> Powerful CEO x Burlesque Dancer
> U.S Marine x Marine brother's best friend
> U.S Soldier x Doctor
> Golden Boy x Rebel/Delinquent
> Bad Boy x Goodie Two Shoes
> Adrenaline Junkie x Perfect, stiff Daughter
> College Teacher x College Student
> College BasketBall Player x New Student on campus
> Famous Athlete x Famous Novelist
> Famous Singer (Band or not) x Producer
> Alpha x Rogue

Last, but definitely not least:
I would love to share all of my plots, but I will only do so after being sent a private message.
[I have all of the plots ready]
So, if you are interested in any of these pairings, please send me a private message showing interest and choosing your favorite(s) and I will send you the plot(s) I have in mind so we can discuss more details as well.

Please keep in mind the following:
1. My plots
are editable, changeable and I am open for suggestions.
2. I am taking in a
s many role-plays as I can right now. No limited number whatsoever.

Have an amazing day !
- Vee
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