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Hello! I hope you were having a great day/night~ There has been a couple of months since I actually made an account, and I didn't become active due to rp opportunities in other sites, but I’ve decided to give this one a try!~ Building an 1x1 was my idea to get used to everything here, as jumping face-forward into a group would be quite confusing, so I hope that everything will end well. Without further ado, it's time to make a proper introduction.

[dash][bg=#404040]• Here on Iwaku I’m Pato-ki, but you may also know me as either Meias or Ori. They are my most known pseudonyms, feel free to choose your favourite ^^

• I'm willing to rp on forums, through PM, on discord, DA notes and docs~

• I live in Brazil, which means my timezone is UTC:-3 and that I also speak portuguese. I’m comfortable with roleplaying with both my mother language and english.

• I usually write in third person and past tense, and I’m not used to change this. Plus, I love to write, which means my responses can vary from 3 paragraphs to 8+. It will depend on my partner tbh, if they (or in this case, maybe you *wink*) are comfortable with such length or not. I am adaptable to different styles, but I simply can't play with one-liners.

• I have classes on the other side of my city. I take about an hour to get there, then four of classes, then another to get back. Since I also need to eat, work in commissions and (sometimes) sleep, this means that I don't have much free time. I work on my replies as I have time, meaning that I may not send an answer everyday. I can promise you, though, that on the worst of cases at least once a week there’ll be something ready.

• I like to play primarily with males, but I enjoy being female characters as well. The choice will mostly depend the genre of the rp, and if we’ll be able to play multiple characters or not.

• In regards of fandom rps, I only like to play as canon characters. Plus, if romance were to be included, canonxcanon relationships always. (Note: The legend of zelda is the only exception of the two phrases above. I actually like to play as OCs on the game’s world.)
- It's also important to note that I’m a multishipper meaning that even tho I do have a few favourites, I still like most of the pairings. A list of those will be listed on one of the tabs below.

• I like most kind of genres! Meaning that if none of the plots below caught your attention, you are more than welcome to suggest something if you are interested on rping with me.

• In regards to romance, I’m mostly looking for MxMs. FxM and FxF are fine, but I’d prefer if they were background relationships.[/bg][/dash]

((Note: still interested on all if these ideas unless they're crossed out. ))

1) “Crimson Curtains": A supernatural setting on the middle of the XX century. A mix between the modern society and magical creatures: witches, werewolves, vampires and shapeshifters. On this rp I plan to develop the story surrounded on a bit heavier themes, such as a corrupt government, influential gangs and the subjects tied to those. More than that, the creatures described will also have a more “realistic” writing; which means no twilight shiny vampires nor the invincible and totally OP werewolves from certain books.

2)“In the middle of…”: A fantasy setting focused on travelers and merchants who live in the middle of the desert, a lot of inspiration to this plot came from the Western Asia's culture. Within this setting I found a couple of plots that we could discuss about ^^
2.1) This one is if you'd rather stick with a fantasy-only setting. The species would be the basic ones that are commonly seen on rpgs and D&D campaigns: elves, orcs, humans... We'll be a troupe of nomad merchants, surviving and traveling on the arid desert. Very open worldly, exploring and what not.
2.2)This other idea will match more if you like mythology as well. I was thinking about including a Djinn to the history. (If you don't know what they are, the most resumed explanation would say that they are some kind of genie) Basically, Muse A (who is maybe a magician) would find the black market they were searching for. They end up buying an eccentric oil lamp, and with it a prohibited spell. Later, reciting the ancient words, they end up summoning the entity. Of course we can change the way that the djinn is found. Maybe the words were carved on a hidden cave, or they learned through a black magic conjurer? Idk, it's open to discussions~

3) “Myths”: The setting’s era is of an ancient earth, with a feudal mindset and consequently low technology. A polytheistic society where gods, humans and other magical creatures live in apparent harmony. The lowest ranked gods, or simply the ones more tied to humanity, live on temples that match their hierarchy. I don't have much else to say besides that I’m a sucker for mythology and that I’d love to mix existing tales to make an “original” religion. Besides, the plot would change depending on which kind of character we would like to create. Just a few example if what we could play as: kitsunes, fire entities, yokai, ghosts, angels, demons, etc etc etc Not to forget the many jobs that a human could have. Acolyte, guard, merchant...

-This was initially a Naruto AU but I decided to make it friendly to OCs as well xD ((If you're interested on the original version, please say so and I’d be more than glad to talk to you about it))

4) Left to die (zombies)
It's the start of the apocalypse, only two days into an unbelievable situation. The city is being evacuated, but there's no space enough for the first two trucks, which leads to our characters being obliged to stay behind the city walls, surviving on the middle of chaos, while hoping that more would come as promised. Though, with no kind of previous preparation, it'll be difficult to know what to do.

5) "Ties": Muse A has been having a lot of nightmares lately. Though the subject and theme changes, they always get confronted by a strange creature. The appearances change every time, and yet, Muse A somehow knows (or rather feels) that it's always the same entity. Days come and go and their relationship changes. Inside the reality on their sleep, Muse A and the creature start to chat, the nightmares getting less problematic. Until one day they discover that the creature is actually a demon, tied to their thoughts and subconscious. An offer appears between them, the creature wants get free from their chains.


[tab=My Fandoms]
The Walking Dead (Game)
The Legend of Zelda

(( in no particular order ))

~ My favourites:
McHanzo, Genyatta, Anahardt, Widowtracer, Reaper76, Roadrat
- A+:
McGenji, ZaryaMei, Pharmercy, Pharsymm

Naruto (aka prepare to ship hell)
~ My favourites:
Zabuhaku, Kakuhida, Sasodei, Nagato/Yakiko/PainxKonan, Kisaita, ChoKarui, Shikatema
- A+:
LeeGaa, NaruHina, Sasunarusasu, KibaHina, ObiDei?, Kankukiba, KakaIru, SakuIno, TenTema(?), Hashimada
/ No:
Sasuhina, sasusaku(platonic is okay tho)


What I'm looking for

a) Someone who is understandable and patient. I'll try my best to answer at least once a day, but life can get in my way, what will slow down the post frequency a little. Of course, I'll also understand if for some reason you'll need to stay away for some time.

b)Someone who is willing to discuss the plot at least a little. I'm not really a fan of guiding the entire plot by myself, I really like to discuss events and quirks with my partners.

c) Is older than 16+ years old. Honestly, the best option would be to be a redstar like me, but I don't think that a small gap between us would really bother an rp. Except for smexy times ofc, if you want that, you must be 18 or older.

d) Not necessarily talkative, but someone who wouldn't mind some OOC from time to time. I love to chat and comment scenes when the roleplay is getting interesting.

* That's it! Thanks for the interest and for reading until here! Just call me on this thread to discuss a plot~
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I'm interested in myths idea you have :)


omg zelda.

I love Zelda.

Can we do a Zelda thing? :o
Yeah, we could! Do you have anything in mind (such as plots or if you'd rather use OCs and/or canon characters)? Please PM me so we can discuss the details~


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I would like the plot idea "Ties" if you're still available!
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