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Gang Wars

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by The Tragedy, Jan 20, 2017.

  1. Yes, always is, however there are just grunt spaces now
  2. Grunts? That's fine, could I make a scout then?
  3. Yes we do need scouts.
  4. Scout1.jpg
    Name: Akira Kimura

    Affiliation: Hyde

    Age: 18

    Gender: Male

    Species: Human mage

    Weapon of Choice: Katana

    Backstory: When you think of someone that killed their first man by the age of 13, what do you think? A violent person? Someone who’s insane? Erratic? No, none of these words fit Akira. He’s a special case, an enigma like none other. Unlike many kids, Akira wasn’t raised by his parents, Akira’s father was never by his side and his mother died due to a house break in one night while he was visiting a relative. Due to this he lived with his Uncle and aunt and their two kids. He’s the oldest of the bunch, so the other two usually refer to him as older brother.

    For much of his early years he lived a happy life, but like all golden eras, it came to an end when his Aunt and uncle fell into tough times with debt. Although his Uncle and Aunt ran a good shop, they couldn’t make enough money to raise their children and pay off the debt and they needed a miracle. Lucky enough for them, they had an extra child that was in their debt. A young man at the age of 12, he was sold off to a local gang known as Hyde and lucky enough for him, the leader seemed to want him to do normal jobs. Pick pocket, carjacking, and spotting things that were unusual. All in which he was paid quite well for, but that wasn’t enough for Akira.

    He hadn’t given up on living a normal life, just because he was involved in crime didn’t mean he couldn’t be a student at school. So he went back to school enrolling as the previous leader’s son. It was a hard balance at first, but it quickly shifted by the time he was 13, when he was carrying out actual murders for hire. The money that came in allowed for him to focus on school and extracurricular and even more bizarre things in life. Like his innate abilities to cast wind spells, which he learned by watching one of his many targets. He got the man to teach him for six months before convincing him to flee the city. By the time of 16 he was a star student, an excellent mage, and the president of the gardening club. It wasn’t much after that the previous leader was killed and Akira needed to buckle down, resorting to home schooling and practicing in swordsmanship as it was obvious things had changed. Even with these changes, Akira seems to maintain a calm and collected attitude to it all. He still smiles quite a lot and is very diligent in his gardening. Actually, his garden is his one sensitive spot or so it seems.

    Role: Grunt -> Scout
  5. Approved
  6. I see this is still open!
    one question: are there any species that are/aren't allowed?
  7. Well i do not think that there is any Creature that aren't allowed. we got a phoenix after all.
  8. Awesome! Now that I'm accepted what do I do next? I'm fairly new to Iwaku so I'm not 100 on the rping etiquette.
  9. I'd wager a guess that if Innocentthorns doesn't come back the spot would be open. For Relations I'm pretty sure. But that's not up to me. I just work here.
  10. "Some people are good at making witty one-liners. Me? I'm good at putting said people down." ~Jason Winters

    Name: Jason Winters, AKA "Jaywalker" ("Don't think too much about it...")
    Affiliation: The Hyde
    Age: 27? ("Give or take a couple of centuries and you'll be spot on.")
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human? ("It's complicated...Just like my marital status.")
    Weapon of Choice: His fists for close range and a silenced Beretta M9 for long range. It couldn't get any more simple than that.
    As odd as it may sound, nothing is known about Jason Winters. He can't be found anywhere in the civil records, has no family to speak of, no place of residence, nothing. Asking him directly usually ends with him dodging the question, most of the time by making snide remarks about the matter at hand. All in all, he is a complete mystery. If hearsay is to be believed, he had just suddenly appeared in the Hyde's HQ , and just as quickly, he got enlisted as a Spy, with no questions asked.

    However as it may be, during the first few weeks as a member of the Hyde, Jason has shown to be extremely proficient at breaking into places that were previously deemed unbreachable, and getting out without making a noise. Need to have a valuable piece of intel locked away in a high-security vault stolen? Jason is your man. Need a rival gang member kidnapped? Child's play. Some pervert stole your undergarments? Now that's where he draws the line. In short, if there is something that requires subtlety and finesse, Jason is up for the task.

    In a social enviroment, Jason usually comes off as a laid-back and nonchalant person, to the point of appearing outright lazy. This, coupled with his apparent lack of enthusiasm for the Hyde and it's motives, Jason is not exactly well received among his superiors, with whom he frequently likes to engage in "friendly" sessions of mutual bickering. Nonetheless,despite his apparent conflicts with authority figures, Jason is overall a rather easy-going and friendly individual who is willing to go to extreme lengths to help those in need, regardless of their species or affiliations.

    Traits and skills

    As the master of shadows, Jason has a wide array of tricks and skills hidden up his sleeve, including (but not limited to): pickpocketing, lockpicking (be it mechanical or electric locks, nothing can stand ; while he is also able to open some arcane-powered locks, sometimes the results can be...hazardous), breaking and entering, and of course, freerunning in all its glory.

    However, while his expertise in the field leaves little room for dispute, there is another side to Jason that not many people are aware about, which is that Jason is not... entirely human. While he may not be a vampire or a shapeshifter, there are certain things that set him apart from your everyday Joe:

    - He has shown to possess a strong healing factor, being able to fully recover from an otherwise mortal wound in in a short period of time, which renders him almost unkillable. The only exception, however, is his brain; once it's destroyed, then it's a one-way ticket to Hell for him. Furthermore, the time it takes to heal a given wound varies based on its severity; while a stab wound or a clean shot can heal in a matter of seconds, shrapnel and any other fragments stuck in his body need to be manually removed in order to heal (which can be quite troublesome if said fragment is deep within the body). And let's not even talk about fire and chemical burns; Jason still has nightmares about those ones. It is unknown what is the source of his healing ability, and Jason refuses to talk about it, calling it "a small trade secret of [his]".

    - Jason has incredibly fast reflexes, which allows him to dodge bullets with relative ease. However, once the big guns come into play (be it machine guns, SMGs, or anything that is small and with an extremely high fire rate), without proper cover Jason'll have more cavities than a piece of swiss cheese.

    - Due to his expertise as a master burgar, he has developed a very keen attention to detail. Thus, this allows him to spot things which are usually hard to see to the naked eye: traps, switches, hidden stashes, portrait peepholes, among others. He is also trained to pick up quiet noises in the enviroment, a must-have skill if your goal is to blend with the shadows...

    -If rumors are to be believed, Jason possesses a much higher muscle strength than it would be expected from an average human of his complection. While he may not be able to lift open a metal gate, he certainly can bend a hole in it big enough to fit through. Or pull a locked door open. Or break free from shackles. Or shatter bones. Or open a very sturdy can of beans, if the mission calls for it. Despite all this, Jason seldom relies on his strength alone during battle, opting instead for speed and wits to owerpower his enemy.

    Role: Grunt-Spy
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  11. @Aravhorn
    My character is in charge of The Hyde, message me here or on Discord should you join us there.
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  12. [​IMG][​IMG]
    Name: Maribella Avril King-Swan
    —nicknames— Maks (from initials, prefers this), Bella (only by a few)
    —"title"— Nightmare ('Mare for short though she hates it)
    Affiliation: La Sangre
    Age: 27 physically, biologically in her mid-fifties
    Gender: Female
    Species: Werewolf (shapeshifter)
    Weapon of Choice: Her main weapon is her ability to shapeshift to a large, dark-coated wolf, therefore teeth and claws. In her human form though she is skilled with most rifles and handguns. She also carries a set of batons that can conjoin to form a bo-staff.
    Weapons (open)
    SIG-Sauer P238 Nightmare Micro-Compact
    This Sig is a semi-automatic pistol with a 9mm caliber. The Nightmare is very small and compact, easily concealable. Maks keeps this weapon on her at all times, tucked in a nylon holster wrapped around her waist in front of her midsection. Like all of her firearms, the gun is full black and has few engravings on it, save for the one on either side of the barrel that says "Nightmare." This is her signature weapon.
    SIG-Sauer P226 MK25
    Mostly used by the United States' Navy SEALS, Maks uses this larger combat handgun for field work, one of her last resorts if worse comes to worst. It is all black but unlike the P238 it does not have any engravings. She carries this weapon in a holster strapped up high on her left thigh.
    M249 Paratrooper SAW
    This is a hand held combat machine gun that Maks carries on her back all the time in her uniform. It's more compact than the usual SAW and lighter as well. With the capability of 85 rounds of sustained fire, a maximum effectiveness range of a little over half of a mile or full range of 2 and a quarter, this is a deadly weapon in the hands of the marksman.
    Barrett M82A1M
    A semi-automatic rifle Maks also carries frequently on her back like the M249. While it's range can be upwards of 4 miles, unfortunately she only carries and uses one magazine. With other mags to carry she rarely uses this unless it's a dire emergency.
    On her right thigh there is a pouch carrying two batons, silver with black handles and rings. One of the batons has a silver part jutting out, and that part easily slips into the other to form one long bo-staff.

    Appearance: Maks, as she likes to be called aside from Nightmare, is a lithe and limber young woman; she is quite muscular. She stands at five feet, nine inches tall in her human form and weighs about 125 pounds; in her wolf form she is an abnormal three feet tall at the shoulder and she weighs around 180 pounds.Under the mask and tactical uniform is a curvaceous form, cool ivory skin tone, full rosy lips, and lightly pronounced cheekbones. Her eyes are a green color with a blueish hue, the color of blue focusing more around her pupil and the green focusing around the outer ring of the iris. In her wolf form she has a dark, grey or black pelt, thick and weather resistant. Her eyes still retain their green-blue color in wolf form.
    — extra images— (open)

    Standard tactical uniform

    Image made by me thanks to heromachine.com

    Off-work style (always with mask)
    More wolf pics (but with green-blue eyes

    Once upon a normal life, Maribella was born the healthy, beautiful princess to a lovely mother and a strong, hardworking father, the King family. They lived in a decent, mid-sized urban home; her father and mother had steady, good paying jobs, her mother in medicine and father in technology; she was getting a good education. Her father though had some problems. Problems that would be the end of his life. The money he was being paid at his job was hardly enough to contribute, so he took up some extra and even illegal work trying to do what his father before him did: support his family. He sold the most up-to-date technology and information to the gang. When her father started moving up and being promoted to better positions, the gang wanted to be paid back or keep him working for them. When he refused to do either, he took the first opportunity his job gave him to move out of state and take his family with him. Not three months later, her father was caught in a tragic, freak car "accident."

    It would be another year when Maribella's mother remarried to another man, a highly respected and well known business entrepreneur. When news of the newly wed couple made headlines, the gang--now well known, high tech, and lead by an extremely intelligent young woman--decided it was time to exact some more revenge. The house they lived at was set on fire. Maribella made it out of the house only to be captured by the gang. Maribella, known as Maks based on her initials, was only six years old at the time, but the gang leader began training her. The young girl that grew up into one of the most highly advanced assassins was the fruit of their labor. As emotionless as the young woman grew up to appear to be, her fury burned and raged like the memory of burning orange tongues devouring her family in her mind. So, when the gang leader discovered the serum that would make a super-soldier, blending human and wolf DNA, and used the serum on Maks, she snapped. That day was the end of the gang; not one member was left alive.

    Maks' body and mind took to the serum quickly; the serum amplified her strength, her speed, endurance, and senses, but it amplified her personality too. Her personality over the years had developed to be nothing good. It wasn't something that could be defined because, essentially, it was nothing. She had never been allowed to voice her opinions or thoughts, express herself in any way, or even speak at all unless spoken to or given permission to do so; she had no personality to her because she depended on orders. However, that didn't mean the instant the serum took over her mind, it didn't find her desire for revenge on her family's death. She released her vengeful self without mercy on the gang, ripping them all apart until blood bathed every inch of her black pelt. After that flame burned itself out, she was left empty, only finding she was good for one job: fighting and killing.

    For about four years, when she was already in her mid-twenties, she took numerous mercenary jobs, being a high-class gun-for-hire. She was renowned in many places around the States for her skills; she even worked with the old leader of La Sangre when he was in charge of the gang. And the single ability that's origins were never discovered were legendary. Her ability baffled the minds of the scientists of the mid-1970s. One rare occurrence she never wants to talk about is the day she was captured by the US government and, for everyone's safety, she was put in cryosleep. For thirty years she was kept in a frozen state in a bunker in the middle of the Montana wilderness, untouched and unexplored for decades until a wildfire tore through the area and burned the place down. It took a while but she escaped from the cryosleep. She considered making a normal life for herself, and she did that for another ten years but every other few years she would defect and revert to her old ways. Finally she decided a normal life wasn't something she could maintain long term and became a mercenary again, now called Nightmare.

    Now back to work, she began taking some jobs from La Sangre again. Finally she just quit the mercenary business and went to work under La Sangre, seeing as she found a purpose of sorts there when she really became a lackey again. Her feelings were conflicting as she wasn't sure if she should be an "errand girl" for the order or go off and do some good for the Hyde.

    Role: Grunt >> Brute

    Faceclaim is Stana Katric as Kate Beckett from Castle (ABC TV show).
    She may or may not defect/try to defect at some point if that's okay with you. Let me know if something should be changed.
  13. thank you!
    also the invite expired and I don't have Discord :\
  14. Here: Discord

    Never expires. Also, discord is fantastic. Low GPU load, virus free, it's free as a daisy, and is really well made and still very well supported. Highly recommend it. It's Skype but 10 times better.

  15. Is this still open for recruits?
  16. ^I'm pretty sure it is. @DreamsAfterDeath