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  1. Hello! I'm Neo! I've been roleplaying for about....two years now, and mostly in group roleplays. I've been wanting to try my hand at 1x1, though, and so this search was born.

    Of course, I do have some rules and preferences.
    1. I do RP romances, though some I'd rather have a brother/sister, parent/child, or a platonic relationship instead. And if I do RP romance, I'd rather have it well developed.
    2. Iwaku rules still apply.
    3. This is not in the blue star section for a reason. I don't do smut or sex-centric roleplays.
    4. I play as the female usually, but I will RP as the male if I get asked nicely enough.
    5. Please, post at least once every five days. I can be as quick as 20 minutes after your post to as slow as 5 days after your post, depending on how busy I am. But 5 days max.
    6. Don't drop out without telling me, and I won't do it to you.
    7. In case of a fandom plot, I will not play any canon characters. Sorry.
    8. I'd like to have a long-term partner, so if that's not your forte, this isn't the place for you.
    9. I do fantasy and sci-fi, and appreciate plots or prompts you can think of.
    10. I want someone who is willing to help with building the plot and can help keep the RP going.
    11. Please, use good grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
    12. I expect at least two well-developed paragraphs. Absolutely no one liners.
    13. You must be able to play multiple characters if the plot requires.
    14. 3rd person, past tense only.
    15. I would like a small CS, as well as any picture you can find, before we start RPing.
    16. I roleplay over PMs only.

    Below are my pairings, as well as a few plots I had in mind. Note that several pairings can be used with either fantasy or SciFi. And I appreciate suggested pairings and plots as well.

    Things I am craving are with asterisks (*). The more asterisks, the more I'm craving it.

    The role I would play is in italics and on the left.

    Dragon x rider*
    Thief X bounty hunter*******
    Thief X thief*
    Prey X Hunter**
    Dragon X dragon**
    Prisoner X captor**
    Prisoner X rescuer*****
    Thief X Prince****
    Revolutionary X soldier****
    Soldier X revolutionary*
    Mythical creature X human***
    Human X mythical creature***
    Dragon X slayer***
    Rouge X knight*******

    1. (Prisoner X rescuer) You are an armed thief breaking into a rather large mansion. However, once you go downstairs, you are suprised to find a hidden room with several locks, sealed tight. And, inside, you find a child locked in a well as an operating table and lots of medical equipment. The girl, seeing your weapon, begs you to kill her. What will you do?
    2. (Dragon X slayer) You've done it. You've finally found the dragon that many said was unbeatable. But as you walk into her lair, you can't seem to find her. But you do find a nest with a single egg. Before you can decide what to do, the mother returns. Will you kill her? And if you do, what will you do with her offspring? (Don't have a full plot for this one)
    3. (Dragon X dragon) You are prowling your territory one day when you scent that another dragon has intruded. Angered, you begin the search, only to find the other dragon severely wounded and on the brink of death. What is your reaction? (Again, no full plot)
    4. (Thief X bounty hunter) There is a well-known thief in your area that you have been hired to catch and bring in alive. Once you do so, however, and on the journey to your employer, she begins to tell you her life story...with a little prompting from yourself, of course. Once you hear it, what is your reaction? Do you sell her out as planned? Or do you help her escape? (Can be SciFi or fantasy)
    5. (Revolutionary X soldier) You are a soldier that is trying to stop a revolution shrouded in mystery. It had seemed the citizens were happy under the rule of your leader, but now they had gone and done this. Rather confusing, to say the least. During a battle, you manage to capture one of the lead revolutionaries, but when you take her back for interrogation and imprisonment, you learn that the revolution- and the old system- is not all that it seems. Who will you side with? And can the two of you put an end to the war that's been raging for far too long? (Preferred to be SciFi, but I'm flexible)
    6. (Thief X Prince) You are a prince and head of the guardsmen training to be the next ruler. However, the kingdom has been facing several thefts of priceless artifacts in the last few months. You manage to catch a thief red handed and it ensues in a chase, with you ultimately winning. During the interrogations, you learn that all is not as it seems, and the thieveries are all connected, with a dark plan to take over the monarchy. What will you do? (Fantasy only, will most likely get reallllllly dark, probably have torture)
    7. (SlaveXOwner) You are a man on a mission and need someone to accompany you on said mission/quest. Unfortunately for you, you have no friends or family, and are often viewed as strange or even dangerous to be around so no one is willing to go with you. So you buy some help/company from the slave market instead. (Fantasy setting)
    8. (TargetXAssasin/Merc) You are a famous mercenary, notorious for never missing a kill. Unexpectedly, one day you are approached by the government to hunt down and kill what looks to be an innocent teenage girl. You accept the mission anyway, because why not? It won't hurt you to do it. But all is not as it seems, and after evading you for a while you finally get her cornered and are faced with a choice.....kill her and finish your job.....or find out why exactly they want her dead. (Modern/Dystopian, will likely include superpowers or the like)
    How to Train Your Dragon
    OC X OC (human or dragon)
    OC X canon

    OC X OC
    OC X canon

    Minecraft (because of reasons)
    OC X OC (player or mob)
    OC X canon

    The Lunar Chronicles
    OC X OC
    OC X canon

    Anyway, if you're interested, you can post here or PM me! I hope to hear from someone soon!!
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  2. Still looking!
  3. Hey! I would certainly be interested in a one on one with you. Many of your plot ideas and pairings catch my eye (specifically the thief and bounty hunter idea or the prisoner and rescuer) and I myself am a huge fan of sci-fi and fantasy stories.
  4. PMed you! Still looking, would like one or two more people.
  5. I'd be interested in Dragon x Slayer / Rider!
  6. Okay, cool! I'll PM you!

    Still looking for partners.
  7. Still searching.
  8. thief and prince. let's do it
  9. I'm interested in the plots with dragon s or thief x bounty hunter.
  10. Still open.
  11. Oooh, I am interested in Revolutionary x Soldier.
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  12. Still open.
  13. BOOPER dooper *waves arms* still open! Craving ThiefxPrince at the minute.
  14. Hi, I just happen to have found your thread. I like the sound of the TheifxPrince then seen you are craving it. If your interested just let me know.
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  15. Added a new pairing and plot, currently really craving it. ^.^
  16. Beep boop still open
  17. Is the Fantasy variant of Thief x Bounty hunter still available ? If so I'd like to go for it. You can PM me if you want to give me a chance :)
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  18. I'm up for a dragon RP. c:
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