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Hey, so it's been a while since I've posted here on the 1x1 page (aside from responding to pre-existing RPs I've got going on).

Having just graduated, I want to take advantage of my free time. I'm not craving anything super specific, so I thought I'd throw out some themes that I'm into and go from there. Hopefully I can find another person or two to get something great going!

About me:
- I've been roleplaying since high school. Now I am a recent graduate of college. I'm always trying to expand my writing, challenge myself and create enough realism in a roleplay with strong character dynamic and descriptiveness. Because of this I strive for long term plots!

-I'd like to think I'm pretty friendly and love to have some form of roleplay partner friendship. So chances are I'll say hi from time to time and talk about the plot and what's going on, mostly because it's fun and it gets my creative gears going, and lastly I think the more creative ideas come from OOC conversation.

-I am a multi-paragraph poster. It's very rare for me to only post one paragraph. If it does happen, chances are that it's a scene that is very fast paced and requires a lot of back and forth dialogue. Most other times, I like anywhere from two large paragraphs, to three-five normal ones. But above all else, quality over quantity always seems to work. Don't feel that you have to push yourself for the sake of length whatsoever! If we RP, I'm sure we'll fall into a good rhythm and pace :).

-Sometimes I might talk and map out plot. I know some people don't like this or feel that it takes away from the magic and surprise of the RP, but I feel that a strong plot can be pre-planned loosely, especially if it's a serious plot point such as major character death or iffy topics. I love surprises and sometimes surprising a RP partner, but if it's something I might be iffy about I'll likely bring it up to get the A-OK so I don't bombard you with a twist.

On to the fun things!

What I personally like:
-Mostly M/M. I've found it's my favorite when it comes to romance or pairing roleplays of any kind. I'm not really into the yaoi(seme/uke) anime/manga kind of dynamic though so I prefer not to call it that. I'm not as experienced in writing F/F, but I don't see it being any more or less challenging. If you've got something specifically for F/F then shoot me a message and run it by me.

-I am also open to the idea of the genderfluid, nonbinary, androgynous, and gender ambiguous.

-Historical. I enjoy past roleplays quite a bit for a number of reasons. It gets me researching a lot for accuracy! This includes Old West, 20s, 40s, WWII, 50s, 60s, Berlin Wall, etc. If it's ancient civilizations I might not be able to get into as much as I don't know as much immediate history.

-Fantasy. I can get into fantasy since it's a non-modern setting. I've done a lot of royalty roleplays and would love to take that and spice it up somehow.

-Power Struggle

-Slice of Life. I'm still getting familiar with the genre, but depending on the sort of conflicts and characters it could be neat.

-Apocolyptic. I don't do these often, but it could be cool to see what someone can offer with this, so I'll throw it in too.

-Religion. Be it as a conflict or a comfort. I like world building, including fictional religions.

-Dark themes!!! - I can't stress enough how much I love dark themes. I can range from fluffy to very M. I'm very open minded when it comes to roleplays. Don't be afraid to ask me about an idea, no matter how weird or janked you think it might be. If I'm not into it, we can always tweak or adjust.

-Tribes!!! I have a vague idea for this if anyone is interested in war, cannibals, or general bloodshed.


-Dark Carnival

-Witches/Witchcraft/Wizards (or male-'witches')


Monsters (either a theme or human/monster)

-I've never done a roleplay involving aliens or alien-like characters. Depending on what the plot is about, I'm opening up to the idea.

Things I am not into at the moment:
-Highschool. Sorry if anyone loves this. It's very hard for me to get into a high school setting.
-Vampires. I've actually got one going on. I love vamps but I've also done a lot in the past.
-Anime/Manga style

I'll put a little disclaimer now that I do not post every day. If you are able to respond in a day or less, by all means go for it! I usually am able to crank out a post every few days or so, but I will always try my best to let my partners know if I'll be delayed.

That's about it for now. The fastest way for me to notice a reply is through PM! I always forget to check the comments on these things so I'm sorry if that happens.