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Gang Wars

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by The Tragedy, Apr 11, 2017.

  1. He sighs hearing this as he looks at her. "...Yeah fuck me...i was wrong...we can keep talking about this when ever you want.." he says as he looks over her. "...I'm not going to touch you...but i need to know where you are hurting.." he says kneeling down in front of her looking up at her. "..Come on Saharah...you can not work if i can't patch you up.."
  2. Saharah hated that he was right, but she just wanted him to disappear right now. He knew Apollo was a sensitive subject to her and hearing him speak like that to Otto just pissed her off. "...My neck and upper back." She said after a moment of silence. Otto had been able to do quite a lot of damage. Maybe she should have Otto look at it, he said he would. She couldnt stand Sebastian face right now. He just annoyed her. If he touched her she would break his hand of shove his head up his own ass.
  3. "....I'm the best doctor here Saharah...please." he sighs a bit as he holds out a hand. "...Place your hand in mine......" he knew she was probebly going to hurt him. but at the moment he did not care much. "...Just do it and try to calm down....i need to check your neck...okay?"
  4. Saharah just glared at the hand in front of her. She had told him not to try anything. "I dont want to." She told him with a growl but eventually gave in and placed her hand in his. Oh how she hated him right now. If he said one more wrong thing he was going to regret it fucking big time. Why did Otto have to hurt her neck? She just wanted to go to her room and punch a pillow or something just to vent. Sebastian sure as hell wasnt helping. "Just get it over with."
  5. Sebastian slowly made his way around slowly starting to look over her neck. "...." he did not say anything. for now he was going to play his cards. no reason to make her even more mad. He sighs as he would slowly start pushing on a part of her neck trying to crack it a bit. "...Stay calm...."
  6. Knox laid in bed until he heard the slamming of the door and watched Saharah. He sat and watched the whole scene layout. "Saharah you doing good there? It looks like you got into a shiet storm against a bear or something." Knox said laughing a little.
  7. Saharah let Sebastian work on her neck and felt him push a soar spot, but she didnt move or make sound. "I am calm." She growled softly at the medic and looked at Knox who seemed to happily be chilling in bed. "You could say something like that." She told the sniper. "Did some sparring with Otto. He almost broke my neck." She explained and looked at her arms, she was covered in bruises, her face probably wasnt any better, but at least she had drawn first blood which she was happy about.

  8. Knox laughed a little bit. "Hell of a deathwish you have then. I rather fight a goddamn tank then Otto." He said laughing and then reached over and grabbed the knife from the side table to fiddle around with. "You know if you wanted to die i can just put you down now if you want." He said with a slight giggle.
  9. Sebastian looks at Knox. "I will end you if you get more blood on the floor." he says as he was still cracking around her neck. "....That should be better." he says as he slowly moves around and places his hands gently on her cheeks looking over her nose and face. "....Nothing seems broken..." he says in a calm voice as his dumb smile comes back. "Hehe...Well...you should still rest. and take this." he gets some painkillers as he sighs. "...now get to your room okay?" he says looking at her.
  10. Knox laughed at the threat. "Alright fine." He said placing the knife back down. "... now get to your room okay." Sebastion said to Saharah. "Hey doc since your done with her can i get your assistance for a quick second." Knox said with a smile.
  11. (I can't wait any longer to post.)
    After getting fixed up and checked by Anastacia, Allison decided to head out yet again. However, this time she made sure that she grabbed her ear piece, just in case something were to go down. She shifted into a silver and midnight wolf, one eye blue and one gray. She carried the bottle of wine to Desdemona's room gently in her jaws, setting it down next to the door and pawing at the door slightly. She then padded towards the exit, planning on gathering some info for herself, at the very least.
  12. Sebastian looks over at Knox slowly walking over. "Of course...what is it you need?" he says kneeling down looking over him. he then quickly looked back at Saharah "Only take two pills a day...kay?" he says with the dumb smile as he looks back at Knox. "What is it you need Mr Knox?"
  13. Knox flipped the knife around and pointed to the blade of the knife. "The blade is coated in some type of toxin im guessing, are you skilled enough to figure it out for me?" Knox said keeping his hand on the handle but leaving enough room for Sebastion to grab the handle. "It would be highly appreciated if you could cause this isnt the last time we are going to see that shape shifter." He said tilting his head a little bit towards him.
  14. Sebastian grabs the blade and looks over it. ".....It's a bit thick...the color is...very..." he blinks as he stands up quickly. "Did you get any on you?" he says as he puts it on a table taking out a small vial of clear liquid. He would pour some on the blade seeing if it was toxic or poisonous or anything. "...." if it turned blue it was toxic, black poisonous and gray if it really was nothing.
  15. "No i didn't gladly she seemed to hit everything but be she didnt want to kill me." Knox explained to him.
  16. Sebastian sighs as it was taking a lot longer than he expected. "...Good...Well..how are you feeling..need anything..painkillers?" he says looking over at Knox as he chuckles. "..and you got beaten by a girl..right?"

    Annie was in the training room just punching a dummy. she had been working for an hour or so already. she was working out her anger. "...." they where at war after all. she needed to be ready. The door to the room was open as she did not care about anyone walking inside.
  17. Xie finally finished her research and left notes and orders spread across her desk. Multicolored sticky notes with dates dating as far back as the day when she joined this merry group had been posted randomly all over the room. It seemed that it had originated from her desk, where the greater amount of stickies were, and had spread out over time. There were even notes on the ceiling. To anyone else, this was chaos but to her this was order. And to this "order" she added yet another note to join the many on her door. Some might have worried about spies infiltrating and nabbing some but to Xie it mattered not. After all, it was all coded using a special code her former master had thought up. The chances of it being decoded by anyone other than her and perhaps Sebastian was extremely low.

    After making a few calls, she took a quick bath and dressed into something fairly modern yet familiar feeling. It was what she called a modified Hanfu.

    Modified Hanfu (open)

    This little lolita dress was knee length and cool colored to combat her fiery nature that could literally set fire to almost anything at any time. It gave off a serene calming effect that tended to affect not only her but most around her. To top the outfit off. She added a few hair accessories and strapped her Jian to her back before she made her way out to Akira's garden to nab something sweet.

    Although she'd never admit it, she was too worried to eat earlier, unsure if the leader and his second would return in one piece or not. Still, it wasn't like she could just tag along. Thus, upon reaching the garden, she strolled right over to an apple tree and claimed one, shining it to perfection.

    "Mmn.. Some berries would also be nice. Perhaps some crepes in the morning.."
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  18. Allison broke into a run, grinning as she heard her paws thumping on the ground, one after the other in a very quick pace. She'd be near the Hyde's base in no time if she kept up her speed. Her blue eye was focused on her surroundings, while her gray eye was focused more on where she was going, making sure she didn't trip over a rock or so. She slowed down and came to a halt as she neared an occupied looking building, padding behind a pile of rubble and shifting into a mouse. While most girls would hate being a rodent, Allison didn't mind.

    The liquid would turn black on the blade, showing it was poison. However, if inspected further, it would show that the poison wasn't deadly, it would only paralyze the victim.
  19. Knox laughed. "Naye actually more of a draw with it leaning more on my side. Stab the little ladie right in the chest before she gave me a cheap shot to the nogging. Knox spoke with a heavy irish accent. He cleared his throat before speaking again. "Sorry i get a little irish sometimes." Knox spoke in a way weaker accent.
  20. Sebastian chuckles. "Hehe..Yeah." he stands up again and slowly walks over to him. "It was Poisonous but...it would not have killed you." he sighs again. "...So want to stay here and rest or shall we get you to your room?" Sebastian smiles at him and then chuckles. "I can even change to Sasha if you rather have her pulling you along."