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  1. The inhabitants of the Balthazar star system have been in a planetary war for some 20 years now. While Kelmia was the one who call for war, no one knows why they wanted war or even why the other planets happily joined in the fight with each other. Only Mornova, the third planet in the system, obstinate from warfare. Declaring neutrality, Mornova welcomed anyone who wanted nothing to do with the war to come live on the lush and plentiful planet. Protected by their Goddess, Nahara, with an impenetrable force field the citizens and visitors of Morvona are safe from the endless war and violence. While the deities can communicate with each other easily through their mind links, the rest of the planet has strained communication with the rest of the system, due to regulations and safety protocol for the force field.

    Due to virtually radio silence apart from new refugees, the citizens and government officials grow restless. Not knowing what lays in the future, or if Morvona can truly stay out of the fight, a call for all officials and royal members to debate at a summit was made. While the higher ups argue at the capital of Selmore, Eulace, news and rumors alike traveled far and wide. All the way towards the center of the continent of Selmore, a bustling town of Enila are now catching whispers of the dealings at Eulace. Enila, while trying to continue its tradition of the honeybee festival, tries to keep calm. No one wants to go to war, but what if the government goes against Nahara like Kelmia’s Rebellion? Rumors are spreading like wildfire, but the festival pushes through.

    Tonight is the first night of the festivities. Lasting for three days, travelers come all the way from Avis to take part in drinking, dancing, and shopping themed around the valuable and delicious honey, only found in the Dew forest. Our journey starts of in the town square, lit up with strung up lantern lights, fireflies, and large Ruby fixtures that float around the square. In the center is home to an ancient tall tree that gives fruit when in season, decorated with the same ruby lights, but imbedded into the trunk. It is the end of summer, and the first sign of autumn was blowing lightly through the evening. The dual moons of Morvona were out and shinning, tonight would be the full moon, a sign of good omens for the townsfolk to have a festival. Stalls are being opened, shops and inns are welcoming guests and buyers in, and the opening ceremonies are about to begin.

    loose reference of Enila

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  3. [​IMG]
    A man stands on the edge of the red river bridge near Enila and watches as the town begin to come alive for the famous honeybee festival. His outfit consist of a very expensive suit with a matching top hat that had a Kelmia look to it." Magnificent isnt it?" The man says turning to a young woman who was also standing on the bridge admiring the view. The woman chuckles and returns a warm smile showing she was indeed intrested in a confontation with the man . who could blame her , Along with the expensive suit the man looked like a prince out of a story book . The man takes the womans hand and kisses it "where are my manners , i am Joseph Frey , a doctor from Tasrano, you may call me Doctor J"

    "If i should be so bold , would you honor me with a tour of this fine town? " the man asks holding out his arm. The girl smiles warmly as she takes the doctors arm and leads him towards the town. As they walk The man turns his head to look back at the bridge , a slight sinster smirk on his face as he thinks to his self. If the woman had looked down into the river from the bridge she would have seen the naked body he had just thrown into the river moments ago . After all it was the first night of the honey bee festival and Jokar wanted to dress to impress.

  4. Alia
    Had traveled for about 5 days now. Making her way from Eulace had proven to be an exhausting trip, and it did not help that she traveled mostly by foot. Her clothes were worn but still in good shape, but her feet could thank you once she found lodging for the festival. She was not going to dip into her saves for a weekend of debauchery. Luckily a nice couple heading to Zoria gave her a ride for most of the way, dropping her off south of the iconic Dew forest. Crossing the elaborately built bridge brought back many memories. She enjoyed how she saw people making new ones right here and now. Why she saw what looked like a nicely dressed gentleman asking a woman out of a first date. "How romantic" Alia accidentally said out of mouth as it happened. The sight almost allowed her to forget she almost didn't come. The Guild of Historical Research had refused to give Alia any more money other than a month advance for the trip, since her position there was still pending. Even though Alia graduated at the top of her class from Selmore University, the guild would not even rent her a carriage for the trip they suggested she go on. Alia was not too happy about the decision to cheap out on their part, but here she was in this now lively town of Enila. It was just a bright and inviting as she remembered it to be. The building may have not been as industrial and updated as the capitol or even the compounds in Tasrano, but they were warm and well kept. The Red River brought in a lot of business for this town. There were merchants still making shipments, even though the sun was setting. The crowd was buzzing with excitement, and Alia was feeling ever bit of it. It pushed her towards the middle of the town, were the square was beautifully lit and decorated with crystal lighting and hand-made honeybees. The children of the town must have been helping now, because that was a new feature for her.

    "Honey Ale here at the Tavern! All brewed from the local brew master of Enlia! Don't miss this year unique tasting Ale and sprites!" A husky voice was shouting from a well lit and large tavern marked as the Red River's Paradise. Though alcohol was not her thing, she loved the smell that wafted out the tavern. "Wait is that....." It was not the tavern that smelled to good. it was the bakery a new shops up the main road heading towards the square. Without much effort, Alia had reached the origin of the sweet smell. It was honey bread, freshly baked it seems, and on display in the window. A short elderly woman was inside. There were patrons inside, but it was surprisingly calm compared to the street outside. Alia stepped inside. "Just a moment dear, look around for anything that catches your eye. First pastry is on the house." Alia liked the sound of that. "Thank you" Alia replied to the woman. She was now in the window, like a child who has spotted candy, wide eyed trying to look for her first snack for the night.

    Mara had been in the town of Enila for two weeks now. How was suppose to be just a pass through became a longer than expect visit to the quaint town. She was there to pick up a custom made apothecary pack that would fit her supplies better than her makeshift one she had for a while. It was a necessary thing however. The pack she had coming to Morvona was a mere sack with her most important things. It has been almost two years since her coming to the planet and even though Mara had not found a place of her own she wanted to be able to roam around in comfort. Mara was not strapped for cash though, her marketable skills in healing and cooking as made her more than enough money to live well. Mara was in her room, at the Red River Paradise, a tavern and inn in Enila. The main hostess and owner of the Tavern was younger woman, Mara would guess in her early 30's. The woman was a strong and stern business savvy person that run her tavern very well. Mara had been staying there since she came, and has always stayed there when she passes through Enila.

    The Tavern owner, by the name Helen, had asked Mara to stay for the festival the week before. With no other plans she agreed to stay, and with a discount for the special ales that would be for sale during it. Mara looked outside her windows, she had rented the second biggest room available, and it had a great view of the town square. Mara was waiting for it all to start so she could enjoy it without all the pushing of the crowds. Opening the window wide, she pulled up her chair to sit and wait. Her room was very visible from this side of the building, since it was the tallest building on side side of the street. The only other building taller than Tavern in the area was the town hall, on the opposite side of the square itself. It tree mostly blocked her view of the hall, but it did not matter to Mara much, the tree was decorated with lights and crystals. It was a sight to see. All of her previous worries slowly melted away. " What a wonderful sight" Mara had could not remember the vegetation being so full of life on Kelmia. It was always dry, sharp, and full of things out to kill you. "I can learn to appreciate this" Mara whispered to herself, as if reassuring her of a better future.
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  5. <DION>
    Dion arrived in the town of Enila a month ago and spent most of his days filled with liquor. about two weeks ago an old couple who lived at the edge of the town was greeted by Dions wolf Shei who led the two to there shed where they had found Dion passed out and was dying from lack of nourishment. The the two helped Dion into there home and nursed him back to health. The two ran a smallbuisness in town that created a special type of honey elixir that was sold to surrounding businesses in Enila. To pay them back for giving him and his wolf a place to stay Dion has bin taking care of any chores that needed to be done and handled the delivery of there honey elixer. The two enjoyed Dions company since he reminded them of there own son who passed a few years ago, And quickly warmed up to Shei since she would always stay with the old woman when Dion and her husband would go out to gather honey and fire wood. Many of the the Enila towns folk have gotten to known the quiet man and his white wolf since he was always taking care of errands for the nice old couple, and Because of the war the many refugees would pass through the town in search of a new home , and occasionally there would be a few trouble makers from time to time. Since Enila is a peaceful town it lacked the need for law enforcement which made it eaiser for outsiders to do as they please. The old man Dion stayed with ,was one to take matters into his own hand and usually confronted any trouble makers , Those who did not comply with the olds man request to leave and even went as far as to use threats of violence were givin a little extra motivation by Dion and his white wolf.

    Since the old couples special elixir was used in some of the Red Rivers paradise for some of there special liquors Dion has gotten to known the tavern owner Helen who would occasionally tease Dion for being to quiet . On the Day of the first day of the Honeybee festival Dion was accompanying the old man to deliver a last minute orders of there honey elixir to some businesses . There first stop was the local bakery , " Ahh if it isnt my two favorite delivery boys" The bakery woman says as The old man and Dion enter the bakery.
    " Be a dear and place the bottles in the usual spot " she says as she helps a customer. Dion takes places his box down and takes a few bottles to place in the back , while the old man approches the counter . Noticing a young young woman who looking at the pastrys " you should try the ones filled with sweet honey" the old man suggested as he recieves his payment from the bakery woman. " will i be seeing you and your wife at the festival tonight marvin?"
    the bakery woman asks
    " after we take care of a few last minute orders , This is Dions first time attending the Festival and we want him to enjoy it" the old man says chuckling .
    " thats good , maybe this little working bee here will find himself a queen " Tbe bakery woman teases as she squeezes Dions cheek as he comes out from the back. " well i will see you two later on tonight " The baker woman says as she waves to them good bye . Before Dion leaves he walks up to the young woman at the counter and hands her two make shift sack shoes he had just made in the back since he noticed her shoes were damaged when they first arrived .

    " Next stop is the paradise " the old man says leading the way . Dion sighns knowing full well that he was going to be harassed by the tavern owner . when they arrive at the Tavern Dion stops at the front door . " may i wait outside " Dion asks not wanting to confront the Helen.
    " aww come now boy , shes not that bad" The old man says chuckling as he heads in side.
    "i think i rather take honey from a nest full of bees" Dion says under his breath as he follows the old man inside the tavern . "
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  6. Otto
    His heavy plate mail clanked together as he walked, his blade in it's sheath on his shoulder weighed on him as his feet pushed him forward. The man walked at a slow but indeed steady pace as he reminisced upon what had brought him here. He had gotten on world a scant week ago after getting through a rather nasty campaign, blood and bodies had littered the fields of the battles as the brutality of the war was ever increasing he himself had been the cause of some of that destruction after all his trade was the one of war craft. Fortunately for Otto the side he had been fighting for had won and thus he had been paid a rather handsome fee but for his troubles he had taken an arrow to his shoulder, most of the blow had been absorbed by his armor and only the tip of the arrow had broke through and poked him but it was enough for him to justify a...little vacation so he had made plans to come to Mornova, the one planet that seemed to be free from this war...for now.
    He had heard of the festival on Mornova in a town named Enila and figured that he would see what it was all about. Many others had passed him on the road to Enila some on foot like him and others in carriages, he walked into the town with some looks thrown his way as men and women in armor was not a regular sight here. He was tired so he began to look for the towns inn, after asking a few people for it's location he was pointed in the proper direction as well as the name of the place Red River Paradise. "There is always a inn." Otto thought briefly as he rounded the corner finding the inn, he walked inside and sat down at one of the tables to rest his weary legs.
  7. Asriel & Porter

    Enila was blooming with life - standard situation at the day of festival. Two people were busting through the crowds, trying to find somewhere to stay.
    "Porter! Why are you going so slow!" Young, but pretty adult boy said. He was dressed up in a neat grey shirt, loose black pants and on top of it a white cloak. Porter was a old - yet bold - man, dressed in a grey leather jacket, with blue shirt underneath and navy blue pants.
    "Your ma-"
    "Just Asriel" Annoyed voice of the boy interrupted, pinning through Porter with a stare. They were traveling for so long yet Porter didn't remember to call him Asriel.
    "Okay - Asriel - we need to continue our journey! Why do we stop in every town we-" Porter was about to start the same song he sang every single time they stopped to rest, as Asriel whispered under his breath.
    "Isn't it beautiful?" A small blue flower was gently lying on his hands. It was pretty rare to find blue colored flowers on this planet - Asriel usually adored navy colored type - so the boy was looking on a flower like it was some kind of treasure. Porter walked to him, looking on flower too. Deep sigh indicated that Porter wasn't angry anymore, as they continued their journey. But - Asriel's belly was patiently and furiously asking for food - they had to stop at some kind of tavern (as much as it was disgusting Porter).
    "Ugh - why couldn't we go to some different place than this?" Porter asked Asriel, in a pitched down voice. Asriel - maybe, a thousandth time - rolled his eyes.
    "Why you are so gentle?" The boy asked, adding afterwards with a wink "I thought that fighters supposed to be hotheaded~"
    "Asriel!" Porter gasped, burning Asriel with a sight. Their mood was much better now.
  8. GM POST

    Travelers and locals alike are gathering in their prospective places, as the energy of the festival fills the air in Enila. The local wares are being sold, drinks are foaming from the taps, and the bakery named "Pam's Baked goods" was teeming with customers. With friendly smiles and familiar faces, the old woman was happy to be there. Pam, with her youthful vigor managed to serve the long line was that forming at her counter. Potential customers continue to come in, including a young woman in lightly worn clothing that had gravitate to the buns and cakes by the window. After having her shipment of honey elixir delivered, she caught up with her friends, including a hard working man named Dion. She was a big fan of the elixir, using it to make her pastry and cakes as one of her secret ingredients that set her a part from the rest.

    In the Red River Paradise there was music, drinks, and beautiful girls that served food and winks. Helen was the brains and face of the Inn, she ran the place like it was her home. Helen was in her 30s, and build like an amazon warrior. She was tall, strong, and gorgeous. Her hair was chest length, braided down her back. She was currently behind the bar taking orders for meals while her right hand man, Brian, was manning the taps. Helen spots a new guest and signals one of her girls,who had black hair and glasses, to serve him. "Hello, welcome to Red River Paradise, what will you have?" She pointed at a large board on the left wall of the inn with all the available items, all featuring in some way honey. Helen once again spies new comers, this time two younger men who were already seeming to be in high spirits. "HEY COME IN PICK A SPOT!" She calls to them. Tonight looked like business was going to be great. Helen then remembered she was having shipments come in, and wanted a certain person to see the wares, since some of them were for her. "LILY!" She called out to one of the girls on stand by, "Go get, Mara. Marvin and Dion should be here soon" The short brunette rushed off up stairs.

    Enila was coming together mostly to the square. The lights were slowly dimming, and the town mayor was standing next to the platform ready to start the celebration officially. It would start at midnight, only an hour away. What would happen until then?
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  9. Alia was checking of the many backed goods when an older man approach her briefly. "You should try the ones filled with sweet honey" He advised her. She looked up at him and thanked him, remembering that the honey filled ones were her favorite as a child. It was the friendly locals that were her favorite part of the town. She realized he was leaving, followed by a young man who suddenly handed her some shoes. Not knowing what to say she absent mindlessly thanked him, as he swiftly left with the man. Alia looked down at her shoes, and just now realizing how worn down she foot wear was. A wave of horror crashed over her as she looked at her reflection in the window. "I cant believe it....i look like a mess". Alia in fact did not look too bad. She looked like she had traveled a while, and need a good sleep. However to Alia she looked haggered and torn down. She felt embarrassed to be walking around as if she was not the top ranking student of Selmore University. Alia tried to fix her appearance, while grabbing a few of the honey filled cakes from the stand. "Ill take these please" Alia said to Pam. "Why dont you take these breads as well. They were from yesterday's sample batch" Pam handed her an assortment of breads in a bag. "Oh no i couldnt--" The line behind her pushed pass her as the next customer came to make their purchases. "Come again before you leave deary!" Pam said as Alia reluctantly left the bakery. "Well that was embarrassing." Alia said out loud, though the buzzing of the crowd mostly powered her meek voice. "Maybe i should go shopping for clothes. I cant stand looking like this any longer." Alia walked along the perimeter of the square to get to the clothing district, opposite of where the Inn was. She was looking for a nice taitlor, figuring that she could at lease treat herself to nice clothes for the evening. Trying to avoid on lookers Alia bumped into a woman, falling on her butt. "Oh man im sorry! sorry" She looked up to see once again the gentleman from the bridge and what seem to be his date. "Be careful!" The woman said as she helped Alia up. "I hope your pastries are not smashed. Pam's backed goods are to die for, they are always sold out of the breads. Lucky you" The woman was friendly, for just being pushed. "Yes, i cant wait to try them. I'm Alia by the way. Thank you, and again im sorry to bother you both on your date." Alia looked up at the young man, who was silent until then.

    Mara was still looking out of the window when a knock came from the door. "Miss Lavellan Helen wants to see you about the elixirs" a timid voice spoke through the door. "Lily? hold on" Mara quickly put on her armor and opened the door. "Okay I suppose..." Mara did not expect to come out of her room this evening, too many people could know her from Kelmia. Mara did not think they would rat her out to the Kelmian government, but she did not want anything to do with her old home now. Her metal armor clanked as she walked down the stairs to the main floor of the Inn. What doubled as the town tavern was bustling with life, and Mara wanted nothing to do with it. She kept her head lowered, eyes on the floor mostly. "Mara there you are! shouldn't be stuffed up in that room, no matter how nice it is" Helen was joking with the girl, trying to see that smile that hardly ever graced her face. Mara nodded in acknowledgment to Helen. "Lots of people here, a good night for business Helen" Mara replied to her. " Yes, and here is some business right now" Helen pointed towards the door at an older man with a younger gentlemen. "MARVIN! DION! GET IN HERE YOU BUNCH OF SEA SLUGS!" Helen was fiery with life, excitement, and general love for people.
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  10. <JOKAR>
    Near the center of town a small group of children begin to bunch up around The doctor and the young woman . She smiles warmly as the doctor trys his best to make sure every child had gotten one of his bracelets that had a small charm attached to it .
    " you need not to push children, there are more than enouph" The Doctor says chuckling .
    The town folk who were witnessing the mans act of kindness began to praise him as they past , some even ask if they could have a bracelet.
    " you are to kind" The woman praises the doctor as her smile grows .
    " i am not worthy of your kind words" the Doctor says looking up at the woman with a warm smile .
    " These charms are not from me , they are from Kelmia, as a reminder to all who doubt the end of the war" He says standing up so the crowd could hear . " Just like the people of Morvona , There are Many who feel there should everlasting peace in the solar system, and we believe if people not just from Morvona , i speak for our brothers and sisters from the diffrent planets , We believe our children and our childrens children deserve a brighter future , a future with no war" The doctor clutches his chest around his heart.
    "and we believe if we stand together , not in battle... but if we replace our doubts, our fears...and our hate for only love ..... there will be no longer be a need for a war" The Doctor says with confidence as a tear runs down his face. The crowd start to cheer and applaud the Doctor . He holds bows his head hiding the sinister grin that ripped across his face.
    " now if you would excuse me , I promised my dear friend here , i would enjoy this wonderful festival with her" The doctor says taking the womans arm and begins to walk with her.
    The towns folk knew the woman sense she was the bakers daughter and were happy that she had met such a kind man. some were a little envious . to focused on eachother the woman accidently bumbs into a young woman who was carrying what seems to be a bag of sweets.
    " Alia is such a elegant name " The doctor says giving her a warm smile.
    " do not feel that way madam" Joker says looking at his date . " The night is young and the fire works has yet to begun " The doctor says taking his dates hand and looking back at Alia "besides, i believe everyone we meet tonight was destined to meet " He says tipping his top hat before the two began to walk again . " Im sure you will find , a young man tonight who enjoys pastorys as much as you do " The doctor says cheerfully as he waves back.

    " you herd the lady , get in here boy !" Marvin says looking back at Dion trying to walk as slow as he could. " in to the lion den it is" Dion says under his breath as he approches the bar with Marvin . From that short walk in Dion had already spotted three figures who stuck out like a sore thumb. " i see buisness has picked up " Marvin says chuckling as he takes a seat at the bar . " did you hire a security guard ? marvin says noticeing a woman in armor. Dion sets the box of elixers down on the counter and looks at who Marvin was speaking of before looking around as an excuse not to make eye contact with helen. "we should be getting back to Darla and Shei " Dion says to Marvin . Knowing Marvin if a fight broke out The old man would be the first to try and intervene. And two or more new faces in the tavern usally ended up in an argument. " Relax boy , they are probly already on there way here " Marvin says chuckling as he pulls out another stool and patting it .
    " now come here and share a drink with an old man" Dion sighns as he takes a seat next to marvin . " lass , we will take two cold ones" Marvin says continuing to chuckle . Dion turns his head looking around the room before looking back at Helens friend .
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  11. Otto
    Interaction: None
    Mentioned: Mara

    He had made himself comfortable as the day had went, ordering some food and drink while watching the people passing by outside as well as the ones walking into the inn. His had set his blade against the table next him as he took out a pipe with a small fire ruby in it, nothing good for combat of course just something to light the pipe when he wanted to smoke. He put a small bit of cherry tobacco into the bowl of the pipe before lighting it with the ruby, the smell of his aromatic tobacco started to mix with the smell of food and drink in the main floor of the inn.
    For most people random sounds were tuned out in everyday life and especially on a night when a festival was about to begin but for Otto who had spent most of his adult life on battlefields a particular sound got his attention, he heard sound of armor not unlike his own it was coming from behind him towards the stairs. He didn't turn his whole body but did incline his head a bit to see who it was wearing the armor and..."Wow." He thought, a rather attractive woman was the source of the sound, she was walking down the stairs making it a point to get by people with little to no interaction, she also kept her head down. Otto saw some of the other men in the room leer at the woman with lust in their eyes but nothing more but something about this woman was off to Otto, she carried herself in a manner that suggested that she knew how to handle herself but also was trying to not draw attention. "Fugitive maybe? Perhaps she is looking for someone but doesn't want them to know?" Otto speculated in his head as the purple haired woman went to speak with the inn's owner, he would watch this woman something told him it would be a good idea as he puffed on his pipe.

  12. Alia
    watched as the young couple went on their way. It was interesting how the man spoke, very poetic like. Alia shrugged off his last comment. Alia's mother use to push her to go on dates and meet men, but Alia never thought about the opposite sex like other women her age. She was all to aware of how marriage was important in Morvona's culture, but she could care less. Unless some amazing guy drops out the sky, no dating for Alia. Alia was knee deep in her thoughts when she came to the shop she was looking for. "Yes, I deserve some trendy clothing, after the trip i had from Tasrano. Speaking of Tasrano, that guy looked kinda familiar." She looked through the clothes, while trying to remember where she would know the man from. Soon she found a simple dress that matched the style of Morvona, and paid for her items. From what the store owner told her, the festival was going to officially begin soon. Alia then used the back room to change into her clothes and the shoes the man gave her. She made her way back to the center of Enila, on the outskirts of the square, and awaited for midnight.

    Mara turned to where Helen was looking at. Two men walked towards the bar at the back wall. She looked around to also see that a couple of male customers were eyeing her, and she gave a soft smile. She secretly hated attention fueled by testosterone, but she knew that Helen would appreciate her playing nice. The older man closed in, greeting Helen and referring to her as a body guard. This was unexpected, and made Mara genuinely laugh. "That's a big compliment, She usually gets lame pick up lines Marvin!" Helen answered patting Mara on the shoulder. She then walked behind the counter to look over the elixirs. "Great quality as always, This is Mara by the way. She is a big fan of your wares, so im introducing her for the next time she is in town. She is a loyal customer of mine." Helen said, glancing at the Dion while she boxed up half the the elixirs for Mara and began getting the men their drinks. Mara leaned over the counter, not saying a word, but continuing to look over the crowd in the inn. "It's a pleasure. So you must be Dion," She said as her gaze passed over the young man. " I heard you are a big help to Marvin, and single." She said in a playful tone. Helen laughed at Mara."I see she has been spending too much time with me, the girl is a natural!" Helen claimed as she place two jugs of honey beer in front of them. Mara leaned back to the wall and in cool manner. "Your elixirs are wonderful, they work well in my line of work" Mara was giving a little bit of information, she did not see anyone too suspicious yet.
  13. < Shei > (Dions wolf)
    "slow down dear" The old woman says to Shei walking faster and faster as if she was hot on someones trail but occasionally stoping when one of the towns folk greeted her with a treat.
    " what is it ? do you see the boys?" the old woman says when Shei suddenly stops.
    The white wolf raises its head and begins to sniff the air before racing towards a familiar scent. By the time the old woman catches up to Shei the wolf had already stopped infront of a young woman . " oh...... do you know her dear?" the old woman says petting Shei " lets not scare the poor girl now" The old woman says to Shei . Shei puts her head up and howls .

    " you hear that boy !" Marvin cheers as he pats Dion on the back " buisness is booming" the old man says chuckling . Dion looks at Marvin and nods his head , he was glad the old man and his wifes hard work was paying off. Dion looks around as he listend to Mara picking up the smell of a sweet tobacco smell .
    " you tend to hear alot of things when your friends with a Tavern owner that gossips like a school girl" Dion says taking a sip from his beer as he continues to look around the room.
    " Your welcome to make an order any time you want " Marvin says happily as he takes a chug of his beer. Dions ears begin to twitch as he looks back at the tavern exit before looking back at Marvin " time to go old man , your wife must be looking for us" He says standing back up . Though the Tavern was lively , he could still hear the Sheis howl thanks to his heighten senses.
    Marvin chuckles as he nods and takes another chug from his beer. " We will probly see you later tonight lass" Marvin says to Helen as he stands to his feet. Usally Dion was always right so there was no point in trying to linger.
    Dion looks at Mara before looking at Helen
    " nice try Helen , maybe next time you could get a girl dressed like a cook " Dion says sarcastically since Helen had usally thrown her girls at him countless times and have failed to seduce him once .
    " thats 31-0 " Dion says walking towards the exit letting Helen know the score .

    Dion and Mavin make there way through the town and finish there orders before heading towards Sheis location .
  14. NPCs

    In the tavern the patrons were bubbling with excitement for the festival, and for the beautiful waitresses. A few of these working girls were Beth and Gwin. Beth is a petite blonde with that was barely legal. Her was not like the other girls working at Red River Paradise. She was quiet, nervous, and borderline anti-social. Beth was grateful for the job Helen gave her, but She was not pleased with having to put on a completely different personality for tips. Beth had been signaled to work the table two men had just arrived to. Beth had her shoulder length hair up in a bun. "Hello! My name is Beth, Ill be serving. What will you be having?" She greeted to two men with a warm smile, pointing their attention to the menu board on the far corner of the room. IT was large enough for everyone to see, allowing them to freely update it without too much hassle. @RecentlyInsaneRussian

    The other waitress was Gwin. She was a seasoned worker with more sass than anything. She was already coming out the kitchen with the orders from her table. She had been charged with waiting on an older man, equipped with a sword and a calm demeanor. Her black hair pulled back into a ponytail, she made her way back to the man's table with his food and drinks. When She returned the man was doing something she hated more than anything, smoking. It was a shame really, the smell hit her like a frying pan, and Helen would have her head if she made him uncomfortable. "Here you are sir." She placed everything on the tale neatly. "Anything....else" She said while turned to the bar. Helen was busy with Marvin and his friend. The overly armored chick was there as well, which was a surprise for Gwin. She knew that the girl hardly talked to anyone, but there she was laughing and socializing. @Dakota K5

    Helen scoffed at Dion's rejection to Mara. While Mara was a good woman, She knew both of them was nothing looking for anything. She had to try though. "One of these days Dion" Helen dramatically shaking her fist at them as they left. She sighed and allowed Brian to control the taps again, getting out of his way. Helen then walked to Mara to continue their conversation. "I wish you would stay here, but I know that the roads are calling you. Are you hungry?" Helen was not asking, more like telling Mara to sit down and enjoy herself. Helen saw so much of her younger self in Mara. While the war was just beginning, Helen wanted badly to join the Breque army, but doing so would mean to be cut off from Morvona. Helen thought she would regret not going, but years later she was running the INN and never been happier. Helen knew that Mara was from Kelmia, but that was all Mara was willing to share with the woman. Helen felt for the girl, it must have been terrible.​
  15. Otto
    Interaction: Gwin (NPC)
    Mentioned: Mara

    He paid no mind to the waitress that brought his food and drink though he did note her look when she saw he was smoking a pipe, he frowned at that as he was smoking an aromatic tobacco that smelt of cherries when burned. His frown deepened when she asked if he needed anything else but was more focused on what was happening at the bar, he was annoyed but this waitress did give him a bit of information. She seemed surprised to see the armored woman this was something that Otto filed away for later. "No, you may go seeing as you seem rather disgusted by my pipe here." Otto spoke in his smooth baritone that was typical of peoples from Anmos, though it was starting to get rarer to hear do to his home planets destruction some years earlier. He extinguished his pipe in a smooth movement before picking up his knife and fork to start eating, the manors drilled into him at the military academy on Anmos shown though as he started eating at a sedate pace despite his hunger, it probably made his stand out among the people here but the armor and zweihander were probably more conspicuous then his eating habits.
    His thoughts and eyes drifted back to the armored woman with the purple hair, it was lucky for him that several men were still leering at her as it aloud him to study the woman some more without raising much suspicion from the woman herself. He was unable to really gleam anything new that he hadn't noticed before, Otto was a solider not a scholar and as such wasn't going to be able to discern much more though he would keep an eye on the woman, something told him to keep an eye out.
  16. It was her desire to throw both katanas into the riverbank, where they might potentially dissolve in the ether of Morvona, but as she lifted the first blade into the air, her motion stopped in paralysis. Perhaps it was her own instinct, an instinct implanted within her muscles and bones. Ultimately, she couldn't do it. With the two blades sheathed at her side, Abaya Melaterni walked through the path on the way to the town.

    She remembered her first day there. When she landed, changing altitudes caused her to fall against the metallic floor from dizziness. The space craft ended up crashing, tossing her body against the front window. When she crawled out of the totaled mess, wracked with pain and nauseous, her eyes fell on the green of the woodland surrounding her, and stars she had never seen before.

    "What the hell is this..." came the one thought to cross her mind before she collapsed on the ground.

    Since then, she's become more accommodated to the natural colors. A part of her even admired them, yet she didn't quite understand how or why, or even what it was she felt. It was the same feeling she felt when she grasped the amulet left by her brother. Her first time in the market was also potent. She had never seen a smile without a hidden agenda before, so as she wandered through the area, she looked through the crowd, astonished. "These people are liars." she thought.

    Yet as time passed, she thought this couldn't be the case. Perhaps it was something else, something she didn't remember, nor cared to.

    It was Afternoon, where she walked from her camp site the town, still essentially fleeing from the home where she belonged. But no, it was forced on her. By now, she was accommodated to all the different quirks she found to be odd, and she began to take interest in them, the festivities, the idea of drinking. It was around this time, as she walked through the town, when she listened to the heartfelt speech of a doctor, yet the words appeared so fabricated to her, it grew on her individual sense of paranoia more so than the smiles of the faces around her. "[BCOLOR=#000000]Liar,"[/BCOLOR] she whispered under her breath, before walking away. Her intent was to stop at the tavern. The food and drink here intrigued her, and her extra pocket change inspired her need to feed her own interests, as they began to grow. When she walked in, her eyes immediately focused on the armored woman, and narrowed, perhaps by instinct. "She means no harm," she whispered to herself, before sitting down at one of the tables.
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  17. Alia was admiring the red glowing crystal shards when a white figure caught her attention. It was a white wolf. This puzzled Alia at first. There were no animals like this type of wolf on Morvona. Then it hit her. "S-Shei?!" Elated, Alia reached down and embraced the wolf. "Oh wait, where is Dion? It hardly ever the case your just wandering alone." She looked around,and noticed the older woman, realizing that she must have been talking to her. "Oh Hi! You must know Dion. I'm Alia by the way." She held out her hand for the woman to shake it. Alia was very happy, there was actually people at the festival she would know.

    Mara knew that she was being forced to stay and socialize. At least she was getting great food out of it. She could not put her finger on it, but she could tell people were keeping their eye full of her. With a flick of her wrist the woman flipped her hair back, exposing her neck to whoever was gaping at her. "Maybe then will they mind themselves" Helen was signalling another one of her waitress to wait on another incoming customer. Mara wanted badly to just eat and go back to her room, but Helen was not having it. "Has soon as the festivals starts there will be dancing to start the celebration. I know its not your think, but try it. What harm can it be?" Mara face twisted up. "Helen....I don't dance." It was not the fact that Mara detested the idea of being close to a stranger, but that she could not imagine the embarrassment of it all. Helen shrugged. "Up to you honey, but I see some interested folks just dying to dance." Mara nodded, taking into account that people where really staring. "Maybe its my armor, I have nothing else to be honest. Morvona's clothing style is too soft for me." Mara decided to turn around and lean back on the bar. There was indeed interesting people there, specially a trained fighter. The man looked like he threw one hell of a punch, and had a nicely forged weapon at his table. The waitress known as Gwin was there, looking dumbfounded and then scurried off red in the face. "huh...wondered what happened there." Mara crossed her legs and sat back, waiting for her food to arrive.
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  18. GM POST

    It was time. The moon was high, and the clocks scattered around town began to chime twelve times. The crowd the settled into the square began to cheer, as the major stepped on the platform. He had a friendly face, and a face full of peppered hair. He smiled wide and opened his arms up. "Welcome to the 174th Honey bee Festival! The people of Enila was excited to see so many new faces here. It is out pleasure to have you here in our humble town for the next 3 days to celebrate the wonderful food that is honey. I wont keep the festivities too long, but I want to give a round of applause to the youngsters that helped us turn out plain square into a beautiful glowing feature." The crowd clapped with glee, many of them having kids that helped out for the past month. "Tonight is special, because its the first night that is adults only. Children will join in on the celebration on the last day, with special events and prizes for them to win. For now, enjoy the mead and ales at the Red River Paradise, and the goods sold at the many shops around town. Before dawn breaks, there will be a light show to close the night. Have fun, and let the dancing start!" The major bowed to the audience. Before he could turn to leave some guards approached him and whispered into his ear. Soon after he hurried off stage. A band of woodwind and string instruments native to Morvona took the staged. Not long after they started to play, their song amplified by the wind gem power mics on the stage. The song could be heard all through out the town. As part of the festival, the people took partners and began dancing in a waltz style. This would be the first of many songs and styled dancing this evening.

    In the tavern, a few customers started to dance as well, there being a dedicated dance floor that opened right into the square opposite of the food sign. It was a wonderful sight. Then the staff was allowed to participate in the dance on breaks. Everyone was welcome to join in, or just simple watch.
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  19. <DION>
    The woman watches as Alia greets Shei
    " Dion? oh i must be dreaming "
    The old woman says as she giggled as she shakes Alias hand. " forgive me, i am Darla , and yes i do know Dion " She says trying to control her giggling.
    " its just, this is the first time ive seen this one let someone pet her other than me and my husband" Diana says while her giggling started again . " Is that the sound of an angel?!"
    Marvin says as he walks towards the girls and kisses his wife on her cheek .
    " marv this is Alia" Diana says excitedly
    " ah! your the one from the bakery " Marvin says
    " shes Dions friend" Diana says with a sly smirk.
    Marvin begins to smile " well ill be ! now i know why Helen never wins" Marvin says as he chuckles .
    "old man , you forgot the payment from that whitc...... ................ i mean Helen"
    Dion says as walks up from behind of Marvin.
    He stops when he notices a woman standing next to them . " Alia?" Dion says examining her, he scratches his head when he realizes the shoes he had made.
    " yup , thats you" he says pulling out a small bag of coins and holding it out to Alia.
    " I did not reconize you , you dident look like the girl that graduated at the top of her class from Selmore University" Dion says sarcastically
    " Take it, You probly have spent your guild funds on sweets again"

    Darla smacks Dion in the back of his head
    " Thats no way to talk to a lady Dion"
    " i was only kidding" Dion says in defence as he rubs the back of his head. Shei tilts her head as she watches everyone.
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  20. With all the festivities going on, Delvyn felt strangely out of place. The words were literally at war and yet these people celebrated like if there was nothing strange going on. It was true that this planet had yet to meet the horrors of warfare, but still, there should be preparation. Her mentor used to say that "he who wished for peace should prepare for war" and though Delvyn had many disputes with the old man, she could never question his wisdom.
    There should be preparations under way. The field was a powerful tool, but if people of Morvona thought it will be enough to hold away foreign armies, they were gravely mistaken. She bet the local officials think they are protecting their subjects from the horrors of war by making not think about them, but their naiveté will be mistake paid in blood.

    The scientist sighed. She knew she was too harsh on people but her mood was just too grave. Earlier this day, she had an encounter with an old acquaintance and it didn't go exactly as well as she would prefer. Things got a little bit steamy and not in a pleasant way. In the end, she got what she needed from him, but their "friendship" was hurt in way that could never be repaired.
    Their friendship and her coat alike, she just noticed.

    Delvyn wore a long green overcoat, padded with a little bit of additional protection for a good measure, and she just noticed there was a big dark stain on its long sleeve. She probably spilled one of her potions on herself and if her mood was grave before, now it was beyond deadly. She really loved this coat, it cost her arm and leg and now, it was ruined. How could people celebrate if there was such a tragedy going on?

    So preoccupied with quantification of damage done to her wardrobe, she didn't even notice mayor's arrival until the clocks started chiming. She listened to the man's speech and surprisingly found herself getting into more festive mood, despite the tragedy that had just befell her. The man was simply cheerful to the point of being contagious. Then the dancing begun and Delvyn became lost in an endless mass of dancing people.

    The music was so catchy that even her grim mood did little to hold her body from responding to the rhythm and she found herself breaking her composure and dancing, though her movements were minimalistic at best. There even was a guy eying her. He wasn’t exactly subtle about his goal of asking her for a dance. Unfortunately for the poor boy, she politely refused his offer before he could even try to say it aloud. Then she, quite literally, shook off the dancing mood and tried to escape the square.
    There was a few more things she wanted to see and hear tonight and spending time dancing on the streets would just held her away from her goal. The friend she met earlier recommended her a local tavern, saying they had the best ale one could find in the city and Delvyn was anxious to try it.

    It took her a while to get around the city, and its dancing inhabitants, but she eventually managed to get into a tavern going by name of Red River Paradise. It was a cosy place, despite the dancing people everywhere, and once she managed to get to the bar, it appeared even nicer.
    "I'd like some mead, please" she asked the bartender, a wide smile on her lips. It will be nice to have something to quench her thirst. After ordering, she simply proceeded to listening and watching her surroundings. It was what she was best at, after all.

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