clean language

Swearing/foul language is not allowed.
  1. IntrusivePenDesperateSword

    Mario & Luigi: Return of the Shroobs

    A deep, orange light crept through the stony hall, in which a simple bridge was the only solid floor. "Let's-a go," a voice on one side of the hall exclaimed. The lava that covered the ground below him bubbled furiously. "O-okey dokey," another on the same side replied, somewhat unsure about...
  2. IntrusivePenDesperateSword

    Cold as Ice

    "Many great stories start with a small object, or idea. Sometimes they don’t. In this particular case, it’s a relatively small story, starting with quite the large organization. By relatively small, I mean that to the two it concerned, it meant the world, but to the world, it only meant those...