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I prefer sci-fi, comedy, a little fantasy, and some slice of life.
In the center of Iwaku is a large lounge area where people, human and nonhuman, can gather and socialize. Carpeted flooring, comfy furniture, board games, arcade games, and the most delicious food and nonalcoholic beverages...the multiversal hangout has it all. Additionally, one can add other stuff simply by thinking of it.
Please be warned, the owners have strict no violence or sex policies. What are you waiting for? Jump in, and have fun! It's free!
The doll entered through the automatic doors and shook the rainwater out of his white fur. Two feet tall and gangly, he had fluffy, white fur, plastic black eyes, a pair of stitched dots for nostrils, and a stitched mouth. The velvet, sleeveless, lavender shirt and red pants were sewn on.
Sighing, he wandered to a green sofa and climbed aboard. A big screen TV appeared and switched to a cartoon channel. The news was always negative and changing, things which drove the stuffed creature crazy. Cartoons, however, were fun, uplifting.