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Urban Fantasy, Low-Fantasy, Modern, Adventure, Quests, Modern-Fantasy, Post-apocalyptic, Romance, Drama
Hello there! My name is Yanaike, which is also the name of my favorite RP-character. Thank you for reading my roleplay request thread!

So, basically I’m looking for a roleplay partner to write an original story together with a supernatural and/or adventure-based genre. I love drawing inspiration from videogames where a ‘hero’ goes on some sort of quest or something like that. Usually my characters are vigilantes, somewhat out-of-the-ordinary characters who work/fight/act for what they believe is right.

My pre-roleplaying approach is slightly different from my fellow request-thread-creators. Instead of listing an extensive amount of pairings and a couple of pre-made plots, I wish to start the roleplay experience by matching one of my pre-made characters with one of your characters (doesn’t have to be pre-made). And then, I would like to create a plot together with my partner around those characters, based on our common interests. The tabs below contain a selection of some of my pre-made characters. All of them are quite well-developed in terms of characters, personality, skills, strengths and weaknesses. They are also quite flexible though and I can adjust them in minor ways to fit the setting of the roleplay better. Some of them even have alternate versions of themselves. For each character I’ve given a very brief description, I’ve listed the roles they could play in the plot and the stats they have (which give a quick overview of their strengths and weaknesses). Furthermore, I have different ideas, wishes and requirements for each of my characters, so please read the tabs below to see which character/setting/idea would fit your wishes/character the best. If you have more questions about my character, feel free to ask. Also, if you like an idea but are not quite sure about the character, or if you like a character but are not really sure about any of the ideas, please tell me and I’m most certain we’ll figure something out!

Before you dive into the characters, I’ve also briefly listed my expectations and what you can expect from me, please take a look at them as well!

What can you expect from me?
  • Quite picky when it comes to my partners. If I feel things are not going to work between us, I’ll tell you. I rather be fair and tell you what’s on my mind during the brainstorm session than causing a disappointment when we’re already rolling.
  • Intermediate role-player. I’m not that confident yet about my roleplaying skills, but I try to create fleshed-out characters, settings and ideas.
  • I prefer female characters and straight relationships, but I’m also open for other possibilities.
  • Timezone: GMT+1/Western Europe
  • Posting at least about 3-4 times a week. I’m active in the evening on weekdays (except Tuesday) and during the whole day on some weekends. I might post multiple times a day depending on timezone differences and the amount of inspiration. I tend to give you regular updates of my real life schedule.
  • Posting anywhere between 4 and 40 lines depending on inspiration, the amount of stuff you give me to work with and on whatever is happening in the roleplay (conversation between our characters lead to generally shorter replies).
  • Not native English, which means I might be struggling finding the right vocabulary to tell exactly what I want to say. I do use spellings check and google translate (to look up single words, not full sentences) though.
  • I’m okay with libertine content. Iwaku rules apply, and I only do this with a select few characters. Please let me know if you want this to be an option.

What do I expect from you?
  • At least a basic understanding of my characters: who they are, why they do what they do and what is driving them etc.
  • Brainstorming. This is a big thing for me. I expect you to come up with interesting ideas and ask me questions about things I like or dislike. I don’t want you to send me fully-fleshed out plots.
  • Communication. If something is bothering you, or if you need to take a break for a while, please tell me! Let me know! Roleplaying should be fun, not like an obligation!
  • More communication. We can always talk out-of-character. Don’t be shy. Let’s be friends!
  • About 3-4 posts a week, minimum. If you give me less than 2 posts a week I’ll gradually loose interest. If something comes up in real life which makes you unable to post for a longer period, please tell me!
  • Enough content in your posts that give me inspiration for a reply. If you can do this in one line, be my guest, but usually a minimal reply of around 8-10 lines is more safe.
  • Someone who is able to push the story forward and not only relying on me to do so.

  • Yanaike
    Thief | Hacker | Witch | Librarian | Nomad | Hitch-Hiker | Spy | Scout | Messenger
    A young nomadic adventurer driven by knowledge and curiosity. Her most remarkable feature is a long monkey-like tail, due to which she often feels like a drop-out. She is quick on her feet, very intelligent and loves problem-solving and puzzling.
    STR: 3; DEX: 17; CON: 8; INT: 18; WIS: 11; CHA: 7

    • Adventure is a big must for any plot involving this character.
    • I would love to play Yanaike in a fantasy/videogame like setting.
    • Time-period doesn’t really matter and can be anything from medieval to modern.
    • I like to try to use Yanaike in a steampunk or any other ‘punk’ like genre, although I have no experience with this genre.
    • She would work in both a natural as well as an urban environment, but in a natural environment she’ll be more feeling at home. In an urban environment she’ll be more of an outlier, driven by curiosity.

    Your Character?
    Your character can be either male or female. Yanaike is straight so your character should be male when considering a romantic relationship. That being said, Yanaike requires a lot of trust and patience before she’ll even consider a romantic relationship, so don’t get your hopes up too much.
    A strong (but dumb) warrior-like type would complement Yanaike well in terms of stats and skills, but it’s just as nice to match her with an equally quick and intelligent character as well! Since Yanaike is more of a follower, your character might act as a mentor to her, maybe even teaching her (magic)? A more upper-class character, opposed to Yanaike, would also work, maybe even a royal person (prince)? Ideally your character should have quite a lot of patience, be more dominant and have amazing social skills to keep Yanaike bound to your character. Your character might even be a bit more malicious, acting as the ‘bad-boy’, tricking Yanaike into doing things that she doesn’t really want to do (related to stealing valuables etc.).

    I’m open for any other ideas as well!
    • A valuable artifact has been stolen from YC’s kingdom. YC is tasked with retrieving the artifact. Since he realizes he can not go on this quest alone, he seeks a skillful thief. Unfortunately no-one is willingly to cross the border, that is until YC meets Yanaike.
    • YC works at a library/museum. Yanaike spends endless hours each day, studying the contents of the library/museum, but she always seems a bit odd/alone. Curiously, YC decides to have a talk to get to know her a bit better.
    • YC is a malicious vampire, looking to retrieve the artifact of life (or anything else). He/she tricks Yanaike into stealing the necessary pieces for him/her, until Yanaike gets into trouble with the police/law.

  • Esmylia
    Fighter | Leader | Assassin | Secret Weapon | Gang Member | Goddess | Entertainer | Barista
    An ambitious attractive female with the desire to become a goddess one day. With her amazing social skills and charm she can easily win people to her side. She’s always up for a challenge and can be a fierce some rival as well as an amazing friend!
    STR: 15 | DEX: 12 | CON: 6 | INT: 4 | WIS: 11 | CHA: 16

    • Esmylia is one of my most flexible characters. She will fit in almost any setting or genre.
    • She works in almost any time period from medieval (or earlier) to sci-fi. Including a 20th century setting (disco, dinner etc.), space-travelling and of course the more commonly picked medieval-fantasy and modern settings.
    • I definitely want some sort of adventure or supernatural-element in a roleplay involving Esmylia.
    • Romance is definitely an option. Esmylia is bi-sexual, so your character could be either male or female. That being said, I’m more familiar with MxF relationships.
    • Her home habitat is most likely an urban area as she loves socializing with other people. Then again, she might likely trade in her familiar home grounds for a more natural environment, as long as there is enough of a challenge in it for her.
    • Esmylia is one of the few characters where I might consider red-star content. Please mention this if you want this to be an option.

    Your Character?
    Esmylia is a very active, extrovert character, keep that in mind when picking your character. If your character is also competitive-minded and extrovert, this could lead to an interesting rival-relationship (love-hate) between our characters. Your character could be a ‘follower’, being leaded by my character and offering her a helping hand. Then again, your character could just as much be the leader, as long as he/she is on the same side and gives Esmylia the respect she deserves. What wouldn’t work is a character that is unaffected by other people, a loner, someone who doesn’t care about others. If Esmylia can’t socialize with your character she’ll likely get bored and seek someone else. Your character should at least be somehow positively affected by mine, whether he/she respects her, admires her, fancies her or, considers her as a good friend doesn’t really matter.

    I’m open for any other ideas as well!
    • Something relating to the mafia? Maybe my character is an assassin and your character is the target? And then see how it goes from there?
    • Our characters actually share history together. YC remembers mine as a shy girl. Since then she has changed a lot. For the better, or for the worse?
    • MC runs a local pub, which happens to be the favorite hangout spot of YC, a honorable (and rich) man. Esmyla doesn’t really fit into YC’s lifestyle, but nonetheless YC admires her. Will they ever be together? Maybe this unlikely alliance has to save the world or fight an evil company or something?

  • Symmin
    Mage | Healer | Seer | Ninja | Stalker | Shapeshifter | Time-Traveler | Fisherman
    A mysterious boy with amnesiac-problems. He is often troubled with visions from the past and future and is unable to place them in any context. He might seem a bit alienate, but seems to value friendship overall, even if it is one-sided and it might make him appear like a stalker.
    STR: 7 | DEX: 7 | CON: 9 | INT: 15 | WIS: 16 | CHA: 10

    Psychic | Experiment | Mage | Refuge | Seer | Nymph | Shapeshifter | Time-Traveler
    An alternate female version of Symmin. She is an emotionally unstable girl, who escaped from a facility. She has incredible powers but is not in control of them and they are affected by her mood. She is a bit mischievous and tries to appear weaker, in order to get the help and support she needs.
    STR: 4 | DEX: 9 | CON: 6 | INT: 14 | WIS: 16 | CHA: 15​

    Simone started as a female version of my character Symmin, but they soon grew further apart, becoming more different and unique standalone characters. Nonetheless I grouped them together in a single tab because I feel that they have similar requirements and many of the ideas/thoughts mentioned below could work for both of them.

    • Supernatural elements are necessary in a story involving my character.
    • Modern/near-future or sci-fi is preferred.
    • Time-travelling or parallel dimensions are a possibility with this character. Consider interdimensional puzzle-solving: obtaining a hammer in one dimension and then using that to escape in the other.
    • Pick this character if you’re open for a non-linear story, timewise. Our characters could meet each other at different points in time and in a non-chronological order.
    • Setting in terms of space could be anywhere.
    • Somehow I’m thinking of a more dream-like landscape. A (seemingly) utopian world could be the décor of our roleplay.
    • Symmin, specifically, would likely live at or near a body of water, consider the setting of the story being a harbor (town), a cove, an island, lake-side village or even a boat.
    • A story involving Simone specifically, could revolve around a facility/laboratorium, where she is either trapped or has escaped from.
    • I would like to include romance in a plot involving this character. Both Symmin and Simone are straight, but your character can be either male (in case of Simone) or female (in case of Symmin). Doubling is also an option, in that case I’ll play both alternate versions of the same character.

    Your Character?
    Symmin is rather introvert, your character could be even more introvert, but could also be very extrovert with a lot of ambitions and dreams. It is possible that your character is a pupil of my character. Preferably your character is a bit naïve, believing in the impossible, in magic or even believing in the prince that will one day save her from her boring life.
    Simone is rather introvert as well. I’m looking for a character that’s more extrovert than her, but he can still be quite introvert himself. Your character could be someone that can act as guardian (angel), but maybe a bit naïve. Another option is that your character is a scientist, who might somehow be related to the experiments done on her.

    I’m open for any other ideas as well!
    • In YC’s sleep she hears a voice, a boy calling for her help. Uncertain, but filled with hope and the desire to do something ‘good’, your character decides to leave her home, in a quest to find and help the boy from her dreams.
    • At a seemingly regular day, YC spots my character sitting on a bench on the opposite side of the subway. Somehow she recognizes him, but she isn’t sure from where. She is just about to step up and ask him, when suddenly overflown by flashbacks of previous incarnations, previous lives she’d lived.
    • YC works at the edge of the town, when suddenly a girl comes running out of the forest on bare feet. She falls down in YC’s hands. Empathizing with her, YC decides to help her, little does he know that she actually escaped from a facility, hidden deep within the woods.

  • Jenny Jigsaw
    Biohacker | Thief | Technician | Scientist | Gadgetician | Hacker | Addicted | Serial Killer
    A wasted female being tainted by the ‘system’, which we call ‘human society’. She became trapped in a country without the right papers or money to return home. Now, she is addicted to arcade-games and loves spreading chaos among the lucky ones in our society as an act of revenge and boredom.
    STR: 6 | DEX: 13 | CON: 10 | INT: 15 | WIS: 12 | CHA: 8

    • Supernatural elements are necessary in a story involving Jenny. Fantasy, however, is not preferred.
    • A modern or near-future story is preferred.
    • This character has a lot of backstory behind her. The roleplay could involve something related to her backstory, if not it is likely that he story will be placed in an urban environment, which is the habitat of my character.

    Your Character?
    Honestly… I’m not really sure what kind of character would work with Jenny. She’s a very complicated person, I suppose someone who can handle her personality might work, or on the contrary someone who can’t handle her at all. Jenny is a bit of an antagonist, I would like to team her up with a more ‘good’ character and force them together working towards a common goal? An ideal character would be someone that could prick right through her ‘evil-side’ and somehow changes her for the better. My character is straight, so if you want to include romance, your character has to be male.

    I’m open for any other ideas as well!
    • In YC’s sleep she hears a voice, a boy calling for her help. Uncertain, but filled with hope and the desire to do something ‘good’, your character decides to leave her home, in a quest to find and help the boy from her dreams.
    • At a seemingly regular day, YC spots my character sitting on a bench on the opposite side of the subway. Somehow she recognizes him, but she isn’t sure from where. She is just about to step up and ask him, when suddenly overflown by flashbacks of previous incarnations, previous lives she’d lived.
    • YC works at the edge of the town, when suddenly a girl comes running out of the forest on bare feet. She falls down in YC’s hands. Empathizing with her, YC decides to help her, little does he know that she actually escaped from a facility, hidden deep within the woods.

More characters and information will be added later! If you like anything you've read or if you have any questions regarding my thread, feel free to shoot me a PM or reply below!


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Hello! I am looking for a rp. And I have great ideas and hope you will rp with me!


Greetings! I am interested in your Esmylia and her apparently bubbly personality.

If you're looking, that is.
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