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    Inspiration: Resident Evil, Zombie Survival Guide, Left for Dead
    The year is 2059 a dangerous pathogen known as "Vrykolas-Romero Virus" (VRV) Began infecting humans throughout the eastern side of North America approximately six months ago. The VRV is unlike any other virus humankind has ever seen before. The initial strain of the virus was to cure all deadly diseases; it was supposed to be the next big thing! It was totally ambitious and dangerous; they knew it had complications, but how bad they did not realize. The VRV mutated in its hosts killing them after two weeks of exposure, sometimes faster depending on the individual person. After death it could take several minutes or even hours for the corpse to reanimate itself, these reanimated corpses have collected quite a few nicknames. "Walkers," "Walking dead," "Z's," and many others. These creatures only know one thing. The need to feed.
    Since the appearance of these "Zombies" worldwide panic was quick to ensue, the larger cities taking the fall first. The Americans were blamed and left to their own devices while the other countries fended for themselves. A group of close knit scientists and some Government hire ups have locked themselves away in their own private bunker to attempt to cure this virus. Whether they are still in activity the rest of the country does not know.
    As for the survivors they have made their own discoveries about the undead that the scientists never predicted. Some never stopped mutating. The mutations ranged from pack like hunting techniques, while some lost sight all together. Some were so fast, the likelihood of you getting away were so slim it hurt. There were some who retained some of their intelligence, preferring to become an Alpha. Then there were the beasts, the animals that contracted the VRV. Depending on the species that contracted it depended on the mutations that it took on. Most of the animals died off in response to the mutations, their bodies unable to handle it even in their undead state. Most animals developed “mole” like senses, losing sight all together. Most of them also do not come out during the day, as the sun severely damages their body beyond what already has been done by the virus. All large “z-dogs’’ are found under the command of an Alpha.
    Now here is where the survivor comes in to play. You are a survivor. You managed to escape the initial outbreak, whether by sheer luck and determination or because you simply had the skills for it. You could have been a part of an evacuation group or thought that it would be better to escape on your own or with someone else and staying away from large groups. You all have heard of a so called “Safe-haven” for all those that have survived. It was ironic too that it was called “Heaven.” You could either be searching for “Heaven” or you want to stay as far away from it as possible. There is one more thing that has been discovered about the virus. There are those who are somehow immune to the VRV and thus become “Carriers.” Because they can still infect other people, only by coming in contact with their blood or saliva, a lot of the other survivors will try to kill them. Some feel they should be able to survive just like everyone else.
    There are those who are known as “False-Carriers” These people are believed to be just like Carriers, but unfortunately their “Immunity” is temporary. False-Carriers are ones who are most likely to turn into Alphas or some other mutated creature. Where will you be? Where will you go? What will you do? Who will you be?

    You must be posting at least three to four times a week. If you do not meet this requirement I request that you do not join. As for those who are really active, please allow others a chance to reply before going too far into the roleplay yourselves so that everyone can keep up with one another. Along with this I ask that a TWO paragraph minimum will be set. That means 7-10 sentences per paragraph. One liners will not be tolerated.

    I ask that you have a basic understanding of the English language when joining this roleplay. I understand that we are all human and we can make mistakes. Basic punctuation, Capitalization, etc. No L33t speak or TXT talk. I don’t want to see any sentences like that.
    All characters must be made with these conditions in mind.​
    1. Not everyone can be awesome special forces military men or women. Even these types will have flaws.​
    2. Children can be a thing in an apocalypse, but their likelihood of survival is much smaller sometimes than any normal human being.​
    3. Everyone is going to probably have a sad backstory. I mean it is the Zombie Apocalypse. Whether it happened because of the apocalypse or before doesn’t matter.​
    4. Be creative as you possibly can with your characters.​
    5. Anime pictures are preferred, but you can use Face claims. I will not shun you for your choice of character.​
    6. You are only allowed 2 characters at a time. If one of your characters die you may ask to create a new one.​
    7. Not everyone can be a Carrier, If you wish to be a Carrier you must clear it with me first. I will be limiting Carriers to 3.​
    8. ALPHAs – When choosing to be an Alpha you must keep this in mind. All Alpha’s will be sensitive to Sunlight. You will be in control of a “pack” of feral(zombie) Animals, you must choose ONE animal that follows your orders. Be mindful that there is not a huge pack of Lions running around.​
    9. ALPHAs – Every Alpha will excel in ONE of the Five Senses or Sixth if you will. Nothing too Supernatural please. If one of these Five Senses is taken already then please choose another one. (Touch can have 2 people though.) Each Alpha will have a heightened sense of hearing. Whoever chooses hearing as their sense I will gladly help them out with what their Alpha may have.​
    10. ALPHAs - Be aware that all Alpha's have had some sort of mental breakdown at some point. So some of you may have psychotic tendencies, voices in your head, sadistic mindsets, etc.

    -As stated above, no character is perfect and neither should they be.
    -This is a roleplay about a Zombie Apocalypse, there will be blood, violence, cursing and gore. If you don’t like any of these things I ask that you leave now.
    - Romances can blossom in an apocalypse, it happens and it is kind of a natural thing that happens. I will not say, NO YOU CAN’T LOVE ANYONE. That just wouldn’t be right to me.
    - Do not be rude or obnoxious towards the other roleplayers.
    - Keep arguments out of my OOC threads please.
    -Please do not make your character image huge.
    - Do not be afraid to ask questions if I have not made something clear.


    Name | <Full Name>
    Nickname | <Do you have a Nickname you go by?>
    Age | <Age restricted to 10 and up for characters.>
    Carrier | <Are you a carrier? Will you be a carrier?>
    Birthdate | <Date of Birth>
    Height | <How tall are you?>
    Weight | <This really does matter.>
    Sex | <Gender>
    Orientation | <Gay, Hetero, Pan, Bi, etc.>
    Build | <Skinny, fit, athletic, etc>
    Pack | <What are you carrying?>

    Biography |

    Likes/Strengths | <Limit yourself to 5 at least.>
    Dislikes/Fears | <Limit yourself to 5 at least.>

    Theme | <Do you have a theme?>

    Played by | <Your Username>

    • Image•
    Name | <Full Name>
    Nickname | <Do you have a Nickname you go by?>
    Age | <Age restricted to 10 and up for characters.>
    Carrier | <Are you a carrier? Will you be a carrier?>
    Birthdate | <Date of Birth>
    Height | <How tall are you?>
    Weight | <This really does matter.>
    Sex | <Gender>
    Orientation | <Gay, Hetero, Pan, Bi, etc.>
    Build | <Skinny, fit, athletic, etc>
    Ability | <Each Alpha has an ability. Such as Super Human Strength, etc.>
    Pack | <What animals follow you?>

    Biography |

    Likes/Strengths | <Limit yourself to 5 at least.>
    Dislikes/Fears | <Limit yourself to 5 at least.>

    Theme | <Do you have a theme?>

    Played by | <Your Username>

    Five Senses
    Touch 1. - CLOSED
    Touch 2.- OPEN
    Smell- RESERVED
    Hearing- CLOSED
    Voice- RESERVED
    Sight- CLOSED
    Sixth- OPEN
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    ⇢Name | Evelyn Moreno
    ⇢Nickname | Eve
    ⇢Age | 19
    ⇢Carrier | Yes
    ⇢Birthdate | 09.10
    ⇢Height | 5'6
    ⇢Weight | "I get the world is ending and all, but it's still rude to ask a lady for her weight,"
    ⇢Sex | Female
    ⇢Orientation | Heterosexual
    ⇢Build | Fit
    ⇢Pack |
    • First-aid kit
    • Energy Bars
    • Rain Coat
    • Spare Clothing
    • Small Handgun (No bullets)
    • Pack of pens and three notebooks
    • Swiss Army knife
    • Water Bottle (+Purifying tablets)
    • Hunting knife
    • Flash Light
    • Lighter
    • Hygiene items (I.E. Toothpaste/brush, travel-sized shampoo,and conditioner, Tampons ect...)

    ⇢Biography | Before the world (as she says) went to shit she was a medical student, but unfortunately, because the outbreak happened during her classes, she's left to limited knowledge and 'educated' guessing when dealing with more extreme injuries. Like anyone else she was losing her mind when the outbreak happened, scrambling to get in contact with her roommate, but eventually found herself in a group of survivors who searched for a haven in the shitstorm. Within that group was another med student who was a year older than Evelyn, and for a brief period of time she was at ease and even assisted him in his experiments on whatever Z's he 'found', the two eventually gathered quite a bit if information, but because of Evelyn's constant close contact with the mutants she gained an immunity towards them that she only discovered by sharing a drink with someone within her group.

    It didn't take long for the blame to go to her, sold out by her lab partner, but was saved by the chaos of the Z's created before she could be killed. From there she was a lone wolf and was aware of big of a disadvantage this left her at, so rather than continuously moving she choose to claim a house that served as a stable base for her for a certain amount of time before being forced to leave after noticing a usual amount of Z's stalking the area. Now Evelyn looks for survivors in hoping to find strength and safety in numbers after learning that surviving on her own was still insufficient.

    Before the outbreak, Evelyn leads a relatively normal life (or as normal as it gets with divorced parents, two birthdays, two Christmas's, it wasn't bad at all), her father often took her out hunting during summer break and during her high school years she was captain of the cheerleading team and was a part of the JROTC program, so physical fitness was unavoidable for her, but given the current situation she's grateful for the unintentional preparation.

    ⇢Likes/Strengths | Bright days (day included), learning/knowledge, Scavenging, remaining calm in chaotic situations/problem-solving, basic survival skills, stealthy
    ⇢Dislikes/Fears | Dark spaces (night included), rain, illogical people/people who make emotional fueled decisions, relatively detached failing to see what's wrong and right (the lack of law influenced a lack of moral judgment)

    ⇢Theme |

    ⇢Played by | Vivian
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  3. Piers.Nivans.600.1313342.jpg
    Name | Kris Daniel Derrien
    Nickname | K
    Age | 26
    Carrier | In the near future I will be considered a Carrier.
    Birthdate | September 11, 2033
    Height | 6’2’’
    Weight | 175 lbs
    Sex | Male
    Orientation | Pansexual
    Build | Athletic
    Pack | 1911 Handgun, Water, MREs (Meals Ready to Eat), Protein Bars, limited stock of Ammo, a K-Bar (Marine Corps Knife), and M-40A3 Sniper.

    Biography |
    Kris is a Florida Boy. He was born and raised right there next to the Gulf of Mexico. The Beach was his life. He grew up in a small rural area with his best friend, Alexander Camden. He and Xander were inseparable. They went to the same schools and had the same goals. Kris’ parents were proud of their boy. They didn’t care that he wasn’t perfect and that he wasn’t a straight A student. He was caring and was always there for the ones he loved. Especially when Xander would get into fights, he was there to back his best friend up.

    When he was in High School, there was a day when all the Teachers and Students were requested to go home and that the rest of the day had been cancelled. It was an odd thing that happened, but apparently the three strongest Nations were being threatened with Bio-Terrorism. When nothing happened all typical life had resumed as if nothing happened. The day wasn’t even recorded in the history books. It was because of that day that Xander and Kris decided they would join the Military. Straight out of High School they both took to the Marine Corps. Kris quickly made E5, a Sergeant in the Marine Corps and ended up becoming a Scout Sniper and Xander, a Corporal, and Spotter.

    Leaving life behind in Florida. They were stationed in many places around the world. In 2059 though, while Kris was stationed in Germany, all US troops were ordered home. The order was sudden and took everyone by surprise. The flight back home was full of questions from everyone. No one knew what was going on and why they were heading back and why was it they were ordered to remain in full gear. On American soil, they were ordered to evacuate civilians to Safe Zones. Kris and Xander were able to meet up with each other in one of these Safe Zones before it had been overrun with the Undead.

    Without a Chain of Command to report to, the two of them gathered up what gear they could and ran. They ran for what seemed like days before they reached the next Safe Zone. The Safe Zone was not safe for long. Once again the boys found themselves in the midst of the undead. During their battle though Xander was bitten. They both were horrified, Xander wanting to end his life there, Kris stopping him and promising they would find some way to help him. Kris knew Xander’s fate was inevitable. Days passed and it seemed like Xander would be just a Carrier, but he was wrong. Xander was a False-Carrier. Watching his friend turn, becoming what they called an Alpha, Xander begged him not to let him turn. Kris unable to deny his friend’s wish ended his life before he completely turned. There isn’t a day that goes by that Kris does not think of his friend and he has vowed to not let that happen again.

    He now searches for other survivors and maybe, just maybe, they can survive.

    Likes/Strengths | Being on the move
    Small groups
    He is always Alert and on his toes
    Martial Arts
    Dislikes/Fears | Has a hard time with large groups. (8-12 people or more.)
    Fear of Large Breed Dogs. (Normal or Zombie.)
    Fears losing anyone else.
    He tends to worry about others more than himself.

    Theme |

    Played by | -Kuroko-

    WIP (will be adding an Alpha)​
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  4. [​IMG]

    ⇢Name | Mitchell James Kennedy.
    ⇢Nickname | Finch, and only goes by Finch.
    ⇢Age | 18 years.
    ⇢Carrier | Finch is not a carrier as of now.
    ⇢Birthdate | December 8th, 2041.
    ⇢Height | Just barely 5'5".
    ⇢Weight | 121 lbs.
    ⇢Sex | Male.
    ⇢Orientation | Bisexual, but prefers men.
    ⇢Build | Slim, but not weak.
    ⇢Pack | Finch carries with him a backpack of survival necessities. This includes a water bottle, packaged food (but little of), a low supply of bullets, and bandages/gauzes. He also carries with him a tattered, black leatherback notebook that has become both his journal, and his sketchbook. He has a shotgun he stole from a corpse laying dead on the highway.

    ⇢ Personality | Finch is not a people person in the least. He's best described as snobby, his nose always pointed in the air and his eyes always down-cast on those around him. He's snarky and witty, with a silver-tongue that knows no boundaries. Everything he says comes out of his mouth in a sarcastic tone, but he always tries to keep a composure of being cold and uncaring. Finch may not be strong, but he is smart, and will make it obvious. Despite his colder exterior, Finch is fairly easy to wind up and fluster, as the boy has tendencies of being short-tempered, with low patience for others. Even underall of this, Finch proves to care deeply about those close to him; it's just a shame he doesn't have that anymore. Once earned, Finch can be loyal to a fault, and has proved to not be as much of a bitch as he lets the world believe. You just have to crawl through seven layers of Finch hell before you can reach his slightly warmer interior.

    ⇢Biography | Finch was born in England, which is made obvious by his British accent, but that is besides the point. They moved to New York when Finch was about ten. Finch, or rather, Mitchell's family was moderately well off, and Mitchell had been an only child. He was raised to be spoiled, as most only children are. Their family life seemed perfect from the outside, but on the inside, it was a wreck. Not that Mitchell realized that until a later age, he too was wrapped up in the fantasy that everyone thought to be his life.

    His mother had a chronic illness, and commonly had seizures because of it. His father was a cheater, Mitchell had seen his father with strange women on numerous occasions. But money was always the way to silence him, preoccupying him with new toys always provided his father more opportunities to sneak new whores into his parents' bed while his mother was away.

    Despite his dysfunctional family life, Mitchell's life hadn't started to truly go down-hill until about the age of twelve, when his mother's seizures turned deadly. He had only witnessed her seizures once before, but his father had managed to usher him out of the room and call an ambulance before he saw too much. His mother had smacked her head against the counter, causing bleeding in both her brain and onto the kitchen floor. Mitchell could do nothing but stare with wide eyes as his mother twitched on the ground. He wanted to move, to scream for help, but his feet were plastered to the floor. He could only stare.

    His father walked into the front door.
    Mitchell still couldn't move.
    Even as his father screamed, yelled at him to move, eventually shoving him out of the kitchen by the back of his shirt to get him out of the way.
    Mitchell had been entirely, uselessly, frozen.
    And his mother didn't make it.

    From then on, there was unspoken tension between him and his father, who had blamed Finch for letting his mother die. The tension led all the way to the outbreak. His dad had his throat ripped out by a zombie. As for Finch, he packed a bag and ran.

    He couldn't bring himself to care enough to grieve his father.

    ⇢Likes and Dislikes |
    + Drawing, sketching mostly.
    + The smell of fresh rain, for some reason, it reminds him of home.
    + The stars.
    + Hot coffee or tea.
    + Coffee cake.
    + Old music.
    - Loud noises, or loud atmospheres in general.
    - Being put in his place.
    - Being told no.
    - Large bodies of water.
    - Despises when his clothes get wet, he feels like a rat.
    - Bugs. Will scream like a girl if he's a spider. Funny, considering how there's... other things to be worried about.

    ⇢Strengths and Fears/Weaknesses |
    + Witty.
    + Quick thinker.
    + Silver-tongued.
    + Great liar.
    + Agile and lithe.
    + Quiet and graceful, almost like a cat. Even his footsteps are quiet.
    + Careful with almost everything he does.
    - Short-tempered.
    - Low patience.
    - Manipulative and selfish at times.
    - Lacks physical strength.
    - Bad under pressure.
    - Freezes up/shuts down in the face of fear.
    - Scared of small spaces.

    ⇢Theme | Female Robbery by The Neighbourhood.

    ⇢Played by | Mysty.

    {NOTE: Secondary female character will be added to this thread, but I wanted to post Finch in case I don't get to the chance to finish the second character up!}
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  5. ⇢Name | Conner Joseph O'Malley

    ⇢Nickname | "Lucky"

    ⇢Age | 30

    ⇢Carrier | No

    ⇢Birthdate | Febuary 19th

    ⇢Height | 5'9

    ⇢Weight | 200 Lbs

    ⇢Sex | Male

    ⇢Orientation | Straight

    ⇢Build | Athletic

    ⇢Pack | 1 US Airforce survival knife, 5 MREs (Meals Read to Eat), 5 bottles of water, 1 Canteen, 1 flint and steel, M1 Garand semi auto rifle (8 round capacity) with 6 spare clips and two hundred spare rounds in an ammo can, M9 handgun with two spare magazines, 1 military issue first aid kit, 1 canteen, 2 spare military jungle combat BDUs (Battle Dress Uniform), 1 Baofeng hand radio with range extender attachment and two spare batteries, 1 swat flashlight with two spare batteries.

    ⇢Biography | Connor has had an average life, or at least, as average as a military member's life gets. Connor's life throughout his childhood and teens was pretty normal, and after highschool he joined up with the army and earned the nickname "Lucky" after he survived a close call with an enemy IED (Improvised Explosive Device). After a few years in the army, he left and got his degree using the GI bill, worked a few odd jobs, and then using the money that he earned in the army, started a successful ammunition manufacturing company, and after getting a government contract, lived a pretty easy life as a successful businessman. Though he didn't let that stop himself from staying in shape, and when the town he lived in let him know that a volunteer militia group was forming to help the community, he jumped at the chance. This lead to Connor purchasing his own rifle and handgun, and after much time at the shooting range, becoming excellent at firing both. As he was in the militia, he also was required to have certain items, chief among them being military jungle combat BDUs, spare meals for at least five days, and enough ammunition to last a small gun fight, not to mention a hand radio. When the initial outbreak hit, Conner was ready. He retreated with his militia group to a small farm on the outskirts of his town. After much work, the group set up a temporary safe zone, temporary in that a carrier of the virus got in, and in a small scuffle, infected several of the militia members. This lead to a full scale outbreak, and Connor barely got away from the site with his life and clean blood intact. Now he is wondering towards the "heaven" safezone, hoping to be rescued from the hellish nightmare that has hit the world.

    Likes/Strengths | excellent Athletic abilities, good skill with firearms, excellent skill with bladed weapons, Unbreakable will, excellent psychological strength.

    ⇢Dislikes/Fears | Explosions, Confined spaces (Yep he has claustrophobia), infected animals, Carriers, Infected humans.

    ⇢Theme | To be determined

    ⇢Played by | Conman2163
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  6. Image• [​IMG]
    ⇢Name | Cora Joslyn Ramsay
    ⇢Nickname | N/A
    ⇢Age | 17
    ⇢Carrier | Nope.
    ⇢Birthdate | October 8, 2042
    ⇢Height | 5'7"
    ⇢Weight | 130 pounds
    ⇢Sex | Female
    ⇢Orientation | Straight
    ⇢Build | Athletic
    ⇢Pack | owns a black backpack, in which she carries everything but her weapons themselves. Relies on a Honda XR-100R to get around.
    XR-100R (open)

    • Water canteen, filled as often as possible
    • MREs
    • Energy/protein bars
    • 22-250 rifle
    22-250 (open)

    • 9mm pistol
    9mm pistol (open)

    • Ammo for both guns
    • Bandages, ointments, and other first-aid supplies
    • Notebook and pens
    • Hatchet
    • Lighter (she may be just a bit of a pyromaniac)
    • Tools
    • Hygiene items
    • An extra, duplicate outfit, which consists of cammo cargo pants, black combat boots, a black tank top, a black leather jacket, and black fingerless gloves.
    ⇢Biography | Cora was raised in backwoods Montana, learning gun use and hunting techniques from an early age. Being out in the middle of nowhere, she and her parents suspected that they'd be safe from the apocalypse.

    Unfortunately, it wasn't so, and an Alpha leading a pack of wild, zombified bears, broke into her house and killed her parents one fatal night. They were fortunately prepared to run, however, and Cora grabbed her already-prepared pack from under her bed, scrambled from the window of their cabin, and slipped off on her dirt bike before they could catch up.

    She was with a small group that she met on the highway for a while, but unfortunately they were split up after a few months. She's been wandering around alone ever since, hoping to find another group she could stay with.

    ⇢Likes/Strengths |
    • Groups
    • Sniping
    • Strategy
    • Fast
    • Stealthy on feet
    • Good driver of many vehicles
    • Organization
    • Daytime and light
    • Pine trees and mountains
    • Hamburgers
    • Cold in general
    • Classic Rock
    • Reading
    • Motorcycles
    • Mechanics
    • Puns
    ⇢Dislikes/Fears |
    • Being alone
    • Close-ranged fighting
    • Chaos
    • Brussels sprouts
    • Nighttime and dark
    • Loud noises
    • Hot weather
    • People with no sense of humor
    • Bears
    • Pop music
    • Zombies
    • Idling
    • Not having a vehicle
    • Flat land
    • Becoming infected

    ⇢Theme |

    ⇢Played by | neobendium
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  7. [​IMG]

    ⇢Name | Marcella Eden Monell.
    ⇢Nickname | Marcy.
    ⇢Age | 24.
    ⇢Carrier | As of now, Marcella is not a carrier.
    ⇢Birthdate | August 16th, 2035.
    ⇢Height | 5'5".
    ⇢Weight | 129 lbs.
    ⇢Sex | Female.
    ⇢Orientation | Pansexual.
    ⇢Build | Curvy, but fit.
    ⇢Pack | Marcy always has a knife in her boot and a gun in her hand. She carries a pack like most survivors, and packs only the necessities. This includes food, fresh water, bullets, an extra knife, and band-aids, as well as an extra shirt and pants. She also carries cigarettes and a lighter.

    ⇢Personality | Marcella is a mischief maker in every sense of the word. She's cocky, idiotic at times, blunt, and opinionated. Some would call her a loud mouth, some would call her honest, some would call her a downright bitch. None of these descriptions are wrong. Marcy takes little to no shit from others, she can and will call you out, and will have no problem doing so. On top of this, the girl is brave, and will look danger in the eyes with a smirk and a gun in her hand. She tends to be flirtatious as well, to almost anyone, with a teasing smirk and a twinkle of trouble in her eyes. Marcella is a firecracker, she's quick to piss off and hard to calm down, and tends to take her pride a little too far. She's arrogant, but not ignorant. Opinionated, but not unreasonable. She is a tough nut to crack, but may prove to be an asset in a group situation.

    ⇢Biography | Marcella's early life was nothing to be revered. Born in a ghetto trailer park in Georgia, her parents had proved to be anything but. Drug addicts, drinkers, they cared little for their children. Marcella had three older siblings, all with different fathers. While Vicky and Ethan shared the same father, the sister closest to her own age, Alexis, had a different father as well.

    Her own father left two years after she was born. She has little to no recognition of him, and she could care less about his existence.

    Her mother had a continuous strain of boyfriends throughout her life, most bad, some good. Marcy sensed a pattern; if it wasn't drugs, it was alcohol, if it wasn't abusive, it was addiction. It wasn't rare for her to fall asleep to either the sounds of sex through the walls, or the sound of her mother being beaten by bad boyfriends. It was accepted as normal for her. Her mother cared little for children, if anything, they were just a source of income; as the fathers were forced to pay child support for children they didn't want. That, and the state of Georgia sent her mother checks to help take care of her children-- although the money never went to them. It went to drugs, to alcohol, to nights on the town. They struggled to survive.

    At age 15, her already joke of a life began to undo at the seams. Her mother never paying attention to her, led to bad, reckless things. She'd often go out in the middle of the night to party, sleep with a strain of partners from her school, some even in College, both girl and boy. Marcy didn't care, she just craved the attention, she realized. The more she partied, the more she drank, the more she had sex with strangers on random couches and unknown bedrooms, the more attention she got. Even negative, attention was still attention.

    Marcella was first arrested at the age of 16, for possession of marijuana and alcohol. It happened a few times after that, but every time, Marcy managed to slip through the fingers of the cops, as she was just a dumb teenager, and "Oh yes officer, I'll get my act together, I promise." It had become a meaningless mantra, she was a lost cause.

    As soon as she could move out, she did so, moving in with a boyfriend, who had history with both gang violence and drug dealing. He got Marcy hooked on all sorts of sweet addictions as Marcy lost more of a grip on her already broken life. She found herself in the same violence her boyfriend was involved in. She even shot people, who owed her boyfriend money. She robbed stores.

    And at young age of 19, Marcy was put behind bars for murder in the third degree of three men, and for robbing multiple stores at gun-point. She would never walk the streets free again. That was, until the zombie outbreak. Riots and chaos allowed Marcy to escape prison, only having to serve six years out of her life sentence.

    Even if it's the end of the world, at least she's free.

    ⇢Likes and Dislikes |
    + Alcohol.
    + Cigarettes.
    + Teasing people.
    + Freedom.
    + Energy drinks.
    + Mexican food. (you might catch her complaining about no running Taco Bells)
    - Despite liking alcohol, she hates the smell.
    - Cold weather.
    - Cats.
    - Being tied down/controlled.
    - People bossing her around.
    - Failure.

    ⇢Strengths and Weaknesses/Fears |
    + Fast on her feet.
    + Strong-willed.
    + Brave.
    + Good with hand to hand combat, although she's not trained professionally.
    + Good aim.
    + High stamina.
    - Goals can sometimes blind her.
    - Emotional.
    - Cocky/arrogant.
    - Doesn't know when to shut her mouth.
    - Bossy at times.
    - Fear of heights.
    - Easily addicted to things.

    ⇢Theme | Gasoline by Hasley.

    ⇢Played by | Mysty.
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  8. [​IMG]
    ⇢Name | Elisa Berenard
    ⇢Nickname | Eli OR Lisa/ also responds to Lance Corporal
    ⇢Age | 19 years
    ⇢Carrier | N/A (Up to -Kuroko-)
    ⇢Birthdate | October 28th, 2040
    ⇢Height | 5'4"
    ⇢Weight | 119 Lbs
    ⇢Sex | Female
    ⇢Orientation | Bisexual
    ⇢Build | Skinny but fit with small but good on the eyes curves
    ⇢Pack |
    ~Accuracy International AWM rifle (rifle in picture)
    Gerber Gator Machete Jr (open)

    ~MREs(Meals Ready to Eat)
    ~Water bottles
    ~Her ghillie suit

    ⇢Biography | Elisa joined the Marine corp right after highschool and managed to get all the way to rank E3 or Lance Corporal before taking an injury to her knee while trying to disarm a fellow soldier that went nuts and lost his mind when the news of the outbreak came out. After that happened she was kept in the care of the military until her knee was healed. But before her knee was fully healed the homeland base she was in was attacked by the un-dead and over-ran which left her no choice but to grab as much equipment she could carry on her and leave. She left with an entire squad worth of 5 people but was soon after to lose them to the infection, or getting lost during attacks.

    Elisa has been tough through it all, and have been smart through this. Staying in the shadows and unseen by the un-dead by going to less populated areas and making camp in forests. She does not hesitate to kill, and is without remorse when it comes to protecting herself, and others who are with her. She's even been in a few encounters where random civilians thought it was a good idea to attack her and try to rob from her and she ended up shooting, injuring, or even killing them. She's not really one to take for advantage.

    She has lost her family to the infection, but she remains stable through and through, knowing she must remain strong to be able to get through all of this.

    Personality: Elisa can be a sweet, kind, loving, and caring girl on the inside, but on the outside she remains emotionless, serious, and embraces her warrior side. The only people she really opens up to are the ones she becomes close to and the ones she can relate with.

    ⇢Likes/Strengths |
    ~Mixed Martial Arts
    ~Hand to Hand combat
    ~Staying out of sight of the enemy
    ~She's smart
    ~Friends, which right now is N/A

    ⇢Dislikes/Fears |
    ~Being turned
    ~Losing other people
    ~Losing her sanity
    ~Having a breakdown
    ~Being overwhelmed and outmatched
    ~The un-dead

    ⇢Theme |

    ⇢Played by | ♡Sniper-Chan♡

    (Dunno if this is still open but if it is I hope this charactersheet is acceptable.)
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  9. @Vivian @Mysty @conman2163 @neobendium @Sniper-Chan

    For those of you here and those of you to come, you can also use the interest check thread to plot with others and use it as an OOC.
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  10. Can I get a link?
  11. Evie Summers


    ⇢Nickname | 'Summers' (Close friends often referred to her by last name)
    ⇢Age | 21
    ⇢Carrier | No
    ⇢Birthdate | 4th April 2038 (04/04/2038)
    ⇢Height | 5'3''
    ⇢Weight | Quite light on account of body size
    ⇢Sex | Female
    ⇢Orientation | Heterosexual
    ⇢Build | Petite yet athletic

    ⇢Pack |
    Basic supplies (Water, food, matches)
    - Torch
    - Teddy bear (Goes by the name of 'Barney')
    - Bedroll
    - A few .45 magazines

    ⇢Additional Pack |
    - 1 Quiver of arrows
    - 1 Compound Bow
    - 1 holster belt containing USP.45
    - A sakura petal pendant

    ⇢Biography |
    "Evie... young, sporty Evie. Oh, how they used to talk about how I was so active and had a bright future ahead of me. Good joke now, right? I only came to America to compete. Now I'm competing everyday for survival. When I think about it, I should never really have said a bad word about Halifax. Might have come out of this better off." -- Evie Summers reflecting on life.

    Evie was always an active child, a bit of a tomboy in most respects. The daughter of a British Army Colour Sergeant and an Irish migrant, it was to be expected, really. Constantly climbing trees, buildings, anything she could find. Constantly building dens with the other children and having "sword fights" with discarded sticks. She had an affinity for the medieval and when she heard that she could learn how to fire a bow and arrow she immediately jumped at the opportunity. Growing up, she excelled in her studies at school, mainly in history... not so much in art. She kept up two hobbies throughout her adolescence: acrobatics and archery. Taking these with her through college and then on to university she joined the JHSU (Joint Hallam Sheffield University) archery and acrobatics teams and helped lead them to victory throughout her 3 years there. Qualifying for Team England in her final year, she struck a deal with the university to drop the requirements on her dissertation, allowing her to head to America with the rest of the English qualifiers. She was only in America for a few days before the borders closed and the outbreak rampaged through the country.

    Gathering some supplies and fellow team members, the group of English refugees fled in the direction of whatever 'Evacuation Sites' were being advertised, only to find them overrun whenever they got there. With no sign of rescue from the British Government and all the Embassies abandoned, the group gradually got smaller and smaller - some deciding they were better off alone, some having the choice removed from them after being exposed to the VRV. 'A Series of Unfortunate Events', one of Evie's favourite books, now became the tagline of her life and before long she was alone. Alone on foreign soil that was fertilized by the flesh of the fallen. And she thought living growing up in Halifax was bad.


    ⇢Likes |
    + History
    + Sports
    + Cooking
    + Reading
    + Climbing
    + Countryside and idyllic locations
    + Old music from the turn of the century

    ⇢Strengths |
    + More than proficient with a bow and arrow
    + Very fit and healthy
    + Petite and nimble, she is good with climbing and maneuverability
    + Can knock together a meal out of pretty much anything (The life of a university student teaches many skills)

    ⇢Dislikes |
    - Art and painting (more out of an inability to do it than anything else)
    - Country music
    - Selfish People
    - Being alone
    - Hot weather

    ⇢Fears/Weaknesses |
    - Despite physical strength, she is little good in a fight that doesn't involve her bow.
    - Fears the dark
    - Fears infected animals
    - Isn't too good with a firearm
    - Suffers from asthma.
    - Fears never seeing her family again

    ⇢Theme |

    ⇢Played by | VengefulPeanut​
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  12. 87df0db4fcb13a7473d82dc84eff54d3.jpg ⇢Name | Felix Carrigan
    Nickname | I’m am just Felix
    Age | 25 before I turned
    Carrier | I was a False-Carrier
    Birthdate | November 10. 2034
    Height | 6 Feet
    Weight | 150lbs
    Sex | Male
    Orientation | Straight
    Build | Athletic
    Ability | My Strength and speed is unrivaled.
    Pack | Pack of wolves from the zoo.

    Biography |
    Felix grew up as an only child to a single mother. His father passed away when he went off to war fighting for a country Felix believed we never should have fought for. Even at a young age Felix was very opinionated. So much so that he had to transfer schools many times for causing fights and getting into fights and even telling the teachers they were wrong. He believed he was always in the right. His mother found it difficult to be moving all the time because of him. He never talked back to her, never told her she was wrong. She was everything to him. Around the time that he was in High School she got terribly ill and passed away. He was adopted into a family that had two other children.

    Despite not being directly related to the two younger children; he was very protective of them. Getting his own job and paying to go to martial arts classes. After he graduated High School he joined the Police Academy and eventually was hired by the very Company that said they were making the cure all cure. The VRV. When everything went south he was ordered to protect the scientists and doctors that were in charge of fixing what they had done.

    One day though, the monkey that they had been working on had gotten loose. Attacking many of the people in the facility. Felix managed to gun it down and everyone who had turned within minutes. Unfortunately, during the exchange he had been bitten by the Monkey, but was not turning. They all thought that maybe he was immune, that he was a Carrier. For a while he thought so too. He was wrong, very wrong. He started to bleed from his ears, eyes, nose and mouth. He was turning and it was such a painful thing. They locked him away and kept him like a caged animal.
    Even though he had turned he had retained much of his intelligence, but being kept in the white walled room made him go terribly insane. He talked to himself, told the voices they needed to shut up, he would bash his head against the walls. Finally, when he thought the voices had gone away he devised his plan of escape. Killing everyone in the facility and escaping to the zoo. Where he took on the turned Wolf pack.

    He had become the very first Alpha.

    Likes/Strengths |
    + His wolves, though there is only 3 of them.
    Show Spoiler
    2341120205_db834e00cd.jpg fb43762e6193c93ee005331d18e71d31.jpg gray-wolf-2.jpg

    + The Rain
    + Has incredible Strength
    + Has incredible Speed, your best chance of getting away is to hide.
    + Killing other Zombies

    Dislikes/Fears |
    -The sun is very damaging.
    -Felines, he despises them.
    -The Voices in his head are distracting.
    -His anger will get the best of him.

    Theme |

    Played by | -Kuroko-[/spoiler]
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  13. [​IMG]
    ⇢Name | Iris Katherine Garret
    ⇢Nickname | N/A
    ⇢Age | 16
    ⇢Carrier | False-Carrier
    ⇢Birthdate | July 2, 2043
    ⇢Height | 5' 5"
    ⇢Weight | 120 lbs
    ⇢Sex | Female
    ⇢Orientation | Straight
    ⇢Build | Athletic
    ⇢Ability | Vision that is unrivaled by any human or zombie
    ⇢Pack |
    • Flock of four golden eagles from the cliffs surrounding her old home
    Show Spoiler
    1: Storm, by far the most deadly of the undead eagles, is an excellent hunter and attack bird. He is a quick killer and quite strong.
    2: Swift is the playful one. She's fast, nimble, and smart, typically acting as bait or a distraction.
    3: Night is the quiet one. But don't mistake his silence for shyness, he's just waiting for the order to strike. He's the ninja, the sneak attack.
    4: Claw is the brawler. She's strong and muscular, often the one opening the fight. She's by far the loudest and most opinionated bird of the flock, often bullying her way to the food and seeing that things go her way.

    • Bowie knife
    • Crossbow with full quiver of arrows (20 of em)

    ⇢Biography | Iris grew up in northern Idaho, near the Canadian border. She had a rough childhood, an orphan from birth. She was adopted several times by different families, but her tendency to be negative, violent, and mean got her taken back more times than she'd care to admit. She was finally taken in by a family that slowly burned down her defenses and got her to soften up a bit.

    Four years later, in the early stages, a strain of the VHV got into her adoptive father's system and he killed his wife and Iris' adoptive siblings before going for her. By the time he got to her, Iris was armed with a switchblade and managed to kill him, but not without a cost. He had infected her during the fight.

    The police arrived, and, thinking she was a Carrier, locked her in a cell in the local prison. After a few days, she began bleeding from her nose, ears, and mouth. Turns out she wasn't a Carrier after all. The town, by then, had been all but abandoned, and the few police that were left decided to leave her in the cell to starve. They were to afraid to even approach her.

    She was left in the cell for days by herself in the deserted town, screaming to be let out until her throat was hoarse and scratching at the walls with her nails. She would laugh maniacally and beat things up, thought inanimate objects moved and were trying to attack her. During one of these fits, she was shaking and pounding the door so hard that the old hinges snapped and she broke out.

    Realizing she was free, she wandered out of the town and into the mountains, finding that the humans weren't the only ones effected by the virus. She gathered together four infected golden eagles she found around the cliffs and continued her journey south, looking for food.

    ⇢Likes/Strengths |
    • Her four eagles
    • Excellent night vision
    • Extreme distance vision
    • Good day vision
    • Wind
    • Good strength
    • Killing humans
    ⇢Dislikes/Fears |
    • Humans
    • The sun can damage her
    • She has fits of unchecked rage
    • Will often think inanimate objects are trying to attack her
    • Military or police figures

    ⇢Theme |

    ⇢Played by | neobendium
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  14. image.jpeg

    ⇢Name | Jason Park
    ⇢Nickname | "Jay"
    ⇢Age | 28
    ⇢Carrier | No
    ⇢Birthdate | 1/15/2031
    ⇢Height | 5'10
    ⇢Weight | 150
    ⇢Sex | Male
    ⇢Orientation | Heterosexual
    ⇢Build | Skinny and athletic
    ⇢Pack |
    • Medium sized backpack
    • Sleeping bag
    • Emergency fire axe
    • Various food items and surival gear
    • Small journal and pen
    • Sig Sauer P229 .40 cal pistol; (2 magazines 18 rounds)

    ⇢Biography |

    Jason grew up in a 5th generation Korean household in Virginia. His father was an officer in the US Army and inspired Jason to do the same. He applied to West Point where his father had graudated from. After excelling both academically in school and physically, he was a shoe in for an acceptance. However due to an injury in his left shoulder, Jason was medically disqualified from serivce.

    Disheartend, he applied and was accepted to a normal civilian college where he focused his stuides of geopolitcs and analysis. His skills in analyzing information as well as some pull by his father led Jason into a career in the CIA as an analyst. As with all agents, Jason was trained at the Farm when he learned basic skills in weapon handling, espionage, and survival. From there he was transfered to a desk job in New York City where he looked a photos for a living. Though not the career he dreamed of, he loved the job.

    The apocalypse began with chaos for Jason. For the past few days, there were news about some sort of infection that was passing through the country. To Jason, it meant more work as he was stuck analyzing for a possible origin of the "disease" and if there was a terrorist plot behind it. Then one day everything went to hell as screams and explosions filled New York City. Everyone in his office building attempted to rush out, trampling each other in the process. Scared to death, Jason locked himself in one of the panic rooms in the building, holding out on his own for a few days. Once the screaming and explosions stopped, he ventured out the see the chaos of the zombie apocalypse. He could see the devestation and his skills told him that the military tried to take the city but ultimately failed.

    Thus, Jason was on his own with the few meager supplies he could grab. He fled the city as quickly as possible, avoiding humans and zombies alike. As he traveled, he recorded all his findings not just about his travels but information on the zombies in his journal.

    ⇢Likes/Strengths |
    • Observing situations and analyzing
    • Minor combat skill
    • High athleticism and stamina
    ⇢Dislikes/Fears |

    • Human interaction
    • The unknown
    • Killing
    • Using his left arm as his shoulder injury still bothers him

    ⇢Theme |

    ⇢Played by | @Ramboing
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  15. hey there! I was just wondering if you were still accepting chars or anything, I'm interested in rping with ya'll
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  16. Reference image (open)

    Would it acceptable to have a kevlar vest? If not I can work without it ^^

    Name | Ronald T Breaker
    ⇢Nickname | ((NA, will update as RP progresses))
    ⇢Age | 26
    ⇢Carrier | Not a Carrier
    ⇢Birthdate | 05/05
    ⇢Height | 5' 10"
    ⇢Weight | 170 lb ((+10 when carrying vest and belt))
    ⇢Sex | Male
    ⇢Orientation | Heterosexual
    ⇢Build | Medium Build ((Or Fit))
    ⇢Pack |
    Duty Belt: Something almost every officer carries once in their life...
    "Just because you put that gunbelt on... It don't make you superman. Remember that."
    • 3 pistol magazine pouches ((1 empty, 2 filled with Glock 23 Magazine))​
    • 2 Handcuff Pouches ((Both Full, key included))​
    • 1 Pistol Holster ((Holds a .40 caliber Glock 23)) His firearm ever since he was a cadet...
    • 2 Accessory Pouches ((One holding a STANAG 30 round magazine [[full]], the other holding a tourniquet))​
    • 1 Baton Holster ((Holds a collapsible baton)) To pacify something that doesn't need a gun.
    • 1 Gas Mask ((Attached to a belt loop with a caribeaner))

    Backpack Contents
    • 1 STANAG 30 ROUND magazine. ((EMPTY))​
    • 1 Bottle of Water Aquafina.. But beggars can't be choosers.
    • 2 cans of soup Some Value Brand Chicken Noodle soup.. Hasn't expired yet.
    • 1 First Aid Kit ((1 roll of bandage, 1 bottle of Tylenol, 1 small bottle of alcohol, 2 gauze pads))​
    • 1 vial of Chlorine Tablets ((3 servings remain))​
    • 2 Gas Mask Filters​
    • 1 Police ID Card Swing by Jacksonville.. Maybe I can check the stations for more stuff.
    • 1 cardboard box of ammunition ((23/50 5.56 rounds))​
    • 1 Pen and Notepad Used to write notes for cases. Good for writing down survival notes.
    • 1 pack of cigarettes. Marlboro gold shorts. Found it off a dead guy.
    • 1 Portable radio((40% battery)) I don't hear anything nowadays.. But I typically turn it on once in awhile.
    • Pair of black synthetic fiber gloves Glove up, and prepare for war.

    Weapons: ((All Weapons in the duty belt will be included here))
    1 Glock model 23 ((LOADED, FULL))
    1 AR-15 Patrolman Rifle ((LOADED, 18 ROUNDS REMAIN))
    1 Collapsible Baton

    ⇢Biography |Before the outbreak Ronald Breaker was like any other person going day by day if you didn't add in the day to day shootings and calls that came with being a police officer in the ever growing Jacksonville city, Florida. He was a three year veteran, upholding the title of corporal in his department before things spiraled out of control.

    When the outbreak occurred, Jacksonville wasn't an exception to the slaughter and the chaos that rose up from the virus. At first they were simple things; people dying and so on. No red flags came at first, primarily because people were dying of logical causes. Then the nights came where officers began to scramble around town to high populated area to answer calls of abrupt and violent acts. After the first few days the whole city went into a state of emergency, shutting the bridge down and sorting out the crowd from downtown. Overtime though, even the blockades at the bridges started to become more problematic. You couldnt exactly tell who to shoot, or even if you should shoot. When Ronald heard the order that they were to shoot, he knew things were worse than he had predicted; he might not be clocking out on time like he had hoped for.

    With a gasmask on and an AR-15 patrolman's rifle in his hand, Ronald slowly transitioned from police officer and emergency responder to frontlineman to survivor. After days of holding his post and using ammunition supplied from both the department and the federal government the order came over the radio in a grim, and very certain voice.

    "... Gentlemen. You've done all you can. Abandon your posts." At first both he and those around him were shocked. Nobody would've believed it if it weren't for the command staff themselves relaying the order. It was a dilemma for everyone; die on the bridges like an officer, or step from your post and survive. Many stayed, dying over the course of the next day before everything became quiet. Ronald with a couple others left, searching for what they could do next now that the government had failed; they had failed.

    Now with a black back pack on his back, a gas mask attached to his belt, and a rifle hanging by his side on it's synthetic fiber strap, Ronald survives... But deep inside he is still that cop willing to fight the good fight whenever he was given the opportunity to.

    ⇢Likes | Other police officers- It kinda feels good seeing other folks who have probably shared the same story, and to see them fighting the fight cops have always fought is always better.

    Safe areas or Settlements -Being able to sleep knowing I wont get torn apart is always nice. . .

    Humane or acts of kindness- We all know the world is turning us into assholes.. We can't let that happen.

    Positive Outcomes -Finding food or ammo or things just going our way sure can help bring light in these dark days.

    Company- People come and go when it comes to company... It sure is damn good to know there's other humans out there.

    ⇢ Strengths |

    Adaptive: Ronald has lived a life where you have to make snap decisions on the fly. It has shaped him to make a quick choice when it's necessary.. A bad choice is better than no choice at all one always says.

    Basic Law Enforcement Training: He can run, drive, shoot, and do many things better than the average civilian. He can also endure straining himself to his limits, and he's no stranger to getting shot at even though it can give him quite a scare.

    Odd Hours: Sometimes you get sleep, sometimes you don't. Living a career where your hours aren't normal has given the officer the ability to be as awake as ever even without sleep, but every human has their limit.

    Warrior Mentality: He'll run towards the gunshots and trouble if people are in danger, even it scares the shit out of him. If you're going into a fight, you can be sure that he'll be by your side.

    ⇢Dislikes |
    Pompous Individuals- We've all had it rough, but that doesn't give you the greenlight to be an a**hole

    Trigger Discipline- What are you doing?! Don't point your rifle at me you'll shoot me!

    Sources of Infection- When the gas mask is on it stays on. No buts.

    Breach of Ethics- Its what makes us different from them.. Don't throw away the only thing that makes you human.

    Night Time- Be at the safe house before the sun is down. If not then hold up in a building and pray for the best.

    ⇢ Fears |
    Night Time Attacks- Nothing is worse than being attacked by walkers when you cant see.

    The Death of a friendly survivor- How did I let this happen?

    Overwhelming Odds- 5 guns against 1 is never good.

    His Past- The days of the outbreak... All those people dead.. You can't just forget the stuff you saw when you were on the front line of it all

    Shooting the wrong person- That kind of mistake still can screw with a guy. ((More willing to stand down to surrendering threats, even if it is a trap... But he is no idiot))

    ⇢Theme |

    ⇢Played by | Furasian​
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  17. Yep, Still accepting characters. Alphas are open and if you are applying to be a survivor, I will let you know now that we have quite a bit of Military oriented characters so if you could possibly stray away from that and give us a bigger diversity that would be great.
  18. I do not have time to make a sheet now but I was wondering if I could reserve an Alpha: Voice and a Carrier?
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