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  1. G A M E O V E R
    ➤Continue? | End Game?
    Hello, name is Vi, short for Vivian (but ya didn't hear it from me), and like in my last thread (that I so totally lost and abandoned) I'm looking for role-play partners who are willing to PLOT with me (not those one sided answers, actually ask questions suggest, and all that fancy stuff), but I'll give some fast facts about me before I get to what I'm interested in.

    • F A S T F A C T S:
      ✎ I'm 16 (not for much longer though)
      ✎I've been role-playing roughly around three to four years and a good two years doing Multi-para/para
      ✎I'm not a big fan of doing bios, but I don't mind them if you feel it's necessary to the role-play
      ✎I'm an awkward person who sucks at speaking up; I'm also very wishy-washy with my replies
      ✎Anything else you need to know? Check out my resume! Not there? Don't hesitate to ask; I'm like--decent.
      ✎I'm fine with the whole 'borderline psychotic' or any other 'edgy' muses, but you need to pull a 360 and make me interested in why they're a nutcase. Are they just edgy...to be edgy...?
      ✎If a muse has a fancy color over it means I would rather play that role
      ✎If a pencil (✎) has a fancy color that means I'm pretty into this fandom and am looking to try an RP on it!
      ✎Did I mention I don't do canon characters?
      ✎I'm fine with romance turning up in my role-plays, but if I'm not I'll specify it (On that note I do FxF MxF and MxM but lean more towards FxF and MxF)

    • W H A T I W A N T ?
      ✎Decent grammar (I'm not all to great with my grammar, so I'm not asking for perfection here, just know the difference between "They're robbing the bank," and "Well looks like that's now their money,")
      ✎Something bugging you in the role-play? Speak up; I'm decent-ish
      ✎Basic role-play 'etiquette' (No Godmoding, Character control, etc.)
      ✎I try not to use real people when hunting for a face claim, I usually use stuff similar to my profile picture, I feel like a filthy
      weeb, but if I use a real person I feel like I've just stolen someone's identity
      ✎Have fun!


    • F A N D O M S
      ✎Mad Father, Ib, Witch's House, Crooked Man, Miaso
      Orange Marmalade
      Sirens Laminate

      ✎Fire Emblem Fates and Awakening
      ✎Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica
      ✎Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji
      ✎Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun

      *Can/will be edited

    • I D E A S / M U E S S
      T R A P P E D
      Technology had progressed considerably, so well to the point the standard photo ID you carry around in your wallet has become obsolete. Instead, at birth people have a chip inserted that acts as not just an ID but your phone, laptop, and even boss. These chips can't be used 24/7 though, it shuts down in situations such as testing for students or driving for adults (texting and driving obviously). Even choosing your career was a bit absurd and a luxury that wasn't worth the risk. Between the ages, 17-18 students are required to take a mandatory aptitude test that judges what field they will be studying for the rest of their lives. During this period the chips are forcibly put into rest mode, made inaccessible to the students. Most students at least.

      The chips are not only used for daily tasks such as business and studying but can also be used for video gaming, specifically, a relatively popular game that involves injecting your conscious into the game.

      Muse A is a bit of a shut-in gamer who has a talent for hacking and has repeatedly proven this ability in the game, getting banned on several occasions by Muse B, who is the moderator. The two are oblivious to each despite going to the same school and sharing several classes. Moreover, their social standings are completely different. During their usual online shenanigans their chips malfunction, trapping them in the game.

      O L D W O R L D
      Pokemon have been acting up recently, attacking random bystanders, Pokemon even being so bold as to try and make a move on villages, on top of that crops have been failing and forests dying. People outside the Kalos region fear the worst, believing its a curse from Xeneras, because of this trade with outside regions have been difficult to do, making people even the nobility in the region struggle to get by. One day the king had enough of this and sent his men to find the problem. They were quick to discover a cult who were fixated on reviving Yveltal. Flustered the king sent the news, putting a reward on their heads and this gathered trainers from ends of the globe, eager to claim this money.
      ➥Additional Information:
      ✸This role-play takes place in the Kalos Region, but an OC can be from other regions such as Kanto (*Note: Alola is not an option given the lack of information and Pokemon on it)
      ✸Knights, Kings/Queens, Prince/Princess, Jesters, Knights will be present, so stick to that kind of theme
      ✸Pokeballs in here are hollowed out Apricorns
      ✸Battles will be done in Showdown and then written out

      ✸Pokemon that are more of an aid are not used for battling, and will not count in your team of six (example a knight would be Rapidash for a form of transportation)

      T H E M A D K I N G
      Children who displayed an aptitude for magic were stolen from their homes immediately, and families were given compensatory payment, those who were simple 'shells' were kept in the castle as slaves, while those who were able to perform magic were kept above the castle, educated, well fed and properly taught to use their magic. These magic users often ventured away from the castle once they were stable enough to expand their knowledge or just to satisfy pure wanderlust.

      One day on their journey a magic user stumbles upon a beautiful stone and takes it to the king immediately in hopes of a reward, and of course, they did earn quite a pretty penny for the find, and the gem was embedded into the Kings crown. Over time taxes were risen petty laws given cruel punishments, and people both shells and prisoners alike disappearing. Over time the Kings sanity deteriorated, and no one knows why they only fear for their lives. No one can leave the city, prompting the many magicians native to the land to avoid it at all costs in fear of their freedom being revoked.

      Muse B is the child of the king who notices his behavior and seeks help from Muse A, who is their shell, the two scramble to find answers and outside help to stop the Mad King.
      ➥Additional Information
      ✸Although Shells have no magic they are immune to it, making them a valuable aid to nobles

      U H ? N O T Y O U R S !
      Muse A is a good student, good grades, loved by the teachers, but also very distant from their peers, and is disliked among the student body; Muse B is the complete opposite, their grades are virtually as non-existent as they are, but that one day they decide to go to school they trip down a flight of stairs, crashing into Muse A who was below. Neither sustained any serious injuries, sort of. It looks as though the two had switched bodies! Now frantic they try and find the answer to their predicament, to save their academic and social lives. This genius plan? "Well, maybe if we fall down these stairs enough we'll eventually get back into our original bodies!?"
      ➥Additional Information
      ✸This is a comedy romance
      ✸It's primarily MxF

      I T ' S J U S T A N A R R A N G M E N T
      Muse A (M) and Muse B (F) are children of (neighboring countries/two big companies/etc..) of feuding families, an attempt to mend this bad blood their parents arrange a marriage. The problem? They hate each other, but after countless forced meetings they realize they both like someone else! The two decide to help each other with their love lives and clean out the bad blood between their families while trying to avoid their unwanted marriage.
      ➥Additional Information
      ✸This can go in a romantic route, or they stay bros for life while still getting their current crush

      W I S H M A K E R S
      It started off as a simple game where students would drop their 'wish' in the box, at the beginning they were simple, humorous requests. "I need a pencil for the next class," "I need to pass the test", but some soon developed into more aggressive wishes, and one, in particular, shook the entire school.

      Three kids have gone missing and even the Wish Makers don't know who did it.
      ➥Additional Information
      ✸This is primarily a group RP, so NPCs might be needed
      ✸This is set in a Highschool setting between the grades 10-12

      *Additions will be made in the future!

    • P A I R I N G S
      [BCOLOR=#ffff00]✸Not all of these pairings have to be romantic, and a lot will probably be more slice of life-ish. These are just mindless set ups I want to try out [/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=#ffff00]✸Highlighted pairings mean I have a sorta plot for them in Ideas/Muses! They can although be tailored to your liking. [/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=#ffff00]✸A muse with a fancy color just means I have an interest in playing that character [/BCOLOR]

      ✸Pirate/Theif x Prince/ss
      ✸Theif x Good willed person
      ✸Shut-in/NEET/Otaku(Weeaboo) x Popular person
      ✸Perfect Student x Troublemaker
      ✸Dragon Hunter x Dragon
      Vampire x Human
      ✸Witch/Mage x Apprentice
      ✸Time Traveler x Target
      ✸Fairy x Vampire
      Addition's will be made in the future!

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  2. Hey vi! I can't read most the info under the fandom tab. The font is black ;-;
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  3. Super sorry, I'll edit the post A.S.A.P, my theme is gray and when I submitted this I wasn't aware it was black.
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  4. Fandoms should be visible now!
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  5. You willing to talk about ideas not listed?
  6. Totally, man.
  7. Awesome. When I get home I'll type it up.
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  8. Defect & Hero

    This is an apocalyptic story about two lab rats surviving in the wastelands of Earth in the year 3045. The story will begin with the destruction of all society. Earth will become barren topside, but underground people have hidden in advanced bunkers that withstood a really bad nuclear war. Because the war isn't important, but those that launched the rockets were not government officials or military personnel, but an occult that believed this was the end mankind deserved for ruining Earth with its technology. That information is important because those hypocrites are still alive.

    As for how life managed that can be explained by the living spaces that acted as home for seven years: nuclear bunkers. The bunkers are highly advanced and meant for this sole purpose. Tech advanced to a point that some D-Day crazed lunatic had to have come up with them eventually. A bunker was capable of filtering radioactive chemicals to allow oxygen, growing food, and if one planned right could use vitamins to make food with the correct nutrients. Taste was not important.

    In addition the bunkers could scan for radioactivity above and around them for 300 meters. Gas masks became a must have when everyone's bunkers' radioactive light started flashing green. This meant they would travel to the surface and join the world again, but it was in shambles and anarchy now reigned supreme. Of course factions and groups became a thing, but there was no fear of a government and these factions did whatever rights or wrongs they wanted to. It was worse than zombies because these ones could think.

    However, our main characters are not a part of this nonsense. They have been lab rats since their [x] age, kidnapped from their homes and treated cautiously, but when nuclear armageddon happened they had no need to beat around the bush with samples, constant planning, and moving. Nor could they. They lacked resources. The final injections on these super soldiers were made. The first was a [x] and [it] did not except the drug [its] body completely rejected it and he was treated as trash. The next however wasn't so unfortunate [its] body accepted the drug and mutated. Physically they were human, but internally they were given biological powers that these scientists tried to weaponize them then realized how bad of an idea it was considering they couldn't make any sort of controlling drug or device. They decided to release them, but not easily, they'd give them a reason to try.

    Trained and examined separately the two would create their own opinions on the world. The Defect, as the defect was called, was now allowed to have a "real world" experience. TV, reading, hobby, and meal privileges. They were also allowed to watch the Hero's training and move freely around the facility. The other was called Hero as a joke. Stories like theirs were popular in comics, but they didn't know this. The Defect did. The Defect started to learn and they began to figure out a sense of their current world. He wanted to help the hero escape. So, he started using his hobby privileges to train his body to run because that was the main part of his plan. Running.

    When the facility radioactive lights started to go green The Defect knew what this meant and got ready to run. The facility got ready to chase because the world was now their playground and more test subjects would be found. More heroes made and controlled, but they would like to keep patient zero.

    Gist of it
    It's a starting from square one type of thing. We have to escape the "Facility" and the "Occult" is also a threat, plus the "Gangs". I don't have an end goal in mind right now, but it would of course be to find a safehaven. One of us is a normal human escorting the other superhuman through their new world.

  9. Hey, this looks super interesting, and I'm always a sucker for this kinda stuff! Maybe we can discuss a possible end goal, or maybe the end goals are different for the two characters?
  10. The different end goal sounds cool to me, but then again I don't like it just as much. So, what do you think?
  11. If there's nothing you want/need to discuss about the role-play then will you be writing the starter? Also if there is something you want to talk about with the role-play then just shoot me a PM!
  12. Yes ma'am.
  13. Oh, would you like the Hero part or Defect?
  14. The defect if that's alright.
  15. That's fine. It doesn't have to be a guy btw.
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  16. Typing the intro uo now.
  17. Vi: Looking for a partner
    Me: Wuz gud
    I'll try to edit in some ideas when I can, I'm also interested in starting some 1x1s so ye. If you are still looking for some partners can you tell me and I can start trying to drop some ideas.​
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  18. Yesss, still looking and I'm interested in seeing what ideas you have!
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  19. Updated it and added a new tab! Have a meme so opening this notification wasn't a total waste. Warning to mobile users it's a big meme.
  20. Hello there. I like the pairing for Dragon Hunter x Dragon. It's been awhile sense I had a good few Dragon related roleplays going at once, so I could use more ^^
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