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    To a world of mystery, action, adventure, dramatic storytelling and many, many games. I am your narrator, the wonderful and elusive Ero. I go by many names, but that is the only one you need to know.

    Fifteen of you have been selected for a new series I call 'Survivor'. Speaks for itself, but unfortunately not all of you would understand if I didn't spell it all out for you. I can't have you all dying prematurely, so I guess I have to do that, don't I? Hmph. All right, well. There are fifteen of you all, each selected from a number of different realms, times, places and worlds. That is in the past now. Wherever you come from, whoever you are does not matter. All that matters from here on in is your survival. You must look out for yourself, unless you want to end up reduced to nothing but a bucket of fluids in a silver pail. Oh, look at that, I'm getting myself all excited. Anyways, back to the point.

    You will be tasked with a number of different games and rounds that may defy everything you've ever known. Gravity, sense, theoretical rocket science. Get ready to have everything you know stripped away from you. If you're smart, you'll arm yourself with whatever you can, and get ready to play an elaborate game of cat-and-mouse, with one simple twist. You decide which side you're on. Easy enough, right? So get ready, get set, and get prepared to play."

    Fifteen characters, fifteen people, had been stripped away from their lives as they knew it. It was fast, quick. throughout the fifteen of them, none had been seen taken, so it had been assumed that they ran, left, or died. Their disappearances were as random as any, treasured possessions left and homes undisturbed. It was almost as if they just.. vanished.

    Preserved in cryo-chambers during the time they had been in transport, their bodies had somehow just.. stopped. Frozen, trapped, in time. They hadn't aged, nor were they changed in any way. Their clothes, however, were a different matter. Some of their clothes held patches where the fabric had been eaten away. Others were torn, or faded. As if they didn't age, but everything else around them.. did.

    Well, they wouldn't be conscious of anything as of yet. Right now, at this moment, they were asleep. They had been removed from the cryo-chambers and were just regaining consciousness now. They were contained in metal boxes, some type of metal that was different somehow, but familiar all the same. These boxes would tolerate and contain any powers they have or had. Whatever they did to the boxes, it would not affect them. Similarly to when they themselves were in cryo.

    But soon, soon my lovelies, they would awaken. And the games would begin.


    - Normal Iwaku rules
    - No godmodding, Metagaming, powerplay or breaking apart the plot.
    - The games will be in different styles, ideas and forms. Please do not be damaging or harmful to the roleplay.
    - There will be fun to have and things to kill, as of any good game.
    - This is a multiverse or crossover fandom roleplay. Think any character, any time.
    - You may have up to two characters in the roleplay.
    - If you are a nuisance, (OOC-wise) I will deal with you, and it will not be pretty.
    - Oc's are allowed.
    - That is all! Onward!

    Canon/Fandom: (If OC, what fandom do you think they should be in?)
    Backstory: (If Canon, a link to the wikia or information is fine, but extra points if you copy and paste.)
    Powers and abilities:
    Weaknesses (If known):​
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