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  1. Ah, hello.

    Before I move further with my writing and plot prompts, I'd like to start with my rules just in case you'd like to take an abrupt step back.


    When requesting a role-play with me, I do suggest you read the rules and expect you to abide them at will. This is to regulate a fair and civilized atmosphere for the rest of us. I can, however, as a controller of my own life, and you as a controller of yours, can make exceptions depending on the future situations our muns might be encountering.

    1. I will not tolerate overly-used profanity (e.g. Course, foul language, cursing, swearing in every dialogue), though we happen to be civilized people, I very well understand concerns such as this one won't arise.

    2. I entertain one-liner starters such as passive ones, but normally active starters would catch most of my attention. Passive starters can be boring most of the time and running out of words is unavoidable. It is important to keep the role-play rolling no matter how content-less your reply might seem. No Mary Sue/Gary Stu characters as long as it's needed.

    Passive starter
    I was walking along the path when I rounded the corner of the alley. I bumped into you. "I'm sorry, hi there!"

    Active starter (starter of a friend in one of my previous role-plays I partook in)
    ____ never really liked school or anything to do with it. Her grades weren't especially low, but her attention towards reading the materials for her English class was little. Soon, they were to have a test on "The Scarlet Letter." Never once had she opened her book. Becoming rather concerned, her brother hired a tutor, a man named ____. The brunette grumbled, saying she didn't have to do such things. Nevertheless, she pushed through. Allowing the male into her living room, they sat in awkward silence a few moments before she broke it with a small, exasperated sigh, falling back onto the couch."Not to offend you or anything, but I really don't want to do this." She whined, sapphire orbs flashing over to her so-called tutor.

    I do not recommend the starter to be tremendously long as long as the message is relevantly clear.

    3. I highly recommend semi-correct grammar as language perfection isn't of my primary concerns. Make mistakes and hug our imperfections.

    4. Role-playing is not a job. I wouldn't mind if you reply after a day or two, however, I do require you to inform me ahead of time. Semi-hiatus, as we know.

    5. Smut, or the writing of erotica is allowable. [Edit: as long as you are 18 and over.]

    6. I am not a big fan of slash role-plays, but if it is in your biggest desire, I am willing to give it a go.

    7. If you are not quite familiar with role-playing, inform me so I can adjust and match my style with yours. I'll be happy to assist you in any difficulty. Such rules, I suppose, are easy to follow.
    [Character's mun]


    I have been an active role-player/writer for years now, and I'd love to create a great plot with you all more than anything. There's nothing better than extracting great ideas from myself and fellow writers only to reread them in the future and be all, "holy-- did we make this?"

    Not only am I interested in writing itself, I'm interested to know the people behind the screens as well as OOC talk. It's great to have great to have amazing friends you collaborate with.


    As for a plot, I'm thinking of something odd and a complex kind of romance. Something that screams "Novel-Material". I'm getting tired of the whole "boy-meets-girl-they-fall-in-love-at-first-sight", or anything that cliché.

    [Preferably MxF]

    Our plots could range from schoolmates to hunters and assassins, from medieval to modern times, you name it.

    Some of my prompts include (could be vice versa):
    etc . . .

    I don't prefer a particular genre.
    [But, Furry is a no-Go for me.]

    Message me if you're interested.
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  2. Hello! Since you are new to the site, I wanted to check in with you really fast about Iwaku's age restrictions. Due to US law, we cannot allow members 18 and over (people with a red star near their name) to roleplay sex scenes with members 17 and under (cyan star). Since you are just saying you are okay with things getting steamy, it is perfectly alright to leave this thread in its present location, as long as you specifically clarify that you will only roleplay with members in the same age group as you, I.E, members 18 or older. :thumbsup:

    If you ever find yourself looking for a roleplay where you are hoping things will get steamy, that would be a great point to post an interest check in the Libertine forum. This forum is age-locked, so only members in the correct age group can access it, and you can guarantee you won't accidentally be soliciting the wrong age group. :D

    That's all! Happy partner hunting!
  3. Yes, I totally understand that! Thank you for the reminder!
  4. Hello there! I am very interested in the the ideas you have proposed. I am also comfortable with your rules. I'm big on plots, and getting to know the people behind characters. I'm intrigued by this tidbit you have supplied. I believe we could write some pretty good... stuff.