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Hello! Glad you could make it, you can call me Vuro. I'm just some woman looking to write collaboratively on the topics mentioned above and below. I hope you find something that interests you. Please PM me if you have any questions.

Goal: I've been wanting to play something that skirts the line between obsessive hate and love. Maybe it includes a codependent dynamic, or where one character grows dependent on the aloof other. Drugging, hypnosis, mindflaying, or some sort of mind-control is a huge plus. Gaslighting, mindfuckery, and twisted logic are some elements I'd look forward to, as well. Basically, I want someone--be it your character or mine--to teeter on the edge for as long as they can before breaking. I don't mind if things eventually switch to lighter tones, but there's gotta be a fight and some underlying hatred at the start.

Multiverse focused: My character (will create a CS for her in the next few hours) is attempting to resurrect a demon that was sealed away in another dimension. After observing your character doing some sort of interesting feat, she's decided you'd make the best host for this demon. Through mild flirting and/or stalking, she manages to get close enough to make an attempt at fusing your character with a gem that will act as a doorway for slowly siphoning the demon back into the current dimension (we can talk about whether or not she's successful, what it means if she is, what it means if she's not, etc). Since it's implied this demon is sealed in another dimension, I figured we could also work in some sort of multiverse hopping, where one or both characters could be altered depending on the universe they enter. Exploring the multiverse side of things is not necessary, however. I just like the idea of my character slowly losing her grip on reality after having to keep track of the multiple threads of existence she's been tossed through. Plus, if you want to be mean, abandoning her (either totally or for a few years) in some reality that isn't her original seems kinda messed up enough to cause her inner turmoil, which is totally where I want to go with my OC.

Monster-girl focused: I don't have as clear of a plot idea here, so a lot of it is the basic stuff you've probably read elsewhere. Still, that's no reason not to try, right? Based off my goals outlined above, we could do something that has my character unwillingly transform from human to a monster. If you want to play a mad scientist type, I'm down for making it into a medical/Frankenstein-esque plot. We could also do something like my character being some figure in your character's life who is constantly berating your character. So, your character drugs mine with some magical, hand-wavey-science pill. Hours later, BAM! She's now some sort of freaky monster girl, wholly dependent on your character, because monsters aren't part of accepted society. Or we could just do some random harem thing. I don't know, let's spitball ideas. If you have a particular type of monster girl you're absolutely jonesing for but have a hard time finding, let me know and I'll consider playing that type. Here are my personal top five, in order of interest:
  • Slime
  • Lamia
  • Fairy
  • Harpy
  • Alraune

Serious craving:
  • Borderlands: This. Like, holy butts, am I craving this. I'm interested in playing Fiona, Rhys, Timothy, or Nisha. I might consider Lilith or Moxxi, depending on the plot. It'd be cool to find a player interested in playing Handsome Jack (real or AI) or a Handsome Jack-tier megalomaniac OC, especially if you're looking for me to take on Lilith or Moxxi.
  • The Wolf Among Us: I'd like to play Bloody Mary against either Bigby, Crooked Man, or Snow. I'm open to discussing other pairings, too. Considering who I would be playing, this has the potential of getting Ramsay Bolton levels of fucked up, and any 'love' to come out of it would likely be of the deranged sort.
  • The Legend of Zelda: Super guilty of pairing Zelda and Ganondorf. The RP I'm looking for would basically be this. This pairing has the most fluff potential while still offering lots of less pure content, if that's what you're looking for.

Other bits of media I enjoy, but do not have a particular plot in mind:

  • Fables/Disney/Fairytales: Particular love for things like Beauty and the Beast (all versions), Little Red Riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty (all versions), The Little Mermaid (non-Disney versions).
  • Lovecraftian or DnD lore: Blending the two or picking what we want from their lore is fine by me. I do not have a preference, as I enjoy both. Illithids or mindflayers are know, as a suggestion.
  • Overwatch: I'd be interested in playing Mercy or Widowmaker. Widowmaker basically has canon mindfuckery as her backstory, so it's a good fit if this is something you're interested in.

General playing information:
  1. I am open to playing anything the RP requires, but am most familiar playing female characters.
  2. I am open to playing any sexuality.
  3. I'd like to touch base on the direction of the RP semi-regularly. I'm cool with just talking about other random stuff, too.
  4. Dropping or postponing is OK. I'm not aggressive when it comes to asking when you will post. If you think pausing it for a couple of months will help, I am cool with putting a pin in our playing for those two months.
  5. Forums, PMs, or any other slow medium is fine. I cannot do chatroom RPs, or RPs that require instantaneous replies.
  6. I can create a few posts per week, which are usually a few paragraphs in length.
  7. I write to the tone we're trying to convey (humorous vs romantic vs dirty as sin), and I assume you will attempt the same. If you don't want me to use certain terms, though, I'm cool with finding something else.
  8. Oh, you made it this far down? Here, have my F-list - Warning, which might give you some general ideas of what's on or off the table.
  9. If you want a writing sample, PM me and ask for one. I may ask you for the same.

Extra BS that isn't necessary to read, but nice to know:
  1. Please let me know which layout style you use on Iwaku (Midnight, Dusk, Sunrise, etc.) If I format my post with color, I want to make sure you can still comfortably read it. (For reference, I use Sunrise.)
  2. Post styles are optional. I usually don't bother doing anything more fancy than bold, underline, or italicize.
  3. If you do style your posts, please keep the main post left-aligned! Short quotes, lyrics, or other minor information can be aligned however you wish, but the meat of your post should be left-aligned. I mean, unless you want to make me cry.
  4. Using drawn characters or photographed models for your FC are fine. As long as you're not taking some poor kid's instagram selfies, you can show off your character in whatever way you see fit. As of right now, all of my characters are drawn.
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So your thread doesn't specify whether or not you preferred a PM, but I'm currently on my phone and posting here was easier for me. IC posts are done on my laptop though - mostly lol. It depends on how long the post is going to be and how much time I have.

I'm interested in a monster girl esque story, and actually own the first volume lol.

I am set to midnight.

I do format my posts to be centered; rarely background but coloured speech text.
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