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  1. Hello fellow roleplayers! I’m Max and I've been kinda dead for a year but hey look I'm back AGAIN. Okay now for starters when it comes to romantic pairings I am fine with M/M, F/F, and F/M, and I’m cool with roleplaying as either sex as well as transgender and non-binary characters.

    Here is a list of plots I have in mind in no particular order (I’m not the best with coming up with plots or explaining so I’m also up for any that you might have in mind). Also I really love dark fiction, I'm fine with fluffy cutsie rps but I really love more darker stuff. Also up for Libertine role plays if anyone is interested, but those aren't my priority.:

    Modern setting in the city. My character, Dee Strickland, college student, is trapped in an abusive relationship with his boyfriend, Jamie Ross. After many trips to the hospital a nurse (your character) starts to notice something is up. Since Dee is strictly dicks if you want any sort of romance between Dee and your character, they’ll have to be male. But I’d be fine with a female character but they’d only be friends.

    A good old-fashioned zombie apocalypse roleplay! I would like to roleplay multiple characters in this one to make it a little more interesting. I have two characters in mind, Bo Rodgers and Charlie Michaels. Bo is bisexual and Charlie is gay (I have a lot of queer characters as you can tell). They have an old radio and they pick up a signal with someone talking about a government made safe house, the signal is a bit dodgy so they miss a few bits of information. One being is the safe house has been over run by zombies. But our group doesn’t know that.

    I would like to do a circus roleplay, where the circus is going out of business. The main point of the plot at the beginning would be for the characters to try and save the circus. I'd also like to do a version where instead of a circus atmosphere it's more of a freak show if you're into that. Would also involve each of us controlling multiple characters.

    I got this one idea from a Tumblr post, it's another zombie roleplay, but with a sci-fi twist. After nearly getting wiped out by zombies the remaining human race sent into space on a giant space ship, after a few generations they decide to go back to Earth and see if it's habitable again. We would probably have to have 2-4 characters each. The idea is we're a team that is sent down to Earth to scout it out and see what we find. I have some plot bunnies for this one, but I'm not telling ;) you'll have to find out for yourself.

    I also want to try a boarding school roleplay. It could be magic, supernatural, sci-fi military, regular plain jane normal, whatever. And I'd prefer it to be a single gender school, so a school for only boys or only girls. I would like this one to be primarily romance based.

    It would be cool to do a fight to the death roleplay. Where it starts off with two teams that fight until one team is completely annihilated, and then split the remaining into teams and keep going until there's only two left. That way the remaining characters start building relationships with each other which could make it even harder or easier to kill the other depending on the relationship. I'm thinking a group of 10 characters on each team, each roleplayer controlling five characters on each team. The characters would be late teens, and all kidnapped off the streets by a wealthy man who hosts this "game" for the amusement of twisted rich individuals. I might actually turn this into a group rp, I don't know. THIS WOULD BE VERY VIOLENT BE WARNED

    Mermaids, just freaking mermaids/mermen. I think it would just be fun to fool around with a community of magical fish people who like to make ships crash and drown their victims. Like I want to go for classic mermaids, the evil kind. Can have romance with you want, but I want it more focused on the sadistic killing of sailors. Because nothing says fun quite like that.

    I’ll add to this list as time goes on but these are the ones I really want to do.

    If we rped before I disappeared and you're interested in reviving our old rp(s) feel free to shoot me a message! And while I prefer my rp partners o be pretty active I also understand that life gets in the way so never feel bad if you can't reply for a while. And if you get bored of the rp chat me up! Let's see if we can figure out something to either liven it up or simply trash it and start something new.
  2. Is the magic boarding school RP open? Oh, or the mermaid one?
  3. Yes they are both open, I sent you a pm to talk specifics
  4. Ahem. I believe I read the words zombies and knew I needed to say hello. There are not enough zombie enthusiasts out there anymore. I would love to play with you.

    Boarding school? Single-Sex? Drama, angst and love triangles? Hot teachers? Fuck yes please.
  5. Feel free to shoot me a PM and we can discuss these! :D and yes there needs to be more zombie enthusiasts
  6. I kind of like the death arena idea.
  7. That one is still open if you want to shoot me a message to work out details!
  8. Hi hi, is the boarding school one open?
  9. Sorry that one just got taken, I haven't had a chance to take it off the list yet, sorry!
  10. then how about the abusive one?
  11. Sure that's still open! Shoot me a pm and we can sort out details.
  12. Hey is the Circus one open?
  13. Hey just wondering if for the boarding school one is still open or if you still wanted to do it?
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