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Honestly I'm really pushing it w/ a title like that,,,,,

Well anyways, hello to you brave souls that clicked on such a terribly titled thread !!! I'm reptilian, but I guess just call me Tilly, or nothing at all. Whatever floats your boat tbh. Just some things about me which may have little to no correlation to our roleplays -

* I'm easily overwhelmed !! This is mostly irl, but that just means that I might not be able to come on and write decent replies sometimes. I'll try and let you know whenever that happens, however it shouldn't for a while considering I only have two days of school left.
* I get really excited over small things
* I love animals?? Wowza
* I also love science !! Specifically neurobiology !!!!
* I tend to cuss a lot, but I'll stop if you tell me it bothers you
* I don't mind gore and such !! (It's not a necessity for me though, so don't worry!)
* I really like getting to know my partners and becoming friends w/ them!! Like, having a connection is honestly so great??? Yeah!!

I'm hyped up as I write this, so honestly I'm not sure if anyone will find that coherent?? I'm being more casual w/ this post than I normally would be for something like this. Anyways !!! Let's move on to actual roleplay stuff.

Currently (June 23rd, 2018), I'm looking for something M x F, where I'd play the female. I'm also thinking of some monster stuff, like scientist x creation or human x monster, or even monster x monster !! (It could be serious or goofy, I'm up for either!) I typically prefer playing the monster/magical role, so if you would too then.... well, that's what monster x monster is for !! (The exception here is scientist x creation b/c science is cool af... I could play either role there!!)

**If you don't like anything there then that's okay! Feel free to suggest things

Sorry this is a huge mess? I'll probably edit it once I'm feeling like less of a walnut. Also, if you're interested in anything or have any questions, just PM me! I can give writing samples if you'd like, too.

Thanks for stopping by !!!

EDIT: I just thought of a priestess x god (or priestess x mercenary hbgfghhgf) pairing and like wow PM me if that sounds cool to you??? thanks x
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