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  1. GenChat || Sign-ups || IC

    This the General Chat thread! This is where questions, comments, and concerns will be posted as well as out of character chatter.​

    ROUND 1: END
    ROUND 2: June 24th - July 24th

    Should have mentioned this earlier but I had a tiring day yesterday and when I was available, it was only to talk and answer questions. Anyway, because of Wicked's schedule eating 'em alive, I've decided to archive Lou until Wicked decides to return. I've also decided to conclude round 1. What does this mean for the current scene? We'll time skip to the next day and I'll let Namora decide if Cerise is still captured or not. If so, Zelda and Angelica could have returned to the girl's cave with the news of her capture during the night and we'll pick up again with the girls planning a rescue mission. This could be the opportunity for both sides to meet. The time skip will also allow for a smoother migration for the newest members and open up new opportunities for character interaction.

    I'll start up round 2 later today/tonight and tomorrow I'll do what I had planned to do yesterday and work on updating/reworking the OOC thread again since I'm still getting questions about things that are already written out. I didn't have a clear idea on how long I should keep each round open for but swing as the first round managed to drag on for months I'm setting the closing date exactly thirty days after the initial opening, which means round 2 is opening today, June 24th, and closing July 24th.

    Happy roleplaying and may the muse be with you :)

    From now on, you want to have a creature attack, you run it by me first.

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  2. WIP
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  3. F.A.Q.
    The Basics
    Q) How do I join a roleplay on Iwaku?
    A) You post your character(s) and wait for GM approval. You can have up to two characters in my roleplay but as the rules say you cannot double as two of the same gender.
    Q) Where do I post my character(s)?
    A) At the top of each page of my roleplay there are GC (General Chat), CC (Character Creation), and IC (In Character). One of them is left unlinked in accordance to the page you're viewing. The link you need is CC, which is linked at the top of this page. Not only is the Character Creation thread reserved for character creation but is also the main game thread as this is where you'll find all the roleplay information.​

    The Roleplay
    NOTE: Most of this is just the background of the world discussed OOC and probably shouldn't effect the IC too much.

    Q) Oh okay. So for example, all the dark caster's in Rosewood would have the same Thane it's just that Raina's Thane is her grandmother(?) and she was chosen by the administration because of her Thane's recommendation? So not everyone would have as close a relationship with their Thane as her?
    Each element is represented by a thane, so far there's ten, and each element has hundreds of Casters under it, so no.​

    Q) Would it be possible to find out who will be chosen on the opposing team?
    A) Probably not.​

    Q) Are thane‘s the ones who choose the Caster's who participate?
    A) No, the school's administration does. Thanes can make recommendations but that's as far as their involvement goes, other than approving the choices. This is more courtesy though.

    NOTE: Raina made herself sound special when she said administration went straight to her thane to get her involved in the competition but really, the administration goes straight to everyone's thane. She just took it more personally because of of her relationship with the dark caster‘s thane.​

    Q) Oh okay. So for example, all the dark caster's in Rosewood would have the same Thane it's just that Raina's Thane is her grandmother(?) and she was chosen by the administration because of her Thane's recommendation? So not everyone would have as close a relationship with their Thane as her?
    A) No, each element has a Thane. But of course, there are multiple casters of each element, so not everyone should be close to their own Thane. That's a political position, and not everyone knows everyone. So let's say there's a council, and there is 10 positions for that said council. Each one spot holder is someone who represents a certain group of people, like minorities. Everyone lives in the same land, but under the ruling of their said Thane, depending on their family lines and casting abilities.​
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  4. Name
    Inanimado Avliden





    Sexual Orientation

    Ina is a small build girl, standing only 5'4" and not really build with muscle. However don't think you can underestimate her, because she makes up for that with quick wit and a sharp tongue. Her silver white hair cascades down to her waist in thick waves. She has a rather pale skin and burns easily, which is why a lot of people assume she is a Dark Caster. Her eyes are soft violet in color thought the light up to bright magenta when she is very angry or hurt. They also give of this shine when she uses complex spells.

    She doesn't care much about fashion or dressing up and prefers to keep things simple. So she can mostly be seen wearing dark tight jeans with sneakers. On top a simple top will do and a flowy veste to keep her small body warm. Though the cold doesn't really bother her. She absolutely won't go anywhere without the black rosary around her neck. It is her lucky charm, or so she says. Furthermore she has a black leather shoulder bag that contains a black wool cloak for if she gets cold and some amethyst stones to restore her energy. Underneath her clothing she has hidden some throwing daggers in case she needs them.


    A whisp in the form of a fox "Lisic"

    * Keeps her head cool
    * Defensive spells and protection
    * Solving riddles and puzzles
    * Great stamina
    * Animal interaction

    * Seems rather apathic/finds it hard to show emotion
    * Physical not very strong
    * Trusting others
    * Saving herself

    * Finding her brother, since her parents died at young age. He disappeared during the last Casters Challenge and she won't believe he is dead as most people say

    * Reading
    * Being on her own and surrounded by nature
    * Thunderstorms
    * Reflections (either in mirrors or water)
    * Observing people around her
    * Music and singing

    * Being underestimated
    * Being touched
    * People telling her to give up
    * Being in the spotlights
    * Being interrupted/distracted by people

    She is very on her own, since she has the feeling people can't be trusted after all of her family just left her.

    Personal Spells
    * Calming Touch; mostly a non-combat spell. She can use it to calm any living creature down when they are caught up in extreme feelings. However Ina thought herself how to use it during combat as well, when used on enemies it will 'calm down' their attack. Though for this spell she needs to be in direct contact with the being she is casting it upon.
    * Mirror Shards; Ina will cast a mirror between her and her opponent. It will work as a shield for one attack, before shattering. The slivers will go straight to the attacker (as shown in the picture) and cause physical harm.
    * True Reflection; Inanimado can cast this spell at all times as long as there is a surface around which reflects. She will see a persons true intentions at that moment, only Casters who are mentally extremely strong would be able to fool their reflection
    * Spirit Eyes; Inanimado will be able to see all aura's around her for a short moment. During this spell she is entirely blind to inanimated objects. She will be able to see from her own point of view, as well as from Lilics point of view.
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  5. Name
    Malachai Dwin'anea





    Sexual Orientation

    He isn't a very big guy, only a good 5'7" from top to toes. His build is more lean muscles, made for speed and agility rather than buff force and brute power. Also he is very bendable and nimble, like his power. His thin lips mostly have a bit blue tone to them as if he is cold. His eyes are bright blue, very clear in color almost like turquoise orbs. His hair is half long and mostly unruly. The wild locks are black in color with a few random blue strands in between, that no one knows the origin of.

    He mostly wears very royal looking clothes. He is an absolute fan of hand tailored and embroided clothing, with a lot of ornaments and decoration. He can usually be seen wearing a leather long coat with underneath a navy colored tunic like blouse. His pants are simple jeans and to make his outfit complete he wears soft leather boots. As for jewelry he wears a signil ring on his right ring finger. He has a piercing in the top of left ear that connect with a silver chain towards the cross earing in his earlobe.


    A small kitty "Kissa"

    * Healing
    * Shielding
    * Strong sense of direction
    * Patience

    * Naive
    * Easily to manipulate
    * Earth magic
    * Time pressure
    * Being blinded (when not IN water)

    * Becoming the best healer and traveling the world

    * Interacting with people
    * Traveling
    * Rain
    * Swimming

    * Deserts or sandy and dry places
    * When people are angry (in general or at him)
    * Chaos
    * Heights

    * He is from noble birth, some rumor that he is a bastard son of the King.

    Personal Spells
    * Bath of Rebirth; Non combat spell. Malachai can cast this on any liquid, prefered is steady water like a pond or lake. If one bathes in the water after the spell being cast, will be healed completely and their energy will be restored, as long as they stay in the water. If it is casted on small liquids, like drinks, it will have the same effect, but not as strong. It will give a short energy boost and health increase.
    * Water Pendulum; A curved blade made of water will slash over the enemies chest. The range of the slash is determined by how much power Malachai has. This can be used as a multi target spell. It will cause physical damage, as well as slow the enemy down for a short moment. It will cause extra water damage to those who are weak to water.

    * Bubble Wrap; This is a single target spell and asks for a lot of precision from the caster. If casted on Malachai or an Ally, that person will be wrapped in a water bubble and momentarily shieled from all incoming attacks. It can hold up to three attacks, depending on the strength of the attack. Malachia or Ally can burst the bubble at any moment, even while still effective as a shield. As long as Malachai or Ally is surrounded by the bubble they are immobilized and unable to cast any spells, yet will be healed for a small amount.
    If casted on an Enemy, that person will be wrapped in a water bubble. He will be unable to cast any attacking spells for an certain amount of time. The bubble will do damage once it bursts. Enemy will be unable to move as long as they are in the bubble.

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  6. I'm sorry to ask but I'm interested in joining, I just had a question, what would Physical powers include?
  7. No problem ^.^ Questions are good.

    The Physical element includes spells that focus on temporarily enhancing your physical abilities like strength and speed as well as hightening your senses and vocals.
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  8. I partly want to do energy/electricity, but I love the Light is not good trope well alongside the good is not soft. ect. Its just SO MUCH FUN. ehem.

    Name: Lux Aeternia
    → Age: 19
    → Grade: Senior
    → Sex: Male
    → Gender: Male
    → Sexual Orientation: Hetro (?)
    → Appearance:
    without all the charms and the staff.
    His left arm has a immense tattoo down it which is part of the casting of Genesis and glows a pure white when it is used. All ancient magics require payment of this kind.



    His staff:
    → Apparel:
    Lux often wears little more than a simple shirt and trousers, though when he knows combat will occur he will wear a thermal top under a very lose, long jacket woven with dozens upon dozens of protective pentagrams and sigils, prefering to use them as a last line of defence. On the challenge he carries with him;
    A standard kit (Grappling hook, rope, bedroll, lantern+oil, tinderbox, rations, fishing line+hook, fold out cooking pot, water purifying tablets, grapple launcher, small wood axe)
    His staff
    A collection of lenses
    several crystals charged with other elements set to detonate after being thrown,
    2 smoke grenades
    3 toxic powders
    2 toxic liquids.
    Medical kit +anti toxins for the above + several general ones
    Several changes of clothes, soap.
    several thermal shirts able to keep him warm in cold climes and cold in hot ones.
    All kept in a high quality walking backpack with a quick release clip.
    → Element: Light.

    → Familiar: Star shard, A small ball of sentient light. mimicking a star in the night.

    → Strengths: Combat, Lux thrives on fighting. Lux is also kind hearted and willing to help others out should he be able to, He can use light to heal, but not to a very high degree. Most would call him good, if harsh.

    → Weakness: quick to jump to conclusions. Far to willing to just outright brawl for no good reason. He HATES it when people treat him like he's some kind of walking hospital.

    → Ambitions: Lux wants to prove to the world light magic dosn't just have to be used to heal people. He also wants to become a master of more than one element, despite it being near impossible.

    → Likes: Sweet things, fights, being active, learning new magics. watching others practice magic.

    → Dislikes: Those who dismiss his magic. spicy foods. god dam chilli chocolate, its a abomination. people who abandon others.

    → Other: Lux is often called a 'Problem child' Refusing to learn healing spells and preferring to create his own or otherwise learn very old, very destructive light spells.

    → Personal Spells:

    Wondering Star Motes, Lux creates a large amount of sparkling dust which floats in the air, or in a direction, These particles while looking harmless (even alluring) are actually explosive, while not individually dangerous the fact there are hundreds in an area puts even the strongest at risk.
    These can detonate on Lux.

    Holy Sword, this spell can take two forms, a sword of glowing light Lux can weild, or a huge blade that errupts out a pentagram to punch through the target (huge means 6ft across, and about 15ft long) before fading. When Weilding this blade Lux cannot cast other spells, And the larger form if it can only be used every 5 minutes or so.

    'cosmic' Ray; a blast of invisible light that delivers a high does of radiation, not only does this ionize the air around it but the target as well, While not doing any direct damadge it can induce radiation poisoning. It also induces Radiation burns on the skin
    (Because light-heat argument I am going to provide links to wikipedia to prove this shit.)
    Acute radiation syndrome - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Radiation burn - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Fury Of The Sun: A beam/bolt of searing energy, using a combination of burning white light and solar heat this directed 'energy' blast is capable of slicing through trees, and other things. This spell comes in two forms, a orb like 'bolt' that detonates on impact and flashes the surrounding area, or a fan like beam that spreads out as it gets further away, and thus loses power. Lux is subject to damage from this spell.

    Genisis: Lux's most powerful spell, and his Ancient magic. When used by a master this spell is capable of levelling entire cities and then some. However Lux has far from mastered it and its radius is only about 20 meters or so. That dosn't mean the power itself is any lessened. infact the power is the same, just in a far smaller area. His teachers have 'suggested' he 'avoid using' this spell in any conflict that would be non lethal due to the fact that most of the time all that is left of the target is a searing crater and molten rock. This kills Lux.

    Good. is not nice. Light, is not soft. Lux intends to prove that.

    still under edit, postboned for 1 or 2 days due to holiday.
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  9. Aright, a few problems:

    → There can not be any legendary creatures for familiars. Familiars have to be of any animal or something like Trent has: a will-o-wisp is a natural phenomenon that occures when built up methane is released into the air in swamps. Fallen Angels fall unde legendary since they are aparts of legends, while will-o-wisps are said to be fairies despite them actually being non-sentinel and backed up by a scientific explanation.

    → The enchanted canteen is a no go. Sorry, but I want characters to have solutions to problems, not have items that prevent problems. The grappling hook is fine as long as it's just a rope and hook and lacks any propellant. I would also like the thermal shirts in a more limited supply and prefer a little less wardrobe, but I'm gonna leave this up to you. But a warning: I implement a karma system of sorts :P The better your equipment, the worse things are going to get for you and your companions. Also, where are you putting all this stuff? Hidden pockets (totally a thing by the way - I'm still expecting someone to come in wearing enchanted cargo pants)? An enchanted bag is fine, but the more it has to carry the more drawbacks it may have.

    → I'm iffy on the staff. Caster's don't really need things like that because of their familiars, but if it's for combat purposes I'd go with a different design.

    → Your Genesis and Judement sound a little too op to me. I would prefer no instant kill spells in this because again, I want characters to have solutions to problems and not prevent problems. With that said, I will let you have one or the other and I would like to see some drawbacks, though I'm not too keen on the whole sin thing and Holy Fire is completely out of the question. Maybe change "sin" to "dark".

    Otherwise I'm glad to see the Light doesn't mean good trope. That was actually the whole point of me including both dark and light magic x)

    (?) (open)
    Hetro= Hetero :)
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  10. Yes I was thinking the same about those last spells, but I didn't want to say anything about it since I am not the GM.

    I will include explanations of my powers later^^
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  11. @DarkiusHeavenstein, Well I of kind of dragged you over here so I guess you could be my co-GM :3 Make me look like less of a bad guy for a change ^.^‘

    I should probably add some explanations to mine as well.
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  12. I'll make commentary in red. and then jump on edits.
  13. 1) To put it simply, familiars take the form of what exists and not what people think exists, and in case you haven't read everything: familiars are made of your element :/ Raina has a shadow bat, Trent has will-o-wisp, which by nature is a form of fire, Ina has a spirit fox, and Mally has a water cat. That's the nature of their appearance .-.

    2) That's Raina being Raina :P She's prideful and arrogant, but despite my wording all of what she has is listed.

    3) Unless I've over looked something - highly likely since colored text can be hard on my eyes >.< - you had no bag of any sorts listed o.o

    4) Thank you.

    5) Holy magic and Light magic aren't the same thing in this Roleplay o.o Light is Light, Holy is more a Clerics thing.

    6) Oh sorry >.< I totally thought you were asking for spelling clarification. My bad.

    EDIT: I know your still editing your character and I'm sorry if it sounds like I'm being naggy, but two things:

    → Instead of a star speck just make it star though much smaller and reasonable sized; however, it has to follow the same parameters as Trent's familiar: it cannot be sentient which means much like Trent you can't interact with it like other Caster's can with their familiar. It'll be nothing more than what it actually is, a semi-ethereal magic manifestation that helps with your casting.

    → I completely over looked the size of your Holy Sword's projectile form. It doesn't have to be that big o.o A simple larger than normal sword flying at you is terrifying enough. Magical is down right horrifying. You don't have to make it horrendously giant to top it all off.
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  14. @EddiEddi I disagree on how light/holy magic only comes in those three flavors. I guess it is the same as with every power. Sure light is mostly assumed to be good, but don't forget there is no light without darkness, nor darkness without light. Beside every demon was once an angel (if you follow the christian lore)

    Besides I think there is a big difference between light as a power and holy powers (but that might just be me) where holy powers are designed to go against corruption and sin. And light is simply just light. (So you could do fun stuff like blinding your enemy)

    I do agree on the big ammount of items. Yes I have seen soldiers walk around (I live god damn next to a training facility) and I also know this is very heavy and will slow you down a lot. Beside it would still be unable to carry around ALL the items you prescribe without it becoming simply too heavy. So if ambushed it will be very hard for him to react to the immediate threat, since he would have to dump all his gear first (but this are just thoughts to keep in mind).

    As for the familiar. If it only looks like a Fallen Angel I guess it would be alright... (Though again Noctis is the real GM)

    Also one thing I had with the spells also, where ate there any weaknesses. Since it now seems like they are totally unavoidable... But that might just be me.

    Again this are all just thoughts and such from me xD you can do with it what you want or not.
  15. UPDATE: Included an Extras tab under the Rules tab with an expanded upon Familiar information, a Magic vs. Body explanation, and further explained Personal Magic vs. Ordinary Magic.
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  16. Let me read it some more to check and see if it is something to consider.
  17. I shall join
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  18. yeah, I'm on hoilday till monday, edits may come but they will be slow. I will still talk. so feel free to hurl advice. also, the point of it being a huge fekking sword is that it has other uses (rapid path anyone?)
  19. I dunno, seems over kill to me. If you make it more reasonable you could even summon multiple but that's your choice o.o Just don't expect instant kills with it. Otherwise, I'm done picking on you x)
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