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  1. Title: Monkey See, Monkey Do.
    Power level: Enhanced to Global
    Look/Feel: [Mastermind's Machievellian Plot ]

    Mission Full


    Los Angeles. one of the Crown Jewels of the West coast, as coined by CatCo Worldwide Media, along with National City, San Diego, San Francisco, and Coast City.
    Crime is no stranger to Los Angeles with one of the highest crime rates of cities in California. But, crime, after a fashion was somewhat predictable. People choose a life of crime, and recidivism in criminals is high.

    What is strange is a rash of burglaries, armed robberies and other type of theft from people who had never committed crimes before. Even more strange - none of them remember committing these crimes, even under polygraph. They simply don't remember. Most of the thefts were from law abiding citizens who had never even had so much as a traffic ticket. Those who weren't caught during the act dumped their ill gotten gains somewhere that they cannot remember, even with trained psychologists aiding them.

    This sounds like a job for...

    You, maybe?​
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  2. Jason was in a dimly lit room in his usual Knight costume facing a man who was strapped down to a chair and had a terrified look on his face. Two of Jason's men were behind the man against the wall, each holding an assault rifle and facing forward.

    "I told you, I didn't rob you or your men! I'm an accountant for God's sake! I don't even know who the hell you ar-" Before he could finish Jason pistol whipped him across the face. "Do I look like Batman t'you? You raided one of my bases with an AK-47, shooting rapidly and demanding that my men give you money and weapons. I stopped everything I was doing and flew out here from Gotham City only for you to claim that you never robbed me." The man shook his head and began to sob. "I swear I didn't! I would tell you if I did, I promise!" Jason stood up and looked at his men. "Kill him and get rid of the evidence." The men nodded as Jason walked out. As Jason walked away, several gunshots could be heard come from the room as Jason walked off.

    While Jason was walking, one of his men stopped him. "Sorry to bother you Sir, but you gotta see this." Jason just sighed and followed him into another room. Once they entered the soldier pressed a button and a hologram showcasing a news report appeared from the table.

    "We are live from the LAPD, where more information about the recent robberies taking place has been released. John Orfloskey, the man who robbed a local bank last week, has been found taken into custody by the LAPD. Just like the other suspects, the man claims to have never committed any crimes and has not been convicted of anything before now." Jason cut off the report and sighed. "Damnit. We can't risk letting these people rob us again. Find out everything about the suspects, see if they're connected in any way. We're gonna catch the guy who's causing all this and kill him. He's messed with the wrong people." Without saying another word, Jason exited the room and slammed the door behind him.
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  3. Hercules sat in a small comfortable office in a rather fancy plane with Phil Coulson of Shield.

    Hercules, this is your chance to start getting your reputation back. Almost two years you took classes with us and the FBI. You are a full consulting agent with department H now.

    Yes, I know Son of Coul, but that doesn't make me any more comfortable with the idea. What do we know about the situation?

    Good, seems to center in Los Angeles. Common people are committing crimes outside of their normal routine. They have no memory of doing these crimes even if caught red handed. It is our feeling that someone, or someone's are responsible for making this happen.

    Hercules, we've fitted your headband with a psionic inhibitor. Between that and your famous willpower, we believe that should be enough to keep you safe from any mental powers.

    Humph, best laid plans Son of Coul, best laid plans. No matter, mankind needs protecting and Hercules is here for you.

    Good, we've brought your new motorcycle in the plane with us. You have all your identification and paperwork to present to local authorities.

    Good luck Hercules!
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  4. It had been a long ride from National City to Los Angeles. To the city as it was now and compare it to the era he knew was like comparing the seed to the great tree it had become. Far vaster and stranger then he had ever imagined, California and L.A. in particular held a special places in his heart for the Dampyr Cowboy. It was here he and the Wild Bunch had traveled one day on their journey, investigating a man named Ras Al Ghul. And another man, who had inspired him immensely more then he already was when he had turned over a new leaf. He was not a monster. He was not some ubermensch nor anything of the like. He was merely a brave man, who rode out because it was needed as well as the best swordsman he had ever met.

    "Senor Zorro. You would have been amazed to see what your city had become."

    The bright lights, the people- So many people! An impossibility back in his day, to see such overcrowding. At least not on the level the modern world seemed to impart. On the Hollywood hill, his necromatic horse snorted and pawed the ground. Lucifer tugged on the reins and clicked his tongue.

    Well, the world had changed but the predators had not.

    Somewhere down there, the vampires were massing- According to the men he interrogated back in National City.

    Time to see just what was going on.

    @Michale CS
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  5. Eisley Cloud

    A lone, but admittedly rather small private jet was soaring through the Los Angeles sky, headed for a local airport no doubt. Her covering story was that she wanted to expand her horizons a little, travel abroad to do some modeling out of town. However, her true intentions of visiting LA was a far more... Complicated matter.

    While the place was a known cesspool for crime, almost like Gotham, that wasn't exactly what she was here for, but instead... She was searching for answers to a particularly strange slew of cases, multiple once law-abiding citizens committing various crimes which they couldn't remember committing, and those who weren't arrested, dropping off their stolen "merchandise" somewhere even they couldn't remember.

    There was something more at work here than just a crime spree, and Eisley was going to figure this out. A rising supervillain with the ability to mess about with people's minds was a threat she couldn't simply ignore, as their insidious nature would quickly take it's toll on LA, and possibly, the rest of the world if given time to fester.

    The plane finally landed at the airport, and Eisley didn't hesitate to hop off, ignoring the requests from a few hired hands, and just a few people looking for an extra buck to carry her suitcase with her. Most of her luggage was already being delivered to her hotel suite, so one could anly presume the bulky luggage she was carrying home herself was either incredibly valuable, or just something she would much rather handle on her own.


    It took Eisley a while to get to her suite,and she had even picked up a few newspapers on the way, some nearly a month old, some close to today's date. However, all of these papers had one thing in common; they covered one of the more... Peculiar cases in the apparant crime spree she had caught word of.

    It was time to find some answers...

    And what better place to start, than what's publicly known?

  6. [​IMG]
    "Well... we ran the full background on all of these people..."
    "And the only connections they have is that none of them had a criminal record, and like... a little over half of them start work at two in the afternoon or later."
    "So, our only clues are people without criminal records who work swing or graveyard."

    Of course, that wasn't going to be good enough... What was his next move?
    Obviously to dig up more on these people... see below.

    "This is all we have on the victims, if we're calling them that, sir. All of them have no criminal background, and all of them have been apprehended since their crimes. Some of them got away with it at the time, but they seemed not to take any precautions about being caught at all. The mind control angle does seem the best one to take. I'll compile dossiers on all of them. Any special requests, Sir?

    Agent Jill Cardiff was the support agent assigned to Hercules this time, to facilitate his access to SHIELD systems. Why?...

    Some time before recruiting Hercules...

    "I know that Hercules isn't Thor. Herc seems to try to embrace human tech but..."
    "But you don't want him accessing all of SHIELD's files, just in case something like the Badger incident with Thor, right Director?"

    A bit further back.
    "Hah. This Midgardian invention, the Internet, is a very entertaining medium. I must share this humor with Stark, and Son of Coul... Fair computer woman FRIDAY, tell all of my Midgardian friends about this humorous play!"

    An hour later, thanks to Thor being logged on Tony's personal system, utilizing FRIDAY, nearly every SHIELD and Avenger communication device was stuck playing this for ten minutes until Stark ordered FRIDAY to stop it...


    Vampires? That was one of the many different reasons he got when interrogating LA locals... one guy in particular, one that most people would denounce as insane, seemed to be the most clear when under interrogation.

    "Man, it's not vampires. There's too many drug addicts in LA. Vampires would get poisoned or something. It's the animals... I swear there was this lady, and she turned the corner, and went into an alley. I followed, cause, lady in an alley. I'm a good guy, really, despite havin ended up on the street. I don't want her to get mugged or something. But poof, she was gone, but there was this cat. It stopped and looked at me. Like the eyes, they were, too smart. Then, I kinda blitzed for a minute or so I guess, and even the cat was gone. But... you know there is somethin. I can tell ya about a couple dudes who used to help me out... I'll tell ya... all of these people, ya know, they used to buy me coffee or a donut or whatever. Watadonut, right there at the Hollywood and Vine Red Line Stop. All of em used to come there. Not so much anymore. And they all just kinda move on like everyone else does mostly. I think it's their pets, man. They're brainwashing them."{/td}

    All 'criminals' had - No priors. Great character references from family and friends, and, after some research into tax records (some of which might have been strictly "public" access) All of them worked shifts starting 2pm or later.


    @ Everyone - The following are the three people that the most information is available on who are among those who committed these crimes. Yes, @Ringmaster, the guy gave you full names, and I figure with even rudimentary access to public records and a little charming of an employee of a library or public works office can get you this info...

    Name: Gary Thompson
    Age: 33
    Profession: Accounts Receivable and assistant Mortician, White's Funeral Home, Glendale CA
    Hobbies: Stage Magician (Amateur/Semi-Pro)
    Crime: Armored Car Robbery
    Blotter: Mr. Thompson waited until the GARDAS agent was busy with one of his co-workers, pick-pocketed the agent of the armored Car Keys and managed to surprise the driver and toss him out of the driver's seat. Robbery foiled when a remote kill switch for the engine was triggered by GARDAS
    Current Wherabouts: Released under own recognizance on $15,000 bail pending arraignment wearing GPS tracking bracelet.
    Commonality: Lives in North Hollywood. Takes Red Line From North Hollywood to Union Station, transfers to bus to Glendale{/td}
    Name: Natasha "Tasha" Asvagmagian
    Age: 29
    Profession: Call Center Customer Service, Burbank CA
    Hobbies: Amateur Photographer, "Groupie" of metahuman activities, computer programming
    Crime: Burglary ( at&t Mobility Store, Studio City )
    Blotter: Was apprehended only due to security camera footage. Crime was not realized due to alterations in the store inventory for three weeks.
    Current Whereabouts: Because of no prior record, and no memory of event, released under own recognizance - Charges dropped by at&t Mobility and written off as insurance loss.
    Commonality: Rides the Red Line from her home in Westlake Village to the Universal City stop.{/td}
    Name: Shawn "Frodo" McCallister
    Age: 25
    Profession: Graphic Arts Designer for EA Games, works at their office on Flower, downtown LA
    Hobbies: MMO/MOBA computer games, acting, "Scam School" YouTube channel subscriber
    Crime: Carjacking, simple assault (electronics delivery truck, Van Nuys)
    Blotter: Used tool to smash driver's side window, threatened driver using Persian accent, forcibly removed driver. Delivery truck later found in Burbank Airport parking lot, empty.
    Current Whereabouts: Harton House, a low-security facility, pending plea negotiation. Wears GPS tracker until trial date (tentatively six to eight weeks away, pending negotiation and Jury selection)
    Commonality: Takes Red Line from home near the Wilshire/Vermont station to Union Station. Often takes Red Line from Wilshire/Vermont station to Internet Cafe, "Flynn's" near Hollywood/Vine.{/td}
    [[ OOC Note, please, please just pick one of the three for your initial investigation. It's okay if you pick the same one, you may run into each other! But just one so I can mange replies that aren't ten miles long ]]
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  7. "More then the blood draining sort my friend. I hope you never meet them."

    Still, it was nice to hear that the supernatural existed in one form or the other here. It gave him a foundation to work with and a little judicious talk later told him the following.

    The trail was a red herring. LA's local community knew nothing.

    On the other hand, this was a little interesting.
    Magic again? He himself was capable of a similar technique, though it required him to feed first from the victim in question. Hmm....

    Perhaps he could spare the time.

    For his old friends sake.

    One search later...
    Well, he knew who he was going to visit first.

    Off to Westlake Village.

    @Michale CS
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  8. Agent Cardiff, please run everything you can about the victims and where they intersect through your computer. Where they work, where they shop, where they commute, everything you can think of.

    The first thing I notice, the red line. Please get me a map of the Red line where all three of these were on, and if they commute at the same time.

    I'm going to go check out computer guy. On top of anything else, check details with him.

    Last thing, check with Shield and FBI databases on paranormal and meta with mental based abilities that might be in this area based on last known.

    I am not a traditional detective. But in its own way, this is like hunting monsters of old. I am certain I can get behind it. Something stuck out on those three people. I get into some old workout clothes. Sweatpants, sunglasses...you cant wander around LA without cool sunglasses. A captain America shield t shirt. Modern sandals, a backpack and my hair tied into a small topknot. I only keep the metal headpiece I always wear.

    I take an Lyft drive to the nearest common point on the redline. Once I get to the other end, I turn around at the next stop, get a bite to eat and turn around.
    I do this a few times just to get a feel for it, to see who else is here, what is common. In my backpack I have a new weapon to my arsenal. I have a small pile of Frisbees that I can throw at bad guys. Shouldn't kill them, but when I throw them, they will hurt. My plan is to eventually be on the redline when computer guy gets on for his ride home. I keep a text diary, sending from the shield cell phone to my own cell phone and Agent Cardiff. Tracking is set to On for both phones and I check in every 15 minutes or so.
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  9. Eisley Cloud
    @Michale CS

    Armored car robbery huh... No telling why a stage Magician would need one, but... Whoever might have influenced his actions in that decision might. It seemed like the most plausible theory, given his lack of a track record for crime, let alone an attempt to steal an armored vehicle. Seeing that this case was worth pursuing, she decided to catch a ride to North Hollywood.

    Naturally, it was wise to keep a low profile, seeing as she was a bit of a model figure, so she chose to cover up, nearly tucking her violet hair away into a black coat, and sticking a grey beanie on her head. There, the only contrast one might see was perhaps her eyes, and a bit of violet hair, but nothing that would spare most folks more than a second glance.

    She was on a case after all, not a photo-op.​
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  10. "Sir, we do have three different suspects that we can interrogate." One of his men said to Jason, who was sitting at his desk.

    "We'll go see McCallister first, he seems to be the smartest of the three. Might know something about it." With a nod, Jason got in his car and headed straight to the facility, or Harton House as it was called.
  11. Red Line Map - With Cardiff's Report (open)
    Red Line Map - With Cardiff's Report (open)

    Gary Thompson works generally Wednesday-Sunday with his shifts starting at 2pm. He generally returns between 11:30pm and 1:00am
    Natasha Asvagmagian works from 4pm-1am with the days off varying week to week, she is a day sleeper.
    Shawn McCallister's schedule varies widely as he is on salary and makes his own hours, but his pattern seems to be to work starting anywhere from 1pm-4pm, often until 6am-8am. Often he "overshoots" his stop at Wilshire/Vermont to get off at Hollywood/Vine to go to "Flynns" after visiting "Watadonut" after work.
    Gary Johnson's social life is pretty barren, though he occasionally takes a weekend day off to go to the Improv in Hollywood, and seems to be on the list at The Magic Castle in Hollywood as well.
    That was a part of our groundwork, sir. Of note, three months back, the San Fernando Valley was purportedly one of the places Manchester Black* was hiding out after serving his time with the Suicide Squad, though there was no activity of note. Also, the mutate known as Moonstone^ - Who is currently working with not one but two government sponsored groups, namely the Suicide Squad (again) and the Thunderbolts, is living in her family home in Van Nuys.

    We checked with the Squad, they claim to have nothing to do with the recent activity nor are they on the case. But... They don't call Amanda Waller "The Wall" for nothing sir. This is no guarantee.

    *Continuity of Manchester Black obviously diverges from that website data. Used for power reference only.
    ^Continuity of Moonstone mostly as link, with the exception that Moonstone is fitted with the Suicide Squad's "Kill Switch" and is free under her own recognizance

    The common points where all three commuters were on the train were between Wilshire/Western and Hollywood/Vine. Riding the line showed him that an awful lot of folks rode this during the day, but later in the evening, he often found himself alone in the cars. He also noticed that there was video surveillance on the cars as well. He thought for a moment at one point of the ride that he saw someone familiar as he recognized the basic body type, a flash of violet hair and the smell of a certain perfume...


    Thankfully, like Tepes, Tasha was a day sleeper. Which gave him a window to check out the neighborhood. A very... expensive neighborhood, nestled among the urban sprawl and run down areas. Few houses went for under a million dollars. More expensive than a lady working a call center job should be able to afford.
    It was the ideal of the old style "American Dream". Lots of greenery, everything kept whistle-clean. Even the apartments there we classy. Her own home, at 32145 Lake Meadow Lane, a 3 bedroom home, was valued at about 850k. During the day, there were two cars parked in the driveway. Apparently Tasha had roommates, as she was a day sleeper and both of the cars that came and left had men driving them.

    When Tepes came to the place prior to Tasha's arrival, he figured out what sort of roommates she had. Those cars that were there during the day were gone, save one. When he gained access to the house, it looked a bit too neat and clean to be lived in. Then he noticed the lighting. There was standard lighting, and additional spotlights - none on at this hour - posted up in corners of the rooms. There was an expensive movie camera on a tripod, pointed at the couch in the living room. And from a quick glance at the living room trash can the movies being made here weren't ones you went out to a movie theater to see, unless you were in a really bad neighborhood. Bottles of hand sanitizer and an empty box of condoms.

    So, when Tasha walked in and found Tepes there, she didn't even flinch. "Sorry, if they booked you for tonight, the agency goofed. I'm off today. And please, don't go asking if I do any freelance work. I'm tired as shit and I need to get to bed. Feel free to grab a Red Bull from the fridge, though, if you like. Turn on the TV but not too loud." She dumped her keys in a crystal dish near the door and started heading to bed, stripping off her glasses, jacket and unbuttoning her shirt a button or two as she made to casually breeze past him toward one of the three bedrooms.


    Well, this was interesting. One of the people she'd seen at Callahan's was on the train. Dressed down was dressed down, but you can't have sat across from a man a body like Hercules, with a rather unique headband and facial features, and not recognize him.
    Does Eisley approach the demigod or go about her business?


    Harton House, in North Hollywood, didn't look like a prison of any sort. It was meant not to. Most of the 'inmates' had jobs, and lead semi-normal lives. Of course, once you got to the door, the security was noticeable. There was a foyer area that looked like an office, much like you'd see at an assisted care facility, with a friendly but (to Jason's eye) combat trained receptionist behind the counter. It looked as if you had to be 'buzzed in" to the rest of the place.

    The woman looked up and asked Jason, "Which resident are you here to visit, sir?"

    {{ Whew. If I missed any details, get with me in clan discussion at the Drawing Board so I can redirect in my next post }}
    @ everyone​
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  12. He had no idea what any of these were for.

    The light was a curiosity though and he moved over to look at the couch, wondering what about it had people shine lights on it. The trash can....Had nothing he was familiar with. So with him relaxing on the couch, he saved his questions till she came in.
    "....Um, what?"

    He blinked in confusion and watched her walk off.

    "....The hell was that about?"

    @Michale CS
  13. "Oh God. You didn't find me on Tinder did you? Listen buddy, that was a bad idea from my agent. Someone must have screwed up and left a door unlocked for you to get in. I'm not who that profile says I am." She paused, turned and walked back. "Listen, I have two jobs. I am a charming voice on the phone at night, and afternoons... I'm a porn actress. So I don't just fuck random guys, and tonight I am too damned tired to do anything even if I wanted to give you a pity fuck for being mislead by my asshole of an agent. Offer stands, you can chill here for awhile and think over the trials of internet dating, or you can let yourself out. I'm fine either way."

  14. "Two things."

    He raised a finger.

    "One, I have no idea what you said. Two....I'm not here for a liason! I'm an investi-I'm a...."

    He paused and thought through the terms before finally speaking.

    "...Vigilante? Its the most obvious term, we called them something else back in the day. I'm here to ask you about the memory loss trouble."

    @Michale CS
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  15. Since Jason wanted to avoid any unnecessary attention, and the fact that she looked stronger than the average secretary, he simply smiled at the receptionist and politely smiled with a nod.

    "Yes, I'm here to see one..." Jason looked down at what appeared to be a regular piece of paper, but was actually the man's file. "...Shawn McCalister."
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  16. Tasha narrowed her eyes. For a moment her hand went to her front pocket, then she just sighed and collapsed on the easy chair across from the couch.

    "I don't recognize you, but you got a sort of Noir meets Cowboy feel to you. Like Jonah Hex meets The Shadow. Im kinda digging the look."

    Tasha got up and went to the fridge, grabbing one of the aforementioned Red Bulls, popping it open and taking a drink before returning to the chair and flopping down.

    "Listen. The cops, their shrinks, and even the hypnotist they brought in broke nothing. I'm clean and sober, these Red Bulls are the strongest thing I ever drink. I don't even allow people to smoke in my house. I blacked out, lost like a day and a half of time. Apparently I even called in sick to work. Whoever messed with me did it good. I'm just lucky cell phone companies can't give two shits about losing a few crates of iPhones when they can hit up their insurance to comp them or I'd be cooling my heels in jail or at least being sued for the money. That's all I told the cops. So, before I answer any questions, just what the Hell do I call you? And why me? Paraweb must have a dozen people like me over the past month or so listed as people who went Jesse James and promptly forgot about it."

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  17. She nodded. "Credentials? You his new PO? Or a personal friend? If you're not here on business I need you to sign in, and look right up there for a moment for the cameras? I'm sure you know why he's here. No badge or no picture? No admittance."

    Her name tag proclaimed her name was Shelly, and she slid a clipboard out across the counter and indicated a pair of worn yellow "footprint" decals on the floor.

  18. "I knew Jonah when he was alive. He'd be downright tickled and all manner of confused, hearing people knew about him today." A faint smile flickered behind the collar, hidden before he cleared his throat.
    "Well....Back in the day, they called me Lightbringer. Or Tepes. Tepes will do just fine."

    He leaned back in turn, looking her over before he nodded.

    "You ever saw a mystic? A genuine one, not the crystal-on-the-street sorta deal. Person blacks out for a spell like that, either says something about the caster or the spell. Delicate work, not too many capable I reckon nowadays."

    @Michale CS
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  19. I give a nod to the young woman I recognize from Callahan's. Smiling, I give her one of my new cards as a consulting agent of shield. New phone number on it.

    I whisper to her. If you are working the case, call me.. and we'll share leads.

    I get out near where McCallister works, head into a fast food and change back into my more official looking garb. I then head to his office.
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  20. "Wait... didn't he die like, a century ago?" She leaned forward some in her chair. "Are you an Asgardian? Naw, not...Nordic enough looking." Then it hit her. Tepes.Tasha seemed to pale somewhat. "I'm... an Armenian and Romanian half-breed, if that helps me at all? My ancestors and... uh you or your ancestors, got along pretty well?"

    "I know there are a few real ones out there, Doctor Strange, Doctor Druid, Doctor Fate... what is it with magic users calling themselves doctor anyway? - but no. I thought mostly that stuff was fake, or at least the ones around here are. I... don't have a lot of free time. I work the call center four days, ten hour days, work here like six to eight hours two or three times a week, I don't even have much of a social life, really. I mean, no charges were pressed nothing's happened to me since, so I figured I was free and clear."

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