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    • The year is 2164.

      My name is Royce Elliot and I am a survivor by association, at least for the past four years. I've been asked to write down everything I know, and have lived through, before arriving here.

      Let’s start at the beginning of the end, 4 years ago. The first outbreak.
      You’d think a technologically advanced society like ours could handle a little virus. In fact, we could. We’d done it before. The difference this time around was that THE virus had corporate backing. It was designed to be a biological weapon. The first outbreak was caused by accidental contamination during testing. No biggie. The corporate hands covered it up as a new strain of the flu while they cleaned up their mess. What they didn’t count on, was for it to mutate so rapidly and so dangerously. Who was infected? Who wasn’t? We couldn’t even tell.

      Our advanced technology bit us right in the ass when we most needed it.
      By the time they figured it out, that the virus had spread among us without notice, it was too late. Suddenly people fell ill and started dying. Except, they didn’t stay quite dead. One bite, enough contact with their fluids and it was over. We threw all our technology at it, but only accomplished to destroy our surroundings. We destroyed a lot of our technology in the process. We were afraid and stupid, and not at all united. Each country did its own thing and later regretted it.

      Some genius and his squad in Scotland created a safe city they called Leven. To my knowledge then, the only of its kind. A city untouched by the living dead. Now I know better, but I digress. Leven remained intact thanks to the charismatic leaders. But they were all powerful in that city and power changes people. In their hands Leven became a dystopian society. A totalitarian regime.

      The regime controlled everything using fear tactics on the population. Feelings and artistic expression were outlawed. Citizens were required to take a daily dose of emotion suppressants. Citizens were content to exist to continue their existence. They did not realize they were not really living. We were a different type of Zombie in Leven.

      Thankfully I worked for the Technology Division, led by the aforementioned genius, and I worked directly for him. That saved me from the drug he ironically created, but it also saved me from Leven. He and his leader friend, Preston, planned to overthrow the tyranny but their plan took too long. The ideology was sealed and Leven could not be truly saved. Instead, we escaped, along with a couple citizens and refugees for whom there was still hope.

      Alas, during our escape and the storm that helped bring about Leven's end, we were separated. We have not heard from Preston Wiles or Nicolas Rio, but we did leave behind messages in case they are still looking for us. We, on the other hand, reached a safe zone in London from which we were soon kicked out. The child, Rosalina, turned out to be infected... we didn't know. We vouched for her and when she turned and killed a Londoner we were thrown out. A fisherman was nice enough to take us to the mainland, he said we wouldn't find another safe zone in the UK. We spent over a month near the shore because the mainland zombies turned out to be very much different from the ones we knew. Somewhere at the border of France and Belgium, we were found by a group of people that helped us out. It took a while, but eventually they came to trust us and invited us to Luxenbourg, a very large safe zone maintained by the allied forces of Germany, France, and Belgium.

      Luxenbourg is still beautiful despite the disasters that have befallen us all, but it is also a highly organized and meticulously kept. It is an ant colony in many ways. It has to be, considering the zombie mutations that have happened in the area. I'm more of an intellectual, particularly when it comes to organizational situations, and so I have been assigned to a position far away from the borders. I will be safe so long as this country stands. I'm not sure that the others will be so lucky. They've been in training as far as I've been told, although training for what? That I haven't been informed. Time's up. Back to work.

      Royce Elliott​

    • 3 Character Limit​

    • Your character sheet can be as simple or extensive as you wish. Most of the action should happen IC, but it would be interesting to know some details about your character that might be unlikely for us to find out through IC. Up to you.
      ✖ ✖ ✖


      Age: (No restrictions, but keep In mind that in case of a confrontation the younger ones, i.e. kids, are more likely to die D: )


      Origin: (For all we know you were a tourist that got stuck In Lux during the outbreak. Or, like Royce's group, you come from somewhere else. Mebbe, you've been here all along but that means you could be German, Belgian, or French too.)

      Occupation: (can be the occupation they had before outbreak if they're still employing those skills, or occupation in Luxembourg safe zone, or if they're new to Lux then your planned job in there)

      Appearance: (Picture and/or description is fine. No restrictions on pictures but if you're going to do a real person don't pick someone widely known.)



      Weapon: This is on the sci-fi side so no limitations here either, so long as you keep in mind that more technologically advanced weapons have a limiter. As in, most people are citizens turned soldiers, they only have a basic training and understanding of things so they're not going to engineer/invent/fix advanced technology on the spot. Unless, you were some sort of a weapon designer in your pre-outbreak occupation. *shrugs* Just keep things logical.

      Relationships:(Any connections to the other characters. You can add this as we go or pre-establish it by contacting others. I'm more than willing to help with that so PM me!)

    • >>>Summary of Events<<<
      Co-mod: @ItariChan

      I won't deny a character so long as they're internally consistent.
      Don't be a dick to other players even if your character is a dick.
      use gud grammahr
      So long as you keep things logical, you have free reign of this RP world.
      If you go a bit nuts I'll step in, but I'm not a control freak type GM.
      I'll be throwing things at you, and have a vaguely organized chapter-like deal going on.
      No mercenaries, assassins, thieves, and the like (unless it's a side-job/behind closed doors type of thing)
      Stuff from the Group RP AD
      Newly created RP... sorta. It's more of a Season 2 of an old RP but starting fresh and from zero. Storyline pretty much summarizes it all and there's relatively little info about this new one because I'm a believer in incorporating player ideas. Basically, and I sort of hinted at it, this RP will take place in an ant colony sort of safe zone where everybody works together and cares for each other. The particular family-feel comes from the fact that zombie mutations in the area have these people much more cornered than the typical zombie creation. Having said that, it doesn't mean that everybody is all about love and peace, on the contrary, survival life with the constant threat of a zombie breach pushes some into ruthlessness.... yeh. Ask away, make suggestions, please! It helps me give this more shape and lead it in the direction, more or less, that the group wants.

      Zombie mutations: Think resident evil, bio-mechas, uh... what's that other game with the- Left 4 dead.

      Weapons: I'm inclined to allow mechas since this safe zone is more extensive and we have the cooperation of 4 countries so resources should be enough to have and maintain a few mechas.

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    First of all, welcome everyone, new and old to Containment. Containment is divided into parts or chapters, and here, I summarize what happens during each one for anyone who is thinking about jumping in, left for a period and then returned, or just for anyone who needs a refresher. (It's actually where I pretty much just make fun of everyone)
    If you'd like your name to be colorful in the summary just PM me (Itarichan) your color or make not of it in your app.

    ✖ Chapter I: The Lux Colony

    Luxembourg is obviously not as safe as Leven was (from the old RP here), to be fair, zombies have evolved to become pretty terrifying, but our story starts out with everyone being informed via TV or computer of a large zombie breakout in the middle of the night. These aren't ordinary zombies, but a school of them, known to coordinate with each other and are controlled by a powerful parent.

    All across town, everyone's either getting attacked, doing nothing or just doing something really stupid. In one little apartment, cute little Nadia hearts the announcement and gets up to get a cup of water. Poor little bugger was unlucky enough to get rolled by the all and mighty powerful Glo-chan and is attacked by a couple zombies. Luckily, she is saved by her badass sister Vera. Vera kills one zombie and knocks out the other and tells Nadia to hide in the attic. Unfortunately, despite being a badass, Vera isn't very thorough and after knocking one zombie out, she leaves poor defenseless Nadia with a temporarily stunned zombie who soon wakes up. Gem and Wiebe attempt to save her but unfortunately all three pass away.

    Rómulo leaves his home after the announcement - heading to storage unit, attacked, take cover in laundry room - attacked saved by Egotistical Vitali. Rómulo spots Mihail in the window. Mihail comes down to help but zombies already taken care of, the three take shelter in his house

    Upon hearing the announcement, Tristan wakes up his roommate Gaston and Cedric. Gaston is kind of OCD and checks all the locks in the house 100 times, just to be told by Cedric that he needs to check on his horse. Gaston isn't having any of that and refuses to go outside, so Tristan (nice guy) goes out with him.

    While citizens are out and about doing their own thing, one lone man is out patrolling the streets. That would be the great president Andrew Jackson! Ok he's not really the president and is actually nothing like him, but let's not sweat the small stuff. He sees what he thinks might be the parents and quickly calls for backup. Eventually he meets up with a squad of the town's official zombie hunters (whose name I can not recall rn. Special Defense forces or something). While the group is talking about what to do from there, the don't notice a large group of zombies collapsing on the alleyway they are standing in. Oh yea and the parent. The parent is there too. RIP Andrew?

    Meanwhile in the trainee bunker, all the little recruits are told to "sit still and go back to sleep" because the big adults have got everything under control. Saoirse and Dallis, being the troublemakers they are, sneak out of the trainer bunker to go shoot up some zombies and have some fun. Siemen attempts to stop them, gets kicked in the face in the process, and then subsequently yelled at by a sergeant and ordered to go out and bring them back. He happens to spot Andrew Jackson and his group being collapsed on by a large group of zombies and the parent and immediately nopes it out of there, running into Tristan and Cedric. Siemen's offers to take Cedric's horse to a government stable to keep her safe. The three then set out to find Saoirse and Dallis.

    Saoirse and Dallis, while running around find themselves outside Mihail's home. They meet Rómulo there, as well as Siemen's group.Siemen's, of course, gets made fun of for walking around in boxer shorts when they finally find them. A battle breaks out against some zombies and Vitali unfortunately dies. Mihail is seriously injured when Dallis kills a zombie and he gets an ass to the face.

    Antoinette is out on the streets (why no one will ever know) when she sees zombies out and about with her. Luckily she runs outside her friend's Remy's house and gets inside. Unluckily, they were also rolled by Glo-chan and are Remy's home is attacked by zombies. They find themselves near the Andrew and the squad. The following battle with the parent results in many deaths and Vera being critically injured.

    Ronan who wasn't sleeping anyway, loses all her work on a piece she was working on a computer and because I'm lazy, was not close to the outbreak, so stayed at home and waited for it to pass. Elizabeth Rose Harver, who chose to do the same, was unfortunately not so lucky and died when the parent collapsed on her home

    Meanwhile, [BCOLOR=#808080]Nico[/BCOLOR] and Preston get cozy together in a car outside of Lux.

    TLDR: A school of zombies appeared and Mglo kills everyone. Ok not everyone but pretty much everyone.

    ✖ Chapter II: Dance Eternal

    at club
    Ronan dragged by coworkers
    tristan, cedric dancing cedric try to take off shirt
    naoto observing
    Stuart mika hanging out, mika drinking a beer
    Rómulo being seduced by a busty blonde "saved" by Dallis who kisses him, he leaves disgusted, Ronan follow him out tries to use him as a way to leave club
    S+D meet up with T+C and talk with them, M molests C cause of tattoo, groups join up leave and discuss going to Ronan's home to hang
    screams heard from club


    ✖ Chapter III:
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  2. ✖ CHAPTER 1: The Lux Colony
    It's a Thursday night in the Luxembourg safe zone. Light is kept to a minimum, particularly in the outskirts. Protocol. Most living things are on a date with Dream whilst Nightmare tags along.
    Scheduled night patrols are the only discernible movement within the colony.
    The clock strikes 2:46am and a screen starts blinking in every household. 5 slow blinks and a cold female voice announces what's on the screen.
    "Response team reporting," comes the expected reply, "we're handling it."

    The words on the screen change to STANDBY. In some areas it remains so, in others... the screen turns off. Means shit's about to hit the fan in your area.





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  3. Nadia FairchildAll the dreams started the same: screams, confusion, and the man reaching out to grab her, intent on drawing her to him. From then on, each dream differs. There are some instances where Vera did not come and save her, that Nadia managed to break away from the man only to be faced with her families grasping hands and gnashing teeth, even Vera. Then there are other dreams where Vera does come to her rescue but as they flee, Vera's serious face transforms to one of hunger and she begins to reach for Nadia, drawing to her open mouth. No matter how the dream changes, every single one ends with Nadia running down a street, moving slowly as though swimming through molasses. The monsters seem unhindered by this and gain on her quickly. The street then morphs into an alleyway and she is trapped, pressed helplessly against the rough brink as the monsters grow closer and closer. As they reach for her, she opens her mouth in a silent scream and finds herself shooting into an upright position in the bed.

    The child pants, looking around in confusion. As her bewildered feelings fade and she is able to recognize the rooms surroundings a small bit more, her panic and fear fades. Just another dream. The little girl can not make out much in the dimness of the room but Vera's familiar shape next to her banishes any lingering panic left in her. Vera would never let anything happen her. Nadia takes a deep breath and pushes her bangs back from her face, laying back down. She lay there for several minutes, tossing and turning this way and that before she sighs quietly. She will never get back to sleep at this rate. Maybe some water will help.

    Nadia pushed the blankets off of her and gently eased out of bed, padding silently on socked feet over to the door in her nightgown. She grasped the knob and slowly turned it to the right, glancing over her shoulder to make sure she didn't wake Vera before she slipped from the room. The hallway was dark but as she stood there, her eyes slowly adjusted to the lack of light and she was able to make her way safely down the hall without tripping over her feet. She stepped into the kitchen, not bothering to flick on the light as the moonlight shining dully through the grungy window provided adequate lighting for her to see.

    She grabbed a chair and scooted it as quietly across the floor as she could until it bumped into the counter and would go no further. She climbed up and stretched on her tiptoes to open the cabinet. She grabbed a small cup and climbed back down with it clutched to her chest. She then grabbed a water bottle and poured some of the liquid in the glass before putting the bottle back. The child then sat down in her make-shift stool and took small sips, legs swinging back and forth. The water seemed to quench her thirst and she rinsed the cup out, dried it before putting it back into the cabinet. As she climbed down and pushed the chair back into its rightful place, she noticed a light shining from the living room. Had Vera gotten up and into the living room without Nadia seeing her?

    Curious, the child padded into the living room and realized the t.v. was on. Vera was no where to be found but as Nadia registered the message flashing across the screen, she felt fear skitter down her spine and hold her in place. She opened her mouth to cry out for Vera but of course no sound escaped her as the female voice echoed through the room, spelling out trouble for them.
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  4. Location: Home → Street
    A stifled shriek brought him out of his slumber. Groggy and angry, he sat up to glare at his roommate for the rude awakening only to see the screen blink for the last time before the voice began to speak.

    Both of them were still and quiet, waiting for the inevitable sign. Rómulo ignored the screen for a second, focusing on the noise outside. Relatively quiet, that was good. When he looked back, the words STANDBY stared back at him.

    1... 2... 3... he counted, until the screen went black.

    "Shit," he said out loud just as he got out of bed to change, "I counted 3 seconds. It's not in our immediate area, but it's close enough." Hastily, he put on a pair of dark jeans, blue zip-up hoodie over his white tee, his shoes, and armed himself with the tonfa from under his bed.

    A light knock came at their door before it opened, "we're all heading downstairs into the storage uni- the heck Rómulo, you look like you're going on a date! Get your shit together man, we don't have time to make our selves look pretty. Let's go!"

    Rómulo followed, refusing to comment on that statement and hating his own roommate for shaking his head disapprovingly. They reached the bottom floor, the rest of the housemates had already assembled. "All windows and doors are locked, I double-checked already," one of them said, "jeez Seung, do you really just wake up like that every morning?"

    "You're all grossing me out. Shut up en get in alrea-"


    In that instant everyone's heart stopped. In slow motion, it seemed, Rómulo and two others took off running while the door to the storage unit was shut tight behind them. Time only seemed to go back to normal when the trio took cover in the laundry room, near the house's rear exit.
    "Fuck meh, I tink I saw one," came the heavily breathed whisper, "it's uh fucken... it's uh fucken schoo- shitfuck we ded if there's more o them!" He hadn't finished his sentence when he ran for the bathroom across the hall looking to exit through the window. Except the thing went after him like a nimble canine viciously attracted by the sudden movement. The sound of the chase excited the zombie that had been waiting by the rear exit door, slamming himself into it. Spooked, Rómulo and his companion ran back the way they came except the latter made for the stairs. It was by pure intuition that Rómulo ran towards the window that had been broken earlier. It was a good thing too, because the 3 zombies targeting the house had each looked for different entry points.
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  5. Outskirts;Home
    here was not much sound besides those of the settling building, and the faint tick-tock of a clock in another room, that was kept running purely for formality. When he’d first gotten here, the creaks and groans of the house had kept him awake. After all, every place he’d been to so far had ended up with zombies in it, one way or another. He’d imagined zombies in the darkest corners, that would appear when he least expected them to. It was much easier to sleep comfortably when you already knew the monsters were there. However, the sounds of the house eventually were more comforting that silence. He was much more confident now in the Luxembourg forces.

    He slept face down, his left arm and leg hanging over the edge, his other arm resting on the armrest where he laid his head. He prefered the couch for some strange reason that no one else in the house really understood. Who would prefer the couch, which was covered in mysterious stains and had duct tape covering the worst holes, over an actual, soft bed that he could fit on probably without half his body falling off the edge? He liked the couch, however. That is, until just now, when the light of the tv screen washed over him, roughly pulling him away from sweet dreams of fireflies and overlapping laughter.

    Tristan groaned and tried to cover his eyes with the bend of his arm, the couch creaking as though it were on the verge of collapse when he moved. Yet the light from the screen still managed to hit his eyes. He heard shuffling in the room as the light flashed, five times, and the soft robotic voice began to speak. It went through its standard spiel, and a moment of silence came before the light disappeared. Great.

    Tristan briefly considered going back to sleep. He was certain the doors were closed and locked. Gaston¹ had made them check on all the doors, three times, like having one of the four locks on each door not done quite right would be such a bad thing. The windows, as well, were triple-checked to make sure no one had decided to open one, not that they ever did, and Tristan was sure to wake up if he heard the glass break. He felt around with his left hand for a moment, until he reached the cold metal of his crowbar, which he always made sure he had near him. So that was alright. Sleep sounded like a wonderful idea, and he was this close to getting back to it when he felt a sharp jab in his side and heard an accented voice hiss, “If you don’t get up now I swear I’m going to use you for zombie bait.”

    “I’m up, I’m up,”
    came the muffled reply, though it was a few moments before he pushed himself up, his hair sticking up in tufts and an imprint of a line on his face. “See, I’m up, I don’t… We don’t even need zombie bait.” Tristan yawned, pushing his blanket off of him. He grabbed his crowbar, mostly just so he wouldn’t get yelled at by his roommate, and stood. “I mean, it’s not like we’re out in the middle of the street. If something came in through the window we could just shoot it, or something.”

    Alas, his brilliant ideas went ignored. How unfortunate. “Go wake up Cédric,” was all that was said, before Tristan’s roommate disappeared, likely to do his fourth, fifth, and sixth checks on all the possibly entryways. He was much more fun when there weren’t any zombies. Right now, though, that guy really might throw him out the door for zombie bait if Tristan didn’t do what he asked.

    “Hey, Cedge?”
    Tristan opened the door to one of the rooms, wincing just slightly when it hit the wall. In the darkness, he could barely see the blanketed mass that was his second roommate. This guy was the heaviest sleeper Tristan had ever met. If there was a tornado that tore apart the house and took him with it, Tristan was willing to bet that he’d still keep sleeping. Which was probably why the job of waking him up was passed onto him.

    “Ceddy, d… draußen. Zombies, draußen. aufgewacht,² Cedge,”
    said Tristan, nudging where he hoped Cédric’s shoulder was. There were a few words that Tristan learned in Dutch to communicate to with Cédric, who didn’t speak English too well. He probably didn’t use any of the right ones, and probably didn’t say them with the correct grammar either, but he was hoping that Cédric would get it, because he had no idea what he could say after that. He also had no idea how to get that guy to wake up in the middle of the night when even Tristan would have considered letting the zombies get to him before he got up himself. Unlike their other housemate, Tristan wasn’t a believer in abusing people awake.

    ²Something about how there are zombies outside and he has to wake up. I won’t write random shit anymore, I was just briefly showing that Tristan is trying, from now on if he speaks in random languages I’m writing in shitty English, and it’ll just be in italics D:
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    Antoinette had to keep herself from laughing as she ran through the early, early morning. A huge grin was plastered across her face, so much so that it was beginning to hurt, but she couldn't stop, she was too excited. She loved, loved, loved the adrenaline. So what if she didn't get any sleep, she could just sleep in school, couldn't she? Two girls chased her, determined, but she was faster this time, more nimble than they were, and could keep a steady pace. The only thing she really had to worry for were officers looking for young, dangerous girls out after curfew. Possibly holding onto a metal baseball bat while she was silently laughing and sprinting down alleyways. A.K.A., Antoinette. So far, with her new family, she hadn't been caught yet. And she didn't plan on it, or else there went her late night adventures.

    She jolted down an alleyway that led onto a main street, listening to the huffs and curses of the girls behind her when she saw it. An unusual, unsteady walking pace, decomposing skin and a horrible, disgusting face. Zombies.

    She heard the girls curse, "Oh SHIT," and immediately run the other way. Antoinette knew their focus on her was gone, and it was the same for herself. Her heart raced and not the way she wanted it to. She hated those things, those awful horrendous things. Antoinette could have the ability to fight one, ten, twenty, and she still wouldn't want to be near one. And she knew that if there was one, it wasn't uncommon to be a whole lot more. She spun around the other way and ran. She ran to the closest place of safety, her own house was too far. She didn't care if any officer saw her by this point, her only goal was to get inside.

    Her bandaged fist pounded on the door, loud, hard, and fast. "Remyyyy," she cried, "REMY!!!! Remy open the GOD DAMN DOOR!!!!" She kept pounding and checked behind her. They there were, coming closer and closer. She could feel tears well in her eyes, and she pressed her entire body to the door, jimmying the doorknob, starting to even kick it. She didn't want to fight, not this time.
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  7. Andrew Jackson
    Location: Streets
    Kneeled over the remains of a once intact corpse, Andrew resembled a vulture scavenging the remnants of another's kill. That is, if anyone was present to witness as he rummaged through the pile of meat on the ground. If there had been they'd certainty be behind the walls and windows that some foolishly believed offered any kind of protection from the undead beasts lurking the city now. Yes, Andrew knew that he was the least of their problems with his petty robbery as he continued with the deed. Uttering not a single word, his hands went through what clothing that was left, searching for change, jewelry or anything of value. Discovering holes in both back pockets it became apparent the person's wallet was all but lost. Checking the front, Andrew luckily felt a wad of bills, but upon further inspection turned out to be all singles. Taking them regardless, he placed them in his own before scouting the area for the dismembered arms.

    The corpse was barely a corpse anymore for anything worth a bite had been removed and mainly bloody bones remained. It seemed obvious to Andrew that a school had found the lone person which was unlucky for them, but at the same time fortunate as they wouldn't come back to kill their loved ones later. Having seen zombies devour a person before, he knew that some preferred to steal a limb and retreat away from the others in order to exact more from the kill. Walking a few feet away from the bloody mess, the beak on his face turned left to right as did his gaze. Stopping and starting it slightly resembled the movements of an actual bird before his eyes rested on a skeletal forearm laying against a flight of stairs.

    Walking over to it the flesh of the forearm was completely missing, however oddly the flesh on the fingers and hand remained. This was something not widely known outside of research types or those who'd seen it first hand. And that was certain zombies would forego targeting the hands as they weren't worth the effort. Lucky in Andrew's case, this meant that most rings were easily found within the proximity of a body. With his eyes still locked on the glint of the diamond he walked over to it and gently removed it from the stiff finger. Holding it up to the street light above him, his receiver soon piped in with a message.

    "Jackson, it's Dunbar. Squad 11 is requesting support. I need you to rendezvous with them at Welter and proceed to Patton." ... ...

    "Jackson, do you read." ... ...

    "Jackson Copy."... "Jackson!" ...

    "I know you can hear me Jackson!" ... ...

    "Mother fucker if you don't-!"

    "Copy. Sorry. There was someone acting suspicious. Thought they may have been a straggler from a school. En route. Out."

    "Yeah, I bet."

    Turning the dial on the handheld in his vest the channel soon changed as Andrew pocketed the ring. Estimating its worth to be a few hundred at the least and a few grand at best he considered himself lucky to happen by when he did. Heading toward Welter as planned his mask looked around at his desolate surroundings. There was no one around for miles and wouldn't be if the broadcast system had done its job. With M4 in hand and finger on the trigger, he scanned the lit walkways across the water to his left as his footsteps almost produced an echo in the silence. "Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse." he said to himself, quoting the ancient poem.

    Walking a few blocks and encountering nothing, the only signs of a high alert were the sporadic shrieks and screams in the distance which were slowly accompanied by the steady patter of gunfire. Wondering how things were progressing and what sorry saps would die that night, he noticed it had been awhile since he last heard an update. At that exact moment a realization hit him, he'd forgotten to switch his channel back. Reaching to do so, the soles of his feet registered a slight vibration as the ground trembled beneath him. Stopping immediately in his motion, he stood still and waited. After what seemed like five minutes, he went to change the channel when his shoulders and torso jostled slightly on their own. His emotionless mask turned to face behind him as he could pick up the faint sound of footsteps, large ones at that. Turning the dial on his handheld he lifted two fingers to his neck before radioing in calmly-

    "This is Jackson. Possible parent in Sect 17. Light tremors. Footsteps. Over." ...

    "Roger. Try to establish visual Jackson. Mecha units are on standby."

    "Roger. Wilco."

    Not taking his fingers off the dial he turned it again before continuing.

    "Jackson. Requesting support. Possible parent in Sect 17. Any en route to my local?" ... ...

    "Roger. 20? "

    "West of Gaston Avenue near the intersection of Verdun." ... ...

    "Roger. Dispatching Squad 4. Stand-by."

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  8. Location: REMY'S HOME Lying on his bed with his bottom in the air, a certain male had been peacefully dozing, until a sudden series of knocks woke him from his slumber. Though not in a way he appreciated, seeing as he woke up with such a start that he rolled off the furniture and onto the floor. That's going to bruise. He took a moment to look around and examine his surroundings, before becoming aware of the frantic sounds. Quickly scrambling to his feet, the male didn't even bother to grab his jacket before hurrying to check out the commotion.

    Dashing into the hall--banging into the doorway on his first attempt to leave the room--Remy let out a swear, eyes still adjusting to the dark. He fumbled around until he could see clearly, and immediately after made his way to the living room, were he could hear the banging much louder then before. Hell, the door was almost shaking. Someone really wanted his attention. Remy glanced over at the glowing clock in the kitchen and rubbed his eyes. It was so early.

    He fiddled with the locks decorating the door before swinging it open, giving a startled jump when it slammed against the wall. "Antoinette?"

    Remy quickly grabbed the girl and pulled her into his home. As he nudged her towards the couch, he used his foot to push the door closed. He took a moment to turn his back and lock everything back up. After doing that, he swung open his fridge, temporarily blinded by the sudden light, and grabbed two juice-boxes. Yes, he was a grown man who liked juice-boxes...what's wrong with that? He planted himself onto the couch next to Antoinette and frowned, confused by her sudden, and frantic, appearance. "Qu'est-ce qu--what's wrong?"He questioned, handing her one of the drinks.
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  9. Outskirts;Home
    "Cedge," or Cédric rather, had gotten home slightly past midnight that evening. It'd been a long day working on walls. Not to mention grooming Maxi had been a feat of its own. She just seemed spooked, jumpy. As if something was watching or worrying her. They do say animals have a sense humans don't. Though he always figured it had been dealing with whether or knowing when seniors were going to die in those homes their children pushed them to go to. You know, the kind where said children or grandchildren never visit - even for hamburgers. Returning back to the point of Maxwell, he eventually managed to sooth her. Though not completely. Fighting it, Cédric would have to ease the mare multiple times before saying goodnight. That made brushing had taken much longer than usual this time around.

    It was good to be home, in bed. His muscles were relaxing as the dream world lifted the weight of the day. As it did so often when sleeping well. The former farm hand could feel his chest raise and lower in tune with the soft yet deep breaths that cycled through his form. There was a sense of weightlessness, despite his structure being substantial. This was cut brief no more than two hours after collapsing onto his bed, unfortunately. Images of wondrous places and curious people drifted as he felt a push to open his eyes. The visions came to a halt of only darkness. As he opened his eyes, that was what had met him. The room was dark, although you could sense another being within the space. It had been prodding him as he laid there in deep slumber. Not that he had noticed right away.

    It felt as though a lightning bold had struck through his system as they spoke. “Ceddy, b… buiten. Zombies, buiten. Wakker worden,² Cedge,” Tristan warned of zombies outside. Although the approach should've been a give away, as Gaston would've been far more aggressive. A few unfamiliar words ran into Tristan's ears that were in a very sloppy Dutch, all out of a cocktail of lack of sleep and panic. "Is this sleeping?" He asked with a rush as he found something the fellow would understand. Cédric was trying to ask if he was dreaming but failing at recalling the words needed. His mind didn't want to fathom that it could be true. "What did you say?" It was necessary for him to ask as his brain quickly delayed itself. As if completely forgetting what was said. It was something frighting, what were his words? Furiously his head shook as Gaston barged in to intervene, speaking of confirmation on what their roommate had alerted him to. Sugar Honey Iced Tea.

    Quickly he put his shirt back on, although admittedly he might not smell so appealing with it on. Maybe the sweat had faded in the time he was sleeping? How well can they smell if their faces are mostly mouths? Although he didn't think of that. Marching over to his hammer hanging in the wall of his room, he placed it onto his back using the leather belt attached to it. Something that he'd got installed recently, as he'd prefer to keep distance from the undead rather than straight up melee. It'd be there if he needed it though. Even though to be frank he quite enjoyed smashing. Without hesitation next came the shot gun. It was in the corner of his closet as it'd always been when at home. Among the collection of food for his beloved mount and a magazine that somehow always seemed to have more information despite the oddness of being a year old.

    They walked into the living room to observe the empty TV. The room only continued to greet them with pitch black. In fact, it was rather hard to see to get around. He accidentally nudged one of the men he lived with. Not that either of them seemed to speak up after. There was an overwhelming concern going on within him. In silence he prayed for his horse's safety. The urge to check on her relentless, with the desire to sit in wait in the room with arms at ready became increasingly painful. Even though Cédric knew Max was in a safe place the patience to wait for the delay to pass was hard to carry. Without thought he went over to the front door, ready to open it and leave, "Maxwell."

    Shirt Status: On

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  10. Ronan | HomeRonan had been working on a digital painting when the announcement suddenly took over her computer. Although it was late and had been more than 24 hours since she last slept (and eaten), she didn't feel sleepy at all. Luxembourg had been weary about letting her in. Everyone here was supposed to do something to help and her whole life, Ronan had never done anything other than draw. Luckily she now had the "exciting" job of drawing propaganda and the like. Although Leven had banned art entirely, she actually felt more restricted in what she could draw now than she had there. Granted, she hadn't exactly been living according to Leven's rules, but still. It sucked to be finally allowed and sort of appreciated for what you do, but not really. Plus, these days she had been doing stuck with doing digital art. She missed painting.

    When the announcement appeared Ronan spent a solid 5 minutes staring at her computer screen, attempting to remember the last time she saved. She hadn't. Ronan sighed and pushed out her chair, walking around the small apartment and checking the doors and windows. The school wasn't particularly far from her, but it wasn't close either. She had no motivation to restart her art project, so the only thing left to do was wait. And eat something.

    SAORISE | ARMED FORCES TRAINEE BUNKER Saorise was one of the first to wake up when the large television in the room suddenly lit up. Most of the other trainees were also roused from their sleep, while others either didn't care and went back to sleep, or simply didn't wake up.

    "You don't think they'll make us go out there right? I mean I know a lot of us have been here a while, but that's a school we're talking about."

    "No I think they already got people out there."

    Although Luxembourg didn't have a conscription, and many of the recruits had joined of their volition, many of them were still nervous about the thought of having to fight a hoard of zombies, especially the newly evolved ones.

    "All right everyone calm down." Their supervisor said as she walked into the room. "Nothing for you recruits to get excited for, got back to sleep. This is only a small breach. Recruits and Trainees are to stay here. That's an order." Soon everyone had calmed down and settled back down to sleep. Saorise however was still wide awake and after the supervisor was gone, she waited a few minutes before swinging down on to the bottom bunk, where Dallis slept.

    As she expected, Dallis was awake as well. Saorise grinned, "You hear that?" She said quietly so as not to wake the other sleeping recruits. "You want to go shoot something?"
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  11. Silent death approached, once ravenous now quiet hunter on the search for its recently disappeared prey, the eyeless thing let out a hollow noise that mimicked the cry of the wind. A calling.
    Little did Antoinette and Remy know about the small but nimble monsters that prowled their hiding. Locked doors and windows worked for most of the zombies that roamed the Lux borders, but a school was much more determined than that. A school sensed warmth rather than looked for flesh. And they had locked on.

    Sharp log nails readied to claw at the door Antoinette had disappeared through. Sharp teeth already calmly gnawed at windowsill. One tensed figure signaled from above and suddenly the noise surrounding Antoinette and Remy alerted them of the danger.

  12. As the young child moved about the house, a single lurking zombie followed her movements from outside. It had not signaled its companions, neither was it coordinating yet to take down its prey. However, a curious second followed its movements, soon becoming aware of the tender flesh they could gain.

    An easy prey yields competition, it seems, because as the second ravenous mutant closed in on the T.V window it did not signal the first. Instead, it waited waited the the first accidentally unlatched the window over the kitchen sink and stealthily crawled through. As it landed with the clank of its nails on the wooden floor, the creature pounced.
  13. Outskirts;Home
    code #50ebec
    After a short while, Tristan’s words were answered by a flurry of unintelligible words in a language Tristan hardly understood in the first place. He was clearly panicked, and briefly Tristan wondered if immediately talking about zombies was the nicest thing to do. Then again, it got him up, and that was really the important part here. Eventually, even, he managed to get out words that Tristan actually understood. “Is this sleeping?” he asked, to which Tristan only shook his head, hoping that even without much light of any sort, Cédric might just notice his movements. Once the second question was asked, Tristan opened his mouth, ready to try and fumble his way through his explanation a bit more thoroughly, but it was at that point that Gaston reappeared. He spoke to Cédric in rapid fire German, which Tristan could only pretend to follow along to, but he assumed that he was explaining the situation to him.

    In any case, whatever he said must have been understood, as Cédric quickly stood and put on an actual shirt. Clearly, this was serious for Cédric, if he was going to do that. Yet, Tristan found it hard to feel worried. For now, at least, they were safe, after all. He’d feel more worried if one of those things got in. For now, that wasn’t going to happen. Still, he just stayed quiet(because Gaston might kill him if he made too loud a sound) as Cédric got his weapons and they all headed to the living room.

    Of course, living so far out on the edges of the city, this time of night got unbelievably dark. It was more helpful near the rooms, because Gaston let there be one, extremely small flashlight stand in the corner, for as long as one of them as awake and so long as all the windows nearby were thoroughly covered, which Tristan felt was pointless. The light barely reached a 20cm radius. In the living room, however, without the television on, they were washed in complete darkness. Which was alright, for the most part. Tristan knew his way around the house, but it was harder to walk alongside two people without jostling them a little bit. At least he didn’t hit anyone with his crowbar. They stood in silence for a while, and Tristan was quite overwhelmed by the unbelievable pointlessness of this act. It was late, and Tristan was way too tired. The zombies were not in their home, and the only thing they were told to do was to stay inside their homes. Nothing about standing guard at the doors or whatever it was they were supposed to do. Man, Tristan wanted to sleep, you know?

    “Dude, so are we done here? I think that, with the hundreds of locks we’ve got everywhere, we’ll be pretty safe, you know, as long as we don’t do anything incredibly stupid,”
    he said, with a laugh and a grin that was unseen in the dark.

    Of course, right then, something incredibly stupid had to happen. Right then, Tristan heard footsteps, headed away. Definitely not Gaston, he could be so quiet, especially when he didn’t want to endanger himself, that he could genuinely surprise Tristan at times. So, Cédric, and that was confirmed when he heard his voice, coming in the general area of their front door. “Maxwell.”

    Tristan could hear their third roommate begin to talk again, in German. But Tristan had no idea what he was saying, so he had no qualms against cutting him off. He, unfortunately, didn’t have the vocabulary to tell Cédric off in German. “Christ, man, you’re not going to run out there alone and get eaten by a ton of zombies so you can check on your horse!” Tristan moved as quickly as he could in the dark, clipping a corner on his shoulder as he did so. He reached out and managed to feel what he figured was probably Cédric’s arm. “Ceddy, no,” he said.Don’t go out alone. That was the most coherent sentence he ever learned in German, which was helpful. Of course, Tristan realized that Cédric would almost definitely go out anyway. The Belgian boy could be pretty stubborn when he needed to. Which is why he told him not to go alone.

    “Alright, Gaston, I think we’re gonna do a little horse check,”
    said Tristan, his cheerful voice seeming much louder when the only sounds were the tick tock of the clock that no one checked and the sounds of the house as it settled. “Okay, so hows this for a plan? We go look out the door to see if there’s any zombies, and if there are, we take one of your pillows, right---we’ll take the little throw pillow, you don’t need it really---and we set it on fire. Then we just whip it as far as we can and hope that the zombies chase it or something. And then we just sprint to where Maxwell is.”

    Tristan didn’t even need to see Gaston’s face to imagine the dry expression on it. “You go. I stay here, guard the house. You check the horse, I open the door for you when you get back.” Right. Gaston wasn’t big on pointless risks. It was probably a better plan, anyway.

    “So, Cedge, it’s just gonna be you and me then!”
    said Tristan, laughing as he pat the older male on the arm. He still wasn’t sure just how much English Cédric knew, but he hoped he got that. “Oh, yeah, and Maxwell’ll be there too.”

    With that, Tristan strode past Cédric, and with crowbar gripped in his hand, found the door and, after a good while of feeling for and unlocking locks, pulled open the door to the outside. And lord, was it dark. If there was a zombie immediately in front of him, Tristan would probably miss it. Maybe he should have grabbed that little flashlight.
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  14. [BCOLOR=#800000]× V e r a F a i r c h i l d ×[/BCOLOR]

    Despite everything, she was still a sound sleeper. Vera knew that Nadia looked up to her like some glorified guardian angel, but honestly, half the time, it was only the younger girl's restless sleeping patterns that saved their skins. The entire collection of kitchenware could rattle in unison and she'd still be passed out. If a fly landed on the armchair across the room, it'd wake up Nadia. The young woman propped herself up on her elbow and took in a cursory glance to figure out where her sister had gone off to this time. She had probably needed water. Vera silently wished she'd have woken her to go along. They didn't really talk about it anymore, but she imagined her sister still had those night terrors. It was hard not to. Vera had simply learned to sleep through them. They were a good reminder that she was, actually, getting some well-earned sleep.

    [BCOLOR=#800000]"Nadia?"[/BCOLOR] she whispered as she got up, stretched, and began to make her way through the house. She'd fallen asleep fully dressed again, which didn't surprise her, but the fact that her boots remained as well had caught her off guard. Tracing the apparent path her sister must've taken, past the door left ajar and into the hall. Flickering light caught her eye from the parlor and she began to make her way towards it. If the TV was on at this hour, it couldn't be good news. Out of her peripheral vision, she noticed that Nadia was perched in the kitchen, finishing up some water. And if the girl was there, then what was casting the shadow in front of the pale blue artificial light?

    There was no need to ask. An answer revealed itself in the form of an aggressive mutant that decided to engage in a scuffle with his compatriot. Vera ran into the kitchen, stopping in front of Nadia to make sure she was alright. It was slim pickings in the cabinets as far as weapons went, because she wasn't at all blessed with the finesse one needed to handle a knife properly. They still had a rolling pin. She wasn't exactly sure, but she assumed it was hefty enough to withstand a smack or two against zombie skull, enough to get the job done. Her gun was hanging by the front door. She'd just have to make it there quickly.

    [BCOLOR=#800000]"You know where to go. These guys are way too clumsy to get you up there,"[/BCOLOR] Vera gave an easy smile as she said this. She had the utmost faith in her sister's ability to hide. The girl was already smarter than she'd ever be, in many ways. When the going got tough, she knew how to get going. She pulled the girl into a tight hug, reaching around with her other hand in order to grasp the rolling pin before the adrenaline rush began to fade. [BCOLOR=#800000]"I'll be right back. They're gonna need me in my Shell if they're bothering to put out an announcement like this."[/BCOLOR]

    She wasn't lying. She didn't do that with Nadia. If she couldn't make it back in time, she'd send someone to collect her. Long ago, the pair had devised a password in case one ever had to trust an outsider to contact the other. She just hoped she remembered it correctly.

    Grabbing the piece of maple in her hands like a club, she took aim at the aggressor that had pinned the second mutant beneath it, under a flurry of claws and spittle. Vera lined up her shot and let loose, connecting with its skull and sending it into the wall, spraying herself with its blood and saliva as it crumpled under the sudden impact.

    [BCOLOR=#800000]"Don't be a fucking idiot, trying to invade my home like this,"[/BCOLOR] the woman scowled, lifting the rolling pin once more to prod the beast, checking for signs of life. Unlife. She was sure she hadn't ended it, but it was already badly beaten down by the other. The other one. Right, that was what she was looking for. Vera snatched her pistol from above the door and clicked the safety off all in one fluid stroke. Her dyed hair fell into her eyes as she crouched slightly, controlling her breath so she could listen exclusively for signs of trouble.

    The final footfalls of her sister approaching the secret attic compartment were a welcome sound. The scratching to her left, however, was not.

    She barely got out of the way as a gaping maw brought itself down near her shoulder. She'd dodged in time, somewhat awkwardly headbutting the creature's head away. That was going to hurt in the morning. Vera positioned the gun to fit squarely between its cavernous jaws and took a single shot, blood and decidedly unpleasant cerebral matter dotting the television and the back wall. That would be a problem for the return trip. The first beast still lay motionless, and as little as she wanted to take chances, she had no desire to waste another bullet. Vera pulled her hand back and knocked the pistol butt-first against the back of its skull, producing a satisfying crunch of bones. Was it enough? Time would tell. She couldn't waste any more time, though, and Nadia was safe.

    Nadia was safe. It started as a reassuring thought to speed her along on her journey, but as she neared the armed forces, it became a mantra, the only thing keeping her running through the dim streets.
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  15. Location: Streets

    It didn't take long for something to slam against him, knocking him sideways as he ran at full speed. The teeth had left marks on the tonfa but by some stroke of luck not on him. However, his entire left arm and shoulder had scraped badly against the rough ground seeing as he'd been thrown slightly downhill. His breathing was erratic, both from the sprinting and the hit that had taken the wind out of him. The creepy thing let out a wind-like howl and prowled in a half circle near Rómulo. From a distance he heard a reply and felt himself pale. With shaky hands he pulled out the tonfa and charged before thinking.

    He was scared. He was angry. But most of all he was in a panic and while that was the worst possible state to be in under the circumstances, it was good enough for him to make him take initiative. It saved him time, and if anything, time was the only thing that could save him now.

    The zombie snarled and backed away momentarily but Rómulo managed to give it a solid hit on it's leg. Then Rómulo ran for it, hoping it wasn't in the wrong direction and hoping that one hit would slow the mutant down. It did, but the second monster was now in pursuit.

    "Fuck!" Rómulo gasped as he felt his muscles burn with effort. By more curiosity than instinct he turned back to see what advantage he had, slowing down in the process, and as he did the nimble creature pounced. Once more the bite came down on the tonfa as Rómulo raised them in defense. His feet caught on each other with the sudden move and Rómulo landed on his back, the creature above him ready to strike with its claws. Rómulo pushed both arms to swing the zombie to the right as he attempted to kick it away. It's gnarly body was pushed back but the bite was so strong on the pair of tonfa that it hadn't been enough. He kicked again, this time painfully aware of letting go of his only weapon and quickly stood up to run, but seeing the slower monster had caught up had him switch to a roll. He landed hard on the floor but rolled away from the first attack. Then came the second, and Rómulo knew he wouldn't get away. He saw the horrid detail of those sharp teeth approach his face... and then they were gone.

    Help came.

    "I'll get the slow one!" He managed to communicate. As he shot forward to retrieved his tonfa he noticed a pain in his leg, but ignored it. One tonfa in hand he threw it at the creature, grabbed the second tonfa and once more shot forward to attack the zombie before it came back from the first hit. Pain shot up and down his leg and he used to bludgeon the things' head with that much force. It wasn't enough to crack its skull open since he was so tired, but enough to stop the beast.

    Rómulo looked up to search for his helper (Vitali), but instead caught the eyes of a spectator through a window (Mihail). Rómulo automatically waved.
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  16. Located ; WANDERING( Street )
    It was fucking nearly three A.M. in the morning and Vitali was invigorated. Sleeping was certainly for the weak and he was anything but that. Despite his personal excitement, the bags that marked his visage betrayed his face. Apparently the circles that lined from one half ellipse to another showed his lack of full rest. But the stupid man had convinced himself that he was content with his life choices. He was happy to be here, he was happy to fight. A breath escaped his lips as he shook his head, his palm reaching up to touch the previously supple skin of his face. It had been marked with an earlier slap as he had seemingly crossed the boundaries of appropriate behavior. He couldn't help it though, the woman had been undeniably voluptuous and tempting. Just thinking about her curves and rosy skin made his lip curve into an almost hungry smirk - he was a man that satiated without control. Though he may not have been physically welcomed, his mind was still tampering with the figurative 'what ifs' that might have transcended the night.

    The sting was still apparent has he dropped his hand, chuckling to himself. He casually swung the handcuffs on his pants waist out of habit as he hummed. The loud beeping of the shitty ass technology decided to blare into his eardrum. Even though he was one to fight, even he had his limits. And it would be a lie to say that he wasn't done with this zombie bullshit. Couldn't they just create a noah's flood or some replica of that? Shouldn't they have technology that let humans live in the sky now ... Or perhaps the upper being (God or whatever they called him) wanted to be cruel and just eradicate the human race forever. If this was truly the plan, Zombies were a terrible replacement.

    His feet walked on as he could sniff something ... or perhaps hear something. Instincts of a police man kicked in (to speak honestly, he just wanted to rage a bit since he didn't get laid tonight.) And there it was, a disgusting Zombie that was looming too close to a civilian. Pulling his magic stick from his side pocket, his gloves clasped around the saber - it lengthened now so he could wreak pain at a distance. As soon as his gloves met the handles, the stick was making a familiar static buzz. Swiftly, he swung it around like it was the monkey king's golden rod as the electric lights were burning brighter and brighter. He swung at the one that was going at the guy's face - it wasn't enough to kill it but it had caused that one to land a good two feet or so away.

    "WHERE'S THE PLEASE AND THANK YOU?" Vitali commented. His ego was as big as ever.

    Though he had a big trap, he was now focused at the mission at hand. And that goal was to murder. The zombie was less than amused that a six foot russian had stopped it from catching it's prey. But Vitali didn't give much of a sh*t. Eyebrows narrowed and mind set to massacre, he practiced a basic routine that he had done several times. Not minding the other guy, he held his stick at a good distance. It seemed to cower at the light. With a slightly smug grin, he brought the huge rod down onto the zombie's head. And with a crack, he watched as the electric currents shot the zombie dead.

    He was too self absorbed to take notice that this poor guy was hurt. What a d*ck. Nevertheless, he was there for moral support and some semi physical backup. "Bro, I got this," he muttered as he swung around his stick jabbing it in the face of the slower one, watching as the pulses painfully strike down the zombie who was now limp on the ground in fetal position. Probably still alive but rendered weak as hell.

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  17. Location: TRAINEE BUNKER Dallis decided to roll over on her side and bury her head deeper in the blankets when the screen flickered to life. Moments after, upon hearing the other recruits chatter, she had opened her eyes and ears. Pushing away her initial reluctance to wake, Dallis swung her legs over the side of the bed and listened. While the others expressed their hopes of not being sent to deal with a school, she was more than eager to kill something.

    Her dreams were temporarily shattered a moment later.

    "Nothing for you recruits to get excited for, go back to sleep," the supervisor had stated, causing Dallis to shift. That wasn't likely. As her superior droned on, the woman swayed, waiting for something else to catch her interest. "Recruits and trainees are to stay here. That's an order." Resisting the urge to make a less than ladylike comment, the ginger settled on rolling her green eyes. It had always been in her nature to resist authority.

    After the supervisor left, Dallis continued to sit, glancing towards another part of the room every few seconds. Surely someone else wanted to ditch the place? Almost as if she had heard the older woman's thoughts, Saorise poked her pretty face into view. Dallis stood, idly rubbing her nose, before giving the younger girl a lazy grin. "Ye know me well." Settling down on her knees, the ginger reached her hands under the bed and searched until she found her shoes.

    After she'd laced up the steel-toed boots, Dallis bounced back on to her feet. "Come on, let's shootah school."
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  18. ANTOINETTE DELAFOSSE :: REMY'S HOMEAs soon as she laid eyes on him, she thrust herself forward onto him, letting him guide her towards the couch. She watched him walk to the refrigerator, paranoid about the small empty space between them. She pressed her hands to her messy hair, as if compressing her stress, watching him grab the juice boxes. She took it from his hand and drank it all in a single giant slurp as he asked if she was alright. Once empty, she threw the juice box to the ground and tightly grabbed his shoulders, pulling him closer to her. "Ils sont ici! They're out there, a school I think! It-it was coming closer and closer and I was so scared. It was just like..." It all tumbled out of her like a broken dam, quick and relentless. She could barely even understand herself. She paused on the last word, her mouth twisting into an anxious frown. And then she heard it, and her frown turned into a terrified squeal.

    There were here, right outside.They knew they were in there.

    "Remy, be careful," she hissed under her breath, pushing him back again. She took a large, shaky breath, attempting to calm herself, and forget her past. She could hear them on the rooftop, clawing at the door. She knew how to fight, much better than Remy did, and had a weapon with her too. She couldn't be selfish and just make him handle it. She stood and grabbed her baseball bat, and bent down into a stable position. She didn't gloss over her options, and as she usually did most things, decided what to do on impulse, "Remy," she said, stern, and not giving him time to think, "I'm going to open this door, and kill the zombie, and then we will run, okay?" Yes, that is what she would do, she had already made up her stubborn mind. So she took a leap forward, bashed the door open, and swung.
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  19. [BCOLOR=#333399]×M i h a i l P a v e l o v i c h×[/BCOLOR]

    Another sleepless night. It was exactly like he expected. It'd been awhile since he'd been able to lay his head down without staring at the ceiling so long that he started seeing spots. Tonight was just not his night. His neck felt stiff, there was an odd tightness in his chest, and he couldn't for the life of him get comfortable. He took to pacing in his worn-down slippers, watching with interest as his shadow warped around corners and played across the walls. It was his own private puppet show.

    The alert on the television was the only interesting thing that happened to him all evening. Mihail pitched his feet up on the dilapidated table before him and groaned. Perhaps his ill-timed insomnia served a purpose this time, after all. He was gonna have to hunker down. Most of the windows on the bottom floor were boarded up, but he kept one open most of the time for the beautiful view. That was where he made eye contact with a handsome stranger.

    Scratch that. Handsome might be an overstatement. It was kind of hard to tell. He was getting the shit kicked out of him. A large part of him wanted to remain in his shelter, where he could easily defend himself. However, Mihail felt a stirring in his chest. He coudln't just let an innocent stranger get beaten near to death. Not with a face like that. He pulled the collar of his jacket up to cover his face, grabbed for his handy butcher's knife, and stormed out the front door, slippers and all. That when he almost walked into a stick-fighting hell-match between some previously unseen assailant and the zombies. He tried to turn around on his heels to retreat back to safety, and to avoid being seen in such a state, but he knew it was too late.

    He'd been spotted.

    He wanted to be in bed.
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