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Back in the game | All genders/sexualities | Advanced

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by BruisedLavender, Jan 14, 2016.

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  1. Ladies, gentlemen, or whoever you may identify as,


    What can be expected of me?
    - I’m open to chatting anytime, be it about our plot or anything else.
    - I won’t rush you, ever. Take all the time you need.
    - My grammar is competent and my style versatile. (I can send a writing sample upon request)
    - My posts tend to be on the long side. If that’s a problem, I’ll shorten them. If you enjoy length (*cough*), you should be given plenty.
    - Diversity in characters, moods, style - as well as in romance, gender, sexualities.
    - I can't think of a single genre which I wouldn't be willing to explore given an interesting plot.
    - Sometimes I draw stuff​

    What would I expect from you?
    - Politeness, communication and respect.
    - No rushing, please. This is a hobby, not a job.
    - You to be able to play characters of different genders, sexualities, ethnicities, body types (having a preference is fine, I have some too, but if you can only play - say - straight white females, I don’t think we’ll get along)
    - You to tell me when I do something you don't like, or if you’re uncomfortable with where the story is going.
    - I'd rather you were an adult. 16+ at the very least. I'm sure you're a wonderful person and am not questioning your maturity, it would just make me feel awkward.
    - Apart from that, just be a decent human being and we should be cool​

    To let you know what I'm about.​

    Things that I like: (open)

    • Character Development
    • Conflicts (internal, such as dilemmas, or between characters)
    • Mental breakdowns, tragedies, angst
    • Hurt/Comfort
    • Teasing, people being loving assholes.
    • Friendships, fraternal bonds.
    • Love in general, though it is never mandatory. Passion.
    • Complex relationships & dynamics, ambiguity
    • Sexual tension, smut (adult members only & all Iwaku rules apply)
    • Use of the environment as symbolism, such as in dream worlds (symbolism reflecting the characters' psychology) or dystopias, tyrannic societies (reflecting our own society, human nature...)
    • World-building
    • Exploration
    • Investigations (e.g criminal)
    • Mysteries, enigmas, having a long-term plot/mystery in the background of smaller sub-plots
    • Grey morals. I can’t stress this enough.
    • SCIENCE. SPACE. I’m a nerd. forgive me.
    • Forbidden love (when well done)
    • Age gaps
    • Opposites
    • Political games, power play (think House of Card, Dangerous Liaisons or GoT)
    • Characters that are outside the societal norm of perfection and normality (queer, poc, non-binary, not standardly pretty or thin, etc)
    Things that I nope: (open)

    • Incest
    • Rape between our characters
    • Recreational drug usage (I know it’s a part of reality, but I can’t. Alcohol is ok in certain cases, discuss it with me)
    • Self-insertion
    • Overly-powerful characters
    • Stereotypes
    • Rhythms that stagnate, are too slow, or too fast-paced
    • Lack of balance between characters. Should smut ensue (18+), I'm ok with dom/sub dynamics in the bedroom, but our characters have to be equal matches outside.
    • Canon x OC
    • Furries. Ponies. Stuff. Fantastic creatures are ok. But you know what I’m talking about. No.


    I used to develop proper plots here, but it didn't turn out to be the best approach after all.
    Honestly, what I prefer is brainstorming from scratch. It works better. But I know a prompt can be useful to start off - so here we go.

    AxB prompts (open)

    Do not hesitate to mix some together or with story prompts.​
    Not fond of AxB, to be honest, but it's efficient.

    • Criminal Investigator x friend/helper who is secretly the serial killer Ø
    • Criminal Investigator x Lawyer
    • Musician x Lyricist/muse
    • Composer x Dancer Ø
    • Famous author x Young film maker Ø
    • Professor x PhD student
    • Pretentious down to earth genius x dreamy artist with confidence issues Ø
    • Psychiatrist x Patient
    • Person passionate about something x Person who is strongly against it (religion, military, political cause...)
    • Pirate x Captured Amiral (sea or space)
    • Pirate x Explorer (sea or space)
    • General/Knight x Royalty/Emperor Ø
    • Soldier/Warrior x War doctor/Healer
    • War prisoner x Enemy soldier/enemy war doctor
    • Warrior/ess x Witch/Wizard/Mage
    • Demon x Hunter
    • Guardian Angel x Guarded human Ø
    • Reaper x Psychic Ø
    • Artist x Muse (literally)
    • Psychic x Only person whose future (or thoughts) they can see
    • Psychic x Only person whose future (or thoughts) they cannot see
    • Villain x Disappointed hero/hero gone crazy

    Story Prompts (open)

    • Criminal investigations in unusual time period/universes. (e.g - athenian crime solving, space detectives)

    • Creative crimes by evil masterminds (with a cause, or not). Ø

    • A bored, cynical, sarcastic spell-maker who's been around for a couple thousands years meets a wannabe witch/wizard with a surprising potential. Ø

    • Childhood friends breaking each other's heart.

    • QUESTS.

    • Escaping from somewhere with an extremely efficient and complex security.

    • Two people who do not speak a word of the same language having to live/travel together. Ø

    • The building of a polyamory relationship with all the complicated feelings that go with it. Ø

    • A single father who had to give up on his dreams. Ø

    • (Inspired by The Lobster) In a country where being adult and single is illegal and violently repressed, two supposedly aromantic best friends pretend to be a couple. But one day, one of them falls in love with a third party.

    • A world where humans are missing an ability - could be one of the five senses, the power to feel emotions, being sensitive to art/beauty... - which your character suddenly acquires.

    • Post-apocalypse of any kind: humanity and its culture have been practically wiped out, and generations later, our characters go to explore the world.

    • Overthrowing a tyrannic government is always a go for me.

    • Humanity discovers a new planet that inhabits life for the first time, your character is an astronaut and mine an indigene. (Not a romantic plot) Or they're both astronauts. (possibly romantic)

    Favorite Historical periods/locations: (open)

    • Antic Greece
    • Roman Republic Ø
    • Medieval Japan
    • Pre-USSR Russia
    • 19th century Europe
    • American Civil War
    • WW1 battlefields (Europe, colonies, at sea)
    • WW2 French occupation Ø
    • The American 20s-50s Ø

    Note that in my mind, none of the characters mentioned below are dead. Or separated. Or dead and separated.
    Also note: CROSSOVERS

    I will love you forever: (open)

    - Hamlet & Horatio Ø | original or modern AU

    A Streetcar Named Desire
    - Mitch & Blanche (after the events of the play)
    - Blanche, her husband and his lover before the events of the play (a polyamorous AU in which Allan doesn’t die because it broke me ok ) Ø

    Greek Mythology

    - could be many, many characters, just bring it on (but please no Hades&Persephone)
    - OC x OC or Canon x Canon
    - exception to my rule: OC x Canon is possible here. (i’m pretty exigent about it, though)

    Les Misérables
    - Javert & Jean Val Jean (I have some AU ideas)
    - Anyone from Les Amis de l'ABC bring it on I ship them all and no one can stop me
    - All of my AUs basically involve keeping the universe but changing the story to make people fall in love
    - I ship everyone with everyone, apart from Marius and Cosette, aka the only canon couple
    - Victor Hugo I’m sorry
    I’ll enjoy: (open)

    - Watson & Sherlock
    - Irene & Sherlock
    - Moriarty & SherlockØ
    - yes I ship Sherlock with everyone and everything forgive me
    - Original universe Ø (or BBC modern version)

    Captain America (MCU)
    - Bucky & Steve pre-WW2
    - Bucky & Steve post Winter Soldier
    - could be convinced for some Tony x Steve

    Star Wars
    - Poe & Finn
    - And everyone else, they’re just the only non-canon pairing that I ship
    - AUs could be very fun

    - Mulan x Shang (AU)
    - I headcanon Mulan as transgender FtM

    - Yes I’m ashamed
    - but saucecake and naruto were my very first ship ok

    - Sasuke & Naruto
    - Fix-that-shitty-ending AU
    - Modern AU​
    You could convince me with a good plot: (open)

    - Ace Attorney (Phoenix & Miles)
    - Game of Thrones (disclaimer; i haven't read ASOIF yet and won't until the TV show is over)
    - Supernatural
    - Harry Potter (Marauders especially)
    - No6
    - The Hobbit / Lord of the Rings
    - Shingeki no Kyojin
    - Full Metal Alchemist
    - Death Note
    - How to Train your dragon
    - Pokemon (... pls don't judge me) (i am still a baby inside ok) (but like with a really interesting plot only) (i am sorry)

    See something that you like? Drop me a PM!
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  2. I'm very interested in roleplaying with you. If you are still searching I could be some one you could partner up with. Just pm me if you are still interested in finding a partner. Thank you for your time and have a great Day/Night
  3. Still looking! Especially for some FxF or MxF. (although MxM is my guilty pleasure so you could probably still convince me with a good plot)
  4. "A single father who had to give up on his dreams."
    "Greek Mythology."
    "Game of Thrones."
    (A human/AI plot I have?)

    I'm interested in these! PM me if you still have openings, my dear.
  5. Sent!

    Still looking for one more. Please send me a PM if you're interested.
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