Anomaly in Everyday Life! (A Long Term Modern Anime-Style RP!)

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    NOTE: Before stating your intention to join, please read the Rules attentively. I discourage joining the RP half-heartedly.

    Also, feel free to ask me questions once you've read the Interest Check post below. Thanks for spending your time in reading this!

    This will be a first-come, first-serve basis. To state your intention to join, just reply with "Skadoosh!".

    P.S. - This is my very first RP that I will be a GM. Please don't judge me. ; ~ ; xD

    P.S.S. - Everything considered final will be put on the Information thread. This was just an Interest Check, after all.

    ~ Shounen Senpai
    A.K.A Master of Weebs
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    "You don't have to live in accordance with the standards of this world. You don't have to "fit in". As long as you know what is right and what is wrong, the path you take is yours alone."


    In this world exists a biased belief wherein individuals judge each other by their appearance, race, background and actions. However, we humans are just too insensitive and condemnatory about these things to the point where we just cement facts according to the rumors of the majority and close the case without delving deeper or taking notice of what truly mattered. Indeed, the society we live in today has standards wherein a collective's judgement dictates what is "normal" and what is "abnormal".

    It's simple, really. Those who are seen as popular, smart, successful, wealthy and with power are held in high regard by the norm. They are whom we could call "elites". On the other hand, those who are seen as failures; such as delinquents, the unintelligent, the anti-social and basically anything considered an anomaly by the norm, are often treated as the leftovers of society. These people are usually known as the "outcasts". Kicked out of what is considered normal, the outcasts are often picked on and treated with disdain. Disconnecting from the people who shunned them including their families, they isolated themselves from society. And thus, violent groups such as gangs rose.

    Here; in an expansive and bustling city at Kyoto prefecture known as the Kizugawa Ward, daily life is treated exactly as I, the narrator, have expounded it. Delinquents and other lawless elements roam here and there, often partaking in minor criminal activities and instilling fear onto the hearts of the aristocrats as well as the innocents with their violent and immoral conduct. Some even banded together, as street gangs, sharing the same goal. That "goal" varies from different driving elements/motivations such as revenge, survival, dominance and the like.

    Our main cast however, is different. While they are treated as outcasts and can be considered street gangs due to their nature and background, there is something that deviates them from the rest.

    They want to be loved. They want someone who would treat them as equals. They want someone who can call their "friend".


    Something as silly and down-to-earth as that is this particular "street" gang's primary motivation for existing. They are a gathering of individuals shunned by society. Some of them dislike their families and became runaways. One thing is for certain in this tight-knit ragtag bunch: What they lack in strength, they make up for it with an unbreakable bond for each other.

    That is the premise of this Roleplay.


    GM: Grand Master @Shounen Senpai (And it's my VERY FIRST created RP! :D Hurray!)

    CO-GM: @ScarletNova (This RP is based off her previous RP entitled "Gang Members Have Lives Too!" so you guys should be giving her praise for making this RP possible!)

    HIRING MORE CO-GMs?: Not at the moment.

    GENRE: Modern, Slice-of-Life, Action, Romance, Drama, Violence

    TYPE: Group Roleplay


    POSTING RATE EXPECTATION: 2 or more per week (depending on your interactions)

    CHARACTER CREATION LIMIT: 2 per participant


    Follow all standard Iwaku rules, first and foremost.


    1) Participants shall post ONLY their completed Character Sheets in this thread. The actual OOC discussions will be held via private group chat.

    2) Please follow the format stated below when creating your post in the IC thread. The format is located in the "Character Sheet and Post Format" tab.

    3) There is no post-rotation in this RP. If your character gets interacted with by another character, feel free to reply as soon as you are able! You don't want to keep them waiting, do you?

    4) NO Godmodding or Metagaming. No Gary Stu's or Mary Sue's (meaning your character is perfect and unbeatable). Make sure that the character will fit the realistic nature of the RP.

    5) ABSOLUTELY NO ONE-LINERS! I worked hard to make this a quality roleplay. So, I'm expecting at least a detailed paragraph or more from you guys. Also, try to avoid grammar mistakes as much as possible.

    6) Smut or anything that goes on the nature of Libertine is strictly forbidden in the IC thread. Romance is encouraged, blatant sexual content is discouraged. As is stated already, follow all standard Iwaku rules.

    7) Only a maximum of 2 major characters can be created by each participant. However, you may create NPCs that will serve as minor/supporting characters.


    1) THIS RP WILL BE A LONG, LONG RIDE DEPENDING ON THE ACTIVITY OF THE PLAYERS AND THE GM. As much as possible, I would like this RP to last for a long time, or at least until the end of the "story". Join the roleplay ONLY if you feel lke you can stay for a long time. Of course, circumstances will happen in which you will be forced to leave the RP. Check Rule #2 regarding this.

    2) PLEASE INFORM THE GM IF YOU ARE TO CONCLUDE YOUR PARTICIPATION IN THE ROLEPLAY. This is the most important rule, in my case. I don't want a character vital to the story to just disappear without warning. It's one of the big things that will screw up the roleplay, apart from other factors. I understand that we're all eventually going to be busy. If you feel like you're busy or if you have your reasons to leave or if you have lost interest in the roleplay, please tell me.

    If it's a temporary leave, for the time being your character(s) will either be:

    Option 1: Personally controlled by me for the time being

    Note: I can't assure the safety of your characters if I decide to control them when you make a temporary leave at the time the roleplay goes "south" (and by south I mean where the chapter's plot reaches its climax and the cast is in the middle of war).

    Option 2: Given to other interested roleplayers for the time being

    Feel free to communicate and plan with whoever gets to control your characters on how they can temporarily keep your character alive in the roleplay while you are away.

    If you feel unsatisfied with the two options, there is Option 3, which I believe is the best option for you to go out with a bang.

    Option 3: Your characters can make a farewell post.

    Your farewell post may vary from your character(s) leaving the area/moving to another part of the country/moving to another country due to personal reasons.

    If it's a permanent leave (as in you won't return in the RP because reasons), Option 3 is the best way to go. If the RP does go south by the time you make your leave, you may also make a Heroic Sacrifice (for example, buying enough time for the rest of the gang to make their escape or taking the bullet to protect someone).

    3) While drama is encouraged in-character, I shall refrain drama of any kind happening in the OOC discussion.

    4) This goes without saying but... Respect your fellow roleplayers as well as the characters they've created.

    5) Enjoy the roleplay to the fullest. Have fun!
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  3. Skadoosh!
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    I didn't mean to put that in all caps but did anyway. I blame mobile for this.
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  5. Oh someone that shares my sentiments on activity and a story type thats of my interests? I have to say the Yakuza and police spots interest me more than the gang spots given the potential of causing conflict. << >> I assume you or someone else senior will be the daughter, what positions are the other two Yakuza set to be? And what rules or preferences did you have in regards to those two roles?

    So Skadoosh! was it.

    I'll wait till your faq is up before I have any more questions, I may have one or two others who may be interested, but I can't speak for him. I'll message him on steam about it. So put down two potentials. I only say that as we both have stuff going on this week.
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  6. "Skadoosh!".

    Green. Yay.
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  7. Skadoosh :D
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  8. Skadoooooooooooooooosh!~~
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  9. Skadoosh. o.o
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  10. Holy guava. This got filled up waaaaay faster than I thought. xD I take it that everyone who did say the keyword...


    On a more serious note, I hope you have read the rules. I will be strict on implementing them. Cx

    @RedArmyShogun: Thanks for your interest! And I haven't talked to you since Seraph of the End RP. :D As for your question, it's up to y'all whoever wants to be the Yakuza Princess. She'll be a major supporting character later on. Better yet, let's discuss here who wants to take the role. :P As for the remaining two slots of the yakuzas, they will be reserved for those who are feeling antagonistic/douchebaggy enough to take the role. They can be bodyguards of the princess or assassins under the service of the Yakuza's.

    For the police, the three slots are for those who are willing to oppose the violent street gangs slowly rising in number in the setting. They'll be the cream of the crop of the young generation police that were trained to combat crime. They'll be known as the "Kimura Unit", led by a GMPC (controlled by me :D) who leads all the new batch of trainee recruits as well as being the most physically trained and strongest willed when it comes to taking down criminals.

    Wow, that was a long answer for a simple question. XD Hope this helped.

    Feel free to ask more questions!
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  11. Yes please. owo.

    One character?
  12. Well I would be interested in being the big Nee-san. How old do you want her, mind if she's a well mannered psychotic bitch lady? (I'm okay with any other role in the Yakuza as a note)

    Thought I seen you before but couldn't place it.

    And hmm...I would be up to being the police as well, but might be unfair if I'm in both factions. Though oh so fun starting problems << >>.
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  13. She's the Yakuza Boss's daughter, so her probable age would be around the teenage range. But to be precise, let's just place her around 16-21 years of age. C:
  14. Hmm who I had in mind for it likely wouldn't pass for that young, I'll let someone else take the position. Unless I find something younger or no one else takes it. I won't speak for any spots until you have an idea of what the other two Yakuza and the three Police roles will be.
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  15. What do you mean by one character? C: You may create one character for each affiliation (example 1 bystander and 1 gang member).

    Also, BYSTANDERS may be allowed to be eventual gang members, depending on how the story goes.
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  16. Aye!
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  17. I'm interested, if it's still open?
  18. You did say the magic word, so you are already part of the slots. C:

    If you're referring to the role of the yakuza boss' daughter, ask @RedArmyShogun. It's still not decided, if I'm not mistaken.
  19. Oh ye, I was talking about the boss' daughter. I was under the impression she passed on it, if I was wrong I apologize! She has first choice, of course.
  20. Mhmm feel free. I'm waiting to see what the other 5 positions will be.
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