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      Welcome to Wyrdwood University

      By now, I'm sure you've realized that this is no normal school. We call it a school for the "Gifted" on the flyers. In reality, this is a school for people with supernatural abilities. Some of you may already know that you are not a regular human, and some of you are just now finding out that magic exists. Here, you will be taught how to control whatever powers you happen to have. Most of your time here will be spent in either training, sparring, and free time. Don't expect to learn any of the boring, regular subjects, you won't need them. Now, we hope everyone will be on time for the orientation.
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  1. The announcement system started blaring, "Orientation is about to begin. New students are required to attend. Returning students must attend the meet and greet lunch at twelve o'clock and to pick up a new, updated rulebook and class schedule. For new students, we have a welcome package that will have all of the supplies you will need for class for the semester."
    "The next phase of my life is about to begin, and I sincerely hope that it does not bring despair and ruin, but companionship and knowledge!" Alfbern exclaimed.
    "Well that's awfully dramatic," Raziela said, "my name's Raziela, what's yours?"
    "My name is Alfbern, I am pleased to make the acquaintance of such a fair and clearly powerful lady," Alfbern replied.
    "Thank you, Alfbern, but, how can you tell I'm powerful?" Raziela asked.
    "Your spirit, it is strong and bright, which means that you are extremely talented in whatever supernatural art you use," Alfbern answered, "now, we must make haste to the orientation, we do not wish to be late do we?" Alfbern and Raziela walked to the auditorium together and then sat together.
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  2. Emotionless owl-like eyes spread over Wyrdwood University with a watchful and judgmental gaze. A pale hand gripped harder on a bow, the other hand keeping a firm hold upon a small bag with bits and bobs. White hair hid anxious lines upon Chayse’s forehead. For the first time in his life, he was going to be in a routine, no mystery, just class, then class again, classes and lunches and homeworks…

    Elfin ears perked up, a smug smile appeared on the face of Arya Halverson, a long, black dress flowing to the floor, chestnut eyes called out to anyone willing to take notice of the short female figure. She’d look fairly vunerable, if not for the sword resting, daring almost, in her hand, ready at any moment to strike. She could feel an unwanted presence. A near-silent, unsatisfied “Hmm” came from her lips as she noticed a tall, blonde-ish female. Nobody said anything about THEM, she thought bitterly, Why must there be angels? Unfortunately, there was nothing Arya could do now but get to the orientation and simply ignore the presence of nephilims.

    Chayse had never been to a school, being educated, if you could even call it that, at home. Classes were somewhat nerve-wracking, and the only reason the boy had even agreed to come here was because he had the smallest glimmer of hope that perhaps more had survived than who he had originally thought from the war, or that the University had also managed to get in touch with his sisters. It had been a long time since they had seen one another, although Chayse often waited at the spot where they had promised to remeet if they found another group willing to take them in, but none of the other three had ever returned. He assumed Artemis would never come back; she would be quite happy being on her own for the rest of her life, but as for the other two, Chayse had yearned that one would come back. Maybe they’d died, maybe they’d forgotten about him. He didn’t know which one was more unsettling. His neutral expression stayed plastered on his face, but he seemed twitchy. This isn’t like you, he thought.

    Arya didn’t have Chayse’s problems. Other than the disappointing notice that there was angelic little things here, she was doing fine and dandy in the section of ‘lots of people and lots of routine’ of education. If all went wrong, surely her mother would pick her up, stick up for her, just like she always did. If all goes wrong, you can just break out of here. Her smile widened, I love my brain… She decided that she would not sit near the tall girl she had noticed, nor her new companion, the boy who was much too human for her desires. Arya sighed, following the two nonetheless to orientation. Then she sat as far back as possible, alone. This is nothing like human school, there’d always be someone who wanted to sit with me.

    Orientation was due to begin, and Chayse hadn’t even met anyone yet. He decided to just sit down wherever there was people, and saw an extremely tall girl, who he’d probably much prefer as a friend than an enemy, and a boy who had probably had the same idea. “Is it okay if I sit here?” he asked, his monotonical voice hid the anxiety he was getting from being at the school. His hand tightened on the bow.

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  3. "Sure," Raziela answered the boy, "I'm Raziela and this is Alfbern."
    "It is a pleasure to meet you, kind sir, I have never met a moon spirit before. If you would, please tell us your name," Alfbern interrupted.

    Raziela whispered, "He's a spirit?"
    Alfbern replied, "That is correct. Although, I had heard that his kind had been wiped out in a war not too long ago."
    Raziela asked, "How can you tell?"
    "I was raised by spirits so I can see spirits whether they would be visible to others or not," Alfbern explained.
  4. Sure. I'm Raziela and this is Alfbern.
    The gears of Chayse's brain began to turn. Raziela was a Hebrew name, he believed, that meant something to do with God. Adding to the height, it was likely she was some kind of angelic figure. Alfbern was a more tradition spirit name than his own... maybe wolves or bears would name their children something of the sort. "Thank you," he replied, sitting down next to Alfbern.

    It is a pleasure to meet you, kind sir, I have never met a moon spirit before. If you would, please tell us your name.
    It was the male this time to speak. Long sentences seemed to be his thing. Kind sir... old-fashioned. Definately more orthodox a spirit than his own. It was not unlikely for Chayse to meet other types of spirits, but only recently, and it was back at Alfbern, probably. When he worked out what Alfbern was. Then he brought across the answer to Alfbern's question. "I'm Chayse."

    He's a spirit? ~ That is correct. Although, I had heard that his kind had been wiped out in a war not too long ago.
    Chayse didn't know what to feel about Alfbern. He didn't exactly feel a good impression. The male was obviously intelligent, but he also spoke of Chayse, in his opinion, like he was an animal. Also, he was right here. However, he did respect Alfbern's knowledge of the world around him. It was not unrealistic to think that his 'tribe' had been wiped out, since the very few survivors had left without a trace of existance, perhaps so they were not hunted. Wyrdwood had managed to track him down, but he wasn't letting anyone else. As for Raziela, she seemed to not be as smart, but maybe it was because of this topic. Angels would not spend their lives in the spirit realm, after all.

    I was raised by spirits.
    "Raised? Not, I am a spirit?" Chayse felt obliged to ask, not showing (but certainly feeling) curiousity in his voice. "Why only raised?"
  5. "I am a human, by birth, however I was raised by bear spirits," Alfbern explained, "also, I am sorry, I meant no offense, but your aura suggests I upset you. Please forgive me, I would very much like to be your friend. I may be a human in body, but I am a spirit at heart, and I would appreciate a friend here who would have had an upbringing at least somewhat similar to mine own."
    "Yeah, how about it Chayse?" Raziela asked, "Friends?"
  6. A bear spirit raising a human was less of a surprise than perhaps it should have been. It was not unknown for them to look after others. He assumed that without them, Alfbern would have been alone. "It's fine," Chayse replied. He didn't see the point in holding grudges or getting bitter over a single sentence. Perhaps he'd have to be more careful around Alfbern. You are a hunter and hunters don't show pain. He gave a small smile, just to show he was telling the truth. Besides, Alfbern was rather interesting. "I'd like to be friends."
  7. James Nathaniel Darius had been at Wyrdwood for years, he didn't need to go to the introductions, but there was always something he wanted to do there. There was only one door out of the conference hall, which made his job incredibly easy. He called forth a small spike of lava from his fingertip so that he might carve an intricate symbol into the wood above the doorway. He barely held back a chuckle, knowing exactly what the rune did. He knew perfectly well what would happen, as he orchestrated this exact prank on every new group to come into the school, every single year. Finishing the mark above the door, he hopped down from the position he'd found atop a nearby locker and surveyed his handywork.

    As soon as the first person crossed the tiny, paper-thin line carved into the floor, the rune above the door would trigger, flashing repeatedly in various colors like a disco ball. This, in turn, would trigger the six runes on the ceiling above, which would then proceed to spew forth six independent streams of Gatorade in six separate flavors as if they were the almighty flood of God himself, bringing down divine retribution upon the "freshmen." It wasn't though. It was just a lot of Gatorade, and it would disappear entirely by the end of the hour, as the magic runes made to sustain it's existence didn't have enough power in them to maintain the spell for any longer.

    He sat down across the hall, just out of range of the six-flavored-flood, his hands woven before his face quite seriously. He probably looked very mysterious, with his long black coat and the hat he'd worn today obscuring his face. James didn't normally wear hats, but he'd gotten a bad haircut recently, and he needed a way to hide it.
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  8. The orientation was a lengthy presentation. The gist of it however, was fairly simple. There will be many students of many supernatural races that focus in many different types of magic, so basically, keep your prejudice to yourself. They also went over a few rules: fighting is not tolerated unless it is a supervised sparring match or official duel, do not practice dangerous magic without supervision, any weapon or object that enhances magic must be registered or it will be confiscated, and any non-student companions must be approved by the principal or an approved staff member.
    "I'm sorry, but I must excuse myself, I need to go and meet a teacher," Alfbern explained before leaving.
    "Yeah, I've gotta go and register my weapon," Raziela replied.

    Alfbern was just about to be the first one out the door when his brother, a bear spirit, appeared. "Meinrad, what brings you here, are we not supposed meet a teacher soon?"
    "Yes, brother, I was going to, but, when I passed by, I noticed a magical trap placed on this door," Meinrad explained as he gestured towards runes on the ceiling.
    "Oh, thank you for warning me," Alfbern replied. "Wurzala Anaran," Alfbern said as he sprinkled a few seeds onto the floor. Roots instantly shot up from where the seeds landed, striking the runes. Unfortunately, attacking runes is not a way to disarm them and a strange, colored liquid began raining from the ceiling. "Gah!"

    "Didn't mother teach you how to disarm Runes?" Meinrad asked, the liquid flowing through his incorporeal form.
    "She was going to, but after Wyrdwood offered to teach me magic she decided to focus my learning towards magic that she did not think I would be able to learn here and human culture," Alfbern replied as he rushed through the runes to get out of the liquid.

    As Raziela was about to leave she saw the Gatorade raining from the ceiling. "Really?" she she exclaimed, "what a waste of magic." She raised her hand towards the rune and began to glow slightly. Raziel exclaimed "Apstergo!" The runes disappeared instantly along with the Gatorade. Raziela walked out of the auditorium, grew her wings and flew to the registration building.

    "So, Alfbern, you would like your brothers, Meinrad and Friedhelm, as well as your sister, Hildegard, to be registered as your companions?" asked Prof. Wolfwood.

    "Yes, that is correct," Alfbern answered.
    "I see no problem with that, as long as they stay visible while on campus grounds," Prof. Wolfwood replied.
    "Many thanks, good sir," Alfbern exclaimed before leaving. He ventured to the dormitories and found his room. The guide told him he was in room 4-21 with someone named Viktor Ivanovich. He then went to his room, unpacked, changed out of his wet clothes, and went to the meet and greet where he met up with Raziela.
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  9. A bored sigh removed itself from Arya's lips. This was not a good day for her at all. She was dropped off at this horrible school that smelt exactly the same as her human one, where there was rules, just like her human one, and there was people she already didn't like, just like her human one. At this rate, she'd almost believe she was at a normal school that paid a few abnormal people to sit around. In fact, if it wasn't for the next events, Arya would believe that she was at a similar facility to her last. The first clue she wasn't was the bear spirit. The second was his "brother", who seemed human but clearly had magically potential. A human liquid she was sure they drank (but clearly here, they poured all over people), appeared from the ceiling, much to her dismay. Her hair and dress were now soaked. She would have cursed them, but she didn't know who them was.

    Chayse watched the bear spirit with his neutral expression but a clear happy gleam in his eyes. The fellow spirit obviously enjoyed Alfbern's company, however, when the plants grew, Chayse didn't know of the runes on the ceiling. "It rains inside?" he asked himself, looking up, not one bit bothered or aware that it was not rain and rather a prank.

    The half-demon was letting her demon side show with annoyance. She now was not in the mood to even try anything and make friends, including the people who looked interesting to hang out with. Arya stormed out of the hall the second she had the chance. She was going to change straight away when she got to her room. No, Arya wasn't uptight, she certainly loved a good prank, but then, she had never been the victim and the role reversal had come to a shock for her. Still, she knew she needed to get along with her new room"mate". That, or she can ruin the girl to make her leave.

    Chayse was clearly not going far. Even after most people had gone, he lingered behind, wanting to work out how this room could rain, even if it had stopped for now. The runes were still unknown, though still, how to get them onto the ceiling was another mystery. He was relaxing to this alien environment now there was less people around that he needed to keep an eye on. His bow was still tightly held, but had loosened, and his body was less tense.
  10. Besides other students, Alex wasn't so much excited about "new life" thing. Unknown sorrow went in him, messing up his thoughts in a huge ball, which now slided across his mind. He didn't listen to teacher that told about rules: it was completely obvious - "Don't fight! Don't disturb others!-" and everything in that way. As the meeting was over, Alex heard someone talking about registration of weapons, he'd look on his enormously big backpack, and thought that "i am not able to carry THAT somewhere by myself" appeared in his mind. He'd look fastly over classroom, as he'd notice the falling book. He'd concentrate himself on book, as it'd lightly stop in mid-air of ground. Moments after, book continued to fall, and it'd strike the ground, but Alex already had enough energy. He'd notice strange liquid falling on him... Thanks god before leaving home, he casted upon his clothing water-protection spells, and several anti-curses spells. So only his hair got soaked with strange liquid. As everyone started to leave, he'd throw concentrated stare on his backpack, as his eyes would have a shiny plume after themselves. Backpack would glow the same color as the plume, as it lifted up, drifting to Alex. After it'd stop, he'd walk out of classroom, towards registration building, completely careless about what will happen next..
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  11. As Raziela looked across cafeteria, she saw many faces. Most of them she considered potential friends, but a few caught her eye as possible threats. There was a short girl who was obviously half-demon, Raziela could smell the tainted blood. If her father had not taught her that the not demon half of a cambion made it possible for them to be good, she would have slain her on the spot. The Mission comes before the rules of some magic school. There was also another being of demonic origins, a Vampire. This one, however, was different, this vampire still had a small part of its soul. Raziela decided to keep a close eye on both of them.

    Alfbern was also looking around the room, looking at all the potential friends. His attention was drawn to a group standing in the center of the room. One of the three was a Wood Elf, half-spirits that are descended from forest spirits, this specific one was descended from a Dryad. The two people standing next to him were both surrounded by a powerful aura. One was a Dragonborn, which he could tell because her spirits shape was that of a dragon. The other was a descendant of the dragon-slayers of old, who modeled their magic after the creature they hunted. He was very interested in this group, but the Dragonborn's cold stare combined with the fiery aura of the Dragonslayer scared him off.
  12. As he approached registration building, there were many interesting figures, which he wanted to friend with. BUT, since he was in bad mood, he was only able to throw cold interested stares to objects that he overviewed. He was a bit scared how other younglings will meet him, so decided not to talk.
    He finally got to registration building: It was 3-floor building, which was decorated lightly. He would walk inside, as there was no line: He thought that magical weapons are not popular among mages. He would walk there, as young blonde woman asked him
    - Hello ! Name and dorm number please - Alex would answer
    - Alexander Navitas, room 1-24 - Woman smiled lightly, asking again
    - Which weapon do you want to register? - Alex would take two long swords, as he replied
    - Dual swords, upon them are casted series of mud and soil protecting spells, can be powered up by magic - He replied, looking curiously. Woman said
    - Okay, your weapon is registered, do you want to put it here? - Alex replied
    - No, i will carry them around - Woman said, ending the conversation
    - Thank you for registering your weapon, see you again ! - As Alex walked out, curious of what happens next.
  13. It didn't take long for Raziela and Alfbern to find each other in the cafeteria. "Hey Alfbern, how did your meeting with the teacher go?" Raziela asked.
    "The meeting went splendidly. Now, I would be honored to introduce you to my siblings," Albern answered before three bear spirits appeared.
    "Hello, my name is Meinrad, and this is my brother, Friedhelm, and my sister Hildegard. It appears you have already met my brother Alfbern," Meinrad explained. "We will be attending this school as the companions of Alfbern."
    "Cool, my name is Raziela," Raziela replied.
    "I have made another friend, but it appears he is not yet here. You will have to make his acquaintance later," Albern added.
    "Let's take a seat," Raziela suggested. After a they sat down, food magically appeared at their spots. In front of Alfbern, a dish of assorted berries and small game appeared. Raziela got a plate covered in meat lover's pizza. Raziela said a quick prayer and then they began to eat.
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  14. It must be a drink of some sort. I am not burning... I am only wet, Chayse concluded. He didn't have to register his bow, as it didn't enhance his magic, and so he decided to go straight to his room. When he walked in, he could see that his roommate had already arrived, and dumped their belongings on the right side of the room, so Chayse automatically went to the left. He'd never shared a room with another person before- though many times he and his sisters had camped outside- and he hoped they'd be nice.

    Arya was horrified to walk into her dorm and see a smiling, fanged face. "Hi! I'm Diana! Mmmm... you smell like a demon." So... let me get this straight. First angels, then humans, and now vampires. Well, at least she's on the same side as me. Though she seems awfully chirpy for the daughter of darkness... Arya frowned, but then smiled back, "Yes. I am Arya. It's... lovely to meet you." She pulled out some dry clothes, noticing that the other girl had either not attended to the orientation, or had somehow managed to remove the water from her clothes. Not that it seemed to matter; she was so hyper, she would have been able to literally shake it off. Arya let out a deep sigh, before excusing herself and getting changed into her clean, and more casual, clothes, and making her way to the cafeteria.

    Chayse only took a minute or so to change. He'd manage to have traded for some new clothes before coming to Wyrdwood and was currently glad. He neatly folded his soaking clothes, deciding they'd just have to dry on their own. It is lunch. Raziela and Alfbern will be in the dining area. He decided to make his way there, but he found the school so big he had a tendency to get lost. When he did reach the lunch hall, he saw his two new friends sat down and eating already. There was three others they were sat with. "Hello." He eyed the bear spirits with caution, but sat down nonetheless. He had left his bow in the dorm and he felt quite empty without it. Still, he chose to ignore this when freshly cooked meat and vegetables appeared in front of him.
  15. James did everything in his power to restrain his laughter as he watched the flood of fruit-flavored fury descend upon the freshmen. And then, he didn't have to anymore, as the runes where destroyed by some new, talented student. He frowned with disappointment. He'd spent over a hundred dollars on buying enough gatorade to pull of his annual prank on the new students. He didn't even like gatorade, but on this day of every year, he bought gallons of the stuff, and currently had multiple kegs of some shitty sports drink in his room to be drained off through the runes and dumped on to new students.

    Whoever this kid was, he was pretty good for a filthy freshie. It seemed to James that he had a rival amongst the new students. No one escaped The Gatorain. No one.

    Not only did she escape his carefully concocted gatorade typhoon, she also had wings, and blatantly flew. At the very least, her mobility made her something of an antithesis to James. He refused to let this stand. He couldn't allow some new kid to show him up! He was this school's resident prankster. He could scarcely imagine the hit his popularity would take if he couldn't dump remotely dump mystic gatorade on this one, random freshman. The main reason he could hardly imagine it, is because it would hardly exist, but that was irrelevant. This was something that was important to him, and hell or high sports drinks, he would dump some sort of energy drink on the new kid.

    Unless it would cost him more than 20 dollars. He had already blown the vast majority of his pranking money for the next three months.

    In the meantime, he decided to head down to the lunchroom. He flicked finger-guns at a couple of students he'd known years prior, and shot a wink towards one of the cuter girls at a table near the door. With every step, he oozed confidence, the very way he moved seemed to imply that he owned the place. He didn't own anything here really, but he was the school's resident rock-star. He sat down at a table, not too far from the newer students, and waved his hands in a generic magic-motion, calling forth a plate of macaroni and cheese. He took this time to listen in to the conversations going on behind him, curious as to the new blood entering the school.
  16. Quinn, mousy girl that she was, managed to avoid the commotion after orientation. She took interest in the conversations that others spoke, having heard them across the room, and found the leafy one to speak just as strange as the girl that was taller than she. The people about were so different than others she'd met and the subtle scents of their heritage kept her somewhat on edge.

    She dropped her things in the room she was assigned, though in truth she carried very little. The smell of wet dog permeated her senses and she was certain her roommate was not unlike her. She wasn't quite ready to meet others for lunch as herself so she took the opportunity to shift into an unassuming cat that could easily be mistaken as a familiar and padded down to the lunchroom to watch curiously.
  17. "Alright, I wasn't sure what to expect from this place but the Gatoraid rain? That was a surprise," Evelyn explained as she balled up the edge of her tank top to squeeze the liquid out of the fabric. Clearly it was a lost cause so she simply shook out her hands and turned to her tall familiar; "we should probably get you registered, huh? And change... because this is unbearable."

    Warren stood, hunched, beside his companion with some resemblance of disgust on his otherwise unreadable face. Honestly, it was hard to read his mood when his entire body was made of mud and other wildlife but Evelyn had spent an uncomfortable amount of time with the monster to have a vague sense of his expression. It took her grabbing one of his lower branches to get his glare off the other scattering kids.

    "Hey, focus here! We have places to go and people to, er... meet maybe?" She shrugged her shoulders helplessly. "C'mon, lets not waste anymore time..."

    The swamp monster wasn't able to complain verbally but he practically bristled despite compiling with her need to move. How could she want to socialize with these children and their blatant disregard for magic! He was made of the stuff and they... they pulled pranks with it! Back when he was young and human, he would be enthralled by the dedication behind such an elaborate trick but now it was just insulting.

    By the time they'd gotten registered and Evelyn had changed, both the kid and familiar were on edge. Who paired up a girl with a familiar made of mud and sticks with a fire user?! They were both majorly feeling the freshman fears.

    "Okaaay, s-so... seems like everyone's at the cafeteria getting lunch, so we should probably, I don't know... grab some grub?"

    Warren gave a subtle shrug of his shoulders. It was clear that he didn't want to but the kid needed to eat. Still, she didn't budge.

    "Uhm, so I was wondering if you could maybe put up an illusion," ah, that explains the hesitation. "I just think that maybe an over-sized mud monster might not look like the friendliest new addition, you know? So if you make yourself look a little... human, it'd be a little less... awkward."

    Maybe she had a point. Since they were forced to come here with very few other options, he kind of owed it to her to make this a little more bearable. Alright, maybe not owed but he wasn't heartless.

    So he heaved his shoulders - a motion resembling a real heavy sigh - and proceeded to cast a silent spell. His form shimmered and shrank to resemble a remarkably normal looking human. Save for the wizard hat and half cloak around his shoulders, he was an average looking blond boy. And now that he didn't have any sludge blocking his mouth, he could utter another sigh and give Evelyn an exasperated look.

    "They're going to know this is just an illusion; I'm rusty," He said, looking up at the girl - he was a few inches shorter than her and that was a fact that he found embarrassing. "So, lets go feed you and get this over with."

    She'd seen this illusion of her familiar plenty of times before but it was still a shock to see so many emotions on his face so clearly! He started to walk but, staying at his side, she couldn't help but chuckle.

    Waving a hand over her face, she gushed "look at all those expressions! And I can not get over your eyebrows."

    "Yeah well how about you try to express when you're made of mud," he scoffed, pushing open the doors of the cafeteria hall, holding it for a few extra seconds for, what appeared to be, a cat? Raising a brow, he dismissed the (assumed) fellow familiar and went back to the task at hand; "Well... at least there's still spots."

    "Mm," Evelyn hummed as the previous worm of doubt shook off her short lasting enthusiasm. The place was crowded with strangers that knew much more about magic and powers than she did. A few of the freshman, she recognized from the orientation but they all seemed to be chatting with each other already. Biting her lip, she steeled herself and strutted off to get a tray of food.

    Warren strolled a few paces slower behind her, eyeing the students as they conversed and ate. They were all kids... He felt incredibly old this place.

    Soon Evelyn were faced with the age old dilemma: where to sit at the new school. What a conundrum, right? They could sit with the spirits or the Judd Nelson-esque young man that oozed mischief. Fun stuff.

    ((oh goodness, I'm sorry it's so long. Other replies will hopefully be more trim.))
  18. Arya reached the cafeteria and sat silently on her own, her attention, at first, entirely devoted to the tall angel. It wasn't like the girl was a huge threat to Arya until she wanted to use any demonic magic, but there was something unsettling. They were both very obviously aware of one another's presence, and this is what made Arya so nervous. Nonetheless, she found her attention moving as a very confident older student walked in. And it seems we have found the someone who pulled that little prank this morning... she thought to herself, tutting quietly as he walked past her, unamused.

    Said boy was then followed by a familiar... a cat, for that matter. Cats are favoured by the dark witches, but she was unsure this specific cat was filled with darkness or not, and either way she didn't think it mattered, because she wasn't being all crazy looking and talking to a cat anyway. The "familiar" was followed by a dark haired girl and her blonde friend... who certainly wasn't human. At least they were as short as Arya was anyways.

    Well, I might as well drag more people into the dark side... we can start with this fake boy and his friend. Gain trust and slowly destroy, right? She attempted to look a bit kind, mostly because she was quite curious about the illusion. She kept her chocolate eyes straight on the prize as her mouth turned into a smile to the two. "If you want, you can come and sit over here."
  19. Both Evelyn and Warren were kind of shocked out of their searching for a spot when they was called on by some girl with a clear affinity for black. She had a way about her that seriously sent alarms off for Warren so, when Evelyn took a step toward the girl, he grabbed his friends arm and pulled her close to mutter low so, hopefully, only she could hear him:

    "Okay, I've lived long enough to not trust every smile thrown my way," he started, looking up to meet Evelyn's eyes. "I don't like her."

    "Warren, we just got here; you know nothing about anyone," Evelyn stated plainly. "Besides, she offered and we've got no where else to go! Beggars can't be choosers, buddy."

    Honestly, neither of them had any experience with angels or demons or even elves before so, to be invited to eat with someone different was a treat. And Warren had a bad habit of giving into his curiosity. When there was no more complaint from her familiar, Evelyn gently disengaged from his hold and trotted over to sit across from Arya. Warren slid in beside his friend and kept a wary eye on the girl as his companion introduced them.

    "Thanks for letting us sit with you," she started, offering a smile to her new meal-mate. Gesturing to herself and Warren, she continued, "I'm Evelyn and this is Warren."
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