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    Hello and welcome to Akane Academy students! I am this Academy 's headmistress, Mari Shimon.
    CUwxQ4cUEAEV5og.png I hope you'll enjoy your time here and become great Saviors! After this orientation you will receive a paper with all your class information. All classes will be starting soon after so dont dawdle!

    The energetic young woman stood on a podium as she addressed the room full of fresh new students. It was a sunny day, not a cloud in the sky. The room was filled with a mixture of emotions that was almost tangible in the air as the orientation went on. Nervous, impatient, bored, focused, anxious, excited, every student had one or more of these flowing through them. Just like any first day of school...Only this one taught you to fight monsters that thought humans were little more than a snack. No pressure.

    Male Uniform
    Female Uniform
    "Gym" Uniforms

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    Interaction (tag whoever your interacting with if any)
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  2. Cerulean Asmodeus

    Deep in the sea of listening students sat one rather young looking boy that was...Not listening. Cerulean was slumped in his chair with his head bent back at an interesting angle, sound asleep. A light snore came from the dark haired Savior. Students glanced at him with both concern and annoyance. This was one of Ceru's many talents...Being able to fall asleep nearly anywhere. It helped that he just arrived from Greece this morning having been up all night flying and hus short attention span had him stpp listening after the headmistress' introduction.

    Fiara Elmarod

    'Late late late!' A redhead thought as she rushed through the Akane school grounds. Weaving through students and jumping over obstacles with surprising finesse. That was until she got to the orientation entrance...And ran right into another student.

    "Oof!" Fiara stumbled back and fell right onto her arse. 'Ah crap...' She thought as she looked up at the boy with silvery eyes. "I'm so sorry!" She apologized instantly. Her Scottish accent thick but her voice was rather soft, even soothing.
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  3. Name: Walker.
    Location: Orientation.
    Interaction: @Whispering~Melody @Robo27

    Walker was walking up to the orientation area, most likely the gym, but stopped when he saw a girl on the ground and a boy towering over her. He was quiet as he walked up from behind with his hands in his pocket and a lousy posture. Reaching them he offered his hand before stopping and looking at her red hair. "W-What..." He retreated his hand instantly and stood up.

    "I am sorry. Name's Walker, you just reminded me of someone." Turning to Tet, Walker stared at him for a bit before speaking. "It isn't likely, but by chance was it you that pushed her over?"
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  4. Tetsuo Asada
    Location: Orientation
    Interactions: @Whispering~Melody @ShiroKiyoshi

    Tetsuo let out a small yawn as he stood outside the entrance of the ceremony he was obviously late and did not know what he should do as he didn't want to interrupt the ceremony if it had already started. He paced back and forth before sighing and turning his back towards the door.「Ahh I really messed up now, I shouldn't have taken that detour earlier.」He closed his eyes for a brief moment and titled his head back. Seeing as he lived close by he did not understand how he was in this situation. Instead of thinking about it too much he instead just shook his head and though 'whatever can't be helped.' As his head was tilted back and eyes were closed he felt a force give him a small push in the direction of the door. He balanced himself out before he actually collided with the door though.

    As he opened his eyes he saw the small frame of a red haired girl she was stumbling back a bit but also managed to catch herself as Tetsuo had done, well that's what he thought until he watched as she lost her balance again and fell straight onto the floor. Once she was firmly planted onto the ground she looked up at Tetsuo and immediately apologized for bumping into him.「Oh no it's fine don't worry about it, I shouldn't have been standing in the way of the door like I am.」As he spoke he reached out his hand towards her to help her up. In the midst of this situation and male's voice rang out from the behind. Looking at where the source of the voice came from, Tetsuo noticed a male that was a bit taller than him, introducing himself. After his introduction he had to ask whether or not it was Tetsuo that had purposely knocked the girl down. A bit flustered he shook his head.「No no it was an accident while I was spacing out and what I believe to be her being in a hurry, she ended up colliding into me on accident.」Tetsuo promptly helped her to her feet in the time he was talking.
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  5. Name:Byakara "Bya" Aotsuki
    Location: Ur mom Orientation
    Interaction: @Robo27 @ShiroKiyoshi @Whispering~Melody @Everyone else, including ur mom
    It was a lively sunny morning being spent indoors in the orientation room, although Bya was more of a night person herself, rather than indulging oneself in the sun to instead wrap oneself in the cool covers of night, so to speak. Although a tad bit tired due to a long trip from Canada to Akane, as well as the immense change of scenery overwhelming her. Bya still managed to look awake and attentive, she got to the orientation room rather early, since she had little to do and coming early also meant she can have a little nap time to herself before anyone else came in. When the voices became raised, and more people came pouring into the orientation room, only then did she wake up, trying to hide the fact she was napping in there. She woke up to a vibrant visual of *most* of the first year student body coming in, having chats and taking there seats.

    The student body was about as colorful as her hair, more so even. A massive combination of beauty, brains, and brawn all locked into this one room was all too overwhelming. As such, it was this large amount of people gathered at one place her lock up and shut her mouth, only communicating in the form of eye glances between the headmistress, and that of the Academy's more...stoic first year students...or whatever one would like to call it.

    For starters there was the person she sat right next too: A young lad that was snoring his life away in that chair, much like she was like earlier, with his head leaned back, without a care in the world. A tempting offer really, to take such a time as now to nap again, but for now she only giggled at the shoddy position of the boy and focused her attention back towards the headmistress: A most lively and passionate woman, who looked a tad odd wearing a 'witch hat' as she liked to call it, she gave her rowdy speech about orientation and class introduction. She totally forgot about those classes, more importantly what classes she chose for her first year here in the academy. Perhaps all first year people have the same classes she theorized to herself.

    But alas, that is for these class introduction papers to behold. For now, she sits, hands clasped on her lap, a small smile plastered on her face, and a snoring, inattentive young boy sitting right next to her, hopefully not ending up with him leaning onto her, with a bush of purple hair in her face.

    -_- that would be the epitome of bad first impressions with the student body of this academy.​
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  6. Fiara Elmarod

    @Robo27 @ShiroKiyoshi
    Before Fiara could respond to the boy's apology another showed up with a rather odd reaction to her. Frowning in confusion she accepted the other boy's hand, her own quite small compared to his as she used it to stand back up. "No no it was my fault, i should of slowed down." She reassured with a sheepish smile.

    Turning to face the other slightly taller boy she gave him a quick bow.
    "No worries, thank you for your concern. But hes right, i bashed into him. Oh and I'm Fiara, or Fi if you like." She introduced herself with a friendly smile. Her tone bright and open. Fi bowed to the pale eyed boy next. "Its nice to meet you both. I'm surprised to be seeing other students out here. Are ya guys by any chance late too?" She inquired as a light breeze blew her thick scarlet hair making it almost seem to shimmer in the sunlight.

    Cerulean Asmodeus
    As the orientation continued and students mingled Cerulean continued to snooze the morning away. His snore getting on some people's nerves that sat nearby. Finally a wadded up ball of paper flew right into the back of his head....Ceru didnt even twitch.

    A minute later a pencil flew next. This only succeeded in getting the dark haired boy to mumble and slump over to lay on his side across the empty seat next to him. His smaller stature allowing him to actually lay in the position surprisingly easily.
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  7. Tetsuo Asada
    Location: Orientation
    Interactions: @Whispering~Melody @ShiroKiyoshi

    「Yeah that's exactly it I found myself here after taking a rather long detour.」Right after the girl in front of him bowed and introduced herself, he bowed and smiled as he spoke.「My name is Tetsuo, or Tet for short.」He looked between the both of them and gave a slight bow.「It is nice to meet both of you.」It was at that time that Tet decided to look towards the door and spoke out one more time to the two behind him.「So shall we get going into the orientation? I am sure we haven't missed too much.」He put his hand up to the door and waited for the replies of the other two before opening the door. As he stood there silently he could hear a female voice speaking through the door he could barely make out the words but the female voice sounded like someone of importance.
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  8. Name:Byakara "Bya" Aotsuki
    Location: Orientation
    The boy's snoring and sleeping, although not much of a nuisance to Byakara as it was to her fellow freshmen around her, throwing stuff at him, doing pretty much bullying to a person who only means to have a well-deserved nap. She spat a dirty look at some armed boys in an attempt to stop them, and gently shook the boy who was laying down on both seats. When that didn't work, she sighed deeply, took one of the chairs and slipped it from underneath him. Hoping that if that didn't wake him up, nothing will. She didn't do this because he was annoying, she only did this because his sleeping was attracting a crowd, and she didn't want his first day being nicknamed for his sleeping prowess.

    It also never hurt anyone to be given a little wake up call.​
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  9. Cerulean Asmodeus
    Ceru was in the middle of a peculiar dream. Though odd dreams were nothing new to him. In this one he was in some kind of dark cave, though it felt hot instead of the typical cold. He was waiting...There! A torchlight cut through the darkness making a steady approach toward him. He could feel his heart pounding in his chest, but the reasons why were never revealed. Since as soon as a small frail hand holding the torch came into view...He was suddenly hit on the head, hard.

    Jolting awake Ceru found himself dangling off a chair with his head to the floor. Ok so maybe hit wasn't the right word, more like his head decided to become well acquainted with the hard tile floor after he fell. Quickly lifting himself up from the floor and back into his chair the purple haired boy rubbed the top of his head. "Ett-t-t ow! What happened?!" He questioned the young woman that was holding a chair with a scowl. A suspiciously empty spot where a chair should be now next to him.
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  10. Name: Walker.
    Location: Orientation.
    Interaction: @Whispering~Melody @Robo27

    "I don't see the point in these Orientations. We sit there and then they hand us a slip of paper. They could email us that and save us the extra bore." Walker said as he folded his arms. "So, no, I'm right on time." Dropping his arms he moved toward the door, but stopped and moved aside. "Ladies first as they always say." Walker said bowing and letting Fiara by. "But, we should hurry. We don't know the consequences for being late to anything here." Walker then stood straight with his hands in his pocket.
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  11. Name~ Isleia Ava Fitsgerald
    Location~ Orientation
    Interaction @Whispering~Melody , @ShiroKiyoshi , @Nue , @Robo27

    Isleia sauntered into the Orientation room slightly angry at her driver for being late. She noticed everyone was already getting to know each other and a tinge of guilt pangs in her but her heart stopped as Isleia saw the firey red hair. (@Whispering~Melody ) She rushed over to meet her, Isleia was acting rash so unlike her soft shyness, grabbing onto her arm as she huffed for breath. As they touched, Isleia saw a small vision of her flowing hair. Blinking she came back to reality, blushing she retreated her grasp. "I-I apologize.. Forgive me Princess- Um.. Ah.. I am Isleia Ava Fitsgerald... Kuroma.." She bows her head too embarrassed to see her face. "I-I feel a connection between us..."
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  12. Modest D'Arc Lovèrent ~~~
    @Whispering~Melody (Mari Shimon)

    Stupid clock
    Modest speeded up to school building, being tired of all this idiocy happening to him. The boy lightly opened his phone, checking for time
    ~Late late LATE!~
    He muttered, crushing inside the campus
    Oh god, where is Orientation room?!
    He felt like something started to grow inside his head
    ~Don't loose control...~
    He muttered, walking lightly to the door he thought was Orientation. He got inside right after the crowd, looking at principal of school, which stood there, welcoming students.
    ~Ah, Mari Shimon... I am Modest, Modest Lovèrent. The one which was messaged about 3 weeks ago...
    Special occasion~
    He whispered to energetic woman, being scared if someone will hear it.
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  13. Tetsuo Asada
    Location: Orientation
    Interactions: @Whispering~Melody @ShiroKiyoshi @KuroBuros The Infected

    As black haired male went ahead and opened up the door everyone got ready to take a step into the actual room, they were all unsure about how things were going to turn out but it had to happen sooner or later after all. Before the black haired boy, Walker, stepped in he stepped off to the side and insisted that Fiara go first, saying 'Ladies first.' Tetsuo did not disagree he nodded his head in agreement with his statement.「We aren't in any hurry aft-」That's when a his words were cut off by a small flash of yellow hair and then a out of breath voice holding onto the sleeve of Fiara. Looking towards the ragged out of breath voice he saw a female with bright blonde hair and was no taller than at least 152 centimeters. He looked at her with a puzzled look on his face. She was stuttering her words from being out of breath, and within the slur of stuttered words he heard 'princess,' acknowledging the fact that Fiara was someone familiar to the female that introduced herself as Iselia Ava Fitsgerald.「Well looks someone has begun to recognize parts of her past memory.」Tetuso looked over to the short blonde haired girl as he spoke.
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  14. Name: Kevin Clark
    Location: Orientation
    Ceru - @Whispering~Melody , Bya - @Nue

    Kevin was sitting somewhere near the entrance away from the front row, he rather liked the empty chairs at the back less crowded and all. It suits his style, his way. Though, he looks a bit awkward sitting alone at the back and some of his fellow freshmen have been giving him weird stares. He was able to handle it for a time but they kept looking at him. It made him self-conscious about his hair,face, and maybe he had buttoned his uniformed wrongly. The immediate moment they looked away Kevin made a run for it using extreme inconspicuous chair hopping technique he had developed, though it was only him just standing up and taking a seat besides other people and switching again stealthy of course.

    Some ninja techniques later, he sees a familiar face in the crowd. A friend he finally met on the plane to Akane, Cerulean who was sleeping and being picked on. Apparently they had made contact in one of the newer MMO releases last year and had been in the same guild. It was nice to have someone familiar in a foreign land, it made him keep his cool. A few more chair hopping he made his way to the conveniently empty chair next to Ceru who was rubbing his head and has already awoken. "Yo! Ceru, What's up?" Kevin said with a smile while giving Ceru a very light pat on the shoulder. "Glad to see you aren't sleeping through the orientation." Kevin laughed to himself. Then he looks at the girl who was holding onto a chair, a girl probably his age. If he had to guess she probably woke Ceru up through some sort of chair prowess . "Ah, you must be the young heroine that awoken our fair maiden up. My name is Kevin and this here the one you save is Cerulean. It's awesome to meet another nice person here." Kevin joked while his hand reaches out to shake the heroine.
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  15. Name: Ryth
    Location orientations
    Interaction none yet

    there was one person who sat at the back without anyone giving him weird stares. they probably forgot he was even here. sitting on the chair, slouched forward with his eyes closed, listening to whatever was going on but not looking like he was paying attention. this almost invisibility didn't come from any power from a past life. no, all the power needed to be here is kept in the eye that is not the same. the reason he seemed so invisible is that his introverted nature made him easily forgettable if you were walking by. his eye held an unknown that was the reason he was picked for the school so late. he didn't know exactly what his eye could do other than the fact he needed to learn how to stop it from going red and summoning beasts hellbent on destruction. he knew that something in the eye enraged but why then? why did his eye suddenly come to life after being a dead white ball for his whole life?
  16. Fiara Elmarod

    @Robo27@ShiroKiyoshi @KuroBuros The Infected

    Fiara nodded in agreement with Tetsuo. "Aye-er I mean- yes we should." She corrected herself trying to sound more proper rather than her natural Scottish tongue. At Walker's comment she smiled encouragingly. "Boring as it is. At least its a good way to meet new peop-!" Just as the fiery haired Savior took a step toward the door. Her words were cut off as she was pulled to a halt by someone grabbing her arm.

    "Eh?" Frowning in confusion silver eyes meet crimson as she tilts her head at the girl that stopped her so suddenly. "Do I-?" She was cut off once again as the blonde released her and bowed in apology. But the student's next words is what really set Fi into a whirl of confusion. 'Pincess?!?' She must of not heard thst right. No WAY could she be mistaken for a princess.

    "Uh-umm..." She was suddenly at a loss for words until Tetsuo spoke up about past lives. 'Did i know her?...' Reaching out Fi gently grasps the girl's-Isleia's hand urging her to stand. "I'm sorry but I dont have my memories yet. But it's nice to be meeting you Isleia, I'm Fiara Elmarod, or Fi." She introduced herself with a soft smile. "How bout' we all go in together and we can get to know each other better?" She suggested. Though before anyone could respond the young Savior enthusiastically grabbed Isleia's hand and opened the door leading them inside.

    Mari Shimon - Right before orientation


    As the blonde headmistress, Mari was welcoming students her attention was drawn to a familar boy who addressed her. "Ah Mr. Lovèrent, I've been expecting you. Here is your schedule." She handed the young boy a piece of paper containing his class schedule. "It's the same as all the rest of our first years but for one class. You'll be getting Control Training in place of Metaphysical Biology. Since I'm sure your...more than well aware of a Metaphysical's chemistry." She explained in a hushed tone so the other students wouldnt overhear. She figured Modest wouldn't want people to know about his...Special predicament. At least not just anyone. She did hope the poor boy could make a friend or two during his time here at least.

    "You can go ahead and pick a seat, we'll be starting orientation here in just a few. I hope you enjoy your time here at Akane Academy, Mr. Lovèrent!" With a friendly smile Mari went back to greeting students before proceeding with orientation.
  17. Modest D'Arc Lovèrent~~~

    Modest nodded in agreement, as he would walk to the back of seats, sitting on chair, but continuing to look in window.
    ~Why window is closed...?~
    He asked himself, looking on window lock.
    Something started to appear in his head. His thoughts mashed up in a massive ball, as suddenly

    The window lock switched
    It was very fast, as after several loud sounds, which occur when lock is opening, window slowly would slide in side, as it opened widely.
    Everyone looked at opened window.
    ~Did I do that...?!~
    He muttered to himself, scared...

  18. Name:Byakara "Bya" Aotsuki
    Location: Orientation
    Interaction:@Whispering~Melody @Gabriel Heartache
    Byakara gave the newly awoken student a small smile as his eyes fluttered open and he shook his head awake. When he asked what happened to him, Bya helped get him onto his feet and said, "I'm sorry, I had to wake you up, you were starting a scene." She gave him a pat on the back before another guy came by him, seemingly out of nowhere. He was about Byakara's age, thin, and had brown hair. He seemed to know Sleeping Beauty calling him 'Ceru' and using an informal tone. She thought to herself how wonderful it ended up for Ceru, to know that he's not going to be all alone in this school, and he's already making more friends then he has enemies.

    "Ah, you must be the young heroine that awoken our fair maiden up. My name is Kevin and this here the one you saved is Cerulean. It's awesome to meet another nice person here."

    "W-What?" Bya turned herself around to notice that Ceru(now Cerulean)'s buddy Kevin is now facing her, donning a friendly expression and extending an open hand to shake. Bya gripped his hand with confidence, and shook it firmly. "Ahh...Well it's nice to met you Kevin, and you too Cerulean! I'm glad you guys think i'm nice..." her eyes wandered off a second to check her surroundings, but turned back to Kevin as she slung her bag over her shoulder and throwing her hair back, giving therm a silly suggestion; "Well, I am done sitting around...I'm going to go and get my schedule, you guys wanna come?"

    Bya ended the conversation with her walking away, in hopes to find her schedule.​
  19. Cerulean Asmodeus
    @Nue @Gabriel Heartache
    Cerulean scowled at the girl, not exactly satisfied with her answer. "You didn't have t-" his words were cut off when a familiar face plopped down onto the chair next to him. For a moment Ceru's expression brightened, making him appear even younger. That was until Kevin, his Sino-American friend, brought up his sleeping again. With that the exotic looking boy was back to a scowl "Not you too! Its not my fault this orientation is so boring." He defended with an angry huff.

    Cerulean's attention was brought back to the ombre haired girl when Kevin addressed her. At the "fair maiden" jab Ceru punched Kevin in the shoulder, gently.
    "Like your one to talk! Who was the one that snored in my ear the whole way here?" He retorted a bit more playfully. He was referring to Kevin sleeping on the plane the night before. Peridot eyes turn back to the girl as she responds. Not wanting to be outright rude he responded to her. "Nice to meet you too, Ms. Chair Snatcher." Okay maybe that kinda failed on the rude end. But his head still hurt and she didnt give her name.

    And now she was walking away....Looking back at Kev, Ceru wagged his eyebrows with a mischievous smile.
    "Well if shes not staying I sure ain't. C'mon!" Grabbing his book bag he hopped up from his seat waiting for his friend before following after the girl. Unlike most of the students Cerulean's uniform wasn't exactly regulation. His jacket was unbuttoned revealing a purple tshirt with a black lion print underneath and his hair was a mess of wavy of spikes.
  20. Name: Seiji Hattori
    Location: Orientation
    Interaction: None

    Seiji made his way to orientation just in time. Everyone else was also starting to get here and it was a good time to gauge the people who he was now going to spend the rest of his years there with. Some people were fumbling around and just being plain lost but others had obviously been here before. He chose not to engage with anymore, rather letting them approach first and let him deal with what they want or need. He had always been that way allowing others to approach him first, others thought it was because it had to do with respect but others thought he was just weird and the loner type. That wasn't exactly the case but he enjoyed lazing around without any stress. He simply put his headphones back into his ears and started to make his way towards a seat. Seiji preferred anything but country, however always enjoyed classical artists such as Chopin. On the other hand he always had a soft spot for death metal too but people don't always react well to that so Chopin it was.
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