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I enjoy medieval fantasy, modern with a supernatural twist, and love romance so long as it can still offer a good deal of conflict and thought.
I am seeking a partner or two. This post will outline what I'm looking for in a partner and what kind of plots I'm considering.

1) Must be at least an adept or advanced writer. Understandably, I like writing with people who are at my level. However, if you show lots of promise and can carry a story well, I'll be more than happy to give collaborating a shot since I see value in improving by writing with others that have some more experience.

2) No anime characters or physics! Also, no fandom roleplays. I'm fine with being inspired by existing stories, but I wouldn't use their characters or world.

3) Must be able to help me advance the plot. I can't work with someone who expects me to do all of the heavy lifting when it comes to plot development. If I wanted to write a story by myself then I wouldn't bother posting here.

4) If romance is involved, I will only do lesbian pairings. They don't have to be lesbian exactly, they can be bisexual or pansexual. So this means I'd prefer to write with female characters, but I'm totally fine with male secondary or background characters of any sexuality.

6) This is an obvious one, but absolutely no Mary Sues. Characters should be believable and dimensional. No overpowered characters.

7) This isn't a requirement, but a suggestion. Since there may be sexual themes, gore, and intense language, being, over 18 is highly recommended. For those over 18, what sexual themes there may be will not consume the entire story. Plot>Sex. I only include such themes if they are relevant to the story. For example, if it helped the two characters bond romantically. In that case, there would be a lot of description. Any other circumstances would be fade to black.

Important Note
Don't contact me if you plan on abandoning ship without a word as soon as we get to the in character thread. It's annoying and wastes my time since I put a lot of time into creating plots and characters. However, if we get a few posts in and you decide the story or my writing style aren't for you, give me a heads up and we can try to change things. If then things don't work out, you can drop the roleplay at any time. Just give me a heads up, please. (I've had way too many people leave without a trace, so that's why I made this point.)

Plots-Most of these are WIPs so I'm open to developing/changing them

Twisted Minds, Intertwined Hands
This roleplay would have dark and supernatural themes and would be set in a mental asylum. The two main characters would be coerced into staying at the facility by their parents, who have noted their daughters' peculiar behaviors. The two characters have claimed to see spirits, apparitions of the dead that visualize at seemingly random times. These young women are known as Seers, the last of their generation, able to commune with the dead. Society thinks they belong in the looney bin, so that's just where they were sent.

The asylum is far from a paradise, or even a liveable place. The nurses are hostile, the staff has cruel methods to subdue frantic patients, residents are a mix of far gone and just misdiagnosed. It's a real shit show.

The main characters must survive in this asylum and find solace in their similarities, plotting their escape. This plot is dark and would contain violence and gore. (Sexual themes are optional)

City of the Damned
Something with classic mobsters. Shootings, turf wars, sabotage, obscure bars, and more. This plot is more appropriate for those over 18 since with this subject matter it will certainly have strong language, violence, gore, and sexual themes. One of our characters would be a mobster in one of the more well-known mobs set in a large, corrupt city. The other character would be a criminal, but not in the same sense. This character would be hiding under society's radar as a supernatural creature of some sorts(the exact kind is up in the air right now).

The supernatural person would be roped into gang conflict since they would be targeting mobsters to kill them out of malice or for food. The nonsupernatural character is tasked with finding the culprit of the gang killings. Meanwhile, the supernatural is right under the mobsters' noses, recently being recruited into mobster life. They were always one step ahead of them all, but how long will their lucky streak last when they compromise their position? And why do they do this? They have fallen for one of the gangsters.

This plot would be based on action, suspense, and mature themes.

A Sinful Affair

A forbidden affair between a hero and a villain. Set with superhero and comic book intentions in mind, there are those in this city with powers unlike most humans. Whether it be through genetic tinkering or horrible accidents, there are a slew of mutants. Some chose to use their powers for good, allying with the local police forces to combat the city's high crime rate. Others chose to use their powers for exploitation and wrong doing, contributing to the high crime rate. During the day these mutants assume alter egos, but the night is filling with constant confrontations.

Our two characters would meet under the guise of their alter egos, oblivious to each other's true identities. They would form a passionate romantic relationship, only to later recognize one another on the job. How will they evaluate their relationship? What compromises would be made?

This plot would contain violence and strong language. (Sexual themes are optional)

I'm totally open to other plots upon suggestion. I prefer fantasy and supernatural themes, but besides that, I'm open to many things.

PM me if you're interested! Thanks for your consideration. :)

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