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  1. RIP detail, an acronym for Retraining, Indoctrination and Punishment, is a program for Guardsmen who don't make the cut. Anyone found lacking in training or discipline is sent there for six weeks of grueling grunt work and basic combat education, after which they are returned to their Regiments, assuming they survive. Infractions leading to RIP detail can be as mundane as clumsiness or mistakes made in front of a Commissar to far more serious charges like assaulting a fellow Guardsman....
    Whatever the reason, inductees are forced through six weeks of training before they may rejoin their friends and comrades. Things aren't quite as easy for the inductees as RIP detail excuses no one from fighting. Whenever major operations are launched, even those unfit for duty must fight, and RIP details are converted into Activated Tactical groups....
    -Excerpt from Tactica Imperialis Calixis, a Civilian Primer by Primus Vardon Albus

    <> <> <>

    I'm lifting the 'RIP detail' idea from Dan Abnett's novel The Armour of Contempt. Just in case the first paragraph of flavor text hasn't spelled it out, RIP Detail is essentially 'remedial bootcamp'. I'm using it as a narrative excuse to allow everyone to make a character from whatever regiment they want, be it canon or an original creation. However, you must provide a reason for your character to be in RIP detail:
    Characters in for Retraining often show a disregard for the orthodox methods of fighting and must be 'reminded' of the proper ways of using their wargear and/or tactics.
    Characters in for Indoctrination are new to the Imperial Guard, usually gathered from unorthodox sources such as civilians from warzones seeking to join, but have not yet gone through basic training.
    Characters in for Punishment have done something to warrant the ire of their disciplinary officers, though their infractions are usually not anything serious enough that would warrant a more serious sentence, such as penal legion reassignment or summary execution.

    Other notes on this RP:
    There is no 'Equipment' entry on the Character Sheet because characters in RIP have been stripped of rank and squad role. Your equipment will be provided for you.
    You are one person and cannot survive on your own. Work with your squadmates to survive.
    Anything else I can think of, I'll add here later.

    Don't be a dick.
    If you have an issue (interpersonal, scheduling, drama, RL stuff, anything), take it to me. I am flexible and impartial.
    RL trumps RP, so don't feel bad about missing a post, as long as you keep me informed.
    Inactivity will result in your character being turned into an NPC. Prolonged inactivity will likely result in your character's death.

    We'll be posting in a cycle (that's me then everyone else, there's no particular order) twice every week.
    Minimum post length should be one paragraph.
    Use proper spelling and grammar (to the best of your abilities, I'm no grammar nazi).

    4852-9671 (Otto), 83rd Death Korp Infantry - @Dakota K5
    Quelaan Vail, Ordo Hereticus - @Fairemont
    Alexander Chekhov, 14th Vostroyan First Born - @EddiEddi
    Bridget Wayne, Cyrus Vulpa PDF - @Krag_Jorgensen
    Felkel Grevin, 2nd Scaevolan Infantry - @Grothnor
    Riona Fairelight, 24th Catachan - @Windsong

    Driller Vansie:
    Driller Vansie is the Guard officer given the thankless task of whipping the dregs of the Guard into shape. He survived life in the guard himself and is now too old to serve as a field officer. His three defining features are the perpetual sneer he wears thanks to scars earned on forgotten battlefields, the unlit cigar that bounces back and forth between his fingers and his lips, and the sadistic pleasure he gets from beating upstarts with his shock maul.

    Commissar Jesk:
    Quiet and wearing an almost vacant expression, Commissar Jesk looks like any other veteran Guardsman who has seen too much. However, underneath the guise of apathy and introspection lies a very hard, very cruel man. Whenever he speaks, his voice is low and menacing. He carries the Commissariat staple boltpistol, but pairs it with the unorthodox choice of a groxwhip: a subtle hint at how he views his charges.

    Bekka Kalros:
    8th Cadian, Punishment. Bekka loathes taking 'stupid orders', which is odd, considering her Cadian heritage. She was assigned to RIP for failing to obey her junior sergeant's orders.

    Bonner Vigglestein:
    22nd Luggnum Seige Engineers, Retraining. Bonner was assigned to RIP for a mishap with some explosives that didn't go off when they needed to. He considers himself fortunate that he got assigned to RIP detail instead of a Penal Legion and just wants to keep his head down and rejoin his unit.

    Jalamar Ingidase:
    44th Maccabean Janissaries, Punishment. Jalamar was caught looting profaned Imperial currency. When confronted with his crime, all he said was, “Gold is gold, no matter whose face is on the coin.” His commander was furious and wanted him executed on the spot, but calmer heads prevailed.

    Jonry Henes:
    33rd Elysian Drop Troops, Retraining. The jovial older guardsman was assigned to RIP after an unfortunate incident in which he accidentally hit the engine of their Valkyrie while trying to shoot out the door at enemy aircraft.


    Age and Gender:
    Appearance: (Pic and/or Paragraph)
    Regiment/Origin: (if OC, add a brief description of Regiment)
    Former Rank/Position: (Heavy Weapons, Vox operator, squad sergeant, etc)
    RIP: (the reason you were assigned to RIP detail: pick Retraining, Indoctrination or Punishment and add a brief explanation)
    Personality: (Paragraph and/or three strengths and three weaknesses)
    History: (Paragraph)
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  2. I just got the best idea..
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  3. Almost forgot to watch this thread.
  4. Activated Tactical 492 - Personnel File 10087762
    Name: Nathan Esther
    Age and Gender: 26, Male.
    Nathan looks timid and shy, with few traits, facial or otherwise, that would suggest any sort of hardened character, power or prestige. He maintains decent physical shape for a glorified paperwork clerk, which means he's visibly thinner and weaker than your average conscript.

    (OOC: Looks a bit like this guy's mug and build, but with more theme-appropriate apparel:)</p><p>

    Nathan was another cog of the giant bloated machine of the Departmento Munitorum. His unconventional ideas about inserting more automation into the system to, of all things, make it less error-prone (in ignorance of repeated "training" seminars explaining why the great records , inventories, records and other paperwork of the Imperium must be handled manually by true humans, as the Machine Spirits can be fickle) always kept him apart from others. He has no combat training to speak of, and has been a paper pusher most of his adult life.

    Former Rank/Position:
    As one of many Deputy Scribe of Logistics, Nathan had the enviable daily task of spending most of his waking hours scrutinizing numbers and data about existing deployments and mobilized force reports in order to supply lists to the prestigious Scribes of Assignment, who would then take these numbers and decide where munitions, equipment and even personnel were to be redirected next in response to status updates and requests for reinforcements.

    This gave Nathan a small bit of control over the fate of certain soldiers of the Imperium, and he occasionally went too far with it, doing the extra bit of work here and there to make sure that the Scribes of Assignment would perhaps find a bit of extra resources surprisingly "closer" or "more available" than previously thought. This, of course, partially led to Nathan's current predicament.

    Nathan was found smudging some numbers in his quest to help out his fellow Man on the front lines of the Imperium. The colleague who saw this immediately did his duty and reported the deviancy to an authority. Heated discussion ensued, where Nathan recklessly called the current mentality dominating the Departmento Munitorum as "uncaring", "bloated" and "completely disconnected from the realities of the front-line man".

    He even went so far as to suggest that his own thoughts on how to run the assignment of resources could be more efficient than the time-honored traditions currently in place and refined over millennia. Among the suggestions was the possibility of having liaison staff within each section or department, regularly participating in tours of duty on a rotation, and integrating veteran combat staff into the general personnel.

    This last suggestion was extremely promptly forwarded to a Commissar-adjunct, who found it very appropriate. A new position was created for this role, with Nathan Esther as the first candidate.

    He found himself on a ship to a retraining outfit that very afternoon, baffled but with a very strong (and appropriate) sense of dread.

    Nathan has a streak of hunger for power, a desire to control his environment and "optimize" how things work, as he would put it. While he proclaims to be open to feedback, he usually doesn't take constructive criticism too well at first and begrudges it if anyone points out that he did follow someone else's advice. However, he's very quick to point out possible improvements in what others are doing, which naturally does generate some social friction.

    Besides his desire to make all the things better all the time, Nathan also frequently seeks out thrills and fun new experiences. One of his favorite pastimes is to take a skill from one art, hobby or profession and try to apply it in a completely different discipline or task, not just to see if it can bring new ideas for improvements but also for the novelty.

    A past? Pfah. Love, struggle, personal growth and all that. One among millions on his world, one among trillions in the Realm of Man; Nathan's story is unremarkable. He was a normal second child of normal parents, who fought and coped with the usual harsh life. He left home, worked, studied... in that order of priority.

    It was partially through effort and dedication to mastering his skills, but mostly due to the luck of making a well-placed friend in the right place, that scored Nathan his position within the Munitorum.
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  5. Name: Alexander chekhov
    Age and Gender: Male, 32
    Due to a Incedent with a flamer, The re-breather is partly melted in to his face, and impossible to remove.
    Regiment/Origin: Vostroyan First Born, 14th company
    Former Rank/Position: Heavy Weapons Specialist, Specialising in Flamer and Plasma Weaponry
    RIP: Punishment; It wasn't his fault that the plasma rifle overheated and the cooling coils failed and he had to grab a new weapon. It wasn't his fault that the Space marine had just had its armour breached by a Krak missile and was still holding a plasma gun. it was his fault he picked up and decided it'd be best to use it untill the end of combat. The commissar got to him before he could return it.

    Personality: Alexander, like most of his comrades in the firstborn, is proud and is confident in his abilities. however unlike most of his comrades he dosn't look down on other 'less devoted' regiments, rather he believes that they just need to be 'shown the error of their ways'
    Devout, Kind (but not selfless), Determined.
    Unforgiving, Can be condescending, Willful

    History: Alexander was drawn in to the First Born at the standard age, and served well. In his training he displayed a aptitude for heavy weapons and using them to their fullest, as such he was put in to the position of squad heavy weapon specialist, Often going to battle beside his comrades carrying grenade launchers, or plasma guns. There was the rare occasion he managed to requisition a much more potent heavy weapon, such as a Meta gun or human sized bolter.
    His became rather well known among his regiment for 'borrowing' heavy weapons on the feild, This mostly consisted of him just using the heavy weapons of fallen comrades, However there were occasional rumours of him using weapons of fallen Tau warriors, not that this could ever be substantiated. The most well known case of him 'borrowing' a weapon was when his unit was on the front lines of a imperial invasion, one of the fellow guardsmen had fallen while carring a rocket launcher, and a ork battlewaggon was bearing down on his unit. He proceeded to grab the rocket launcher, and without bracing, fire it at the ork tank. Weather by luck, skill or the hand of the god-Emperor the missile not only hit the trukk but it punched through the driver, and in to the ammo compartment before detonating, blasting the entire vehicle in to oblivion. He broke his shoulder, but saved his squad in the process. This opinion of 'if I'm using it in battle, its mine untill the end of battle' attitude finally came back to bite him when he acquired a plasma gun from a fallen space marine and the commissar saw him with it after the battle when he was about to return it to the space marine.
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  6. Age and Gender: 38, male
    4852-9671 (Otto) (open)

    Regiment/Origin: the Krieg 83rd Imperial Guard regiment
    Former Rank/Position: Death Korps Grenadier
    RIP: Punishment. You would think a DeathKorps grenadier would be a model solider and you would be right, 4852-9671 or 21 and alternately Otto has a spotless record though he ended up making some very powerful enemies in the ruling elite of the imperium.

    Personality: Otto is as expected of a Korpsman, stoic, cold and with an almost single minded focus on completing the objective. Though it seems that unlike most of his brothers Otto seems have a deep hate for the ruling elite and the Commissars, this has given Otto more then his fair share of trouble in his life.
    Strengths: Fearless
    Marksman, Otto is extremely proficient at making all of his shots count
    Weaknesses: Disregard for his own life
    Restless when not fighting

    History: Otto is old for a Krieger especially for a Grenadier, some say he is lucky while others say he made a deal with a warp spawn though no one knows hows he has made it this far. Otto has been an deathkorps infantryman since he was twelve and in that time he preformed as any would expect these zealots of the imperial cult to do though he made the mistake of taking matters into his own hand when he and his regiment were working with another imperial guard regiment who was being led by a rather pompous son of a planetary governor. When it became clear to Otto and the members of his regiment this governors son was detrimental to their objective Otto determined to remedy the situation, he slipped into the governors son's tent at twilight and waited until his target was asleep at which time he strangled him to death. Otto was to face a firing squad but the father of the man he had killed had connections and saw it fit to get Otto put into the infamous RIP detail thinking it would be a worse punishment for the Krieger though for Otto it was just another assignment he was tasked to complete. ​
  7. Preliminary concept

    Name: Magos Biologis Quelaan Vail
    Age and Gender: Female, 164 standard years of age
    Appearance: Queelan Vail is a rather tall, exceptionally fragile looking girl who appears to be no older than twenty. With ghostly pale skin, hair the color and sheen of platinum, and striking sapphire eyes, she looks both human and inhuman at the same time. For a member of the Machine Cult, she has very few overt mechanical augmentations, and if anyone were to see her without her robes on (Emperor forbid!) they’d notice that she has a series of small mechanical augmentations along her spine which is used to interface with a number of other things. On most cases, she has a back-pack sized contraption on her back that sports several mechadentrites and other useful tools for maintaining and operating machinery or partaking in her biologis experiments. Even when serving with the guard, she will wear her mechanicus robes of bright red, trimmed with black and embroidered with gold. Beneath such, she typically just wears a cloth tunic and matching pants in black.
    Regiment/Origin: Adeptus Mechanicus
    Former Rank/Position: Ordo Hereticus Attaché
    RIP: Retraining: Though Quelaan was never part of the Imperial Guard, she often serves with them, and has deemed it worth her time to learn how to operate with them. She is also along for general tech-priest duties that primarily surround operating mechanics and putting people back together again after they have been blown up, if necessary.

    - Strengths:
    Enhanced and augmented body. Quelaan may not appear as the standard, mechanical monstrosity that many of her ordo do, but one can rest assured that there is little about her that remains nominally human. Quelaan will admit that 87% of her body has been enhanced, altered, or augmented in some fashion. Because of this, she has a number of minor quirks that are generated from being abnormal, such as seeing a number of various things as futile or irrelevant, as well as a general dislike for standard human frailty.
    Age and Experience. Though not a warrior or soldier by any means, Quelaan is older than most humans and has spent quite a bit of time trundling about the galaxy in the wake of a haughty rumor-forming and habitually rumor-enforcing inquisitor of the Ordo Hereticus. Between her age, experience, and heavily augmented brain, she has a wealth of knowledge and experience to pass on.
    She can make it work. As a techpriest, Quelaan knows her way around the holy machinery of the Imperium and can make the necessary repairs and speak the proper prayers to the machine spirits to make even the most stubborn of contraptions operate. It can be pretty helpful to have someone like that around, especially when your lasgun stops working in the middle of combat. Because of her dedication to the Omnissiah as opposed to strictly the Emperor, there can be a bit of friction, as well as her 'religious' aspects brought on by her membership in the Mechanicus Cult.
    - Weaknesses:
    Not a Soldier. Needless to say, Quelaan is a tech priest and not a soldier. She does not known how to work with a group of guardsmen, and she does not know how to fight to defend herself, though she has done a rather admirable job of surviving some peculiarly dangerous situations in the past. So, as far as things go, though she may be able to break someone in half with her bare hands and regenerate significant portions of her body, she is probably less useful in battle than a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed guardsman on their first day.
    Something to prove. Though many of her fellow magos feel she has since earned her title, Quelaan started as a sort of probationary magos. She was given the rank and influence that went with it when assigned to the Ordo Hereticus in order to better serve the inquisition under the pretense that she had to prove worthy of the station. Since then, she has done so, but has gotten to the point where she acts like she has something to prove in many situations.
    Just a bit spooky. Ever had someone reassure you that when you are injured in combat they look forward to grafting a mechanical augmentation onto your body so that you may serve the Emperor in glorious battle with a very suspicious twinkle of excitement in their eye? Or maybe inform you that upon your most glorious demise, you will be converted into a food paste and fed to mindless servitors so that you may continue being an asset to the Emperor even in death? It can be a tiny bit unnerving, especially when they are so passionate about it!

    History: Quelaan Vail was a rather promising tech priest that had been chosen by Logis Marche to be his student. During a major confrontation with the forces of chaos and insurrectionists on Amerath, Quelaan was forced to slay her daemon-possessed master with the assistance of junior inquisitor Mira Shrysani. Because of her expertise, as well as training by Logis Marche, Quelaan was selected by Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor Drevak Nar’thor to embark upon her master’s plan of using heretics against their former allies as a special legion of skitarii. After spending several decades traveling with the inquisitor team, they embarked upon a lengthy covert mission in which Quelaan was unnecessary, and thus she was free to pursue other interests or missions. She elected to be transferred to a relatively high-casualty unit, the RIP unit. Though Quelaan had earned the prestigious title of Magos, she fully intended to participate in parts of the RIP program, as she had learned during the battle of Amerath that, though her augmented body was powerful, she didn’t know how to actually fight. So, she is here to learn…and maybe make a few servitors or something on the side if people get blown up by accident.

    Brief Note: Involvement with the Ordo Hereticus would be extremely confidential. Likely, even the RIP command staff would have no knowledge of this.
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  8. @Fairemont Your CS will need some reworking.

    Firstly, RIP Detail is a remedial bootcamp, not a penal legion. The differences in casualties are immense; some people die during Guard (re)Training, but not nearly as many as do in a penal legion, so your character's assignment to a RIP Detail seems counterintuitive. Also, RIP details are not technically supposed to enter combat, but in the event of major operations, they can be converted into temporary combat units. I don't mind the Inquisitorial background, but you'll have to come up with a different reason you're hanging around with the Guard's fuck-ups and newbies.

    On that note, the RIP: category should say why you've been assigned to the bootcamp, specifically for Retraining, Indoctrination or Punishment.

    Under Personality:, an 'enhanced and augmented body' is not a personality strength. The category as a whole is meant for listing personality traits, rather than physical one. The rest are suitably personality-related to work.

    UPDATE: Okay, everything looks good. Accepted.

    @Dakota K5 Looks good: accepted. I was going to point out that at the age of 38, Otto would probably hold a higher rank than Grenadier, but after doing some research, Death Korp rank isn't necessarily tied to age.
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  9. Name: Bridget Wayne
    Age and Gender: 19 year old Female

    Regiment/Origin: Cyrus Vulpa Planetary Defense Force
    Former Rank/Position: Sentinel Power-lifter operator
    RIP: Clerical error on the part of Segmentum Command (Punishment)
    Personality: Bridget is a fairly down to Cyrus Vulpa type of girl who genuinely enjoyed life on the Agri-world. She likes to laugh and joke, and knows how to cook up a mean Grox brisket. She tends to try and keep an even keel, but is still rather naive about things beyond her home planet (she still believes that the Uplifting Primer is truth). She has little patience for those who put on airs and can be rather stubborn on trivial issues.
    History: Bridget was born to a family of Grox herders, on one of the many plains that cover the agri-world. She was set to marry another local farmer's son to seal a mutually beneficial partnership, but her number came up during the PDF draft when she turned 18. She was sent to basic training and eventually became a power-lifter operator in the planet's main spaceport. She wasn't as familiar with the walker (her family used surplus Chimeras to help corral their 100 head of grox) but she managed to adjust and settle into her new job, knowing that she would be out after 4 years.
    She did her job well enough, but a few misplaced digits in a RIP report the next planet over, and she found herself plucked from her Power-lifter and assigned to punishment detail. She tried to explain her circumstances, but was left with the curt response "That's what they all say, get back to the line."
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  10. Our squad is looking rather ramshackle.....I like it, it has the makings of either a total failure that'll get eaten by tyranids or a squad that'll end up somehow working and kicking ass.
  11. Well, that's the idea isn't it? :P
  12. I'm ready to get started.

    Pre-rp RP! Go! Go! Go!
  13. Name: Felkel Grevin (Felk)
    Age and Gender: 24, Male
    Felk (open)

    Regiment/Origin: 2nd Scaevolan Infantry
    Scaevola History (open)

    Scaevola is a system of Trophy Worlds, granted to the forces serving under General Gaius Mucius Scaevola at the successful conclusion of the Clusian Crusade. Legend has it that when the General went to claim the system with his troops, his fleet was ambushed by eldar corsairs who boarded his command ship and captured him. When ordered by the Eldar leader to stand down his men under threat of torture, General Scaevola drew his power sword, cut off his left hand and said, “Watch, so that you know how cheap the body is to men who have their eye on glory.” The Eldar leader, either impressed or intimidated, let General Scaevola go and left the system along with the rest of their fleet. The system was named in his honor, and the inhabitants revere him as a hero.
    The system, ruled by the descendents of the officers under Scaevola, seek to produce some of the finest Guardsmen in the Segmentum, and have a vast number of Guard Academies and PDF training centers. To reflect this, the planet has a strong military culture that reveres General Scaevola; some have even petitioned to have him canonized as a saint. Whever swearing oaths, Scaevolans will slit their palm or wrist and swear “By my blood and the blood of Scaevola”. People with direct relation to the men who fought under Scaevola enjoy special privileges as citizens and military service is all but compulsory. The system has recently reached a new Tithe Grade and has had it's First Founding, raising five regiments of Imperial Guardsmen. Led by a descendant of General Scaevola, Colonel Lucius Fantz Scaevola mirrored his great grandfather's gesture by cutting off his entire hand when swearing to lead the Regiments. The forces under his command include the 1st Scaevolan Armored, the 1st Scaevolan Mechanized and the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Scaevolan Infantry.

    Former Rank/Position: Civilian
    RIP: Indoctrination. After losing his home on Ganf Magna to an ork raid, Felk joined the camp followers of the 2nd Scaevolan Infantry, then after two years decided to join the regiment proper.
    Spirited: Though he's just as scared as the next guy, his confidence and esprit de corp is hard to smother. How long it will last in the Imperial Guard is anyone's guess....
    Obedient: Though he may wonder why certain orders are given, he doesn't question them often, and will do his best to perform them to the letter.
    Friendly: Felk always has a smile for new people, allowing him to ingratiate himself with others or allowing others to with him.
    Impressionable: Though he isn't necessarily dumb, he is rather pliant to new ideas, almost to the point of gullibility.
    Inexperienced: Ask Felk anything related to polygum tapping and he'd be able to talk for hours, but ask him about anything else and you'll most likely get an apologetic shrug.
    Naive: Being raised on a steady diet of Imperial propaganda has rendered Felk blind to the true nature of the galaxy. Working with the 2nd Scaevolan has disabused him of some preconceived notions, but most still remain.
    History: Felk was a settler on Ganf Magna, working on a polygum plantation called Taproot. He primarily worked as a tapper, draining Ganf Magna's polygum trees of their sap, but he also had to be ready to defend their settlement from bandits, poachers and gumshoes (a local slang term for polygum thieves). However, the local Feral Ork population spiked, as it strangely does every few decades, and ork raids started rocking the settlement. Eventually, after many casualties, the settlers of Taproot, including Felk, deemed the plantation unsafe and fled to regions under stronger Imperial hold. During his exodus, Felk encountered elements of the 2nd Scaevolan Infantry Regiment and followed them, grateful for the protection and food they provided, joining the camp followers. He spent two years with the regiment, doing odd jobs for the guardsmen and coming under fire more than once. After growing close with many of the troopers, he requested to join them and was assigned to RIP detail for his impromptu basic training.
  14. @Grothnor Do you mean to imply that His most Holy Administratum is capable of making mistakes? For this, I hereby order you to attend one (1) week of therapeutic penance. Please report to Areicon IV, Imperial City, Administratum Building CXXI, Room 1456, where you are to sit in the BLUE chair.
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  17. Imma just some warhammer memes don't mind me.
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