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Earl Thorvald - the self-proclaimed leader of Kaupang - has declared peace within the lands of Skíringssalr. A treaty was signed and ratified by all the surrounding towns, prohibiting raids to the west and prosecuting those who act unlawfully. The King of Norway, Arnstein Flatnefr, has aided the movement by generating trade with Denmark and other Scandinavian countries. The effect of the treaty was initially prosperous. Bloodshed had appeared to seize and trade had forged new friendships between old rivals. Overall, the agreement had successfully made Kaupang flourish as one of the leading commerce towns in all of Skiringassalr. In the first year, Earl Thorvald had managed to successfully make as much profit through trade alone as they had done through raids to the west. Moreover, the expenditure of supplies to make ships and weapons turned into housing and vending opportunities. It all seemed to have come together................but that was not the case.

Under Kaupang's illustrious success were hidden secrets the Earl did not care to disclose. These private affairs included the taxing of Kaupang residents, the unequal business opportunities and other secluded undertakings that have gone unnoticed by influential eyes for years. Today, most of the common class - farmers, fishers, builders and merchants - struggle to subsist. With taxes rising every year, the poor citizens have been forced to work longer hours through heat and snow simply to make it through the year.

The old Vikings, raiding seafaring pirates and traders , have been deprived of vigor and pride with this new law. Unable to use their talent with sword and shield, most have been rendered worthless and can be found begging for coin in the trails. Some Vikings were fortunate enough to find other skills that sufficiently aided their survival. Though despite this treaty, these warriors have not lost their will to once again surge through the seas in search for wealth and respect. To follow the path the Aesir have constructed and die in battle to reach the dining halls of Valhalla upon their passing.


Summer - Sólmánuður (Sun's Month) - June 16th


Abdiel Thorstein - Market Place - Holmstein Rotinn

The day star floating above shone down on the small town of Kaupang. The municipal enjoyed the sunlight as it's waters stilled beautifully and it's citizens rejoiced at merchant day. Odin's only eye gazed upon the market place near the bay where his sons and daughters conducted business of trade. Heat radiated off the skin of the working class as they rushed their stock and made camp for the arriving foreigners. People of all the nearby lands traveled through sea and dirt to join Kaupang this morning, ready to empty their coin bags and bring home goods that would last them through the upcoming winter. Earl Thorvald himself was said to make an appearance on this profitable day, allegedly to show gratitude for those who fuel his own wealth and pockets - that was at least the though of most citizens.

In the meantime, Abdiel, a thirty four year old 'farmer' was forcing his defiant horse to pull a wagon down a dirt trail. Full of summer's harvest, Abdiel hoped to make a decent profit during this merchant day. Homstein, one of his childhood friends, was the helping hand, gathering crops that would fall of the wheeled storage every time the filly pranced in rebellion. He was struck down a couple of times, but the bearded fool would not falter.

"Haha, Matilda knocked you down yet again brotha', just like your wife!" Abdiel laughed, recollecting on an event from their past. Patting his young horse on the neck, he managed to calm her down just enough to prevent any further quarrel between his two companions.

"It is not funny......" Rotinn started, chuckling to himself as he wiped some dirt off his britches. "I was young. She knew more than I. I simply followed.........It felt good! Do not judge me until you try it!" the young man exclaimed, pushing for triumph over the argument. Rotinn then jumped on the wagon, sitting on the edge as he played with his dangling feet. He kicked the wagon in rythmn, playing an old tune to occupy his wondering mind - which really did not last long.

"How high have taxes risen this year? I do not recall a notice," Rotinn asked, pulling a single straw of hay between his lips. On the other end, Abdiel did not appear to favor the subject, knowing how to respond to his question but refraining to actually answer it. Instead, he stopped Matilda and moved around to the wagon.

"It is your turn. Take Matilda to the market, I'm going to meet an old friend just down the road, then meet you there. Ensure that you get a good spot, we need to be noticed so we can sell. Here, she loves these," Abdiel instructed, handing Rotinn a couple of berries before making his way from their intended pathway. He started for another route that lead more into center town. It was not a long walk, but Rotinn was oblivious as to why Abdiel decided to do this now. Ultimately was his proceedings not more important than this secondary expedition? Abidel was the one always complaining that he never makes enough coin to last him the full winter. Either way, Rotinn shrugged and continued, there was no point in fighting it.

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Astrid Karsesten - Market Place - Steinn Rolvson
Where Astrid usually woke with a small feeling of purpose, the days of trade she woke with a feeling of dread. It was these infernal days where her so called 'masters' would put her to work as if she were some mere slave. In her mind she knew better, but for her safety, Astrid lied about her past and hoped the Earl had forgotten about their conversation five years prior. Every single moment that their eyes met, a cold overcame the young woman's body as she feared that he would remember. When the seasons passed and the time of trade came around, Astrid's 'master' would force her to go down to the market place alongside of him, carrying many of their handmade goods.

Living on the near edge of the village, Steinn would hurry Astrid to gather the supplies in order to leave before the day star would come up. Some time later, just as the rays began to light up the village and its market place, Steinn and Astrid had finally managed to claim a fair spot where they would be sure to get some type of attention from the other traders. This year's supply seemed plentiful. Steinn's wife, along with their daughter, had made enough coats of wool to bring in a decent amount of coin from buyers.

Astrid's thoughts were interrupted suddenly as a heavy hand clasped her shoulder and shook it a bit. She looked up, startled, staring at Steinn who was laughing at something with another man that the blonde had never seen. "Your freedom may come just yet! We shall talk about such things later tonight after we bring in what is left."

It felt as if there were a thousand butterflies within the young woman's body as she heard the words come out of Steinn's mouth. She had remembered that upon giving her freedom up, the man had promised her shelter even after she was of no need to them. "The time must have come..." Astrid's mind ran off as she thought of the possibilities of being a free woman rather than a child without a home, as she was before.

"Here...." Before she knew it, a bucket was being chucked at her, "Go fetch water from the well. We will need much of it for the long day ahead." Astrid nodded quickly with a 'Yes' muttered ever so quietly before heading towards the well. She never liked walking amongst the village alone. She could always feel the stares of the men and the stinging glares of the women whom thought of her as a lousy girl. She could hear the loud whispers that women would attempt to conceal; claiming that she was only there to sleep with their men, although she held her virtue dearly. Not being a free woman tied her down to simply look at the ground and bite her tongue, rather than saying something to them to make their mouths stop running.
Kayne - Kuapang / Marketplace

The bed beneath him groaned as Kayne drew himself from his slumber. His eyes faltered as a blurry haze obscured his surroundings. He sat upright, and after a few moments, his vision returned to its normal capacity. With a mild groan, he pushed himself upright and then stood to his full height. His head being seven feet above the ground, he looked down at his bedroom. He could feel a thick, warm draft waft through his walls, and he signed, feeling the heat in his muscles.

The man grabbed his tunic from his bedside, sliding the fabric garment of the scarred skin of his back and torso, his muscled arms filling the sleeves and pulling them taut to his biceps. The man slid his feet into his boots and made his way towards the door that concealed his bedroom from the butchery.

Already in the shop were two young men, who would be seeing to the butchery's sales on that day. People came from all over to buy goods for the coming winter, and the Seeress bade it would be grueling.

The younger of the two boys, Sloan, a lanky lad who was barely a fraction of Kayne, looked towards the older, larger man with eyes of respect. "How would you have us?" He asked.

Kayne pulled leather strip from his wrist and used it to bind his long hair into a knot at the back of his scalp. "Prey over the shop, as men will come in to sell you wares, tools, cut meats. I will loiter through the market. I hope to find some of the hunters that are selling their services." The man said in his deep baritone.

The older boy, Baldeur, a boy with a slight of excessive weight to him, nodded in reply. "Aye, sir."

With that, Kayne left the shop with no more instruction; he trusted both of the boys to fulfill their jobs. As the man stepped into the streets, several eyes shifted to him, though they could not be blamed. At seven feet tall, Odin had given Kayne the gift of strength and stature, as well as publicly viewership, as if he were in a filthy English gallery. More eyes stole glimpses of him as he moved further into the town, towards the marketplace.

His real agenda today, aside from a profit, was to hear Earl's announcement. With the state of his hold, the man's news would have to be far more drastic than a new monetary aim. In the back of his mind, Kayne, entertained a possible thought that many other men in the village did. The possibility of once again being known as Vikings.
Alvar Gustaaf - Forest > Kaupang Marketplace - Anyone
The well-built Viking of Kaupang was in a forest, half naked. Holding an axe in his hand, and wood that was placed before him ready to be chopped. As always, he was sweating, but his body was also covered in oil, most likely from his work as a blacksmith. Alvar repeatedly chopped ample enough wood for a boat he had in mind. Something he wanted to build and see how it would fare on the sea. How it may help his brethren travel across without much hurdle. Heavy noise escaped his lips, but the man was known for his endurance and strength. If anything, he could have stayed in the forest and chopped woods all day long.

A small bucket was placed close to him. Some water was inside it. Once he was done chopping enough wood, he used the small wooden cup he had and dipped it inside the bucket. Drinking water, while some of it trailed down his body. He was a thirsty Viking, but ale would have been perfect in his current situation, but the man knew better. A sigh of relief escaped his lips. Alvar wiped the sweat off of his forehead, before he released the axe in his hand. "This should be enough for the day." He thought out loud, looking about the forest. There was a small wagon there he had built himself. It was to carry the chopped wood.

Alvar placed the chopped wood on the wooden wagon, before taking his axe and placing it on top of it. Approaching the bucket with some water in it, the man turned the bucket upside down over his head, allowing the water to give him a quick shower of some sort. Some of the dirt on his body was gone, but the water was also quite cold. "That was.. Refreshing!" He was breathing heavily for a second, before holding the empty bucket with his right hand, while the left was pushing the wagon forward.

His stomach grumbled. "Some nice fish with ale is what I need!" The Viking added, before he made his way towards the market. It was probably packed right now as well. Bringing his chopped wood with him, Alvar eventually made it to the marketplace. Some of the people nodded towards him, and so did he in return. Perhaps he would sell the chopped wood, but the again, it may not fetch a good price since there aren't many people who tends to build stuff like him. It was a dilemma really, a question that boggled his mind for the moment.

Alvar did actually know someone who'd want the wood he had chopped. It could be used for more so than just building something. To have a bonefire for example. It was also something he lived for and had to do in order to survive. Raiding and plundering wasn't the only thing one had to do in order to survive in their world.
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Sigrunn Néel - Market place - Anyone

Sweat beaded upon her brow as her ears filled with the hardy thwacks that echoed from her crude sword. Swinging it with calm precision at the swooping tree before her. Little marks already decorated it's naked wood as previous practice had beaten it bare. Sigrunn could feel the mellow ache that coursed through her arms and shoulders as each blow vibrated back at her. The days early mist helped keep her cool as the sky above began to take on the pinkish hue of early morning and with a grit of her teeth she muscled one last swing. A small smile stretched at her lips as a chunk of wood fell to the forest floor before her.

"Best run."

Her mother's voice lilted in the back of her mind.

There was still much to be done. Even though day had just began to break Sigrunn knew that the market place would already be bustling. She should've already left but the day refused to start for her until she got some sort of practice in. Recently the young maiden had upped the weight in her cast away weapons. Not bothering to spring for a decent sword until she felt she was ready; not that she was entirely sure that a sword smith would sell her one anyway.

The weight left her arms aching in a way Sigrunn reveled in. She didn't look like warrior but in her mind she was already one of the few and proud shield maidens. An honor that set her very soul on fire.

She sheathed her sword before entering her small hovel. It wasn't much but she didn't need much. Her bed sat quiet and messy next to the cold fireplace. On the otherside sat her mother's old loom that she had given to her daughter before death stole her away. Sigrunn winced at the memory, biting back the emotions that swirled with it. It was all in the past now.

With light fingers she stroked the worn strings with care. Like her mother she had a natural skill with the device. Easily weaving fabric from the spun horse hair though she was much more clumsy with the actual tailoring of clothes. Letting her fingers fall she turned her gaze to the pile of fabric that sat neatly beside the loom. The pile was smaller than what her mother would put out each market season but it was enough to get her by.

In truth her heart was not in it and after her mother's passing sitting there in silence broke her heart in a way the maiden didn't think was possible. But food was needed and Sigrunn found that in time weaving would make it feel as if her mother was still with her.

With a grunt she scooped up the pile despite the protest of her arms and carried them out to her lone mare; Aleiga. She was a small greying mare that was on her way to being slaughtered when Sigrunn stepped in and offered to buy her. Her age stopped her from being able to pull any carts but Sigrunn never made enough fabric to call for one. Strapping her wares into the small packs on either side of the mares flanks, Sigrunn hoisted herself up on her back. "Alright, girl. Just a short journey and you can rest." She muttered into her ear while stroking her mane.

Aleiga set off with a stuttering gate. Her body slowly adjusting to the weight of the fabric and Sigrunn before finding that smooth pace. The market place wasn't too far away from her home. Sigrunn's father had called on a few favors to find her a suitable home nearby since she recoiled at each notion of marriage and settling down in the village. Plus, as her eighteenth birthday rolled around the village was already in heavy whispers from the elder women as she was starting to be well past the normal age of marrige. Soon her suitors began to come around less frequently as they sought out other maidens who happily accepted their courtship.

She didn't mind it. Not the whispers or the accusations. The only thing that did shake her core was the backlash her father received from her antics. Soon it became apparent she couldn't remain there and with her father's unwilling blessing Sigrunn left.

The market place came into view and a huge grin plastered across her face. The chatter was loud and overlapping. Bodies twisted around each other as traders fought to be the loudest in order to quickly sell their wares. There was just so much life that Sigrunn quickly felt all the dregs of fatigue fade away.

As she suspected, all the good spots were already filled. Sliding off Aleiga she picked up her reigns and lead her through the ever ebbing crowds.

Finally as she made her way through the throng Sigrunn found a good spot to sell her goods. Aleiga knickered softly as the maiden began to spread a few pieces across her back. She had no cart nor stand to place her pieces. All of those things were too pricey and Aleiga wouldn't be able to bear the weight in her fragile age. Though she did make a good stand herself. With a gentle nature that often drew kids from their mothers side to feed her bits of straw.

Keeping the rest put away Sigrunn turned a cheeky gaze to the crowd while she sucked in a deep breath, "FABRICS FOR A MODEST PRICE!", she belted out with pride as a few nearby onlookers jumped with shock. "You'll not find a single misplaced thread!" She pandered to the crowd while gesturing to the display next to her.

Soon people began to stop and converse over her pieces. Most carried on leaving Sigrunn grumbling in her head as the potential buyers chose those with more established looking displays but soon some older tailors stopped to buy. A few of them remembered her mother and would drop a compliment on how she almost matched in skill.
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The village of Kapuang - or center town as many locals called it - appeared empty as Abdiel sauntered in. The high end homes, alongside the Earl's own barracks were vacant, but guarded. Shield wielding soldiers stood firmly outside every door, preventing theft during such a jubilant day. Nearly every resident deployed to the harbors for market day, hopes of making profit and celebrating. By the end of the day, locals and guests would wind up overdosed on ale paid by Earl Thorvald and most likely crash at seaside. This was an opportunity for Abdiel to visit the Seeress who was typically assailed persistently. Walking to her hovel - a small yet robust shelter - Abdiel looked into the eyes of some soldiers wandering in his direction. He looked both ways before crouching inward as the entrance was too small for a viking.

"Seeress...." Abdiel started, looking into her bearing white eyes and elaborate facial markings. "I've come to-" he continued, but was immediately interrupted by the woman. Her movements were stiff yet fluent in a way as she remotely crawled to his side in a eldritch manner. Abdiel gulped as his shoulders raises slightly in defense. His eyes widened as her back uncoiled and aligned itself for her to stand.

"I know why you are here," her voice came as she disappeared from his line of sight. Slowly, Abdiel turned his head and waist, spinning around to face the sanctity. Her lack of words tended to make Abdiel irritated and provoked his lack of patience. His brows tensed as his glare became more hostile. This attitude made the Seeress laugh as it always had. This sort of interaction occurred every time between the divine woman and her patient. Upon the seizing of her chuckles, Abdiel decided to cut the seemingly never-ending silence. He was trying to hurry so Rotinn would not fail to sell.

"If you know why I am here, why not speak? When will I see her again? When will she return?!" Abidel questioned with haste. The Seeress smiled at him roguishly, putting a finger on his shoulder as she weaved away ever so slowly.

"Your past will indeed return.......but it will return to haunt. I sense your worry, but it will pass. Though first, it will strike."

The riddles did not sit well with Abdiel, but he was perceptive enough to understand most of their meaning. His preference would be for her elaboration of such retorts, but he was already wasting more daylight than anticipated. "I will return for further answers..." he said on his way towards the exit. However, he stopped right before his last step out and added....

".......and tell my father, if you see him before I do, that mother awaits his return."



Half a mile away from the harbors after a fairly long day of travel, Rotinn was becoming anxious to get started. He could hear the voices of strangers in the distance and could not help but imagine how much success he would have with Abdiel's crops. Corn, carrots and potatoes were the usual best sellers and his friend had managed to harvest plentiful. In addition, Matilda had not given him much problems since Abdiel's departure to god knows where. Rotinn simply fed the mare berries when she started to get fizzy, preventing vexing behavior.

"We almost arrive Matilda," he said to the horse, kicking little rocks on the trail as he pulled her forward. Just as he said that, three men appeared down the same road, but going in the opposite direction. At the sight of them, Rotinn pampered himself in hopes of conversation - as he was afterall a raconteur.

"Gentlemen, how are on this fine day?" he started, giving his voice an extra zap to sound more lively. He smiled extensively, awkwardly forcing his charisma on the fellows who now surrounded him suspiciously. Scanning the men, Rotinn felt their presence become less friendly and more bleak. Their body language gave away their intent as the started for the blades strapped to their sheaths. "Please! Please! No no! You can have it, take the food, please! I beg you, I'm unarmed!!" Rotinn implored as he coward down next to Matilda.

The beast felt the same insecurity and started acting wildly which alarmed the bruisers even more. The ordered for Rotinn to calm the animal, but he was unable. Even the berries became impotent as the animal grew anxious and afraid. Acting on instinct, Rotinn rushed to wagon and unhooked it from Matilda's straps, sending the horse on her marry way from danger. The animal charged through the three men and continued down the trail at awestruck speeds. Rotinn on the other hand was left in solitude against three sword wielding ruffians. He again insisted for them to take the crops, but the all nodded in disagreement.

"We don't want the damn food boy," the expressed, growing closer to his side and rendering without escape. The helplessness in Rotinn's eyes morphed into tears as fear overwhelmed him to the ground. The three goons took advantage and started to beat the poor kid into a bloody mess. Then hacking away at the coin bringing crops simply to prevent them from being sold. There was not an explanation as to why they did it, the men simply finished their job and disappeared into the wilderness.

"" Rotinn yelped, but it was unlikely anyone would hear.

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Alvar Gustaaf - Kaupang Marketplace > Forest - Karl Dygmir > Holmstein Rotinn
Alvar was already by a merchant he knew, but with how things were changing in Kaupang, their relationship wasn't exactly at the best of terms. "Back again Alvar!" The man rejoiced actually, smiling towards the Viking. His name was Karl Dygmir, an old friend, if anything. A smirk crept on Alvar's face in return.

"Another day in the forest.. As you can see." It was not Alvar's intention to actually sell anything to this merchant, but he had done it before, and back then business was good. Trading was good. Karl's eyes landed on the wagon filled with chopped woods. A sigh escaped his lips. "Chopping them woods as always eh?. But you know, I can't really buy them from ya you know. They're not good for business.. Not even trading." Karl leaned forward, so only Alvar could hear his next words.

"Not when our Earl's full of himself." His eyes looked around nervously. Alvar could understand his position. Once the man leaned back to his original position, he spoke up, though with a rather upbeat voice. "But here's what my brother. I'll give you some of the best ale a friend of mine has been making." Karl already had a cup filled with such ale. Grabbing it quite fast, some of it spilled on the ground. The man gulped it down like a savage, while most of it made his red beard all wet. "Ahhh!!! Best ale you can find in Kaupang! I'll make sure to have some for you the next time you stop by. Yeah?"

Karl was savoring the taste. Alvar could clearly see that, but his friend was also quite selfish. Just looking at Karl made his appetite a goner. Not like he wanted some ale anymore. "Yeah, make sure you do." Taking the wagon, Alvar did not have anything else to say. He gave him an odd look before taking the wagon away. "I'm sure I'll find some other merchants nearby that'll want my chopped wood for the right price." Giving Karl a simple look before he started to walk away. "Maybe Vanke would like some.."

That was the name of another merchant Alvar knew about. Their relationship wa not like how his is with Karl, it was actually much better. Vanke Fredrikson did not really care much about how the Earl did his business. He did not move accordingly to how the Earl wanted it in Kaupang. Obviously, at the mention of Vanke's name, Karl got all jealous. Pointing his finger at Alvar with a disatisfied look. "You know! He can't buy from you! You know why!"

Alvar stopped in his tracks for a mere moment before he turned to the side and gave Karl another look. "Anyone can chop wood if they so wish for, but no one can chop it like I do. He'll buy it, don't worry. You had your chance." Waving his hand all seemlessly, the Viking decided to ignore the crap out of Karl. "And he's a Viking.." He whispered to himself, but it was all sarcasm.

A few moments later, a rattled horse came rushing down the marketplace, or close to it. Vanke Fredrikson held his little 'shop' almost at the outskirt of the marketplace. A curious yet confused expression was plastered on Alvar's face. The horse emerged from the forest. It was somewhat scared, but Alvar stood before its path, and hushed it down. Patting its head as the horse calmed down ever so slightly. "Hush now. It's okay. You're safe." The Viking looked past the horse, towards the direction it came from. Something must've happened.

Alvar grabbed its reins and brought it to the nearest house, before he wrapped the reins around. So the horse would stay put while he'd investigate. It was uncommon to see a horse emerging from the forest like that. Especially at times like this. "I'll check it out!" He added, before grabbing the axe from the wagon. He knew that there was a road that led to the marketplace, or more specifically Kaupang, but there were more than one road that led to the village.

The Viking rushed towards the forest, and used the path the horse took in reverse. He knew where it emerged from, so he knew somewhat the direction he had to take. Hopefully the horse just ran in a beeline. Not so long after, Alvar made it to someone who was injured. Looking around all carefully, and focused, Alvar had to make sure there weren't anyone else still lingering about. Approaching the young fellow, he crouched down to his level. "Boy! What happened?" He noticed the crops this man had brought with him, and how someone had ruined them.

"Who did this to you?" He asked. Alvar looked around just to be sure, before he helped the boy up.

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Astrid Karsesten- Market Place - Kayne/Sigrunn/Anyone

Gathering the water from the well had been more difficult than Astrid thought it would be. Sweat slowly made its way from the top of her forehead to the top of her eyebrows before she reached up with her forearm and wiped it off.

Fortunately, the Earl had not come out to do his mundane speech that had nothing to do with her. She did not benefit from his speech or from the trading and selling that the others did during these days. Astrid once again made her way through the throng of people as she tried to get back to Steinn. Her head remained low and her eyes were to the ground as she moved silently. The chatter around her kept her occupied enough to be able to move through up until the point where there were suddenly loud yells. Astrid's eyes quickly looked up towards the source of the sound which were a couple of women who seemed to want the same material that was being sold. Although the fight seemed unnecessary to Astrid, the women obviously thought otherwise as the yelling got louder and they seemed to be getting more and more in each other's faces. Having once the authority over some of the commoners back when her father ruled, Astrid felt an urge to stop what was going on. Alas all she could do was watch.

Her mind having been preoccupied with the soon-to-ensue fight, Astrid had not been watching where she was walking, which caused her to run into what felt like a wall. Her bucket of water fell out of her hands as she was taken by surprise, which caused her to curse out loud as the water splashed every which way. Astrid turned, with her cheeks a bright red, to see what had caused her to drop her bucket. Her eyes widened a bit as she stared at the man in front of her. She had seen him before but simply for afar. Never had she imagined him to be so big. It took her several minutes before managing to find the words she needed, "I.. I apologize. I was not paying attention."

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Djerv Fastheldi - Marketplace- Astrid Karesten

Steely gray eyes peered out from a countenance of fair, yet weathered skin and long, wavy blond tresses that looked as if tousled recently. He'd been dismissive of the argument that was hard not to overhear. His eyes had been transfixed as if to find much larger prospects. A seasoned veteran, he bore the signs of harsher times; moments, periods where blood, smoke and ash of coalesced in a crucible of anguished screams and cries of victory. Dejerv’s arms had often been reminiscent of a horses forelegs; long, s sinuous and vascular with the veins bulging somewhat especially when he balled his hands into fists for hammering when forging a new axe that was keen to delve into a man’s skull as it was the hard bark of a tree --or swinging an axe for gathering stocks of lumber, which he often carted in large blocks.

Dejerv was an amalgamation of not one world, or the other but both. He was not simply built to be a beserker but nor was he just an ‘ordinary’ woodsman and smith. He was both. And it showed, his hands had calloused over his years of either swinging his weapon too long or swinging a sledge onto a bar of white hot iron. The rest of his physique was equally as impressive, with him standing just a bit taller than most men, broad-shouldered. His legs were lean, not bulky and weighed down with too much muscle. One look and one would know if you ran he’d be just as liable as if you had stood still. His left arm was ‘coated’ in an intricate and well inscribed tattoo, one that traveled from much of his left breast, down to his wrist.

Having heard enough of the bothersome hen’s clucking over something trivial, he turned. And as he did, a woman, who was much smaller, crashed into him. The sloshing water drenching the front of his furs that covered his brawny chest as it poured slightly from the rebuttal of them walking into each other. Despite how large he was, he was surprisingly agile enough to catch the bucket with his ham-fisted hands To her standards, it probably looked like it was big enough to crush a man’s skull with. He straightened himself up slowly, his eyes watching her's widened as they merely crawled up his body.

"I.. I apologize. I was not paying attention." She muttered after a few moments.

"It's quite alright, it was as much my fault." He then looked down at the bucket and saw how much had been lost. "Shall I refill it for you?"He inquired. Dejerv's voice was husky, almost hoarseness to it but it came off quite attractively.
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Tatianna Faye , Merchant's road, Rotinn, Alvar

Huff and puff! The shield maiden known as Tatianna panted, steadily jogging down the merchant's path to the town square. Heaving, she tossed a jagged rock towards the trees, before exhaustedly sheathing her sword and bringer her hands to her knees, attempting to catch her breath. "Take that... Damn Bastards. Best run away." The rock fell with a thud on the grass before the foliage, the the ruthless assailants already long gone.

In an exhausted mannor, she approached the now still wagon, her messy blonde braid and chainmail raiments bouncing lightly with every step. Wiping her heated forehead, she leaned onto the cart, giving a faint wave to Alvar. "Gah.." She caught her breath. "He alright?" Tatianna asked Alvar, threading her hands through the ruined crops. "Crops sure are finished. Three goons got away."

Flicking aside a mangled husk of corn, she aided Alvar in helping Rotinn stand.

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The six person squadron trailed down the dirt road, bordering the Earl of Kaupang and his four advisers. The guards traveled in silence as the royals spoke of business within their safeguard circle. Earl Thorvald mounted a sumptuous and well-groomed white stallion, exercising an intricate armored mask with a flourishing design. The male horse wore the finest of cloth atop its muscular back, giving the Earl comfort upon sitting and exploiting the wealth of the traveler. The company was not far from Market Bay, transmitting at a good pace from the village - Center Town. Earl Thorvald was assumed to give a speech, but that was yet to be confirmed.

"Taxes have risen again this year have they not Earl Thorvald?" Edgar Asgota asked, the new almoner of Kapuang with the duty of distributing money and coin to the poor. With taxes rising, his job would become laborious as there would be less wealth to allocate. The people would look to him for answers, but he would not have sufficient details to give a proper response. Year after year, Asgota has been threatened by citizens left and right. His duties put him at odds with the poor and has received the beating end of it, suffering physical abrasions and emotional anxiety.

"Yes. Taxes have risen again dear Edgar. The value of goods from our town have risen, so the people must pay their fair share," Thorvald began, keeping his body and face aligned forward as he spoke.

"The people have a duty. We provide them with security, bring trade to Kapuang for their enterprises to prosper and all they must do is remunerate for our patronage. Some may hold grudges, some may find it unfair, but without our aid they would be nowhere but the streets. Mothers and children would be left malnourished. I wish for that not to happen, so if they must pay a little more for success, I expect them to do so willingly," the Earl explained, his gaze then suddenly drawn forth by the appearance of three men commuting in their direction.

"What happens if they do not pay?" Asgota asked.

"That...." Earl Thorvald simply said, pointing at the three crop stained swords that joined their party.



When everything appeared bleak, a sign of hope embodied the form of a colossus. With stone brick skin and eyes that defied fear, Alvar Gustaaf, a well known boat-builder, emerged to protect the weak. Like a anti-hero, Alvar appeared a protagonist with such a rugged indication of being. Though in retrospect, he is said to be the most cherished by the gods for his austere servitude and loyalty. At this point, it no longer mattered as speculations were outweighed by his actions.

Taking Alvar's hand, Rotinn helped himself back to his feet, legs full of varicose veins caused by rigorous kicks. His bloodied face had by then burst outward with contusions. Bruises formed over one of his eyes, contributing to his lack of sight. "Thank you..." he whispered, grunting as he moved at a leisurely pace towards the wagon. Tears streamed down his face, filling the creaks between his facial injuries. "Abdiel is gonna be mad, I messed up, I shoulda fought back," he cursed, punching the wagon seat repeatedly until his fist bled.

"There were three. Three men wielding swords. I was scared, they destroyed the crops. I didn't do-!!" he jumped as a female approached from behind. Rotinn fell of the wagon and onto the dirt once more, this time without the aid of clenched fist. He groaned and tried to stand but his body refused heed his command. "Did you see them? Who they were?" he asked Tatianna from the ground, rolling over onto his bum. In his mind, he wanted revenge, he was angry, confused and frustrated at himself. He understood the circumstances that would soon ensue as an effect to this event. Losing the crops, Abdiel would make no currency for the winter that approached. Because he did not sell, he would not have to pay the tax of trade, but he would not survive. Kaupang winters were not as harsh as it was farther north, despite the sea tide. Though during winters, a fog rises that limits trade which will not assist Abdiel in his current situation.

Abdiel was presently on his way to Merchant Bay and would soon arrive to find his crops ruined.


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Alvar Gustaaf - Merchant Road/Forest - Tatianna Faye, Holmstein Rotinn
"Take it easy, boy." He said, with some concern in his voice. Alvar clearly noticed how confused and furious Holmstein was. Listening to what could have been from his point of view, the boat builder became curious. He glanced at the crops one more time. WIth how things were changing in Kaupang, who would attack this young boy only to destroy the crops. If anything, whoever it was, should have taken the crops.

It was quite odd. Quite odd indeed. Luckily the boy who got ambushed knew how many there were, but before he could actually say anything more, a sharp voice, a female at that made her presence known. It was Tatianna Faye, a shield maiden, just like his own wife. By then, Alvar had quickly deduced a few things about this entire unfortunate event.

Tati, as he would call her, also mentioned three assailants. Holmstein was startled in the process but quickly got back up again thanks to both Alvar and the newly-arrived shield maiden. There was something else the boy mentioned earlier, or rather, a name that was quite familiar to the Viking.

Abdiel was a farmer, and someone Alvar knew quite well. They were good friends, and Holmstein, as memory recalled, was someone he had actually seen before giving crops to Abdiel. "Holmstein is your name, isn't it? Holmstein Rotinn? I've seen you before. I am a friend to Abdiel. Known the farmer for a while." His eyes landed on the crops again before he continued.

"I'm sure you've gathered thus far that they were not after you but what you had in the wagon. They were here to ruin the crops." A question immediately boggled his mind. If anything there were a few questions he had to ask Abdiel once they meet.

"They must've been waiting for you."

"But, now, I think it's best we get someone to tend to your wounds. Here---" Alvar threw Holmstein's arm around his neck. To help the poor boy stand, even if he was in pain. It was time to bring him to a safer place. "Let's get you out of here."

"My wife is good at treating wounds. So, how about it boy? Shall I take you to her?" What Alvar said was true. In fact, his wife, Melkorka was curious and a damn good explorer of the woods. Using herbs and whatever combination she made from the nature to help treat wounds, cuts and bruises. Perhaps she had something for Holmstein.

His head tilted slightly to the side, his attention towards Tatianna. "Tati, you mentioned these.. Goons. Happen to know in what direction they went? I mean, did you see them?"

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Kayne - Marketplace - Astrid and Djerv / Sigrunnd
Kayne wound his way - no, he plowed his way through the crowd. Any man or woman that were foolish enough to stand in his way was swept to the side by his oak-like arms. He spotted a cloth merchant across the marketplace who was so small that Kayne had only caught sight of her because of his high vantage point. He marked her position in his mind, and altered his course towards the young vendor. He needed cloth so that he could have a seamstress sew him a new set of tunics, since vendors hardly sold textiles that catered to his stature.

Plainly stated, the man was a giant. He stood to a full seven feet tall, and his boots added another half-inch. His body stressed at his frame at nearly three-hundred pounds, his broad shoulders and arms filling his tunic with little room to spare. In his younger days, the man was the form of warrior that other beheld, then turned and ran. Few would be fool enough to battle him at hand.

The man's path was interrupted by two bodies that stood stagnant in the middle of the marketplace, the one closer to Kayne being a "tall" man, who was holding a bucket of water. Aye, the Nord before him was of higher stature than many. However, there was tall, and then there was Kayne. His heavy frame bumped into the man, knocking him and the girl in front of him sideways. His long arm shot out, and he grabbed the girl's wrist, pulling her up and bridging their two-foot height difference with his eyes. "Forgive me." He said, simply, releasing her small limb. He looked to the fallen man, regarding him for a split second.

The monstrous man continued forward without offering a hand in aid, passing the girl and continuing towards the cloth merchant. He stepped into the young woman's line of sight, casting a long shadow over her.

"How much do you price, girl?" He pointed out bit of tan cloth and waited for her response.

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Winifred ♢ Merchant's Bay ♢ Audun, Djerv Fastheldi, Astrid Kestersen, Melkorka Gustaaf

The long days of summer sweat rolled across her forehead as she aired out a couple of breeches and shirts. She'd barely made any friends, much less been nice to those who tried. She placed a light green shirt on the line and spread it out, the wind wrapping around her body. A small smile crept on her face, but it wasn't genuine. The Gods gave her protection and security, but it wasn't enough for her to move on and get over herself. Nothing was.

She was a selfish woman; letting another man take care of her while she strived to recuperate. All she heard from the others was that he'd only let stay because of her body. Winifred snorted, disgruntled as she tried pinning the last pair of breeches onto the line. The pin felll out of her hand and the breeches began to escape. “Damn you,” she grumbled, chasing after the breeches for a moment before her fingers finally caught it. She placed the last piece on the clothing line, unsatisfied with her handiwork.

Her sword needed mending, she had to see to it that the pigs were fed, and get all the ingredients ready for tonight's supper. The long list of chores on today's load were not as painstaking as the usual back in Helsingbor where she was brought after some three or four men killed her family and abducted her like the greedy men they were, so at least it was something she could tolerate, if not anything. Winifred went back inside, wiping her hands off the worn brown apron tied up around her neck and waist.

One of the blonde haired rascals came into the room with a pile of wood. She knew who it was right away, she didn't even need to turn a head to see the young'un, Audun, her caretaker's son from a previous marriage. “Tell your father I'm headed out to Merchant's Bay, Audun. I'll be back later to help prepare the afternoon meal and get the rest of m' fabrics done.” The child turned his head and ran towards her, wrapping his arms around her like a lost child. She gazed down, surprised and eager to push him away, but she held back and opted to awkwardly pat his head instead.

“What you be doin' down there, miss?” Audun inquired, curiosity piping hot. She gently pried his fingers off of her waist, cold eyes boring into him, but her tone motherly and commanding. "You ever hear the saying "Speak what needs to be said, or stay silenth"? I don't need to tell you again. My business ain't your own. Now run along." He left the kitchen without another word and she went to her room where she removed her apron, grabbed her sword, and went outside to the small stables where her horse, Freyja would be waiting. The mare was a pretty one. She had a beautiful copper coat, shiny black hair, and perfect round eyes. "Come on Freyja. We're going to town."


Once the pair, a woman and her horse, arrived at the entrance of Merchant's Bay, Winifred hopped down onto the ground, dirt sweeping around her leather shoes and the edges of her dress. She took the horse town, letting the large animal clear the way as it clopped on wood nailed to the ground. Winifred noticed a tall man plundering through the streets. Everyone made way for him and his bulky build, but she gave him a glare from afar as he rejected to give the man aid and walked right on past without a care in the world, then asked about the price of tan fabric from a woman nearby.

So that's what men in this society are coming to; bastards. I could ram my sword up your ass if I wanted to cunt, but you're lucky I'm not.

Winifred steered her horse into the girl's direction. It was a pity most of the water sloshed out when she accidentally bumped into the handsome blonde-haired stranger that stood there. She turned to the male and held out her hand to him. "Come on," she spoke, helping him up. "Are you okay?" He seemed fine, just dirty. Winifred daintly brushed some of the dirt off his shoulder and briefly observed him. No scratches or blood she could smell. "Sometimes bigger men can be a pain, you know," Winifred glanced over at the woman for a brief moment, then froze. She found herself staring into brown eyes, as her own hinting at sadness, but her demeanor remaining stoic. Astrid. Her heart coiled around the name, sucking all the air out of her lungs. She couldn't breathe. Winifred thought she'd never see her friend again, much less here in Kaupang. Memories of her past sickened her once more as nausea began to settle in.

The shieldmaiden glanced down, immediately letting go of the male's hand like flames had licked her palm. Her body shook, although not apparently so. "My apologies. Good day to both of you." She gave the man a small nod and scurried off to the blacksmith, Melkorka, who resided in a shop more than a few houses down. Winifred sought for Melkorka to shine and sharpen the blade as fast as she could, for fear that Astrid would go after her. Winifred hammered down the feelings of anticipation and guilt as she stopped in front of Melkorka's shop and tied Freyja's reins to a sturdy pole, then went inside.

"Melkorka!" she called out, taking off her sword pouch and tossing it onto the table. "Got me a blade that needs fixing! The bloody thing's a piece of shit now!"

Sigrunn Néel- Market place- Kayne

As the sun began to roll above her; Sigrunn enjoyed the slow pace of the world around her. Catching glimpses of different lives and snatches of stories being told with good humor. The Gods knew recent times haven't been too kind. At least not since the new Earl came into power. Just the thought caused her face to pinch in disgust. His so-called treaty would be the end of them. She was just so sure of it. Reducing their pride and forcing them to slave away just to scrape together a meager living.

'I'd give him a piece or two of my mind.'

Sigrunn could feel her thoughts begin to boil with discontent when a woman approached her.

"Excuse me, how much for this piece?" Her voice chirped and soothed the malice that had began to stir as her eyes roamed to the fabric laid out across Alegia. It was a fine piece and probably one of Sigrunn's best so far but then again when you're working with carefully spun ox hair you can only expect the best.

She had opened her mouth but the words died quickly on her lips as another voice boomed beside the woman.

"I must have it!" a voice so shrill that it brought back painful memories as Sigrunn locked eyes with the old seamstress Vada, "Oh it reminds me of- oh, what was her name..." The older lady crossed her arms as her greying eyes rolled up towards the heavens.

"Ah yes; Hilda!" She blurted out brightly before taking a second look at Sigrunn's own slack jawed expression. A faint flush began to creep up her weather neck and into her cheeks as realization dawned on her, "Sigrunn?!"

The maiden could barely get in a head nod before the woman clasped her in a overly familiar embrace, "Oh its been years! Glad to see you've come to your head and taken your place as a wife and a mighty fine weaver- just like your mother always wanted!" The malice that had previously dissipated began to swirl anew not that Vada gave her the chance to speak before she grabbed the piece in her hands and marveled at its work.

Sigrunn was at war within herself. Vada was old, her face and hair weathered by the passing time but she was a damm fine seamstress and she knew her work would be used in the most noble way. Unfortunately though, her mouth never seemed to close for more than a moment and Vada was often at the bottom of every tall tale that would take root back home. Sigrunn just knew in the pit of her stomach that she was also behind the snarky remarks pointed at her father for her disinterest in a family life which left a bad taste in her mouth.

Luckily, she didn't have to spare another moment before the previous woman cleared her throat. Drawing both of their attention to her irritated glare.

"I believe I was here first." The words dripped out of her mouth like poison and Sigrunn felt a corner of her mouth curl into a small smile. She always did admire women with strong spirits; even if they did choose the tedious life of being a wife.

She folded her arms across her chest while her head tilted back to Vada to gauge her expression. Which was of course, twisted into a mix of offense and hurt, trade mark for the old biddy. "Perhaps but I helped raise little Sigrunn and this is the least she cou-"

"Actually," Sigrunn chimed in with a grit of her teeth, "She was here first and while we may of lived in the same village that has no holding on who I sell my ware too. Now seeing as this is my best work for this season I'll give you both a chance to," she paused giving a little shrug, "Make me an offer."

Sigrunn was still fairly young but she wasn't dumb. Coin was hard to come by these days even for top brass skills. What she needed was to make a steady trade with someone nearby, preferably someone who could supply her with thread.

The two woman paused as they considered their options before both erupted into shreaks as they tried to speak over and out-do the other. The maiden was just a tiny bit pleased by the ruckous as more eyes shifted from their tasks to settle on the scene unfolding nearby. She tried her best to keep a neutral expression as they offered her coin, milk and meat. All very tempting but not quite what she was looking for.

Sigrunn let them argue for a moment more before raising her hands up to cease their bickering. As the crowd around them turned from curious to annoyed. It was obvious that this was as good a deal as she was going to get. Letting out a small exasperated sigh she turned to the younger woman with a touch of sympathy in her eyes when suddenly the sun seemed to delve into darkness.

Confusion and then pure looks of shock danced across their face at something behind the young maiden but before she could turn Sigrunn was greeted to the sight of possibly the largest man she had ever seen as he stepped into her line of sight. His entire frame cast her and her mare into shadow. Not that he seemed to mind. Sigrunn took a moment to snap her jaw firmly shut as his presence alone had left her momentarily stunned.

Arching her neck back she sought to catch his gaze high up in the clouds.
"How much do you price, girl?" His voice rumbled as he pointed to the same fabric the two women were bidding over.

Sigrunn's brows shot up in surprise as she looked down at the pair and gave them a curious look. Both women's eyes were cast to the worn earthy floor and she could tell they didn't have the fighting spirit to interrupt him. 'Pity.' her mind spat out before turning back to the man.

"Depends on what you can offer me." she mouthed off with an air of arrogance, "I imagine you are often in need of sturdy fabric and by the looks of it.....lots." Sigrunn could feel a shiver of adrenaline lace down her spine. The man before her could easily crush her without so much a bit of effort. Power wafted from him and with it brought distant memories of battle he had no doubt seen. A true viking.

She tapped on her coin purse that was trapped snuggly against her hip, "I've got plenty of coin to survive to the next season but what I need is a supplier. Horse, ox, sheep, all that. I need the thread to make my ware." Sigrunn paused to see if he understood what she was getting at, "If you think you can find me someone who could help me out I'll put back my strongest pieces for of charge or at a incredibly low price. Depending on what we can work out."

It was a shot in the dark but it was the best Sigrunn had at the moment.

Astrid Kersesten - Market Place - Djerv Fastheldi

"Shall I refill it for you?"

Astrid cleared her throat as she tried to come up with a polite way to tell the man that she did not want his help, as well as telling him that she could not get his help. Free men and women did not help "slaves" with their work.

"No. No, thank you.... I should not get help from anyone." Astrid's mouth formed a small frown as she reached out for the bucket, her hands carefully avoiding touching his. That was until she was crashed into a second time, which caused her to fall off balance. Luckily, the brute that had caused the fall caught her before she collided with the ground, and pulled her back up to her feet. Her eyes once again widened as she was met with the sight of an even bigger man, who she had seen prior but always avoided. Her eyes shot down back to the ground as he apologized and she merely nodded as she rubbed her wrist, soothing it from having been clamped down by his giant hand.

Astrid could not believe that out of everybody that she could have ran into, she went and ran into two giants. Fortunately, the bigger of the two left but it seemed as if the gods had something else in mind for the petite woman. Upon turning back towards the first man, Astrid's mouth fell open at the sight of an old face helping him up. "Winnie?" Her old friend from Oslo who she had grown to miss after the events that separated them occurred. Winifred's face looked as pale as the winter's snow when she recognized her, which explained a lot when Winifred suddenly left with a rushed 'goodbye'. Astrid wanted to say more to her old friend, or try to go after her, but she had to remember to stay in her place.

With a sigh, Astrid turned back to the man with a bit of red in her cheeks from the embarrassment of the occurrences that had taken place. "May I?" She asked in a quiet voice, referring to the bucket still in the man's hand. "My.... Steinn is awaiting for my return. He will be angry with me if I take too long."

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~ Gustaaf Blacksmith Shop near the Marketplace & the main road to the river~
// Winifred @Isla \\


His body worked in wonders. He was strong, manly, and beyond courageous. He swung the axe she offered him on their wedding day like the true Viking he was and it made her so proud of him. She watched him for several minutes as he chopped the wood of the forest surrounding their home and she felt a pinch in her heart. It wasn't one of the good pinches, but rather one filled with sadness and anger. He was meant for so much more than to merely chop wood for ungrateful merchants. He was a boatbuilder. Not just any boatbuilder, but one of the best. He was meant to create what his ancestors created before him and travel west. His creations weren't meant for local travels. They were meant for the big waters.

If only it wasn't for that Earl, they wouldn't be struggling as much as they were.

Melkorka eventually pushed herself up from the door she was leaning on and picked up the bucket of water she filled out for him. The six-foot tall woman walked towards him, her presence known by him when she placed her hand on his shoulder and placed a bucket on the ground near him.

" See you at the shop, Alvar. " she said gently as she placed a gentle kiss on his cheek. It was a mere gesture of affection to greet him this morning. A pleasant one she always graced him with in the morning.

" May the gods be with us on this day, " She then said almost sarcastically as she rolled her eyes since both of them knew very well what was to come. After a bad trade where they could barely make enough for the winter to come, the Earl would announce once more a raise in taxes, as usual. '' Perhaps, his horses will go brain dead and lose all purpose like him. " She then joked to give him a small laugh as she left walking backward and playfully checking him out.

She found something quite interesting over the past years. To sell more, especially weapons, she had to appeal to the men's eyes and so, she always gave an extra push when it came to dressing herself for this day.

Her ankle length linen underdress was a bright blue with beautiful motifs on the bottom of the same shade of green as her woolen dress suspended by shoulder straps. The straps were fastened by two golden turtle brooches that she made herself after a very successful raid and she was very proud of them. In addition, she had two necklaces that she made with a few other acquaintances from the village that simply complemented the whole attire.

Altogether, she was quite appealing and wasn't shy to show how proud she was of her beauty. It was something the gods blessed her with and she would flaunt it as she pleased.

The young woman scanned her surrounding with her gray eyes before whistling loudly. That's when her horse came running towards her and she smiled. She quickly climbed over him, caressing his muzzle and whispering some words to his ear. She grinned as she tapped his side and they finally left her estate and followed the dirt road leading outside of the forest right onto the village of Kaupang.

A while later, her horse was well stationed with food and water outside of her shop. It was one of her proudest achievements and she was quite satisfied with it. She had very loyal customers and always gave the best work she could.

Talking about loyal customers, while she was setting her shop up for the day, she heard Winifred. One hell of a young girl. If she was to be honest, she almost felt motherly to that young girl but don't get her wrong. She won't be attached to her much. They had a distance and both clearly respected it. Both were hardened woman and both clearly had goals in the future. So, they have that connection that cannot be explained with simple words.

"Got me a blade that needs fixing! The bloody thing's a piece of shit now!"

Melkorka's sigh could be heard from the back of the shop and she resurfaced looking like nothing like a blacksmith. She actually looked like a decent woman. Much more beautiful than the current Earl's wife and richer.

" Ahhh and here I thought I could manage to look decent for the men when they came buying new axes or perhaps shovels, who knows what they want when they come here. " She commented playfully as she looked at the petite girl.

She reached with her long fingers the swords and she examined it. " What exactly do you do with those blades for them to be so worn out in so little time?" She asked her purely out of curiosity.

Holmstein Rotinn // Abdiel Thorstein - Merchant Trail --> Blacksmith - Alvar Gustaaf // Tatianna Faye

Occupied by thoughts of his past, Abdiel had seemingly abandoned his present commercial purpose. Images of his wife in a resplendent silver dress tested his sanity. She would break away from him at a pace he could not match. Her voice was subtle, faint like a whisper that he could not comprehend. With her hand extended, she griped the mitt of a shuddering child who followed suit into the light before them. Abdiel would race forward, but would no gain no ground upon them. Instead, the more he rushed, the farther his beloved would amble. Though despite a clouded mind, the farmer inattentively found himself back on the Merchant Trail leading back to the bay.

Upon realizing it, Abdiel snapped out of his subconscious and took cognizance of his paramount directive. Proceeding with purpose, the farmer's pace increased exponentially. His brisk walk had turned into a gentle running pace, jogging passed the greenwood backdrop. With light augmenting before him, Abdiel realized he was at a fair shot from Merchant Bay. "Please, ensure Rotinn has found a fair place to sell our crops," he appeared to beg, slowing his momentum back into a walk as the burning star struck his view. Using his palm, he came in between the sun and his eyes, preventing himself from being blinded. Continuing on, Abdiel stumbled upon a dark paradise. His eyes widened in retrospect to the three dimensional picture before him. Potatoes were smashed, cabbages completely shredded - a painting gone completely south. There stood Rotinn looking back at him in with heart-rendering despondency. Beside him was the famous boat builder Alvar Gustaaf and the fierce shield maiden Tatianna Faye.

Like a dragon raised by wolves, Abdiel wanted to unleash his wrath upon Rotinn but was cultivated to show compassion even in times of distraught. Wiping displeasure from his face, Abdiel unmasked himself and allowed his voice to be heard by his comrade. "What happened?" he asked simplistically, eyes squinting as he gulped away the brewing pique. He stood firmly in his place, body composed but mind rigid and unclear.

Rotinn turned to Alvar for a second, unable to face Abdiel's brewing displeasure. He wished the two had moved with haste and left for Melkorka's shop prior to Abdiel's arrival. However, Rotinn (as always) had been too slow to act which granted Abdiel enough time to make his debut around friends.

"I..umm.....I umm,...I was attacked. Three men, wielding sword and shield. They umm.....they....." he paused, recollecting on the events that occurred simply minutes ago. Rotinn shook his head left and right, unable to form words to express his thoughts. His mental disability had become prominent at an inconvenient time. Rotinn just starred at the others in hopes they could explain since he was unable to. In response, Abdiel walked towards his broken harvest, taking a handful and watching it crumble to the dirt. He licked his bottom lip and sniffed in frustration. "Who did this?" the crowd of three. Rotinn's health and physical abrasions had become insignificant. The boy could speak, so the Gods had granted him permission to live on. "WHO DID THIS?!"

Djerv Fastheldi - Marketplace- Astrid Karesten/ Kayne / Winifred

Before the young woman could actually speak so as to answer his question; having spilled water on several people including himself, he was rammed into by a larger man who either ignored that the two were already conversing or simply didn't care because he sauntered on through. Kanye was much larger than Astrid, but was only a foot taller than Djerv and only comparatively heavier.

Still, the sizeable difference between the woman and this new 'addition' to the throng of people already around them was such that it added yet another factor as to why Djerv ended up on the ground. Being so focused on the girl, he didn't see the larger man approach from behind and with him pushing people out of his way as he did, the are got crowded and quickly. Finally, when Kanye pushed past the two, the man had undoubtedly knocked her over as well. He had tried to keep her from falling, yet the muck and grime had turned to a sloppy mire beneath his feet.

Djerv,locked his jaw and released an irritated sigh before pressing his hands into the ground where it wasn't so trodden or wet with mud. He raised himself to one bent knee before a helping hand came to his right side. Djerv's assistance came in the guise of a fair-skinned beauty with light brown hair and hazel colored eyes. The stalwart guard grumbled, trying to remain calm though he could feel his temper rising like cauldron about to bubble over.

"Come on," The woman insisted, helping Djerv back to his feet. "Are you okay?" She would then ask, brushing his shoulders of any excess dirt that had gathered there from his abrupt fall.

Djerv's eyes were locked on Kanye, with a look of utter annoyance. He then looked over and down at Winnifred. " Yeah, yeah I'm okay--and thank-you." He'd reply, taking his axe out of the belt coiled around his waist, he then flung it sharply and sloshed the mud off its excellently handcrafted and engraved head.

Once tucking it back into his belt line, he reached down and grabbed the bucket that had spilled the rest of the water from being knocked clean from his hands. He looked inside, but there was nothing but a pittance left. He'd have to refill it.

"Sometimes bigger men can be a pain, you know," Winnifred then said, but he could tell by the tone in her voice--she'd obviously spotted someone she knew. He looked at the woman who had helped him and then towards Astrid.

"Know her do ya'?" He questioned. "Keep her company a bit while I go fetch more water--that big clumsy bastard caused me to spill what was left."

"No. No, thank you.... I should not get help from anyone." The fair-haired woman stuttered. It was then that the Huskarl realized this girl was a thrall, a slave or at least was once. He hadn't been looking for the signs, but they were still there--lingering under her facade.

The woman seemed to notice and even know Winnifred as she spoke her name in a hushed, yet what he felt would've been familiar tone. She then turned her attention back to him.

"May I?" She inquired, her hands held out. "My.... Steinn is waiting for my return. He will be angry with me if I take too long." She told him, her cheeks flushed with color.

"Many apologies miss, but this buckets gone dry. I shall go fetch some more water then accompany you. I'll tell him myself that it was my fault for keeping you." Djerv then turned back towards the well, but paused. "Be sure that you two greet one another--you seem...close." He told the girl before continuing on, bucket in hand.
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Alvar Gustaaf - Merchant Road/Trail - Abdiel, Tatianna, Rotinn (NPC)
Alvar was helping the wounded boy back to Kaupang. Whatever else he had in next to the crops in his wagon was no more. Those three men who assaulted Rotinn were definetely not after him. The young boy was not their priority. Alvar had deduced this much. As they were walking down the road it did not take long for Abdiel to show up. The man was probably concerned for Rotinn, and what took him so long to get to his destination.

The Viking stopped in his tracks, still having Rotinn's arm around his neck, supporting the boy. Tatianna was next to them as well, and there wasn't really much for Alvar to say. He could already see the expression plastered on his friends face. He was not pleased. Who would be? Alvar would've felt the same way.

Abdiel aske the obvious questions Alvar expected from him. Who or why it all happened. Who was behind it and so on. The Viking took a good look at Rotinn next to him. The man was having a hard time explaining it to the farmer before them. All he could say was basically waht he told Alvar himself.

The boatbuilder felt that it wasn't his place to speak up. This was a matter between both Abdiel and Rotinn. Staying still for a moment, Abdiel walked past them to check on the wagon. To check on the crops, the potatoes and such. Unfortunately, the sight was not the best. These were harsh times, especially in Kaupang. The raiding had stopped and people had to survive amongst one another to last the winter and so on.

Not everyone were able to go through another winter ever single year. Abdiel raised his voice. Demanding an answer to his question. Alvar looked at Rotinn once more. The boy did not have it in him to repeat what he only knew. Alvar closed his eyes for a moment, before he removed Rotinn's arm. "Tatianna, why don't you help him get back to the village. Find my shop. Melkorka should be there."

Having said that he approached Abdiel. "That young boy.. Rotinn.. He was ambushed by three men. Like he said. They were expecting him." He moved his head to the side and glanced at both Tatianna and Rotinn, before continuing.

"If they wanted him dead, you'd find a corpse here instead."

A curious expression was plastered on Alvar's face. The Viking narrowed his eyes, looking at the ruined crops. "I was only able to find him because of his horse."

A disappointed sigh escaped his lips. He was not done. "I did not make it in time. I just found the boy beaten up badly."

Alvar was thoroughly explaining to Abdiel how it was from his point of view. Rotinn was obviously scared and was unable to think straight. Perhaps the young boy did know something more. However, Alvar was not one to pry. "Abdiel." He began with a curious tone.

"Who would want to go after your crops?"

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