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Hey ya’ll, I’ve come to the realization that, all things considered, my RP load ain’t all that heavy! I’m looking to dabble more into the 1x1 world, being mostly a group RPer. I don’t have any specific, fully-formed ideas that I want to pursue, but I do have some general themes that I have a pretty hard hankering for. If any of them pique your interest, feel free to approach me - with some of your own hankerings too, feel free! - and we can try and smorgasbord them into a nice juicy fun-steak.

Some preliminary details about me that are probably important:

Posting Speed: if you expect about a one post/week pace from me, you’ll rarely be disappointed. On the other hand, I don't care if you're slow as molasses. and if you're a cutie (aka everybody) take as many months as u want I’m often open to quick-fire exchanges on the weekend if someone prompts it. But mainly, I’m of moderate-to-slow, but ultimately pretty consistent speed.

Discord: I use Discord for plotting, and would prefer it over site PM (go for that, if you want). Add me whenever, Shizuochan #0445 and hit me up! (If you don’t want to RP, but you’re honestly just like… super-hot add me too!)

Medium: I do, however, prefer that all roleplays be kept to the Iwaku boards.

Posting Length: However long you need to give me something to work with. I can go short, or long.

Hard No’s: Romance as first and foremost theme (I guess unless it’s like some Bonnie and Clyde thing). Smut is also a no from me. As much as I like sexy things and people, I’m not really comfortable writing about it with somebody one on one.

Now, some candies!


Dysfunctional families.
Black comedy.
People accidentally getting into dangerous situations and things way over their head.
Gods walking the earth/descendants of God, deities, supernatural things.
Modern/urban fantasy.
Colorful criminals/gangs/crime factions.
Esoteric, weird magic/power systems.
Intense, at times over the top and ridiculous, creatively thought out action scenes.
Martial arts (think, like, fighting games ala Street Fighter with their eclectic, at times downright stupid, assortment of fighters)
Space opera. (my favorite of the bunch would be like, Saga, I guess).
Monster-taming (like How to Train your Dragon, or Pokemon, or Digimon)
Summoning magic.

*******************Alternatively: Shoot me with your absolute most batshit insane, nonsensical RP premise. I recently ordered Cowboy Ninja Viking, a comic revolving around assassins with three alternate personalities (reflecting three different lives/skillsets like Sniper/Archer/Clothing Designer or the namesake). I love insane shit. Hit me with your dumbest fucking stuff. *******************

And I guess I am somewhat open to roleplaying fandoms, although generally I prefer to play as OCs in an AU (but can be okay with RPing with people that play as canonical characters, and even helping to portray some of the canonical cast). Fandom candies list is probably:


Gundam (although, with a mech 1x1 already going, would prefer to veer away from this.)
Fate universe.
… Cowboy Ninja Viking.
Hunter x Hunter.
Final Fantasy.
Fullmetal Alchemist.​
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I am both passive and aggressive, for the most part I let the other decide but I want my ideas heard. I love plotting, however, if I feel you are just pushing me around and not hearing my ideas I will refuse to reply.
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I am big into romance, slice of life, and fantasy. I am not so good at sci-fi but I do try once in a blue moon if I really like the idea.
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I don't enjoy horror.
Hello, I would be willing..
  • Dysfunctional Family
  • Gods/DemiGods
  • Modern Fantasy
  • Magic
  • Supernatural
  • Monster Taming
  • Superheroes

I do have a Discord, but, I am rarely on. AppleOfDiscxrd #5565