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    The early morning sunlight danced through stained glass windows as a lone figure walked through the castle entrance hall. Besides the clacking of armored boots on stone, it was silent. Many of the castle staff and its inhabitants still slumbering peacefully in their chambers save for a handful of royal knights that rose with the sun.

    The knight ascended a set of stairs that led to the eastern tower of the castle to walk a corridor where two other armored figures stood outside a heavy door. They all bore the symbol of Lunaria emblazoned on their armor as well as the deep blue cape that draped over their left shoulder.

    “Lady Artania.” The two men bowed their heads as their companion greeted them with the same gesture.

    “Jacob, William.” The knight smiled as green eyes glanced at the door. “She’s still asleep, as usual.”

    “I’m afraid so, Knight Commander.” William, the taller of the two, and better known to Illyana Artania, Knight Commander of the Royal Army.

    “I don’t see why we need to be up so early if the Princess fails to rise before noon.” Jacob groaned as he slumped against the wall and ran a hand through his black hair. He was the greener of the three knights, only given the title a few weeks prior.

    The three had been hand-picked by the Knight Captain and King himself to protect the Princess of Lunaria exclusively. With no impending war, Illyana was glad to take this position or else she wouldn’t be doing much of anything other than training new recruits to the army...which she rather despised. Although, most days guarding the Princess wasn’t all too exciting either.

    “It’s our duty.” Illyana answered as she took folded her arms over her chest and sighed. Admittedly, Jacob did have a point, but part of the job was rising with the sun and setting with the moon. And each knight taking shifts in guarding the Princess’s door each night.

    The Knight Commander ignored Jacob’s aggravated sighs as she tied her silvery blonde hair back away from her face. There were still a few hours until the Princess would rise and neither of them could leave their post until she exited her room. Illyana rested her back against the stone wall and tried to get comfortable for their wait.

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  2. Princess Dahlia


    Princess Dahlia was sitting at her vanity brushing her long, thick locks into submission when the guards outside of her door began to bicker behind her back about her royal sleeping schedule. She knew of her guards very well, and could easily distinguish Jacob's voice from Illyana and William, though she couldn't stand either of them. They were nothing more than glorified baby sitters in her eyes, and she was their boss. Well, the King was their boss, and the entourage of thick headed bodyguards usually seen stalking behind Dahlia was her father's doing.

    Admittedly, Dahlia was not the easiest person to get along with, and she was well aware of this fact, but who would challenge the Princess of Lunaria? Hmph. Dahlia smiled at her reflection in the mirror, her unruly curls tamed into a casual updo with ringlets framing her face and trailing down her back. She was dressed in a summer dress the color of custard and ready for the day. She couldn't wait to see the look on the guards' faces when she emerged from her chambers much earlier than expected.

    A mischievous grin worked it's way onto her lips as another idea suddenly entered her head, and she stopped a short ways from her door and looked over at her open balcony window. She covered her lips with a gloved hand and very quietly laughed into it as she made her way outside onto the balcony. Dahlia leaned over the railing and looked down into the garden, and then stepped back and looked towards the left and right where there were small gaps for her to make a jump onto another balcony leading into different parts of the study. She could escape easily, and when it came to teaching those unfortunate enough to cross her a lesson, she thought little of the consequences.

    The Princess sat down on the rail and swung her legs over the opposite side, then slowly moved along the outside of it until she reached a wall covered in vines. It looked secure enough. She carefully grabbed a handful of the vines and began climbing down it, until she had successfully made her way into the garden. That was more work than she had expected, but it was worth it.

    Flushed, and slightly out of breath, Dahlia made her way around the garden and into the stables. "Ah. Now, what shall we do today?" Dahlia said to herself. Her shimmering white horse, Lumina, was in her pen, looking glorious and eager to see her master. "Oh. You want to go for a ride, do you?" The Princess smiled softly and gestured for the stable boy to dress Lumina appropriately for a ride into the country, and he rushed off to gather Lumina's things. Dahlia's patted Lumina on the snout gently and looked around her cautiously, wondering when the stable boy would be back with her things.​
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  3. Illyana was drumming her fingers impatiently on her armor as she glanced at the door that led to the Princess's chamber. A couple hours had passed, according to the shift in sunlight through the window. It was even late for the Princess to be waking up. A heavy sigh escaped from her lungs as she watched Jacob and William playing cards, poorly.

    "Damnit, Will!" Jacob grunted and threw his hand of cards on the stone floor. "How are you so good at this game?"

    "Practice, boy." William chuckled with a smirk before grabbing Jacob's cards and shuffled them into his own a few times. "I've had a few years on you to learn this game." The young knight rolled his eyes and frowned.

    "It's late." Illyana muttered as she straightened up and walked towards the Princess's door. "Even for her." Her gauntled hand pounded firmly on the wood, making the other two knights jump. "Your Majesty? Are you awake?" There was no answer. "Princess?" Met again with silence, and it was agitating the woman's patience. "I'm coming in, Princess."

    The knight pushed the door open to find the chamber uninhabited. The bed, unmade and the balcony doors wide open. Illyana squeezed her eyes shut and massaged her temples. This wasn't the first time Princess Dahlia had slipped past the knights and Illyana was sure it wasn't the last time, but that didn't make it any less irritating.

    "She's gone." The Knight Commander groaned as Jacob and William joined her in the bed chamber. "You two go check the garden, I'm going to the stables."

    The fellow knights nodded and rushed out of the room as Illyana did the same. Her shoulder cape flowed as she rushed down the stair case and out of the main entrance. The early afternoon sun was shining warmly down on her as she walked briskly towards the stables. Illyana hadn't been guarding the Princess long, only the past couple weeks, but she was already tired of the job. As she reached the stables, a young boy was pitching hay into one of the stalls before the hurried footsteps of the knight caught his attention.

    "Knight Commander!" The boy squeaked as he bowed his head and Illyana stopped in front of him.

    "Have you seen Her Majesty this morning?" Green eyes narrowed as she looked down at the young man who swallowed thickly before clutching his pitch fork. Illyana sighed and shook her head. "Where did she go?"

    "Sh-she rode off about an hour and a half ago, Knight Commander." He lifted his hand and pointed towards the castle gates. "The Princess was heading East, your Ladyship." Illyana groaned as she headed towards the armory.

    "Ready my horse."


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  4. A wide grin stretched across Dahlia's face as Lumina strolled through a field of colorful wild flowers, the cool wind causing them to sway gently in a beautiful dance. Lumina came to a stop in the middle of the field, knowing that this was the place that Dahlia loved to be. The Princess dismounted her horse and removed a beaded purses from Lumina's saddle and began to walk away, leaving her horse to graze on the bright green grass in peace. She walked a short distance from Lumina and sat down under a large tree with drooping flowers.

    Dahlia sighed contently and opened her purse, retrieving a sketch pad and colored pencils. Her usual routine was to sketch the first thing she saw, but Dahlia wanted to find something special. She waited for a few minutes, eyes scanning the area for a rare bird or a rabbit. Almost half an hour had passed, but there was nothing. The Princess frowned and bit her bottom lip, grabbing a shade of green and filling in the grass idly. Dahlia soon passed out resting against the trunk of the tree, and was awoken to the sound of dried leaves crunching nearby.

    Dahlia looked over slowly and saw a family of deer not too far from where she was resting eating from the ground. She cautiously grabbed a pencil and began sketching it. The deer had noticed her, but didn't seem startled at all by her presence and allowed her to continue sketching. "You're all very good models, aren't you?" Dahlia said quietly, glancing up from her sketch pad and towards the deer. "And just think if I would have allowed those annoyances to follow me here. I'd get nothing done." She poked the tip of her tongue out as she neared the end of her sketch, when the deer suddenly bolted away into the bushes and a brown horse came running through the fields carrying a man with short brown hair. Their eyes locked, but Dahlia's eyes were filled with annoyance while the strange man was intrigued.

    The brown haired man tugged on his horses reins and came to a sudden stop a few feet from Dahlia before they completely passed her. He hopped down with ease and approached her, a charming smile on his face that had no effect on Dahlia. "Excuse me, Miss. I do not mean to interrupt, but look so familiar I could not pass you by without getting your name," the man said.

    Dahlia narrowed her eyebrows at the lack of the formalities that the man used. Being Princess of Lunaria, Dahlia liked to be treated as such and this man was treating her as a simple lady. He had an accent, clearly not a native of Lunaria, and his clothes were clearly expensive. Perhaps he was a foreigner, in which case Dahlia had to excuse his lack of manners. Dahlia cleared her throat and waved a curl over her shoulder, smirking at the man. "Do I look familiar? I can't imagine where you've seen me," Dahlia replied playfully. "Do you come to the country often?"

    "No, I do not. I'm here on official business with my father, but he has temporarily excused me over a...small disagreement." He answered, pausing as he searched for a way to explain himself without giving too much away. "I'm sorry, but I don't recall if you said your name, M'lday?"

    "Oh. What a shame," Dahlia said flatly. When the man asked her name again, Dahlia chuckled. "I am Dahlia. A poor farmer's daughter who sells mediocre sketches of wild life to support my family. What is your name?"

    Cecil seemed to be in a trance when Dahlia spoke her name, but snapped out as soon as she mentioned being a poor farmer's daughter. He looked her over and saw that she was well kept, and then noted the shimmering white horse that was of the highest quality. There was no way she was poor, or lived on a farm. "Interesting, Dahlia. I am Cecil, Prince of Incessum." He grabbed Dahlia's hand, though she was slightly reluctant to give it, and pressed his lips gently on the back of her gloved hand.


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  5. Illyana hung her shoulder cape up on a rung before strapping a sword to her waist. It wasn't that she was expecting danger on her way to search for the Princess, but she never liked to be without a weapon of any kind. Not having a sword's weight on her made her feel vulnerable, even in her armor. As she moved to exit the armory, she grabbed a riding cloak with the moon sigil of Lunaria on the back and flung it over her shoulders. She pulled her hair back into a low pony tail, a few wisps hanging in her face that were too short to stay bound.

    When the stables came back into view, her horse was standing at the ready, the stable boy dwarfed next to the large beast. Illyana reached out and patted the black steed gently on the neck before hoisting herself up into the saddle. Her green eyes glanced down at the stable boy who now, was a good four feet shorter.

    "You said you saw Her Majesty heading east down the road?" Illyana asked again, to make sure that she wasn't going to be sent on a wild hunt for the young woman.

    "Y-yes, Ma'am." The boy answered shakily, followed by a jerky nod. "East, towards the forest." The Knight Commander nodded before gently digging her heels into her horse's sides.

    "On, Nocte." Nocte had been a gift from Illyana's father when she was a child, back then, he was only a colt and neither had expectations to join the military. He was a large horse, bigger than most of the other horses in height and build. His solid black coat never faded in the sun and he emitted elegance when he moved. A fitting steed for a Knight Commander.

    Nocte snorted softly as he loped forward, swiftly moving past the gates and down the east path. Dahlia couldn't have gotten too far ahead of her, even within a couple hour's time. Even though the princess's horse had a gait as smooth as flowing water, Dahlia wasn't accustomed to traveling long distances on horseback and Illyana was sure she'd stop to rest before too long. And with the prancing gait of Dahlia's horse came a very unique pattern to her hoof prints, making it easy to track them.

    After a short distance, the trees lining the path to the castle dwindled off and fields of gold waved lazily on the breeze. Some farmers were out harvesting the wheat to take to market in the up coming weekend, and the Knight Commander decided to take a chance and query about the princess.

    "Excuse me!" She called as she slowed Nocte to a skidding halt. The two men stopped reaping to look up at the armored woman. "By any chance have you men seen a woman ride past here on a white horse? Blonde hair? Dark blue eyes?"

    "My Lady!" The older of the two men removed his worn cap and bowed his head, as his young hand did the same. "I did see a woman that fits your description, Knight Commander. Saw 'er ridin' down on the path but an hour ago, took a left at the fork in the road."

    "Thank you, sir." Illyana reached into a pouch on her belt and pulled out a gold coin. "For your help." She tossed the coin to the man who caught it eagerly and bowed to her, thanking her over and over as she urged Nocte onward. He moved fluidly as Illyana directed him left when they reached the split in the road. The Knight Commander's trained eyes saw the faint indents in the dirt of Dahlia's horse, the front hoof prints being lighter than the back.

    It wasn't more than twenty minutes until the green meadows began to burst with color. Wild flowers bloomed brightly in the uninhabited fields as green eyes scanned them carefully. She slowed Nocte as her eyes lingered on a large tree where a man was standing under its proffered shade. The knight gasped softly when the breeze blew and the slight glimpse of gold could be seen escaping the tree's shade. Nocte suddenly neighed loudly and was answered with another call which brought Illyana's attention to a glimmering white mare.

    "Lumina." The Knight Commander clicked to her steed and he trotted forward. As she neared the pair, she dismounted, letting Nocte continue forward to greet the mare. Illyana steeled her nerves, she didn't know the man or his intentions with the princess, but she wasn't about to let her guard down. "Your Majesty," She called as she bowed her head and then locked eyes with the young man. "Princess, I would appreciate knowing where you are if you're going to leave the castle grounds." Again, she glanced at the brunette man standing next to her, her left hand resting idly on the hilt of her sword. "And who might you be?"
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  6. Dahlia retracted her hand slowly, eyebrow quirked at the man before her expression falls flat. "Prince of Incessum?" she repeats, turning her head away slightly and tilting her nose up in the air. "That's nice, I suppose." Dahlia said, smirking as she imagined how bruised Cecil's ego must be now. She could hear the air hitching in his throat as he attempted to collect himself, and maybe say something else that may sweep the blonde beauty off her feet.

    Cecil was, of course, caught off guard by Dahlia's lack of interest in his royal status. Any girl would be swooning and jumping for the opportunity to spend an afternoon with him, but the fact that Dahlia wasn't only drew the Prince in deeper. He stood up straight and tall, unwavering in his efforts. "I take it you must have heard all of Incessum. Our fine fragrances and famous glass works are known by all," Cecil boasts, his pride for his kingdom worn on his face. He smiled wide, looking down at the blonde woman in hopes that she may be impressed. What lady didn't love perfume? "I could give you anything you ever wanted, all captured inside of a bottle so that you may take it wherever you may travel." Cecil smirks, leaning closer to Dahlia and pressing his hand against the tree behind her. "I'd perhaps love to show you my castle sometime, Dahlia."

    Dahlia had to admit, an endless supply of perfume was tempting. "Anything I ever wanted?" She sways her hips side to side softly, causing her dress to fan out around her ankles. "I'll have to think about it..." Dahlia says, her voice trailing off as something catches her eye. Annoyance flashes across Dahlia's face and the sound of hooves approaches, startling and confusing Cecil.

    "Your majesty?" Cecil said softly, puzzled by the sudden appearance of the armored, yet strangely attractive woman. She wore the crest of Lunaria on the broach pinning her cape, which meant she was a member of the royal court or military. Cecil's gaze followed where the white haired woman's went and landed on the blonde woman. The farmer's daughter. Was this some sort of mistake?

    Dahlia smirks playfully, a hint of mischief in her deep blue eyes. Knowing she must have caused her knight entourage any trouble pleased her. "Oh, but of course, Knight Commander. I could have sworn I passed the message onto one of the maids. Must have slipped their minds."

    Cecil could only watch slack jawed as this odd woman spoke with Dahlia. He fumbled for words when she addressed him. He was still recovering from the whiplash the farmer's daughter had given him, and Dahlia seemed all too amused. "I..." Cecil pauses to clear his throat, pulling his shoulders back and standing straight. This woman was nearly as tall as he was.

    "This is Cecil, Prince of Incessum," Dahlia cuts in, before Cecil can properly introduce himself. "We were just on our way to his castle, before you so rudely interrupted us,"

    "I-I. Well... Yes, this is true." Cecil replies, lowering his head in slight embarrassment. The Princess of Lunaria had brought him to his knees in one single move, but outing her charade as a farmer's daughter seemed... inappropriate. He would be more than happy to play along if it meant spending more time with the Princess. "We were just going to be on our way, then, Princess?"
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  7. Illyana's expression was less than amused as she raised her eyebrow at the young prince. He wasn't much to look at. His attire was flamboyant, of course, that of nobility, but nothing more of him was impressive in any manner. Of course, in the eyes of the knight, she never had a high impression of royalty other than her King. So, in the most polite manner she could muster, Illyana ignored Prince Cecil's words and turned back to the matter at hand.

    "You must be more careful, Princess, you're unarmed and unescorted." Again, Illyana glared daggers into the Prince. "And concerning this young man's plans, we will have to head back and get your father's permission." The Knight Commander glanced down at the flaxen haired Princess and softened her features. "I would be happy to accompany you to this man's...castle, after we inform the King, of course."

    She didn't really wait to hear Dahlia's response before she turned back to the Prince of Incessum. Cecil couldn't be more than eighteen years of age, or perhaps younger. It was hard to tell, the man wore his youth heavily and plainly on his face. There were no hardened lines of a man's features, or even scruff on his face to indicate he wasn't prepubescent. Still, there was something about the Prince that Illyana didn't trust. And whenever he spoke, the feeling itched at the surface of her skin even more. So she kept that idle left hand resting on her sword. For intimidation, if anything.

    "I-well, that is, I'm not sure if my father-" The Prince was fumbling for his words as he scratched the back of his neck. He hadn't planned on running into the Princess of Lunaria, or her strangely threatening, and mannerless body guard. His plans had been for a peasant girl, not royalty. His status and title surely wouldn't impress someone of Dahlia's stature, or at least, what he'd heard of the Princess from the murmurs at court. Still, Cecil was a Prince, and he should be treated as one. "Ahem, I'm not sure if you heard...Her Majesty," Cecil straightened his shoulders and combed back his locks with his gloved hand. "But I am Prince Cecil of Incessum, I don't think we were properly introduced."

    Illyana's face fell flat as she glanced down at the Prince. It was customary that anyone of lower status bow to royalty, but that wasn't Illyana's way, nor was that going to change unless it was forced upon her by law. She was the Knight Commander of Godric Crescent's Royal Army, the King of Lunaria. He himself hand chose Illyana to have the honor of protecting his daughter, Dahlia. And Illyana would not show fealty to another besides her sovereigns.

    "You're correct, sir." Illyana answered smoothly as she evened out her expression. "We were never introduced. I am Illyana Celeste Artania, Knight Commander of Lunaria's Royal Army." Illyana didn't bow, she refused to bow to a child unless forced or in the presence of an actual visiting ruler. Cecil was just a spoiled son of a king, a kid with a title, nothing more in the knight's eyes. "A pleasure."

    Cecil stiffened when the knight neglected to bow to him. He wasn't used to being treated this way. First the Princess hadn't been the least bit impressed with him, and now this knight wasn't showing him the respect he deserved. This was far below acceptable and he wouldn't stand for it. Especially since Princess Dahlia was still watching, he needed to show that he could command respect from a lowly soldier.

    "Do the common folk here show no respect for royalty?" Cecil tried his best to stand up tall and puff out his chest a little as he glared at the Knight Commander. "You must've been raised with the livestock, Knight Commander."
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  8. Dahlia pressed her lips into a flat line as Illyana mentioned getting the king's approval, and escorting her to Cecil's castle. She hadn't truly planned on going to the Prince of Incessum's castle, and even if she had, Illyana wasn't invited. It was a little funny to the princess to see Cecil squirming in Illyana's presence, however. She suppressed her laughter with a delicate touch of her hand to her lips and turned away slightly. She stopped laughing when Cecil hurled an insult at her bodyguard, almost offended for the woman who had sworn to protect her life.

    "Cecil, don't you think those words are a little harsh for a lady? You can not expect every woman to fall at your feet as I'm sure many have done, but you are in Lunaria now and I would like you to try and be civil with Lady Artania," Dahlia says, smirking and crossing her arms underneath her bust. "Of course if you have a complaint, you are free to take them up with the King, though I must warn you he will not hear a single negative word about my bodyguard." The Princess knew this to be true only because she complained to her father nearly every day about the Knight Commander's constant hovering, but he ignored and brushed off anything she had to say. The King would allow Illyana to get away with almost anything if it meant his daughter was safe.

    Cecil was caught off guard by the Princess speaking up to defend her body guard, but perhaps the two of them were closer than either of them had let on. The muscle in his jaw clenched and he exhaled through his nostrils in resignation. How could he argue with the beautiful princess of Lunaria? He would surrender if it meant remaining in her good graces. He didn't say anything in response, only glared at the Knight Commander, wondering if she would actually draw her sword on him.

    Dahlia yawns softly and drops her hands to her hips, eyes going to her horse and back to Illyana and Cecil. "I think I've had enough fun for one day," she adds casually. "You two love birds will have to settle your differences another time," Dahlia teases, walking away from the tree and towards Lumina, who was waiting patiently for her master. "Oh, Illyana. Would you mind fetching my things, please?" She calls after mounting her mare, pointing at the large tree where she was previously sitting. It was only a sketch pad and some coloring tools.

    Cecil watched, hand balling up in frustration and disappointment as Dahlia prepared to leave. He felt a spark of hope when he saw that Dahlia had forgotten her things, but before he could make a move she already sent her guard dog to retrieve it. Cecil moved as Illyana did, hoping to grab Dahlia's things before Illyana could. ​
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  9. Illyana had been a bit surprised that the Princess had come to her defense after the insult Cecil had dealt her. Of course, that was soon countered by the mention of "love birds", but she couldn't do much about it. Instead, she quelched her agitation and did as the Princess bade. She watched the Prince move when she did out of the corner of her eye before he halted. Illyana rolled her eyes before gathering Dahlia's possessions and walking towards Nocte.

    The knight wasn't blind to the Prince's wandering eyes and she glared back at him after Dahlia's sketchbook and tools were packed safely into Nocte's saddlebags. She didn't like the way that the young man was looking at the Princess when she'd found them. It was clear to her he didn't have the purist of intentions.

    "You'd do well to control your stares if you're to encounter the Princess again." Illyana mounted Nocte and turned him down the road back towards the castle. Dahlia was already ahead of them and the Knight Commander wasn't about to lose sight of the blonde again. "Keep in mind, if you see the Princess again, you'll also be seeing me again." Illyana didn't wait for the Prince to answer before she urged Nocte down the road after Lumina and the Princess.

    Illyana sighed as she dismounted her horse and headed back towards the castle after ordering the stable boy to return Dahlia's art supplies. The sun was just starting to sink which indicated late afternoon. This was starting to become a routine for Illyana, ever since she'd agreed to protect Princess Dahlia. It seemed the Princess would try anything to get away from her guards.

    "Lady Illyana!" The knight stopped briefly as Jacob and William emerged from the castle. "Did you find Her Majesty?"

    "I did, she'd just ran off, as always." Illyana wasn't really in the mood to debrief her comrades and more so in the mood for a hot bath after meeting the Prince. "But if you two don't mind, I need to wind down from the day I've had."

    Jacob went to argue, but William put a hand on his shoulder and moved him out of Illyana's way. "Of course, Knight Commander. We will see you at dinner."

    Illyana nodded at the two knights and entered the castle before making her way towards Dahlia's chamber. It wasn't like the knight to confront the Princess, but this was getting tiring, not to mention dangerous. Maybe Dahlia wasn't aware of the trouble she caused when she ran off like that. When the knight reached the stair case, she caught sight of the Princess heading up the stairs.

    "Majesty!" Illyana called as she quickened her pace. "May I have a word?"

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  10. Dahlia arrived back at the stables and eagerly dismounted Lumina, leaving her in the hands of the stable boy. She pretended to be stretching her neck and shoulders, and stole a glance at Illyana, who was just approaching the stables. The Princess knew that the Knight Commander would be...less than pleased with her sneaking out again and wouldn't be sticking around for any evil glares or speeches.

    The Princess managed to get inside of the castle quietly without being stopped by any of her bodyguards. Dahlia could only hope they would leave her alone for the rest of the evening, but that would be asking too much. As she was heading up the stairs, she heard Illyana calling her name from behind her. Dahlia groaned internally, looking over her shoulder at the pale haired woman who had no doubt come to confront her.

    "Yes?" Dahlia answered, slowing her pace as she moved up the stairs. "I suppose I can spare a second or two, but make it quick. I have more important matters to attend to." A subtle smirk appears on her lips, and she folds her arms. "And if this is about my whereabouts earlier this morning, do not blame me. You all simply failed to do your job, which is shame considering my father has put all of his faith in you," Dahlia said, her smirk widening as she imagined Illyana would not be able to argue with her.​
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  11. Failed to do her job?

    Illyana wanted to scoff but she held it back and let out a soft sigh before speaking again. "I beg your pardon, Majesty, but if you didn't sneak out of your window to get away from us, that wouldn't have happened." The knight cleared her throat before looking the Princess in the eyes. She'd tried to have this conversation with the King himself, but he'd simply told the Knight Commander that he couldn't control his daughter's "free spirit". To which, Illyana just had to try harder to keep an eye on the Princess.

    This meant getting in good with the stable workers, the grounds keepers, and the maids and servants. All of which had eyes around the castle in case they saw a fleeing princess in the early morning hours or the evening after dinner to roam the maze in the garden. Either way, Illyana had a lot more experience in investigation than being a a personal guard to Lunaria's Princess.

    "Please understand, Princess," Illyana spoke again after clearing her throat. "It is the fact that your father felt the need to assign myself and the other knights to your service that I am bound to your side. Just because you're safe at the castle doesn't mean that it's like that where ever you go. What if you got hurt trying to escape out of your window this morning? Or what if that Prince had tried to abduct you?"

    The Knight Commander could feel the tension in her body rising and she tried to snuff it by taking a deep breath. She wasn't used to personal guard work, she was first and foremost, a soldier. Illyana wasn't used to having someone's life, let alone the life of a princess, as a responsibility. The only responsibility she was used to was keeping her men and herself alive.

    "I don't mean to sound like I'm scolding you, but I do wish you'd take your safety and my abilities into consideration."
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  12. Dahlia rolled her eyes as Illyana countered with her own logic and reasoning. "You are being ridiculous!" Dahlia said, her voice lowering to a sharp whisper. "This is exactly what I am talking about. You three can't do your jobs properly, which is how I was able to escape in the first place. If I had fallen and broken my legs it would be your fault and your's alone for making me go to such lengths for a tiny bit of freedom." She inhaled deeply, chest puffed out and her hands going to her hips.

    It was difficult enough having to defend herself against Illyana, but being treated as some fragile little doll was beyond frustrating for the Princess. Huffing, Dahlia began to ascend the staircase again. "I don't know how I survived seventeen years without you and your lackeys watching my every move, Knight Commander."

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  13. The knight tried to reel in her temper as she took another step towards the Princess. "My fault?" Illyana repeated as she furrowed her brow. "I don't believe it would be mine, Jacob's or William's fault if you'd injured yourself trying to get away from us." The Knight Commander sighed as she ran her fingers through her hair. Dealing with the young princess was...difficult. She had her own way of thinking things through, and it seemed even if she set fire to her own bed and was caught holding the match, she'd still blame someone else. It was only a little frustrating.

    "I don't know why His Highness decided that it was time for you to have personal guards but I'm sure he has good reason." Illyana heard the faint rumble of the castle doors opening, but ignored them. "And secondly..."

    "Illyana!" Jacob appeared behind the knight, out of breath and followed by a distraught William. "There's-outside..."

    Before Jacob could answer there was another, louder rumble, followed by a bone rattling roar that shook the entire castle. Illyana braced herself against the wall and looked back at her commrades. "What is going on?!"

    "There's a dragon!" William answered as he took a few steps forward and a bright light ignited outside of the window, followed by an explosion. "It just showed up out of nowhere and started destroying everything!"

    "Jacob, take the Princess to the great hall and keep her safe." Jacob nodded after receiving the orders from the Knight Commander before Illyana descended the stairs with William in tow. "We need to get the full body shields to all the soldiers and get the King to the hall with the other servants. That's the safest place in the castle at the moment until we can kill that beast."

    "You think that we can kill it?" William asked as they exited the castle and had to duck to avoid a blast of fire. The sounds of swords clashing against scales and the pained howls of men getting burned.

    "We don't have a choice." Illyana and William began sprinting towards the armory, dodging a large, spiked dragon tail as they did so. The beast was setting things on fire in a blind fury. It'd been ages since there had been even a record of a dragon attack near the castle. Where this one came from was a mystery, but the knight wasn't about to let it destroy the castle, or even worse, let it head towards the nearby town.

    There were other soldiers that were clammoring for swords and spears along with their shields. The men weren't prepared for a large scale attack on the castle, let alone a dragon. Most of the army was off protecting borders or patroling the streets of the city. Illyana sighed as she grabbed a sword as well as a large shield before running back out to see the mayhem the dragon was causing. Several buildings were set on fire and the soldiers and servants that weren't fighting, were working on dousing the flames.

    "Go help the others!" Illyana ordered William as he ran off towards the group of soldiers keeping the dragon's attention. Illyana took a deep breath and gripped her shield tightly in her left hand before charging the dragon. Her steel sliced into the beast's back leg and it roared before flailing its tail at the woman. She ducked and began shouting orders. "Make sure you attack under it's belly! That's where it will be the weakest!"

    The soldiers followed their Knight Commander's words, dodging and distracting, so that the others could get under the dragon enough to do some damage. In a split moment, the dragon whipped around, as if knowing that Illyana was leading the charge, and exhaled a large blast of fire. The knight raised her shield just in time to block the flame. The heat was immense and Illyana was sure the shield was going to melt into her armor. But it subsided and she ermerged, slightly singed, but in one piece.

    The knight ducked under the dragon's tail as it swung at her again, thrusting her sword into the dragon's leg once more. lt roared and stumbled into the castle tower. Illyana looked up at the falling rubble and panicked. The knight ran back towards the castle and was thankful to see that no damage had been done to the interior, more so, the Great Hall. She entered to see the King and the majority of the castle staff huddled in the back. But she didn't see Jacob, or the Princess.

    "Damnit." Illyana darted up towards the Princess's tower in such a rush that she dropped her shield so she could run faster. When she reached Dahlia's chambers, the door was half broken and she heard a pained groan from inside. She kicked the rest of the door down and found Jacob buried in a pile of rubble, and Dahlia crouched next to him. Before Illyana could say anything, the dragon's muzzle appeared in the gaping hole in the stone wall and inhaled deeply.

    The Knight Commander grabbed Jacob's shield and planted it in front of the Princess and her injured soldier. It was just in time to block a blast of flames that engulfed the entire room. Illyana cried out in pain as she felt the heat melting through the shield and against her armor. In a split second the heat dissipated and the knight was faced with the angered face of the dragon. She needed to get the beast away from the Princess and the injured Jacob, so Illyana did what she had to do. She charged the dragon, slashing at its face, forcing it to back away from Dahlia's chambers and before the beast could get too far away Illyana leapt off the ledge and dug her sword in between the scales of the dragon's back.
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  14. The Princess continued up the stairs, her pace slowing as she heard the faint rumbling of the castle. She glanced up to see small trails of dust falling from the ceiling, and then the sound of the doors bursting open, followed by Illyana's lackeys stumbling into the tower. Those were the last two people Dahlia wanted to see, but something was amiss and Dahlia needed to know what. She didn't receive her answer before nearly being thrown from the staircase, but thankfully she was able to brace herself just in time. Dahlia already knew it was something horrible when she heard the roar, and didn't waste another minute lingering around.

    As Dahlia turned to flee, Jacob rushed after her, tripping over his own two feet as the castle continued to shake. "Pri-Princess, please! We must get you to the safety of the great hall, before it's too late!"

    Dahlia practically flew up the stairs, hoping to return to her chambers before it was too late. She glanced at Jacob, scowling at him as he reached for her elbow. "Turn back now if you want to go to the great hall. I'll understand," she said, snatching her elbow back to her side.

    The young soldier considered the princess's words for a moment, but quickly decided leaving her was out of the question. "Damn it." He caved, and followed Dahlia the rest of the way into her chambers. He looked around the bedroom worriedly, his hand going to the hilt of sword as the castle continued to shake. He looked to the princess and saw her rummaging through her jewelry box. He couldn't believe Dahlia was placing a piece of jewelry before her own life. "Princess, you have one more minute and then I'm hauling you over my shoulder and downstairs!"

    "I-I can't find it," Dahlia whispered, panicked. Hearing Jacob's threats, Dahlia shot a death glare over to him. She was about to retaliate when the the wall exploded from behind Jacob. The sheer force of the collision sent Dahlia tumbling backwards, though Jacob got the worst of it all as his body flew across the room. Dahlia was able to shield herself with her hands, small bits of stone bouncing off of her skin sharply. She looked up and saw Jacob lying on the ground in a pile of debris.

    "Jacob!" Dahlia cried out, rushing over to his side. She began to brush some of the rubble off of the injured man, only pausing when she realized that Illyana had come to their aid. She appeared hopeful for a moment, but that was replaced with terror when the dragon appeared through the gaping hole in the wall. Bright orange flashed before her eyes and searing heat filled the room. Dahlia covered Jacob with her own body, but looked up in time to see Illyana's act of bravery. She stared at the woman in awe as the flames subsided, and Illyana headed into the battle with the beast.

    The dragon snapped at Illyana as she leapt onto it's back, and cried out in rage as the sword pierced it's scales. It stretched it's wings and flew head first into the bedroom, hitting another wall and shaking from it's tail and up to it's head in hopes of driving Illyana off. Dahlia ducked her head down, then saw a glint from underneath of what remained of her bed. It was one of the few things in her room that remained untouched by fire, and the only thing that mattered to Dahlia.

    Dahlia began to crawl swiftly over to where she saw the glistening object, glancing over at the dragon every so often to make sure she hadn't drawn any attention to herself. She dug through the pile of debris and embers to retrieve her most precious item. The large chandelier hanging over Dahlia's head was hanging by it's last screw, and the ceiling supporting it was beginning to give out. She looked up as she heard what could only be described as metal snapping, and the gentle chime of crystal beads clinking against each other.​
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  15. Illyana grunted as she hung onto the hilt of her sword that was wedged between the dragon's scales. Her arm still felt like it was on fire, but it was a long fall if she were to let go. The dragon roared in pain as it fell on all fours and whipped its tail around wildly, trying to hit the annoyance on its back. The knight winced as the jarring sent electricity through her arm. As the the dragon flailed, Illyana managed to get to her feet and glanced back at the Princess who was on the ground grasping at something in her hands.

    "Pr-Princess!!" Illyana heard Jacob's muffled cry and the knight saw the danger of the crumbling stone ceiling. The knight grunted as she pulled her sword from the dragon's back and heard it roar in pain once more. She mustered all of her strength and leapt back into the Princess's chambers before grabbing the shield on the ground.

    "Dahlia!" The knight slid across the ground and covered the princess with her body, holding the shield up over them to deflect the falling chandelier. The shield was just enough to protect Dahlia's body that wasn't covered by Illyana's own armored figure. The falling debris didn't last long, but Illyana was already exhausted from fighting and the burn on her right arm was starting to distract her.

    She heard the faint cries of the men and the roar of the dragon, followed by the flapping of wings. The Knight Commander was breathing heavily as she removed the shield and looked over her shoulder to see the dragon flying off, followed by a volley of arrows and spears. A breath of relief escaped Illyana's lips as she pushed the rubble from around her and then remembered her fallen friend.

    "Jacob." Illyana moved to the young man and began carefully removing the stone that was on top of his body. "It's gonna be all right. The dragon is gone, we need to get you to the healer."

    " Her Majesty all right?"

    "Look at you." The Knight Commander chuckled as she removed the last stone from Jacob's body. "Actually doing your job and worrying about the princess." Jacob managed a bloody smirk before Illyana glanced back to make sure that Dahlia was actually unharmed. Illyana reached down and slung Jacob's arm around her shoulders before hoisting him up. "I'm going to take Jacob to see Lady Ashera, you should probably come with us, Majesty."
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  16. Dahlia looked away and raised her hands protectively as if she would somehow be able to shield herself from the crumbling ceiling. Of course when Dahlia realized she was still in piece, she looked up to see that Illyana was hovering over her with her shield held over their heads. Exhaling a sigh of relief, Dahlia looked over shoulder at the dragon flying off into the distance.

    "The worst part is over, at least..." The princess got to her feet and dusted off her hands. She walked over towards Illyana and Jacob, carefully stepping over weak spots in the floor and dodging debris. Her room was truly a mess, but she tried not to linger on that. Jacob needed more urgent attention, and Illyana had to have been in pretty rough shape after battling the dragon. If not for those two, she probably would be the one needing a healer, or worse...

    "Sure. I want to make sure Jacob gets the best care," Dahlia said, kneeling down to help Jacob up. Whether Illyana picked up Jacob or not, Dahlia was determined to help. It was a rare occurrence, but it was the least Dahlia could do after everything. She felt partly responsible for the young man's injuries and would be crushed if he didn't get the care he deserved. "I won't be able to linger around the infirmary, Knight Commander. I want to be sure my father and Ella are safe." She turned down the hall leading down the hospital wing of the castle, which was fortunately left intact. It seemed her tower had taken most of the damage, which helped to quell her worries.

    "Lady Ashera, we need your help." Dahlia called as they passed through the doorway. To her surprise there weren't too many people being treated, leading Dahlia to believe that there were no causalities during the dragon attack.

    A tan woman about the same height as the Knight Commander turned away from a groaning, yet, clearly alive soldier and towards Dahlia. She looked over Illyana and the wounded man, and motioned for them to lie him onto the nearest empty bed as she approached it. Turquoise eyes quickly studied the party, before she placed her hand on Jacob's forehead briefly. "You're exhausted, Knight Commander. Take the Princess and have a seat, I'll be over shortly to assess your wounds and update you on your friend," Lady Ashera said.​
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  17. Illyana followed Lady Ashera's command and gently ushered Dahlia out of the room. There was a row of chairs that were empty outside of the infirmary and she sat down with a soft sigh. The knight was glad to see that not many guards had been injured too badly from the dragon attack, but she was worried about Jacob. Armor was meant to protect, but being crushed with it on was potentially lethal. The weight of the stone debris added to the already weighted armor could easily collapse a lung or suffocate a soldier.

    A few minutes passed as Illyana sat with the Princess and babied her right arm. She was sure getting her gauntlet off was going to be painful, but she feared if she didn't get it off soon, it would take some of her skin with it. So she slowly began unbuckling her gauntlet before carefully slipping it off. Illyana grunted a little, the slight brush against her hand sent her nerves buzzing and the knight was glad, yet regretted remembering to wear her sleeve under her gauntlets.

    "I think you're going to want me to remove that." Illyana looked up just as she was about to lift the fabric from her burned skin. "I just got done treating Jacob, he's very battered, but he'll make it. His right lung collapsed, and his right arm is broken, but besides some other cuts and bruises, he'll survive."

    "That's good to hear, Lady Ashera." The knight smiled as she let her arm go idle. "I'm glad to hear he'll be all right."

    "Granted, he'll have some healing to do." Lady Ashera answered with a stern look before motioning for Illyana to follow her. "And it's Cortana, Illyana, I think we can be less formal with one another after all these years."

    Illyana chuckled softly before standing. She had known Cortana Ashera for some time, after returning from war when she was only sixteen, Illyana suffered from night terrors. The Healer's herbal concoctions were the only thing that granted her restful sleep until she'd come to cope with the horrors of battle. "If you wouldn't mind terribly, Cortana, you really should have a look at Her Grace before tending to me. I have no life threatening wounds and Princess Dahlia could be in shock."

    Illyana felt a bit guilty that she hadn't tended to Dahlia at all, but Jacob had been her first priority. Dahlia didn't seem to have any physical maladies, but shock came in many forms, and it was possible that it could affect the Princess later.
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  18. Dahlia's mind drifted elsewhere while Lady Ashera and Illyana kept the conversation among themselves. If it were any other time Dahlia would have been slightly annoyed and considered the both of them rude, but she didn't care today. She was only concerned with the king and Ella, so she definitely couldn't stick around the infirmary to be looked over by the healer.

    "I'm afraid you'll have to save my check up for another day. I really have to get going and see that my family is alright," Dahlia cut in as she stood up after Illyana. "I'm sure you'll have no problem looking over the Knight Commander twice to make up for it, Lady Ashera?" She asks, flashing a smirk, and then slowly turning away with a casual wave of her hand. The king, along with Ella came hurrying down the hall before Dahlia was able to take another step away from the infirmary, and her sly smirk grew into a youthful grin. She waited for Ella and the king to pick up their pace and meet her near the entrance of the infirmary, but she was more than happy to see them.

    "Oh father! Ella!" Dahlia greeted with a deep sigh of relief. She took both of their hands into her own and squeezed tight. They all appeared equally pleased to be reunited, with the King acknowledging Illyana and Lady Ashera with a nod of the head. "I'm so glad to see you're safe. How is everyone?" Dahlia asks, eager to know.

    "Not to worry, Dahlia. Everyone made it to the Great Hall in time..." The King replies, before clearing his throat and turning towards Illyana. "But, after realizing you hadn't made it in we began to fear the worst. Fortunately, tales spread like wildfire of the Knight Commander's bravery and how she drove off the dragon entirely by herself." He smiles so big his eyes squint, and the skin around his eyes wrinkles pleasantly when he turns to the pale haired woman standing before them. "You have truly saved us all, Lady Artania."
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  19. Illyana glanced over her shoulder as Cortana was dressing her burned arm. She hadn't expected to see the King so soon, but it was only natural he wanted to see his daughter. As Lady Ashera finished bandaging her arm, she gave her a quick once over before addressing the King. "Yes, without Lady Artania's warning we'd all be in bad shape." The Healer smirked at the Knight Commander who rolled her eyes back. It wasn't uncommon of Cortana to prod at the young woman whenever she got the chance, she was quite mischevous.

    "You flatter me, Highness." The knight turned and bowed her head to the man who was keeping a protective arm around Dahlia's shoulders. "The credit should go to William and the rest of the guard, they listened perfectly and without them I doubt I would've fought that dragon off with only my sword."

    Lady Ashera bowed her head before mentioning she needed to look in on her other patients that had more critical wounds, leaving the Knight Commander and the royal family to speak alone, along with Ella. "You should take credit where credit is due, Knight Commander." The King smiled kindly as he turned and nodded his head towards the corridor. "Walk with me for a moment, would you?" Illyana nodded and followed the King out into the larger, less crowded corridor where the moon shone high in the sky through the large windows. Before another word could be said, the clacking of armor could be heard rushing down the hall.

    "Highness!" Illyana, including the king, turned to see a large blonde man walking briskly towards them. "Your Highness, you shouldn't just leave like that without telling me. With the dragon attack you need more protection than ever."

    "Ah, Lord Xander." The King greeted calmly as Illyana eyed the man, unamused. "I don't think you need to worry now that the dragon has fled."

    "Still, my Lord, you must take precautions." Xander turned towards Illyana and a small smirk grew on his lips. "Lady Artania, so good to see you. Your feat of bravery has spread like the plague in the castle, I'm sorry I missed the battle."

    "Yes," Illyana had met Sir Xander Fileon two times before this encounter, each one he seemed to be growing bolder in his words. He was the King's personal body guard, charged with his protection. You hardly ever saw the older knight away from His Highness. "A pity you weren't out there battling with the other men and I. The stories you could be telling."

    "I'm afraid I couldn't leave the King's side." Xander took a step towards Illyana and the Knight Commander looked up at him with a firm glare. Xander was a half a foot taller than Illyana, and perhaps even that much wider. He'd been in the Royal Army since he was a child and had found his way to the King's side. The stories of him weren't impressive, a lazy man who did the bare minimum of his duties. Many believe he used his family's status to become the King's body guard, since he wasn't the King's first choice. "If I had been there you'd be sure that dragon would be slain."

    The Knight Commander did all she could to keep her temper in check, she doubted that Xander would've been much help in all honesty. But still, she did her best to be curteous and polite. Even though Xander wasn't technically her superior, being the body guard of the King gave him a certain status amongst the other soldiers.

    "I'm sure." Illyana turned back towards the King and bowed her head. "Highness, you'd mentioned you wanted to speak to me about something."

    "Ah, yes," The King smiled before turning his back to his body guard and addressing the young woman again. "With Jacob injured, and with the skill that you showed today, Lady Artania, I was wondering if you would take the position of being Dahlia's personal guard?"

    "Personal guard?" The knight repeated as she blinked and tilted her head slightly. Was she hearing this correctly? "You mean,"

    "What Xander is to me, you'll be to Dahlia." The King continued as he put his hand on Illyana's shoulder. "I want you to be with her at all times, no more shifts passed between the three of you. After tonight, I'm sure that I want you to be with Dahlia at all times."

    "Majesty," Xander cut in as he took a step towards the two. "Are you sure that's wise? She's but a child, surely a soldier with more experience would be a better fit."

    "I believe Lady Artania has proven herself today that she is capable of protecting my daughter." King Godric eyed his body guard, almost sternly as he addressed him. "Besides, her young age has no effect on her sense of responsibility and discipline."

    "I thought you of all people would understand that." Illyana muttered as she folded her arms over her chest and looked out the window. It's not that Xander was an old man, but he was well into the middle of his life. His golden hair was beginning to dull and grey, and his beard was doing the same. Just by looking at him it wasn't hard to guess his age. "Isn't it a little late for you to be out and about, Sir Xander?"

    The older knight just chuckled before glancing at Illyana again. "You must've acquired some of that dragon's fire, Lady Artania."

    "I must have." The Knight Commander kept her face indifferent as Xander chuckled and bowed his head.

    "I hope to see you again soon, Lady Artania." He then turned towards the King and bowed. "Your Highness." Without another word, Xander turned and walked back down the corridor towards the great hall. Illyana was honestly surprised that Xander had been able to contain himself. Their last meeting had consisted of him being drunk and being very forward with her. Needless to say she had turned him down in a rather physical manner.

    "Now that he is gone, what is your answer, Lady Artania?" King Godric looked kindly at the young woman. "I would feel much better knowing Dahlia was under your wing."

    "I cannot refuse, Your Highness." Illyana answered as she bowed her head to the king. "I am but your humble servant, my Lord. If being the Princess's personal guard will put your mind at ease, I will gladly take on the task."

    "Splendid! You can start once you're fully healed." The King smiled wide and clapped Illyana on the back. "You have no idea the burden you've lifted from my shoulder, Lady Artania. And don't fret, I will inform my daughter of these changes. But now, let's speak of the celebration we're to throw in your honor!"

    Illyana barely spoke after that. The King went on about the celebration he wanted to plan in the next week, or at least as soon as the courtyard was repaired. The Knight Commander had never had any sort of party or ball thrown in her honor, and in her opinion, she wasn't sure why it was to be thrown. It wasn't her solely that protected the kingdom, but King Godric couldn't be swayed.

    Four days passed since the dragon attack. Illyana was on her way to the infirmary to check on Jacob and have her bandages changed on her arm. The burn hadn't been as bad as Illyana had imagined, but it wasn't a burn that was healed in a few days. Her bandages needed to be changed every twelve hours and ointment applied to keep her skin from drying out. All in all it was a tedious thing to do and she'd contemplated ignoring Cortana's recommended care, but she needed her arm back at full strength.

    On top of healing, she had her new "promotion" to look forward to as well, not to mention having a celebration thrown in her honor for fending off the dragon. The Knight Commander sighed as she reached the infirmary and opened the door. There, sitting in the first bed with his arm in a sling and a pillow behind his back, was Jacob.

    "Well don't you look pampered." Illyana jested as she moved towards the young soldier. "I dare say I might break a bone or two next time there's an attack."

    "I would trade you positions right now if I could, Knight Commander." Jacob was less than amused as Illyana sat down in a chair next to his bed with a chuckle. "This is worse than when I had to do basic training when I joined the military."

    "Well, Lady Ashera says you've still got some healing to do internally." The knight added with a shrug. "She supposes you'll be able to head back to your own quarters in a week or so, once she knows your lung is fully healed."

    Jacob just groaned as Cortana entered the room and rolled her eyes. "You knights," She sighed as she approached Illyana. "You'd think getting some well deserved or well needed rest was the equivalent of putting you on the rack." Illyana just smirked as Cortana began gently removing her bandages. Thanks to the talented healer, Illyana's burn was healing at twice the normal rate compared to if she'd let it heal on its own. The skin was still red and a bit raw, but the scarring that had snaked up her hand and forearm had gone down significantly in just four days. "It's looking well. I'd say another four or five days and you'll be as good as new. As long as you keep up with your treatment."

    "Yes, ma'am." The Knight Commander nodded as Cortana began applying clean white bandages to replace the soiled ones. "How much longer until Jacob will be able to walk?"

    "I'd say three days." Cortana answered as she put her hands on her hips and eyed the young man. "Maybe longer if he proves to be as hard headed as he's been acting."

    "I'm bored." The two started to bicker quietly and Illyana just shook her head and stood. She was supposed to be meeting William to oversee repairs to the castle. So she slipped out of the infirmary quietly before heading towards the Princess's tower, or at least what was left of it. As she neared, she heard the carpenters working and the masons replacing stones. William was standing by the staircase shaking his head.

    "Something wrong, Will?" Illyana asked as she approached and took in the sight of ten men working to repair the damage the dragon had caused. Some were carrying out the debris that was left over in the Princess's bedroom while the others were bringing in fresh supplies to replace the damaged wall. "They've been working since the day after the dragon attack, right?"

    "I'm afraid so." William answered as he ran a hand through his dark hair. "They were suppose to be farther along than this, but they ran into some complications. When they removed Princess Dahlia's furniture, more of the ceiling collapsed and it took out one of the walls they'd already replaced."

    "So they're behind." Now Illyana knew why William looked so stressed. "Well, do you want to tell Her Majesty or should I?"

    "I don't think either of us should, honestly." The knight answered as he smiled and glanced at the Knight Commander. "I fear she'd tear us asunder with just a look."

    "I wouldn't argue with you there."

    "Did you hear the King is already planning your "grand celebration"?" William continued as he turned and started walking back towards the main entrance.

    "I thought he was going to wait until the castle was repaired." The young woman sighed as she followed her comrade. "Has the courtyard been repaired even?"

    "It has been for almost a day now." The brunette man stopped and turned to look out the large window that looked over the courtyard. "Look there, that was the first thing the King had repaired. He must think that a celebration would be uplifting for everyone. Make them forget about the damage."

    "He might be right." Illyana combed her fingers through her long hair and sighed again. "It could be worse I suppose, what's mingling with a few nobles and townsfolk compared to a dragon?"
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  20. Dahlia slipped out from under the King's arm when he began to address Illyana, and joined Ella off to the side. It wasn't long before Xander, her father's pompous body guard, came strolling down the hall. Like Illyana's ability to find Dahlia anywhere in Lunaria, Xander was able to hone in on where the King was at all times and was rarely seen without him. It was only a matter of time before he showed up as well, but Dahlia was unimpressed by the man's arrival and every word that came out of his mouth.

    The princess crossed her arms, careful not to show her disgust as Xander boasted about what could have been done had he been there. She may not have been the fondest of Illyana, but even she could admit that The Knight Commander was very talented. The king must have noticed as well, as he suddenly had the idea of ruining Dahlia's life further by appointing Illyana as her personal bodyguard. Dahlia could have fainted right then, and Ella frowned as she saw the color leave Dahlia's face. Even as Princess of Lunaria Dahlia had no say in the matter.

    Dahlia's eyes narrowed into very sharp daggers as Illyana accepted the King's offer. She had no kind words or thoughts for Illyana, and simply turned swiftly away to storm off down the hall. Despicable, meat headed... She looked both ways with a huff, unsure of where to even go now that her room had been practically destroyed by the dragon attack.

    "Princess!" Ella hurried down the hall after the princess, nearly out of breath as she stopped at Dahlia's side. "Are you alright? You left so fast..." She says softly, before adding with a smile. "Did you hear the king is throwing the knight commander a celebration and... she has just been assigned to be your personal body guard, so now you won't have two extra people following you around constantly."

    Dahlia sighed deeply and turned around to face Ella. Her handmaiden was so naive at times, and she was not much older than the princess. "Well, when you put it like that it sounds nice and simple, but it isn't. The Knight Commander the worst of the three of them, Ella. She's so serious all the time and I never get to have any fun when she's around. At least with William or Jacob I could get by, maybe bat my eyelashes and they'd leave me alone for awhile..." Dahlia looks at the ground sadly, before throwing her arms up in defeat. "No one understands."

    Ella frowns slightly, walking up to the princess and wrapping an arm around Dahlia's shoulder's. She didn't know what to say that could help the princess, as she had apparently already made things worse with the news of Illyana's promotion and celebration.


    After the dragon attack, the king had the princess move into the Knight's Tower until the construction on her tower was complete. He figured Dahlia would be safest near Illyana, where the knight commander could keep close watch of the princess. Dahlia had said very little about her temporary living arrangements, even after she heard rumors that there was an accident that set the worker's back weeks.

    Dahlia's main focus was on the celebration, where she planned to be the star of the evening. Unfortunately, most of her dresses had been ruined along with everything else, but she chose to see that as an excuse for a much needed shopping trip. She would need all new furniture in her room, and lots of pretty decorations to match.

    Just as she had that thought, Ella knocked timidly on the door before entering with a platter full of tea and pastries. "Princess?" The handmaiden said. She blushed as a wide grin grew on Dahlia's face.

    "Ella, you were just the woman I was looking for!" Dahlia cheers, walking over to Ella and embracing her gently. "How's about you and I go for a shopping trip?" She didn't wait for Ella to respond. "Yes? Let's go!"


    "Ooooo, Ella. Wouldn't this dress look fantastic on you?" Dahlia gushes as she holds up a deep purple ball gown in front of Ella's slender frame. She smiled and shoved it into Ella's arms, pushing her towards a room divider in the back of boutique. "Hurry now. We haven't even looked at furniture, and I still need more dresses."

    "B-but, Princess..." Ella stammered, stumbling forward and almost falling into the dressing room. She collected herself with a blush, embarrassed. "It's already gotten so late. Perhaps, we should head back now?" She asked as she slipped out of her servants' dress.

    Dahlia's face puckered at Ella's suggestion, and she turned her nose up at her hand maiden. "No, absolutely not. If we weren't meant to leave then someone would have stopped us. Besides, I'm not alone and I left the knight commander a note telling her I'd be back later this evening."

    After Ella tried on the dress and they both approved of it, the two of them set out for a well known furniture store in the market. Dahlia didn't seem to be in a rush, and paid no mind to how the sun was beginning to set on the horizon. She was having so much fun that she didn't even stop think about anything else.


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