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  1. I'm just looking for a few roleplaying partners to start up a new roleplay (obviously). I don't mind whether it be over Private Message or on Thread but I just ask for a few things:

    1) I'll be replying with at least three paragraphs and with correct grammar and punctuation, I'd appreciate it if you did the same or even more. I'll match whatever you put, if my mind feels up to being creative enough and I haven't got a writers block.
    2) Speaking of writers block, I may have that from time to time, so please be patient with me! I will message to say if I need more time with a post, so feel free to do the same to me if needs be!
    3) I am eighteen, yes, but I don't like writing sex scenes. This may turn some of you away from my thread, but that's just how it is. They make me feel uncomfortable. Sex can be implied and I prefer fade-to-black or time skips of the funky stuff does happen.

    I'm willing to roleplay just about anything. Things I love and find interesting are:
    • Mental illness
    • Mythology - so tying in with creatures such as merpeople, sirens, werewolves, vampires
    • Greek Mythology - so the gods/goddesses etc.
    • Historical - WWII era mostly but perhaps medieval too (Prince/Princesses/Conquering Kingdoms/Pirates etc. - e.g. PrincessxPeasant, PrincexPeasant, RoyaltyxServant. Enemy soldierxEnemy civilian etc.)
    • Fandom - Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Gone.

    Here's somethings about me that you may want to know:
    • I am an adult member, to any who are wondering - my age is on my profile too - but I am not looking to do smut scenes, they make me uncomfortable and rather embarrassed. I don't mind fade-to-black or a next morning situation - so in otherwise, don't care for it being implied but I won't be writing any sex scenes.
    • I mostly play female characters. I've had a lot more experience with that sort of character and next to none with male, so I'd feel a lot more comfortable with roleplay as a female character.
    • If it's a romantic roleplay you're looking for, then I'd prefer it to be MxF. I have nothing against MxM or FxF roleplays, but like I've said before, it's just something that I'm more comfortable with and have done before. I'd like to stay in my comfort zone.
    • I write between 3-4 paragraphs each time, perhaps more depending on how detailed I believe or feel it needs/deserves to be. I am literate and at least I believe I'm very good with my grammar, punctuation and spelling, so you can expect at least a half-decent reply from me on my worse days. (Or at least that's what I think.
    • You can count on me replying a few times a day, if not then at least once a day at the minimum. If I really have no juice, I'll try and let you know just so you're not wondering where the hell I am!

    Here are some of the ideas/starters that I have. If any catch your eye, let me know!

    The Nazi Occupation (open)
    Annalise Leveque couldn't believe her luck when Paris fell the Nazi terror in the summer of 1940. She had run from it and it had crept back up on her...it had caught back up to her. Just when things were looking good again and her life was set back on track. Her brother's were safe - as far as she knew - and she had a good job, a change of identity and a relatively nice flat. There were only two things that plagued her life. The uncertainty of her parent's fates...and also the Nazi Regime. They were like a growth, slowly smothering Europe and suffocating it until it just rolled over and died. It couldn't happen. They couldn't win. That was something that Annalise and a lot of others within Paris, as they listened to BBC and French broadcasts announce the French surrender, believed so strongly that their blood burned in their veins and their hearts pounded in time to the war tune in their heads.

    That's what led Annalise to join the resistance group in the first place. Why shouldn't she? Her brothers were willingly sacrificing their own lives by being active members, so why shouldn't she? Especially after everything that had been done to people like her. To the other Jews that were once in her community. At night, both home in Germany and even now in France with changed documentation, Anna sometimes laid in bed unable to sleep...because she was expecting her flat door to be broken down and to be marched to one of those Concentration Camps she had heard through whispers and gossiping on the streets. A resistance group, a new community and family for her to be a part of.

    And what from there? Well, Annalise found herself right in the middle of the Nazi Regime, working - on instruction by the resistance group - within the Gestapo Headquarters in central Paris. Fixing documentation or changing it, feeding back information and secrets...and none of the bastards suspected her, why? Because she was twenty-five, she was a woman and French. The only help she was to them was the fact that she knew German because, to them, she moved to France when she was ten from Germany to be raised with both languages.

    "Beeil dich!" Anna sharply looked up at the shout from one of the other offices, blinking the German words from her mind as she listened in to the harsh tone of one of the other top officers. She was glad she wasn't the main secretary for that swine.

    Hurry up. Don't they know we're only human? He gave her those papers two minutes ago, what did he expect? Anna thought to herself, a light frown evident on her features.

    "And what are you looking at?" The heavily-accented English was this time directed at her, leaving Anna to once more focus back on reality as the same Gestapo officer peered at her through the connecting archway, "Get back to work! You're wasting time! Dumme Kuh."

    Immediately averting her gaze, Anna shifted restlessly in her seat and focused back on her work. Stupid cow. How dare he? What she wouldn't do to slap that god-awful face of his.

    Werewolf Starter (open)
    With her fur becoming a murky, watery brown in the silver of the moonlight, Clarissa slowly but surely stalked after her prey. A large buck, an Irish red deer weighing at least 300lbs and sporting large antlers which it is using to wrestle with another buck... likely trying to scare off the competition and secure a mate. Unfortunately for these two, one of them would be the dinner for the wolf that was currently watching their every move. Clarissa should be more than skilled enough to take one of these big boys down and drag it back to the security of her home. She always used her disadvantages to her strengths, not allowing anything about herself to become a weakness. While she was rather strong, it wouldn't have been considered with the size that she was. A lean, swift and agile killer. Lowering herself into the thick tangle of wild grass, roots and fallen leaves, Clarissa rested on her haunches before springing into action. The damp earth moulded between the pads of her paws and her claws sunk into the willingly receiving earth without any protest. A loud growl and a brief but painful attack on the buck's back legs was enough to let panic ensue afterward.

    Soon Clarissa was dragging her kill back to the safety of her den before shifting back into her human form, quick to pull a load of blankets over herself that she had stolen from different packs and human homes. As she cooked from of the buck, her eyes wandered around her surroundings as she exhaled a heavy sigh. Clarissa had been a rogue for a year or so now, ever since her old pack had been overrun and killed, her parents unable to do anything about it but getting her to run for her life. She still had nightmares. Clarissa was pulled from her thoughts at the sound of crunching foliage and snapping branches, cursing herself for not catching the scent of an approaching wolf. She was right on the boundary of a pack, she knew that, but she wasn’t trespassing…yet. But who was to say that they weren’t going to be angry? The young she-wolf slowly stood, keeping the blankets pulled tightly around herself, prepared to shift at any moment. “Who’s there?”
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    I will delete any PM roleplays that I'm in if I don't get a response from within at least a week. I reply relatively fast so I'd appreciate it if you did. Just keep me updated too! If you need more time, just let me know. Or if you want the roleplay to end, tell me! Don't just leave me hanging.

    Feel free to send your own ideas too!
  2. I'll do a Percy Jackson roleplay with you ^^
    I wanna get my post count up so, if you don't mind I can play an OC as well as Nico if you want canons c:
  3. I'm interested on all of your themes but I have no ideas for a plot...
  4. Still searching!
  5. Hi, there! The werewolf starter looks super fun. I'd love to try it out! Let me know if you're interested and I'll toss a conversation over ^^

    Thanks for your time!
  6. Hello, I find myself attracted to roleplays with character depth and growth. Sex is also a no-go for me, but romance is completely okay with me. I am actually looking for a supernatural roleplay myself, the mental state of my characters is constantly unstable, and I believe that it offers a level of dramatism that is difficult to establish without character conflict at first.

    Please contact me, I look forward to it.
  7. Hiya, I'm interested in doing a medieval rp with you if you're still looking. I'm up for any odd pairing really, prince(ss) x peasant especially, or something involving rival kingdoms. Greek mythology also sounds like fun, so we can do that instead if you'd prefer :) Let me know if you're interested!
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