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  • Greetings! I'm Nydanna, but you can call me Ny. I'm an advanced writer who has been roleplaying for the past sixteen years. Currently, most of my partners are suffering through real life, and I've got a bit of free time on my hands, so I am once again on the hunt for at least one partner, possibly two.

    I am a stay at home mom, with a house full of kiddos, cats, a dog, and a husband who acts more like a kid than a grown man. My posting times vary, but for the most part, I am usually around during the days when I have the house all to myself. There will be times I might not be able to get a post out every day or every other day, but I try to get one out at least once a week. If things change, I usually will let you know.

    I enjoy writing, and I can write novels if I have a partner comfortable enough with lengthy posts. My absolute minimum is four medium-large paragraphs between 150-250 words. I would like to find partners that are capable of keeping up with that.

    I also play multiple characters and would like a partner who does not mind playing multiples. My only stipulation as far as characters go is that I will NOT play a male character in a romantic pairing. I will play male characters, but as far as romance goes, it's off limits.

    I do ask for Character Sheets, I will forewarn you now.

    I will roleplay in threads and PMs and can be convinced to do emails, but I will not do messengers.

    All of my plots contain romance of some sort. I tend to get bored without it.

    I prefer long, drawn-out romances. No love at first sight, ever.

    I tend to stick to realistic images.

    Currently, I have a few fantasy ideas that I am looking for a partner for that I will list on here. I have another search for Slice of Life plots and pairings. If you're interested, let me know. :)

    If anything catches your interest, feel free to send me a PM.

  • Setting: Post-apocalyptic future
    Character: Arimae Sarin

    Before the rise of man, the world was a far different place, populated by vicious monsters and evil beings that threatened to destroy mankind before it could even truly blossom. The gods watched, wishing to help but could not interfere directly. From their heavenly perch, they witnessed the slaughter of innocents, the earth tinged red with the blood of hundreds and thousands of their precious children. Frustrated, the gods came together to formulate a plan that would aid the humans. They could not simply lend their powers to the humans, not directly; the human body could not withstand them for long. They could, however, grant the humans the ability to use their powers for a short time, becoming a god among men until the humans were no longer threatened.

    With the plan decided, the gods imbued a necklace with their powers, granting the wearer all the powers of each and every god. The necklace was gifted to the king of men, a good and fair ruler who the gods trusted. The king took full advantage of his gift, riding the world of every foul creature to threaten man, and near the end of his lifetime, he had nearly eliminated the threat to humanity. With his task complete and his life drawing to a close, the king decided that it was time to hide the necklace away, not wishing for it to fall into the hands of evil men. He tasked this final quest to a priestess, a woman believed to be the daughter of the goddess of love.

    For years the priestess traveled the world, searching for the perfect place to hide the necklace, only returning to her kingdom once her task was complete. But the priestess was no fool and knew that there would be many to search for the necklace. For days after her return, she spoke with the gods, trying to find a way to protect mankind from those who would wish to do harm with the gift. In a dream, the answer came to her. The gods ordered the priestess to form a new brotherhood, a group of devote and loyal men who would pass along the tale of the necklace and its gifts, and vow to protect its chosen guardian. The Guardian, she learned, would be born once every five hundred years when the planets aligned. The guardian would carry the knowledge of the priestess, along with the location of the necklace.

    When she woke, the priestess hurried to find her new band of priests, scouring the world for those with strength, integrity, and intelligence. She gathered twelve men, each vowing to fulfill their destinies and pass on their knowledge to the next generation. The plan was in motion, with mankind oblivious to the gift of the gods, protected from those who would use the power for evil; at least for a time.

    One of the priests had fallen in love with the priestess, and when the woman rejected him, he fled the land. For months there was no trace of the priest at all, not a single rumor or whisper of where he may have gone. Then, as quickly as he disappeared he returned, but he had changed. The once good and decent man now had a sinister air around him, and try as the priestess would, she could not help but distrust him. Her mistrust was well placed. Within a night of the priest’s return, the priestess was kidnapped by a group of bandits, all of whom demanded she tell them where the necklace was. The priestess was beaten and tortured, forced to endure every humiliation known to man. Rather than allowing herself to give into her captors, the priestess took her own life to keep her secret.

    And so the tales of the necklace lived on through the eyes of two group; the priests who remained faithful to their task, and the bandits who continued their blind search for the necklace. The legend was passed down from generation to generation, each group growing and preparing for the day the new guardian would return.

    Humanity evolved, growing by the thousands, then millions, until soon there were billions. The legend lived on, the hunt for the guardian a constant quest. And then one day mankind destroyed itself. The world they had built was destroyed, becoming nothing more than a wasteland. The monsters that had been lurking in the shadows saw this as their return, their numbers growing as mankind began to dwindle away. The need for the necklace became paramount in the survival of mankind, but the guardian had yet to be found. The hunt was still on for the woman who held the key to man’s survival.

    It's 2145, the world is a virtual wasteland filled with the crumbling remains of civilization destroyed in a nuclear holocaust. Humanity has dwindled down from billions to just under a hundred thousand, and slowly growing. Most humans wander from place to place, scavenging what resources they can find while searching for a place that will allow them to settle. The world itself has already started the healing process, with patches of fertile land and waters that are clean enough for drinking, but these places are few and far between.

    Among the wanderers the priests and bandits have already begun their search for the guardian, who by all accounts would have been born eighteen years prior. Each group has their own motives. The priests to protect the guardian, find the necklace and use its powers to restore the world, and the bandits who wish to use the power of the necklace to take control of the world and gain ultimate power. Neither group knows exactly who they are looking for, only that the guardian is a woman born with the knowledge of the necklace's first protector.

    Arimae is not what one would expect a guardian to be. Her mother swore that she was something special, destined to do great things from the moment she was born. But those high praises and dreams of a great destiny died along with the woman when the girl was five years old. Her father did not feel the same love for the girl, only viewing her with ridicule and contempt. When his wife died, he was quick to leave the girl to fend for herself, believing that she would die shortly afterward. She did not die, however. She survived, scavenging what she could and learning the skills she needed through trial and error. Her only salvation was her dreams, dreams of a time and place where the world was beautiful and peaceful, where she was respected and strong enough to take care of herself. Each night the Arimae would dream of this life, longing to become the woman she was in her mind. But when she awoke, the dreams became little more than a memory, and the reality of her life far from what she longed for. She traveled alone, always ignoring the pull of some unforeseen force that nagged at her, going out of her way to venture further from the call.

    Eventually, the girl found herself a safe haven, a tiny little speck of land with enough fertile soil for her to grow whatever seeds she could find and enough rain to keep herself alive. She settled, scaring off unwanted company whenever they passed by. It is here that she has lived for the past two years, a little hovel of a home and a small patch of lush green land around it. The dreams come to her more often, and the pull is getting harder and harder to resist, but the girl stays where she is, pretending that she doesn't remember the destiny her mother spoke of.

  • Setting: Medieval Fantasy
    Characters: Emonie Farrington & Hadwen Farringtong

    It began with a king and his endless thirst for ultimate power.

    No one knows the exact what ritual the king performed, what source of evil he sold his soul to in order to obtain his desires. The king, for as long as memory served, had always been ambitious with his rule, daring to push boundaries and the limits of the neighboring kingdoms, but one day it all changed. No longer satisfied with ruling his own country, he began to desire more and would stop at nothing until his rule extended far beyond the borders of his land and throughout the entire world. The changes within the castle began gradually, at first to those closest to the king. Their hearts turned black, their thoughts and actions fueled by the hunger for power and violence.

    The evil began to spread out into the kingdom like weeds, choking the good out of the world. Evil began its reign, terrifying the queen. Uncertain how to protect her children, she sought out the counsel of a sorcerer, who proclaimed that it was only the two royal children who could save the country as well as the world from the fate the King had in store; but to do so, she had to make the ultimate sacrifice carried out with the purest intentions. The queen gave her life and pieces of her soul as her final act of motherly love. The pieces of her soul were imbued into two necklaces for the prince and princess, along with orders to her knight to protect the royal children at all cost.

    In the dead of the night, Emonie and her brother fled the castle along with the knight. Where they would go, they did not know, but the princess knew what she must do. Her plan was to confine the evil to the kingdom while seeking out allies to help her destroy it once and for all. However, before they could flee the country they were attacked, the knight sacrificing himself so that the princess and prince could make their escape. Alone, with no means to defend herself and her younger brother, it is up to the princess to carry out her quest while ensuring her brother survives.

    (The plot is a bit vague. Will be working on it a bit. What I'm looking for is someone to play a protector/guardian/knight for the prince and princess.)

  • Setting: Modern Fantasy
    Character: Katriel (Kat) D'Lurauex

    He was her superior, a man she had worked with, trained with, and fought beside for years. She was a tracker, one of the best in the kingdom, striving to make a name for herself. The attraction between them was almost instant. She admired him for his skills, respected him for his treatment of her, and felt an instant physical pull toward him. However, rules were rules and because he was the captain of the guards, and she was beneath him the sparks between them went ignored. But life and their work keeps them in constant contact, forced to deal with the chemistry between them by seeking solace in the arms of others, but never succeeding.

    Did I mention that she was also a half-breed?

    Half elf, half human, she had to fight to earn her place. Shunned by the elves, and laughed at by humans, the only way that she could earn respect was through her own determination to prove her worth. In a kingdom where the human world is meant to remain beyond the enchantments, she is an unwanted outsider, only able to remain in the kingdom because of her father’s position as the King’s guard.

    The world has always been split, with the elves keeping to themselves while humans were prohibited from stepping foot inside their territory and the human world is off limits. Elves and humans banded with their own kind, forming alliances between themselves with a tense truce between man and elf.

    However, elitism exists in the elven kingdoms, small factions springing up within each one that are tired of sharing the world with humans who are slowly destroying it. Rebellions begin to spring up within each elven kingdom, small skirmishes that cause unrest among the elves. What the royal families do not know is that those factions are beginning to work together, devising plans to turn the royal elven families against the humans and put an end to the truce between their kind and mankind.

    When the tracker saves the life of the queen, she and the captain of the guards become entrapped in the center of a plot that is bigger than either of them ever imagined. Forced to work together to ensure peace prevails and find a way to strengthen the truce between humans and elves, the two find themselves together on a journey that will take them across the world, gathering allies and enemies along the way. Throughout it all they must decide whether to keep to the ways of the world in hopes that it will help them in the end, or give into the chemistry between them and hope they can make a change.

  • Setting: Modern Fantasy
    Character: Eden Rayne

    They were mates, a forbidden love that only one was certain would transcend beyond their contrasting natures. She was a creature of light, an angel sent to Earth to protect the innocent from the fiery tortures of hell. He was a demon, bent on corrupting and tarnishing every soul he crossed paths with. They crossed paths one day, lust reigning the day as he watched her fight off his brothers in defense of a village. He came up with a plan, a wicked plan meant to destroy her light and send her to the darkest pits of hell.

    From that day on he seduced her, playing on the kindness of her heart, and whispering words of redemption into her ear. He would become good, denounce his loyalty to the underworld if she would be his mate. For months she refused, the wall she wrapped around her heart for him soon chipping away as he continued to pursue her. Against the wishes of her kin and her creator, she finally caved in, unable to deny the love she felt for him any longer.

    For a while he strung her along, making her fall head over heels in love with him until she could hardly resist even the smallest smile sent her way. But his love was cruel, and hers was blind. Soon she was forced to turn her eyes and ears away from his many betrayals, and ignore the hurtful things he said and did to her. Throughout it all she loved him, convincing herself that he simply needed to be taught another way to show his love for her.

    Then one night, in a rage when he could not anger her, he killed her. He assumed that deep down in her heart there was hatred for him, and her soul would be cast into hell for betraying her creator. What he did not know was that every cruel act had been forgiven, and even as she lay with her life fading away, in a pool of her own blood, the angel still loved him until her last breath.

    He expected a hero’s welcome when he returned to hell, praise for corrupting and damning a pure soul that was required to love. What he found was ridicule, resentment, and humiliation once he discovered his plan had failed. Rather than be rewarded with a better place in hell, he was banished to Earth for eternity for failing. It was during his centuries among the mortals that he realized his mistake. His mate had been his chance for salvation, an opportunity for him to earn himself a place in the heavens. With that knowledge he began to hunt for her, hoping that he could restore her love for him and find a way to be allowed in heaven for eternity.

    What he wasn’t aware of was the fact that the angel no longer remembered him. As her soul returned to Heaven, it was decided to erase her memories of him, leaving her completely unaware that she had ever loved the demon. Soon she was turned into a demon hunter, an angel tasked with eliminating any demon she crossed paths with. She quickly rose up the ranks, becoming one of the best hunters in the heavens, and gradually forming her own small army to combat the corruption of humans.

    Now in the present, the angel has been returned to Earth to stop what is believed to be the war to end all wars on Earth. The two cross paths, resulting in a fight started by the angel. As the fight progresses though, she realizes that not only can she not hurt him, but she cannot kill him no matter how much she tries. Frustrated, she flees in search for answers, leaving the demon to once again pursue her and convince her of her connection to him.

  • Rise of the Vampire Queen


    -Queen: The queen is the ruler of all vampires. She is the only vampire that can give birth and the only one that can control all vampires. Queens are born, not turned, and they will only give birth to females. If the queen is killed without a princess to take her place, every vampire will die along with her.

    *King: The king is the mate of the queen. Only when the queen takes him as her mate can he impregnate her. His position of power is a symbolic one and it is only the respect of the populace that gives him any control. If the queen dies before the princess is old enough to take power, the king maintains power. However, once the princess becomes old enough to rule, he is stripped of all his power.

    *Princess: The princess is the heir to Queen, and only receives the powers of a queen when her mother dies and once she is frozen into her immortality after a full century of life.




    *Superhuman strength and speed (The older they are, the stronger and faster they become)
    *Mind Control (Only humans)
    *Immune to disease
    *Superior hearing and sense of smell (Not as strong as a Lycan's)
    *Advanced Healing


    * King: The king is usually the most powerful of the clans. The king can be challenged at any time by any opponent who believes he is stronger than the current king. The challenge is to the death. If the challenger wins, he becomes king, and more often than not, eliminates the former king’s family once he takes power.

    * Queen: The queen is simply there to produce heirs. She has no authority and no control.

    * Generals: The generals are the strongest lycan of each clan and usually the pack leader, unless they decide otherwise. They control their pacts, and enforce the laws of the king within their clan.


    * Silver
    * Fire
    *Lunar Eclipse


    *Advanced Healing
    *Superior hearing and smell
    *Superhuman strength and speed (Stronger than vampires, but not faster)

    *This is a Modern-Fantasy setting*
    No one knows how the war began. For centuries the two races had lived together in relative peace, both avoiding humans as much as possible and trying to survive without being discovered. Somewhere along the line animosities began to grow between the vampires and lycan, some believed it was the vampires and their ever increasing numbers to blame, while others point the finger at the lycan and their disgust for how the vampires lived as the cause of the strife between the two. Whatever the cause, the result was an all-out gruesome war, one that lasted for over a century with high casualties among both races.

    The war ended with a strategic move by the lycan king. During the daytime hours, the lycan general along with his most trusted men crept into the castle of the vampire's royal family and staked the king and queen, leaving the vampires completely unorganized and scattering to pick up the pieces left behind. Before the lycans could retreat, the general came upon the last remaining member of the royal family, the infant princess. Unable to kill a child, the general came up with an idea. He would take the infant along with him, raise her among the lycan, and teach her to feed without killing. The lycan king was against it, but when the general threatened to leave, he reluctantly agreed.

    True to his word, the general raised the princess, feeding the blood his kills each day and showing her that vampires and lycan could live in peace. At a century old and frozen into her immortality, the general was supposed to explain her importance, and prepare to return her back to her people, but a problem arose; his beast has chosen her as his one true mate. Twelve years have passed now, and the lycan king is getting anxious to return the princess back to the vampires, who are beginning to grow restless without a king or queen to lead them. Can he let her go? Or will he crack under the pressure of his beast and take her as his mate without telling her the truth of her identity?

    * Please be an advanced writer.
    *Please be able to post at least once every other day.
    *Quality over quantity, but both are appreciated.
    *Be willing to play multiple characters.
    *Help move the story along.
    Plot Candies

    *Natural progression romance
    *Sexual tension
    *Fight for dominance

  • Setting: Medieval
    Genres: Action, Fantasy, Angels & Demons, Violence
    Warning: Involves Rape
    Character: Serephie
    A creature has been created, one that threatens the balance of the world. It is a void, neither good nor evil, it devours things indiscriminately, setting the world off course and defying the very laws of nature.

    God and the devil come to a truce in order to correct the problem, but because of a previous agreement between them, they cannot directly intervene. Instead they chose one of their own to fix the problem that has been created.

    She is an angel, incapable of hatred which makes her weak. She loves and forgives all she crosses paths with.

    He is a demon, who is weak in his own way. Incapable of even the smallest amount of emotion, he is physically strong, but his lack of feelings leaves him with a lack of desire to do what demons do best. He cares about nothing at all, and does not bother to even try to.

    Their creatures change their hearts unbeknownst to them, granting them both the ability to develop feelings that were previously absent. The angel can hate, although she has no reason to do so. The demon can love, but he has not found what it is to inspire it from him.

    The two are forced to work together, chained by an invisible thread to force their cooperation. When they work together peacefully, the thread grows longer, and if they continue to work together, the bound eventually breaks. The more they fight against each other, the shorter the thread becomes.

    They are tasked to find the creature of the Void, and learn how to destroy it before it destroys the world.


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Modern, Futuristic, Paranormal, Fantasy, Medieval, Romance, Horror, pretty much everything.
Added a few more plots and I'm still looking for 1-2 partners.