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  1. Okay, so I guess I start with personal information? Hm...alright. Well, I don't really have any idea what I'm doing.. ^^'
    I've been roleplaying for about...I wanna say four years now? I know that's not exactly something to brag about or anything but I feel like someone would wanna know..
    I play both Female and Male characters, I don't really have a preference, and I'm comfortable with MXM, MXF, and FXF.
    I'm usually on frequently, except for weekends (sometimes). If I suddenly disappear, it's either because I'm in class or because I had something to do but I always come back! Promise~!

    RULES. (open)
    1. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't disappear forever without telling me ;-;. If you're bored with the roleplay, tell me and maybe we can spice it up a bit.
    2. As long as you give me something to work with, I'm okay with one-liners. ^^
    3. Do not control my character...I cannot stress this enough.
    4. This is more of a request, rather than a rule, but I'd rather you use third person, rather than first.
    5. Proper spelling is greatly appreciated. As well as grammar.

    1x1 Plots (open)
    Italics = Preferred Role
    Assassin X Target
    Princess X Servant/Slave
    Vampire X Human
    Kidnapper X Kidnapped
    Spirit X Human
    Spirit X Supernatural Being
    Android X Creator
    Nerd X Jock
    God/Goddess X Human
    Alpha X Omega
    Jerk/Bad boy/girl X Shy boy/girl

    Pregnant Girlfriend X Mafia Boss
    Blind Girl/Boy X Normal Girl/Boy

    Will be updated now and then~.

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  2. Spirit X Supernatural Being
    Jerk/Bad boy/girl X Shy boy/girl
    Combo of bothhh
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  3. PM me~
  4. Kidnapper X Kidnapped

    I've wanted to do one of these for a while now, are you interested, because I am!​
  5. I am indeed interested, PM me~ ^^
  6. id love to do the supernatural being X spirit one! Ive been craving a good werewolf rp!
  7. PM me~
  8. If your still looking for partners I think the princessand servant one could be fun. If your feeling overbooked then I understand.
  9. Overbooked? Not at all, PM me when you get a chance~.
  10. Oh, are you still looking for the Blind Girl x Normal Girl thread? If so, please PM so we can discuss some plot!
  11. I'd be up for your Android x creator one, if you have any ideas and are still open to doing it you could PM me what you might have.
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