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    On a forgotten corner in town, there is an old abandoned house not surrounded by any neighbors. Though, this house isn’t as abandoned as an abandoned house really should be. See, it is where the Tanaka Gang claims it’s rein, their hideout and main headquarters for everything they do. Surprisingly, the place looks kept and somehow even has anything a regular house would have such as electricity, heat and air-conditioning and water. It isn’t told how they get any of those amenities, but it’s possible that the leader of the gang either has some connects or simply gets what she wants. Plus, no one has ever tried to arrest them for being in an abandoned house that they pay nothing for, perhaps again the leader is the reason for that though no one would go telling the truth either way.


    Natsume Tanaka, the leader of the strongest gang was sitting down on the couch in the abandoned house looking at each of her members. They were having a meeting after school like they usually did. Yes, they were all still in high school but that didn’t make them any less scary or a threat as a gang. Rather, they owned a large territory and everyone knew not to mess with that at all. They always meant after school, and usually on non-school days they would spend most of their time there unless they were busy with other things.

    “Alright. Any new information floating around?” Natsume asked her gang members. They gang knew everything in town, they had a lot of members who had many ways of finding information out. It kept them ready for anything. “Any new threats that any of you have found? Concerns? Anything?” It was important to make sure that things were running smoothly before they chose to just simply relax and enjoy their time together as gang mates.

    Natsume crossed her legs, pulling out a lollipop and stripping it of its wrapping. She placed it in her mouth, waiting for any kind of answer from the people around her in the living room set up by all the gang members. They weren’t always doing work, they enjoyed themselves too, however they wanted. This meant that they decided to put a lot into the house so that way they could have things to do. They had furniture, food in the kitchen, TV, many games to be able to play, whatever the gang members wanted and liked.


    Remi Yamada was at first nowhere to be seen. She was a strange one and everyone knew that. She always wanted to be called ‘Mad Prism’ but mostly no one ever did that even if she complained to them every day about it. She was the only one that really said it. She was fond of coming into a room suddenly, so she had a habit of being a flashy entrance person. Though, she was also good at hiding because she would hide somewhere waiting for the right moment to appear. Thankfully she had learned a lot by her friend Mari who was a part of the gang as well. Remi also liked to copy things from whatever she saw on TV or read in books no matter how almost impossible or strange they were.

    Suddenly there was a loud laugh, coming from everywhere in the room. Next thing there was, a part of the wall suddenly opened up to show Remi. Really, the piece of wall was only fabric painted to look like the wall to hide her. What? Was she a ninja or something? “There is no way anyone would threaten us!” She said, walking out from her spot against the wall. “We’re way too strong for them babies. We’d beat any of them up and they know it so they run away scared.” She was smiling largely, obviously excited and cheerful like she always was.

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  2. "Nothing noteworthy to say."

    Usual meetings. Food. Games. The gang could almost be compared to a nice little school club in a way. All they needed was an adult to supervise or something like that, and there'd almost be no difference. But then again, that was the whole point of being in a gang, wasn't it? To be free of "adult supervision" and their constraints. To truly be oneself without others bringing you down. To be yourself among peers who would never try to change you as long as you did not interfere with the liberty of others, right?

    But at this point, this would be digressing from the main point. Even so, Ayaka Nojima couldn't deny that, as much as she wouldn't admit it, she could almost feel this sort of freedom among her peers, even if she didn't act like it.

    Appearances were everything, after all.

    "The place has been pretty quiet, as I observed," She continued responding to Natsume's inquiry, crossing her arms as she leaned against the wall.

    Before she could say more, it would seem that Remi would go on about with her... shenanigans again. After pulling some sort of trick as though she were from some manga or so, Ayaka remaining somewhat expressionless (if not a hint of irritation becoming apparent) as Remi spoke, the girl would adjust her glasses, before clearing her throat.

    "... Though I would not put it like that, I agree with that notion. It would appear that there is little need to worry about threats at this point, considering our reputation precedes us. People think we are the troublemakers. It's useful, yet annoying."

    Like a double-edged sword.

  3. Ryder was leaning against a wall, seeing as he wasn't exactly the most 'social abled' person. Obvious by the fact he was always wearing a ski mask or on occasion a welding mask. But his trademark item of clothing he almost wore 24/7 -Like right now- was this black motorcycle helmet with a highly reflective visor, so that anyone or anything that tried to see the wearer's face would only get a slightly distorted reflection of themselves. But alas, back to the matter at hand. He reached into his jacket's inner pockets, and pulled out a tape recorder, pressing the rewind button, causing a jumble of words to zoom past in reverse. Before he pressed play.

    "None of my sources have noticed anything weird! Aucun de mes sources ont remarqué quelque chose de bizarre !" The voice that said the statement sounded like one of those computerized assistants, but it was painfully obvious that it was one of those language learning things he used to convey his messages. Hinted by the way the device also said the French version of the English sentence in an almost cheery - or as cheery as a computer could get- tone. To anyone that either knew Ryder well enough, or somehow managed to pick pocket the tape recorder off of him, knew that the device held thousands, perhaps even more than that, of quotes.

    From movie/TV quotes to language learning translations, all selected to assist him in communicating, should the right situation arise......None of which meant he'd not be using the "Let's get ready to RUUUUUUUUUMBLLLLLLLLLLLE!" quote anytime soon.
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  4. [​IMG]Luca had entered the hideout hand in hand with his boyfriend, Cassius Sterling, or, as most called him, Cas. They were always together like this, and Luca had looked mildly irritated and very embarrassed when he entered the hideout, for reasons unknown. He seemed to gradually calm down as he sat, only after being forcibly dragged into Cas' lap, sending him one last glare before focusing his attention on Natsume. He thought for a moment before speaking up. His main area of expertise was in downtown, and with all of his accessories and tattoos, he blended in effortlessly.

    When Remi made her appearance, the annoyed scowl on Luca's face got even worse. Of all people in this fucking world, why is she my only blood relative nearby? He didn't want to admit it, but Remi was his cousin. They had not seen each other since they were small children, so they didn't know for sure at first when Luca first joined the Tanaka gang. After they started talking they quickly realized that they were indeed cousins. Luca was of course happy to have a relative somewhere in this big world, but it annoyed him to no end that that person had to be someone weird like Remi. She wouldn't stop teasing him about Cas, either. It was like she was an annoying fangirl or something like that.

    "They've been noisy as ever downtown. While they seem ready to pick a fight, I tried inquiring to them about you, Natsume, but..." He stopped a little, realizing that he was talking a lot. He didn't like talking a lot. He slightly readjusted the gas mask on his face as he continued. "... most of them fear the Tanaka gang, it appears. There were some punks making a bit of a scene, though. So... I'm not really sure." It was easier for him to speak to others when he was covered by his gas mask. It was also comforting when he felt Cas' hands gently holding his waist. He didn't comment on it, didn't even look at his boyfriend. Everyone in the gang knew about them, and thought them cute.

    He awaited Natsume's response as he put his hands on top of Cas' warm ones, silently. He knew that Cas would get the subtle message, the "don't let go now", the "I appreciate it". Cas was the only reason that he really started socializing with other people. If not for Cas, he would've never been able to speak in front of the gang like this.

    It made him quite happy that they could spend their days like this together, all of them. They were serious pretty often but also had time to play games and cook (sometimes also burn shit in the kitchen, if it went like that) and in general they had a lot of time for each other. It felt like a club with gang activities on the side. A family, even. They stuck together through fire and ice, they would never be apart. Another day, another meeting, another nice experience. He hoped that nothing would ever tear them apart.
  5. [​IMG]

    As he sat of the floor, legs hugged to his body with his arms, Haru kept a blank face, but listen intently, not wanting to miss out on any new information.
    Unlike the other info gatherers of the Tanaka gang, Haru wasn't good at getting anything about the enemy. Mostly because he couldn't be bothered to go around looking for it. His specialty was when the enemy was already there, and making sure that they wouldn't be pulling any "tricks" by reading their emotions.
    When Luca started to talk and then abruptly stopped, Haru had to hold in a snort, knowing Luca was probably trying to seem cool and stick to the "Not talking a lot" thing. Most people in the gang stuck to that as well, but then it's so bluntly displayed when Luca stopped mid-sentence, Haru couldn't help wanting to laugh at him.
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  6. :¨·.·¨:
    `·. Suishou Pureil Konuka
    Suishou was leaning back on a wall, sucking on a mint that she popped into her mouth. She appeared more girly, and no one would possibly suspect her of being in a gang. She mainly joined because she needed some excitement in her life, rather than always staying home and doing boring things. "I've got a bit. In school, I've heard that there's some sort of rumor of another gang in the city. The police are looking around and trying to sniff things about. That, I got from my friend. Her dad is a cop, but a ton of people are crowding her to figure out if the rumor were true or not." She explained, biting down on the already thin and melted mint.

    Today, her hair was tied up in a wavy and slightly curled pony tail, kept up with a flower accessory. Her blouse was loosely buttoned along with her school uniform tie, which easily gave off that she was pretty lazy. "Also... People are beginning to suspect us rather than the other gang, but honestly, if you ask me, the other gang is just a huge joke to me. Slobby cover ups, work, and they leave too much evidence behind." She explained, letting out a soft sigh.

    "Last thing.." She said, standing up straight. She put her hand on her hip, which was out of habit as she spoke. "I was curious on this, so I did some snooping around in school, and I was able to make people.. Ahem, 'cough up' information on this. It looks like those people do their dirty work in groups, and they do it in alleyways. They aren't too good at deception, and I can't say they are the most bright. But I can say that they are good. Even if they leave evidence, so far, none of the evidence can be traced back to them due to lack of DNA samples and finger prints." She explained. She had heard this from a young cop who was on the case, and it wasn't hard for her to get that information out, even though she hated the process.

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  7. [​IMG]

    Avery's eyes darted from person to person as they spoke up. She was obviously giving all of her attention to listening and picking up on what everyone was saying. She never uttered a word herself, though. As usual, she was rather quiet. Not because she wanted to play it cool, like many others, but because she knew she didn't have anything good to say. After coming to that conclusion, she decided that staying quiet was the best decision she could make. She followed people with her eyes, taking in everything. It was quiet as they talked to each other about recent discoveries. She wasn't part of the information gathering group, but rather a part of the group that took the information and found ways to store it for future use. After all, with as much info as they got, they needed to somehow organize all of it. When there was a pause, she glanced at Natsume, wondering what to do next. After all, she was the vice leader. She needed to be serious about her role. Well, maybe she was sometimes a little too serious.

    Avery stood up, glancing around the others as she spoke, particularly looking at Suishou, who had come with some quite interesting information. It seemed that Natsume was letting her talk for this round, after all, she was very experienced with taking care of valuable information and how to approach situations like these. She looked Suishou dead in the eye, finally speaking up.

    "I think that's a good place to start. We have to figure out more about this supposed "new gang" in the area. It's clearly an invasion of our territory, so setting them straight would be wise. If the people at your school know something about where they have their nest, Suishou, make sure to get it out of them at all costs. We can't fool around when people are trying to invade our territory, no matter if they're "sloppy" or not. When we figure out where they have their headquarters and how large a group we're talking about, well... Natsume will assist you in coming up with a more practical approach to this." Avery was glad that she was used to holding speeches, that she was used to the feeling of people's eyes being on her. It made her job as a leader much easier. She didn't speak with authority, but rather in a way that would encourage people to do what was best for all of them. She didn't want any group of punks to ruin their reputation as a gang, so it was better to get rid of it while there was still time. While she was good at laying strategies for information gathering, when it came to doing the dirty work, Natsume's plans, when assisted by the rest, definitely topped. Together, they would be unstoppable.

    Avery put her hands on her hips, waiting patiently for a few moments to see if anyone wanted to say anything, and then she deemed it alright to sit down again, crossing her legs and arms in a casual manner. She looked relaxed, scarlet eyes gently glancing at everyone in the gang. Soon, they weren't focused on her anymore and things went back to normal. If they could always stay like this, how wonderful wouldn't it be... she closed her eyes for a few moments, eyelids fluttering. She seemed relaxed, but aware. She was listening to all of the chatter happening around her, amplified now that her eyes could no longer see the world around her. She didn't really listen to people's words, rather the sounds of their voices, how the tones, vocals and consonants flowed from their lips. She had always been fascinated by sound like this. It was something magical, if turned into a melody it could move thousands, even millions of people from all over the world.

    When she opened her eyes again, people were scattering around the hideout, and she decided to head to the kitchen, stepping in to see if anyone was there. She was one of the people in the house that sometimes cooked for the others when they were staying over together, but she wasn't the only one to set food in the kitchen (she was one of the people that didn't burn shit, though). When she stepped into the kitchen, she headed for the cabinets and fridge, wondering if there was anything she could cook up for everyone.
  8. Ryder walked off, straight into the garage/workshop he had set up in there. Afterall, on the way to the hideout, his motorcycle was making a rather loud banging noise that as he pulled up, someone in the gang. Of whom he didn't remember their name, said they thought someone was shooting at the hideout. And seeing as he did not want to have someone 'bust a cap in his ass' all because they thought he was firing at them. He went over to the table with a multitude of tools on it, taking off his jacket and long sleeved shirt to reveal a black tank top, with two tattoos on both arms. The right arm had this weird tribal looking style that went from his shoulder all the down to his hand, but the tattoo on his left arm was this Cross on the shoulder with even more tribal tattoos below it. The Cross had the letters "R.I.P" underneath it, though whose name was underneath that was unreadable.

    Setting them aside, he finally took off the motorcycle helmet along with the ski mask underneath. Showing his face, with short brown buzzcut hair on his head with a massive burn scar on the left side of his face, though showing his face only for a second before he put on a welding mask and grabbed a blow torch with a few wrenches and screwdrivers. Before he set off to work on his motorcycle, he turned on his radio and after setting it to the rock music station. "Separate Ways/World's Apart" by Journey began to play loudly in the garage, though not enough to disturb the other gang members.

    Upon close inspection, he saw that the muffler was punctured and out of place, though clearly not from weathering or natural decay. It was obvious that someone had done this. And it pissed him off, greatly. But thankfully, it looked fixable, or at least he hoped so, as he went over to a shelf and looked for a muffler that would fit on his motorcycle. Upon finding one, he picked it up and went back to his motorcycle, using a wrench and other tools, he took off the bad muffler and placed in the new one. Upon securing it, he gave one last check over his motorcycle for any other 'sabotaged' parts. Finding none, he turned on his motorcycle, giving it a rev. Thankfully, the loud banging sound was gone, but it was a tad bit louder than what he wanted. Alas, he'd have to make do with the cards he's been dealt.

    Seeing as what needed to be done was done, he went over to a sketch, and began to work on a new paint job.

  9. Azalea sat on a light brown recliner, phone in hand as she contacted her resources. However, she kept aware of what was going on around her. After this I need to meet up with Aiko so we can go to the movies. The thought had been in Azalea's mind since she asked about it this morning. A sigh escaped her pink lips as she lowered her phone. Raising her gaze, Azalea listened to her leader. Azalea had things to talk about, but she had always been the last to speak so she decided she may as well keep it that way. It was silent for a short while, before something tore in the wall. Azalea didn't need to look at who it was. Following what happened, Remi's voice arose from the spot the wall had torn. Without turning, Azalea cleared her throat. "I hope you realize you'll be fixing the wall on your own, Remi." Azalea said, her voice firm and steady. Ayaka spoke up after Azalea told off Remi, talking about their reputation. Though it's true that they're popular, that doesn't mean no one would threaten them. The next to speak was Ryder, though his response wasn't helpful in any way and he spoke like a robot. Talk about keeping the act up. Azalea chuckled lightly to herself at the thought, but it ended quickly as Luca spoke. She turned her gaze to him and saw him sitting in Cas' lap. A smile played on her lips as she looked at the cute couple. Just another thing I won't have. The thought alone was enough to make her smile vanish and her eyes to become slightly clouded. Her trailing thoughts, however, were cut of when Suishou talked about a 'new gang' who had decided to invade the Tanaka territory. Just what this town needed. Azalea leaned back in the chair and glanced at her phone. Her eyes widened in surprise at what the message from Leon said. Don't panic. She told herself as she pocketed her phone. The minute Avery finished her little speech, Azalea stood up, excused herself, then exited the room. She hurried to the front door and was outside in a flash. There, across the street, stood her eldest brother. However, Leon had a skinny boy by the collar. Azalea walked up to him, arms crossed under her breasts. "What happened?" She asked, eyeing the boy in her brother's grasp. He looked at her with both anger and disgust. After rolling her eyes, she turned to Leon. "He was spying. I was on my way here to speak with you when I caught this little brat." Azalea didn't even question her brother. With a nod, she took out a syringe and saw the boy struggle. "Relax, I'm not going to kill you." She told him before inserting the needle and pushing the liquid into his body. Within a few minutes, the boy became limp as he passed out. Leon threw him over his shoulder and Azalea led him inside. She had Leon lay the boy on the couch, shooing anyone who sat on it off. The two of them then stood back and Azalea thought about possible things to do with the spy. Maybe we could get him to talk... She thought, a smile creeping onto her face. "Leon, keep everyone except Natsume away from the boy. He's my prey." She said, watching as Leon got into his 'guarding position'. Once the boy awoke, Azalea was going to get any as much information out of him as she could, without harming him. After all, she wasn't some blood-thirsty killer.


  10. Ayaka stiffened slightly at the mention of another gang rising. That couldn't very well be the old gang from before, could it? The gang that she used to know. Before the incident, that was. And before she came to know the Tanaka Gang like she did now. From a logical standpoint, that other gang should be none of her concern. After all, she wasn't part of them. She never was. She was just related to their old leader, and just so happened to be under the care of the new leader. She was never a real part of that other gang back then. Of course, that would change soon, in time.

    But of course, Ayaka was getting far too ahead of herself.

    There was no real proof that the... other gang, whatever they were called these days (hopefully not still "the Nojima Gang" or something), was indeed this gang that the others were speaking of right now. After all, the old gang she knew hardly ever acted up like this. They had always kept to themselves. Acts like these were things they'd never resort to.

    At least, that was how it was when Kenichi was the leader...

    Before Ayaka could get much further in her thoughts, however, Azalea would bring in... a strange boy. What the hell? Where'd he come from? This was new. Kidnapping was definitely new.

    "I never pegged you as the type to be into little boys," the girl commented to Azalea, attempting (but likely to no avail) to get past Leon to get a look at the boy, "Where'd you get him from?"
  11. [​IMG]
    Haru had left the group when Suuishi started talking about the other group in town, since he had already heard about them from the gossip of his classmates, and that he was hungry. People were talking about a gang in town, and everyone thought it was the Tanaka group. Haru didn't think too much about it though, and eventually forgot about it, failing to mention this to the others.

    He was currently failing at trying to make Mac and cheese for himself, when Avery came into the kitchen. The sound of the door creaking open startled him, and he accidentally dropped the packet of cheese on the burner, causing it to go up in flames.
    Haru quietly mumbled to himself as he began to clumsily try and clean up, knocking over the pot of burning cheesy noodle mess in the process.
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  12. A wave of irritation crashed into Azalea the minute Ayaka spoke. However, Aza took a deep breath and let it out to calm herself. Turning to her fellow gang member, Azalea placed her hands on her hips. "Very funny. But no, you're wrong. Leon here caught him spying. I've decided to use him for any useful information he might know of." Azalea replied, smiling in triumph. However, her smile was gone when she heard a loud crash in the Kitchen. Haru. She thought, sighing softly."Leon, please go see what happened in the kitchen. You know where it is." In fact, he knew every inch of this place. Leon came here frequently because of business with Aza. However, he was the only one allowed in out of the others. You never know who you can trust. Azalea watched as her brother left the room, his protection now gone. Doesn't really matter. I can handle it. She thought as she turned back to the boy. She scanned him and guessed he was around fourteen or fifteen. Not much of an athlete. Probably not strong either. Wait, let's not go too far. Just look at Cas and Luca. The thought caused her to smile ever so slightly, before it left. Setting her hands on her hips, Azalea leaned her weight on her left side and watched the boy, waiting for the boy to awake. I didn't out that much into his system. He should awake within five to ten minutes. She thought to herself as she made sure to keep an eye on her surroundings.

  13. [​IMG]
    Natsume listened to what other members had to say. A few answers were simply nothing, meaning they had nothing to report which was perfectly fine to Natsume. It was better that way anyway because then they didn’t have to deal with anyone trying to butt into their business. However, that didn’t always seem to be the case. She listened as she heard information about some new gang popping up that was trying to leave the blame on hers. She did not like that. She waited until the others spoke, and then nodded. “I don’t like people dishonoring our gang like that. One cannot simply get away with trying to ruin our name as the Tanaka gang. Like Avery said, I want more information on these people and once we find where they are at we can pay a little visit to them and teach them some manners and respect. Anyone else who tries to cause problems for us will be dealt with in the same way"

    She had finished her lollipop and threw the empty stick away in the trash can that was by her. Usually, it only had finished lollipop sticks and wrappers in it because that was what she always used. With the idea thought out and now having to simply wait on more information to be able to do anything else, Natsume let everyone go off to do what they pleased which didn’t take long. Ryder went off to his bike, Haru and Avery went to the kitchen and Azalea went outside most likely to meet up with her brother who Natsume allowed over since there was a good chance he was going to be joining in the gang anyway. He practically was with the way he showed up.

    Natsume suddenly stood up from her position of the couch, seeing in seconds that Azalea was bringing someone other than her brother into the house and laying him on the couch. She leaned against the wall and stared down at the drugged boy on the couch. “I see,” Natsume mused; she was fine with letting the girl handle the little spy. Though, she wanted to stay around to hear any important information. “The rest of you can go do what you please, as for me I will be staying here to listen in on this little conversation Azalea and the boy will be happening.”

    The others were practically gone on their own anyway by this time, after all, Natsume could hear the sound of all the things Haru was knocking over in the kitchen. “Just don’t go starting a fire…” The girl had mumbled to herself but seeing as Avery was there she knew that girl could keep any serious incidents from happening. Avery was much better in the kitchen and as long as her vice leader was there, Natsume knew things would be alright. Natsume looked down at the sleeping boy as she pulled out another lollipop to unwrap and place in her mouth.

    Remi gave the leader thumbs up when she was told about what the plan was by everyone and what was going on. Finding out information such as that wasn’t really her forte but she would get anything that anyone needed so that they could find out the information. Remi looked over at the wall though when something was mentioned about it. “It isn’t destroyed,” Mad Prism mumbled to herself and went over to it to take the rest of her cloth wall down from it to reveal that the wall was perfectly fine. It was just taped on; she wasn’t going to go putting anything into the wall because she knew she would have to clean up after it all. She folded up the cloth to save it for later and stuffed it away into her school bag that she had brought since they decided to meet right after school started.

    When they were dismissed from Natsume and even though something interesting was about to happen now that a sleeping boy showed up, Remi still listened to what she was told. She ran off somewhere, most likely heading for her office where she tended to stay at and wait until someone wanted to ask her to get something. Though she took a pit stop while she was about to go passed the garage door that lead inside. She quickly pushed it open to see Ryder finishing up with his bike and mentioning something about parts. “I can get you whatever you want!” The strange girl shouted when she suddenly appeared right beside the masked man with a large smile on her face. “Any kind of parts for your bike,” she added in a whisper with her hand up like she was trying to hide what she was saying from invisible people who were staying there with them. No, there was no one else there but she was one strange girl after all.

    “I’ll be in my office!” She commented in a slightly sing-song rhythm as she rushed back over to the door to inside, gave Ryder a wave and ran back inside. She went passed the kitchen, seeing Avery and Haru in there. Where everyone was made sense, except that Ayaka and Suishou hadn’t begun to really do whatever they wanted yet. Though, she figured they wouldn’t want to be bothered by her, they could simply come to her if they wanted anything. She secretly knew that she could get on some of the gang members nerves but she couldn’t help it, it was who she was and she hoped that they would at least understand that a bit. Perhaps, they would learn to accept it a bit more and be happy to have her around most of the time. For now, she was left heading to her office which was one of the rooms on the second floor of the house.

    She made her way up the steps and rounded the corner to get to her office. She opened up the door, revealing a place that had many different objects scattered around the place from artifacts of strangeness to plain odd regular items that she could use if someone needed anything. After all, she was the dealer and was able to get anything anyone wanted. She went over to her desk chair and took a seat. She spun around for a few seconds then stopped and put her feet up on her desk, leaning back. She let out a sigh and look over at the time, not even once ever turning on any kind of light.


  14. [​IMG]
    "Haru! Ah geez, what are you doing this time?" Avery scolded, though seemingly not that serious about it. She sighed as she went over to the fidgeting, frantic boy and helped him clean up the mess. She didn't want to admit it, but Haru was younger, so she ended up taking a little too much care of him sometimes. She knew that she could write it off as her instinct as a vice leader, but she had to admit to herself that she might feel a sort of familiar bond to him. She felt like she was his bigger sister or something, always helping him out when he was troubled.

    "Alright, so you were making mac and cheese. Then let's get this over with. Think there's still enough so we can make some for the others, too?" Avery removed her bracelets and put them in her pockets, though she couldn't do anything about her jet black nails right now. Well, whatever. She put on the apron that was hanging on the wall, getting out the ingredients they needed. Looking over their supply, she nodded with a slight grin on her face as she turned to Haru.

    "Seems we've got enough. Wanna help out? I know you're trying to do everything on your own, but if we burn the kitchen to the ground, Natsume will get mad. Natsume is scary when she gets mad." There was something about her, a more gentle side, when she was with Haru, or just alone with someone who acted like this. She enjoyed that she could even act like this in front of others, as it was pretty hard for her to show the more gentle side when she had to be a leader and had to be strong, never wavering in her decisions and always staying true to her words. She could never show a weak side of herself even if it killed her. She knew that, and yet she was happy that Haru could bring out the feelings she didn't know how to express. Her protective instinct. Her gentle, helpful side. The less rough, more relaxed expression on her face.

    And thus, her and Haru began cooking mac and cheese together on the stove. Avery took care of the more dangerous things, but also let Haru help out a lot. She didn't want him to feel like he had failed everything. She wasn't that much taller than him, so it was weird to feel such a difference between them when they were (height-wise) close to equals. She cursed herself for being short. A few inches didn't feel like a lot when they were standing beside each other like this, playfully chatting and cooking together. It wasn't the first time she had cooked together with Haru, because, as she said, Haru attempted to do a lot of things on his own, and he also failed a lot of things on his own, so somehow she had grown into the habit of always checking the kitchen when Haru was there, knowing that he might be trying something (and failing) once again. It had become a habit for them to end up in the kitchen like this.

    A little while passed and they were done. Avery pulled off the apron and put it back, taking her bracelets from her pockets as she slid them on, going to the living room where they were taking care of the boy who had appeared earlier. She pointed a sharp-nailed thumb at the kitchen.
    "There's mac and cheese on the stove for anyone who's interested." Avery went around the house (not like she had anything better to do) giving people the message. She found Remi in her office, Ryder in the garage and the rest of the people scattered here and there. When she returned to the kitchen, she took a plate of her own, sitting down at the kitchen table with Haru. The two of them ate in comforting silence and satisfaction at their own handiwork. After all, even after Haru's first catastrophe (of sorts) they still managed to finish cooking. Now she just hoped that someone other than them was going to come eat something. "If we're the only ones eating this we're probably going to burst open." She said sarcastically as she looked at the kitchen door.
  15. Ryder jumped when Remi shouted right next to him, but before he could do anything hasty, he calmed down upon seeing who it was. He did give a nod at her comments. Afterall, 'shotgunning' parts onto vehicles has a tendency to lower the driver's life expectancy by a large margin. And as he was about to leave the garage, Avery popped up, causing him to jump once more. One of these days, he is going to 'keel over' from surprises. Infact, he could see the tombstone. "Here lies Ryder Rowe. He died of Jumpscares. Yes, we're being serious. Dead Serious. : D" The idea of someone making a pun on his grave made him silently groan.

    If that happened, he'd make a note to come back to haunt whoever made that pun. But, back to reality. He wasn't all that hungry, he did grab a bite at a café in the form of a few donuts and whatever drink he grabbed. Though he didn't want to be rude and not at least have a small bowl of the food. But as he entered the kitchen, his phone began to ring with a tone similar to the MGS Codec call. Looking at Avery and Haru, he pulled out his tape recorder, fast forwarding. Before pressing play. "Sorry. Tut mir Leid." As he went back into the garage, answering the call. "Hiya Ryder, got some new 'dirt' for ya. Spotted an unmarked delivery truck making rounds to specific locations. Currently on the highway, right before the Rotunda." This was one of his sources, Evie. A DJ/Hacker, someone who knew how to get information either physically or via a CPU. Although, he had never seen her face at all, he still trusted her. Afterall, if things went south, it wouldn't be much to take care of problems. As she hung up, he put his gear back on, he took of the welding mask and replaced it with the motorcycle helmet. Finally, he grabbed a handgun and a few extra clips. Getting on his motorcycle, he pressed a button, causing the garage door to open. Revving his cycle, he sped off. Towards the Rotunda as fast as he could.
  16. [​IMG]
    Haru watched as Avery came over, and started to sigh, as she helped him clean up the mess.. This wasn't the first time Avery had fixed is mistake. Anytime Haru did something like cooking, or cleaning up, it always ended up with a huge mess. Haru was even beginning to suspect that Avery was always there to clean up with him wasn't a coincidence. The fact that he couldn't do something as easy as cooking bothered Haru, which is why he spent a lot of time in the kitchen, even if it always turned disastrous.
    As Avery offered to help, she mentioned making some for the whole group, and began preparing. Haru looked around, and realized he didn't have anything to do. Avery seemed to noticed this too, and smiled while saying
    "Seems we've got enough. Wanna help out? I know you're trying to do everything on your own, but if we burn the kitchen to the ground, Natsume will get mad. Natsume is scary when she gets mad."
    Haru nodded, and the two of them worked together to make a decent batch of mac and cheese. When they finished, Avery seemed to go off somewhere, so Haru came over, eyes shining as he looked into the goopy noodle mix in the giant pot that sat on the stove. This was one of the first times that Haru (with the help of Avery) had made something that looked edible. Still mesmerized by the cheese, he didn't notice that Avery had come back into the room. She walked toward him, and Haru moved out of the way as Avery scooped two bowls of mac and cheese, handing one of them to Haru.
    Avery went to go sit at the table, and Haru figured he should too, to be polite.
    Suddenly, to break the silence, Avery said "If we're the only ones eating this we're probably going to burst open."
    Haru suddenly choked on the noodle in his mouth, and tried to surpress a laugh. He knew there wasn't anything paticularly funny about what she said, but he he couldn't stop wanting to laugh. He held his mouth to his face, and looked down, cheeks bright red.

  17. :¨·.·¨:
    `·.. Telsa Monroe
    It was another day, and it was time to get some work done. The kids around her while walking down the street mumbled, talking behind her back, snickering.
    She thought of this as feeding them, feeding them more gossip, things to talk about, about her.
    Her red eyes and white hair made her stand out, and her red hair band made it look like a blood streak. She was thinking of maybe dying her hair blonde or black, but just putting in black would make her look like some sort of demon.
    Though, she had to admit. Black and red looked cool together. Much better than white and red, it made her look like some sort of ghost without even trying. Maybe she could pass off as a child in the need of candy in halloween.

    'Oh what are you for halloween little girl?'
    'I'm myself.'

    Something like that.
    Everything else was pretty cold, the only warmth being the can of hot cocoa in her hands which she was slowly taking a sip from. It felt nice, having the heat spread throughout her body.
    Okay, maybe the outside wasn't too cold.
    But it was the words being whispered behind her back. Psh, as if she couldn't hear them. She may look like a ditz and an idiot, but she wasn't that stupid.
    She was more worried about her sister, and her brother. They were in that gang place, and she was thinking that maybe she should join soon. In her train of thought, a group of guys bumped into her, causing her to spill her cocoa on one of them. "FUCK." One of them shouted, either from bumping into her, or from the scorching heat from the hot cocoa. He looked pretty upset, and the group looked like one of those people in some biker gang. The only gang she knew of was the one that her sister was in. A new gang or something? Oh great.
    "... I'm sorry." She mumbled, reaching to pick up her can only for the boy to step on it, crunching it under his feet. He started swearing at her, and others kept passing on by as though they didn't even hear or see anything. They kept yelling, until one of the guys spoke up.
    "Hey... Take a good look at her. Isn't she pretty hot?" He asked, and the others took a moment and agreed. Their attitudes suddenly changed, now trying to pick her up. "Heeeey... Girly.. We're part of that Tanaka Gang, you know, those goodie two shoes? Why don't you come join us hm?" He asked.
    Did he really think she was an idiot? She wanted to confront him, right there and then, but where was the fun in that hmm?
    "Will I see my sister?" She asked, looking up at them. They nodded, some of them trying to think of what her sister would look like "Er.. Yeah! Hell, she's already there! Come on.."
    Okay, Telsa had seen many gangs in the past, but really now. This must be the most dumbest group she's met so far. Since she didn't want to mess with these guys anymore, she turned around to leave. One of the guys quickly grabbed her arm, gripping onto it pretty tightly. "H-Hey! Let go!" She shouted...
    But nobody came.
    All the other people who walked by were snickering, muttering, giggling. It was hell, she had tasted a good bit of hell in that moment. The feeling of hopelessness, the feeling of loneliness. "If you don't wanna get hurt, you should come with us."
    "Are you an idiot?"
    Out of the blue, the girl pulled a small dagger from the sleeve of her jacket, stabbing the man's fist and then attempted to run away. She was easily able to shove her way through a crowd, being such a pipsqueak she was. The group of men came chasing after her, only to lose her half way. It was easy to tell where they were, as they kept swearing.
    And she continued running until she couldn't hear the swearing in the distance.
    Welp. So much for bringing her cookies to the gang house. Looks like she's going home.

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  18. [​IMG] Quentin Connels

    Quentin had listened to what Natsume had had to say with a careful ear. He had never been the best information gatherer, and frankly he only tried this when it was really needed. Their were plenty of others in the gang who were much better at it than he was, so he figured he'd leave it to the professionals.

    The thought of a new rival gang, and a potentially dangerous one at that, excited and intrigued him. On one level he figured they could make for the action he had been craving, as his only talent was his brain. It was true, he couldn't get the 'hook ups' or gather information in the way that his fellow gang members could, but what he could do was see things other people couldn't. No, it wasn't ghosts or anything supernatural like that, his talent revolved around architecture and strategy. He had always been fascinated with architecture as a child, and his obsession had only led to research, and that had only led to a great knowledge of buildings. This came in handy whenever the gang needed a way into some place without tripping any alarms, especially if they couldn't disable them. All he had to do was analyze the layout and determine the best entry location, and occasionally it wasn't through a hole that was already there.

    However; that talent was virtually not needed if they weren't breaking into anything major, and so he usually ended up not contributing much to what they did. He wasn't particularly ignorant to the topics they discussed, but he tended to stay on the quiet side of speech. One who had just met Quen might mistakenly take him for one of those kids who were dark and quiet because of some horrible back story, but this wasn't the story at all for him. Unless you counted parents who didn't love him and a brother he despised, nothing bad had really happened to him. Sure, some might see that as pretty bad, but after joining the gang he had more or less forgotten about his family. That didn't mean that his noisy little brother had forgotten about him, though, and every chance he got he would try to worm his way into the gang. Alexander was quite a pain to him, and not just on a brotherly level. Quen is a very insecure person, and that mixed with the slight paranoia he had made for quite a bad concoction. He was constantly anxious that his brother was trying to push him out of the gang and push his own way in, even though his brother just wanted to be in the gang.

    Quentin smiles slightly at the playful banter that seemed to always occur after the meetings were adjourned, it has really come to be rather expected. It was still about an hour before his usual evening trip to the Y, but he tends to get bored with nothing to do. So instead of waiting and chatting for an hour he quietly slips out of the building. The only downside to this was that he now had an hour to kill just walking around, not that he minded. He enjoyed analyzing surrounding architecture, not to mention other people. One of his favorite downtime games to play is guessing who the person was, their name, profession, and general other facts. He slowly makes his way down the sidewalk, pausing from time to time to examine a house he particularly liked.

  19. Oh, okay. And a lot happening at once. Alright.

    If nothing else, that just meant there was never a dull moment here, but between a random guy coming out of nowhere, unconscious and carried in by Azalea, and some of the others deciding to make a meal for themselves, sometimes, Ayako had to wonder. Wonder about all the activity that could sometimes happen here, that is.

    But no matter. If the boy was out cold at the moment, then she may as well grab a bite to eat while she waited for him to wake up. A spy wasn't anything unusual. After all, with a gang as powerful as the Tanaka Gang, it should be expected that some people would try to eavesdrop, like they'd want to try to get the drop on the gang or something.

    Or at least, try to in any case.

    With that being said, the young girl would make her way to the stove and take a bowl of the meal that Haru and Avery had went ahead and made, before walking to the dining room and taking a seat nearby them. "Shouldn't have made so much then, though I suppose it's nice enough if you made this with the intention of serving everyone here," Ayako commented, before taking a spoonful and digging in.

    Munch munch.

    "Not bad."

    Munch munch.

    The closest you'll get to a compliment from her for quite a while.​
  20. [​IMG]
    After choking on the mac and cheese while surpressing his laughter, Haru and Avery just sat there in silence.
    Avery very obviously wanted to say something, and as soon as she was about to open her mouth, Ayaka came in to get some mac and cheese. Haru sighed inaudibly. Ayaka had unintentionally saved Haru whatever Avery was going to say, if only for a few minutes.

    Haru quickly glanced over to her, wanting to see her reaction to his (with the help of Avery) first meal that the gang would actually touch. All the other creations Haru had made seemed to be avoided by the group, even though he left it out for the others.

    Haru's eyes glimmered as he heard Ayaka say "Not Bad", and he had to hold in doing a victory pose.
    He glanced over at Ayaka once more, still unsure if she was being honest of not, and impulsivly said


    Ayaka looked over at him, tilting her head as if trying to understand what Haru was getting at. Everyone knew that Haru's silence wasn't due to shyness, but that he just couldn't be bothered with it. That meant when he did talk, it was usually important to him. His eyes shone expectantly, waiting for an answer.
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